Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lettie: The Nickname

Lettie is one of the nicknames that I have fallen in love with over the past year. Somewhere down the line on my ad's side I have a few aunts with the name. Since I try to stay away from nicknames as full name names I have been on the look out for a full name I love for Lettie. Since I have already done some research I figured why not just bring them to you. Lettie is an English diminutive of Lettice which meaning Joy, Happiness.

Arlette- Form of Herleva (Amry, Honour, Noble); French
I love Ar- names as well as Lett names so this is a prefect mix. 

Alouette- Lark; French
If you don't feel French saying this name than I'm not sure what will make you. This is such a beautiful twist not he common bird names. 

Aletta and Alette- Variant of Alethea (Truth); English 
Two beautiful A names that sound elegant and unique. 

Charlotte- Diminutive of Charles (Freeman); German
Charlotte is fast rising and made her way into he top 10 in 2014. ITs the name of a Princess and has so many great associations. 

Colette- Short form of Nicolette (Victory of the People); French
For 30 years, Colette had not been on the top 1000 charts but in 2012 she jumped back on and has been moving up since. 

Cosette- Little Thing; French
I am rarely impressed with the meaning of names but Cosette is one of those exceptions. Many people will think of the Les Miserables and I think the 2012 film brought light tot he name. 

Evolet- The Love spelled backwards
Evolet was invented by the movie 10,000 BC. IN the movie they claim the names means Promise of Life

Elettra- Form of Electra (Amber); Italian
I thought for sure I was going to do research on this name and it was going to be made up. Its nice to see that tit is an Italian name. Elettra looks so pretty and unique. 

Juliet/Juliette- Diminutive of Julie (Downy-Bearded); French
For years I had Juliette as my number 1 girls name. I am now seeing the name more and more. It gives a nice romantic vibe to parents and I can see the appeal.

Lettice- Form of Letitia; English 
Although Lettice is so close to the word lettuce I still think its usable. The nickname Lettie it makes all the difference. 

Letitia- Joy, Happiness; English 
Letitia is a name that sound very proper and British. First Lady of John Tyler was a bearer of this name. 

Nicolette- Diminutive of Nicole (Victory of the People); French
Growing up I always thought Nicolette was one of the most beautiful girl names out there. I loved it as an alternative to Nicole. It is the name of a princess in the French romance, Aucassin et Nicolette. 

Odelette and Odeletta- Variant of Odele (Song)
Both these names are new to me but it was love at first sight. They remind me of a beautiful, young princess from a children's book or movie. 

Paulette- Diminutive of Paul (Small, Humble); French
If you are looking to honor a Paul and you are having a girl, than Paulette is one of the best options out there. Lettie as a nickname gives the name a more girly feel. 

Scarlett- Red; English
In 1940, Scarlett entered the top 1000 for the first time. It was a year after the movie Gone with the Wind came out. I'd say the movie had a great influence on the name. 

Saletta- Variant of Sally (Princess) 
Saletta is new to me but I really enjoy this name for its nickname options, Lettie and Saly. 

Violet (English) and Violette (French)- Violet, Purple
Violet is one of the more popular names on this list and Violette is a nice alternative if you want something a little less popular. Both names give off a peaceful vibe and are girly with out overdoing it. 

Winslet- Wynn's Channel or Stream; English 
There are so many reasons to die for Winslet. I have learned that there is a small club of Winslet loving people out there. Are you a part of it?

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

62 Easter Inspired Names

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates! I am spending the day with my family enjoying their company. Below I have a list of Easter inspired names. I went back and forth about making a post about Easter names. In past years I have written a few posts on the subject but I ultimately decided to do a quick list. If you are taking a little time to relax today and want some quick name reading this is just for you!

Easter Specific Names

  1. Pascale- Feminien Form of Pascal; French
  2. Pascaline- Feminine Form of Pascal; French
  3. Nedelya- Sunday; Bulgarian 
  4. Esi- Born on Sunday; Akan 
  5. Pascal- Relating to Easter; French
  6. Pasco- Form of Pascal; Cornish
  7. Pasqualino- Form of Pascal; Italian 
  8. Sunday- Sunday; English

Religious Names

  1. Mary- Sea or Bitter; Hebrew 
  2. Veronica- Bringing Victory; Greek 
  3. Anastasia- Resurrection; Greek 
  4. Faith- Faith; English
  5. Salome- Peace; Hebrew (Went to Jesus Tomb)
  6. Joanna- Yahweh is Gracious; English 
  7. James- Supplanter; Hebrew 
  8. John- Yahweh is Gracious; Hebrew 
  9. Peter- Stone; Greek
  10. Simon- He Has Heard; Hebrew 

Meaning Beginning, New Life

  1. Viva- Alive; Latin 
  2. Enid- Life, Spirit; Welsh
  3. Zoe- Life; Greek
  4. Asha- Life; Swahili 
  5. Aisha- Alive; Arabic
  6. Vivian- Alive; Latin
  7. Genesis- Beginning, Birth in Greek 
  8. Vitus- Life; Italian
  9. Anthanasios- Life; Greek
  10. Haim- Life; Hebrew 

Lamb, Bunny

  1. Agnes- Lamb; Latin 
  2. Janja- Croatian and Serbian form of Agnes
  3. Oanez- Breton form of Agnes
  4. Una- Lamb; Irish
  5. Bunny- Diminutive of Berenice (Bringing Victory); English
  6. Cecily- Blind; English (Beatrix Potter Character) 
  7. Cordero- Lamb; Spanish
  8. Hamal- Lamb; Arabic 
  9. Oan- Lamb; Breton
  10. Kreios- Ram; Male Sheep, Greek 
  11. Shepherd- Sheep Herder; English 
  12. Arledge- Dweller at the Rabbit Lake; English 
  13. Benjamin- Son of the South or Son of the Right Hand; Hebrew (Character from Beatrix Potter) 

Candy, Eggs

  1. Milton- Mill Town in English. For Milton Hershey who founded the candy company
  2. Cadbury- Cadbury eggs
  3. Bezai- Egg; Hebrew 
  4. Ruth- Friend, Companion in Hebrew. Baby Ruth candy bars
  5. Ova- Egg; Latin 
  6. Candy- Diminutive to Candace (Queen Mother); English 
  7. Kit- Nickname for Katherine or Christopher. For the Kit Kat bar
  8. Hunter- Hunter; English 
  9. Hunt- Variant of Hunter; English 

Miscellaneous Names

  1. Evangeline- Good News; Greek 
  2. Lina- Palm Tree, Tender; Arabic
  3. Tamar- Palm Tree; Hebrew 
  4. Lily- Lily; English 
  5. Susanna- Lily; Greek
  6. Cruz- Cross; Spanish 
  7. Stavros- Cross; Greek 
  8. Derel- Palm Tree; Hebrew 
  9. Palmiro- Pilgrim, Palm Tree; Italian 
  10. Tomer- Plam Tree; Hebrew 
  11. Palmer- Pilgrim, Palm Tree; English, Latin 
  12. Ash- Short Form of Asher or Ashley; English (For Ash Wednesday) 

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

2016 Name Predictions {New to Top 100]

If you caught the first installment in this mini series I am doing than you have an idea of what this post is all about. For those of you who are just coming along now I'll give you a little update. Since the new most popular name list is coming out in the beginning of May, I am taking a look trends and names to see which names I think will move up or down the list. Today I am talking about names that I think will jump into the top 100 for 2016.

Declan- Declan is a name that didn't appear onto the charts until 1998 and since than has been making a steady rise. In 2010, the name was only at #274 and 5 years later it was at #112. I know of many Declans, some of which were born in the last year. 

Jameson- In 2015, Jameson was ranked at #144. It has been climbing up the charts, at times at a slow pace, since about the early 2000s. Son names are a trend people like for their boys as well as the surname trend. The classic name James could be an inspiration to parents when they pick he name Jameson. 

Kai- Like Jameson, Kai has been climbing up the charts since the early 2000s. It has not been a huge climb and this name could go either up or down. I think the simple sound and nice ocean/beach feel of the name is what appeals to parents. Since the name has been more popular in recent years than say 15 years ago more people know how to pronounce it. 

Maverick- Maverick has been making a steady climb up the charts and more and more people are talking bout it. Teen Mom star, Maci Bookout had a son named Maverick in 2016 and it could influence the population, although we may not see it until the 2017 list comes out in a year.  

Luna- Luna is so close to being in the top 100. She is just 10 away! I would bet my life that when the list comes out in a month Luna will be up there in the top 100. She has been climbing at a nice, fast, rate up the charts since the early 2000s. In 2003 the name made its way back onto the charts from eh first time since 1921. 

Hadley- Now, Hadley has been in the top 100. In 2014, she was at #99 and than in 2015 she dropped down to 102. I am putting this name on the list even though it dropped for a few reasons. First, she is just 2 spots outside of the top 100 and only drop 3 spots. Second, there is still an appeal for the name. Its a surname, short and sweet, and has no middle names. It can also be associated with literature because it is the ahem of Ernest Hemingway's wife. 

Ivy- With vintage feeling names coming back to style, I wouldn't be surprised to see Ivy in the top 100. Not only that but she has been rising in popularity for the last few years. She has been on the charts since the 1900s but has never topped the top 100. Maybe 2016 will be her year? 

Everly- In 2012, Everly popped onto the top 1000 chart for the first time at #905. She leaped up the charts and in 2015 was already at #138. Thats just 4 years! With that being said I foresee the name being in the top 100 in 2016. 

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