Thursday, May 23, 2019

2019 Duggar Grandkids Predications

2019 is already turning out to be a big year in naming.  A new prince was born, the Kardashians are expecting a baby, and 4 Duggar kids are expecting this year! The Duggars are a family that interest me greatly. They are a large family with noticeable names, all the kids have J names. Now the grandkids are being born and are all stirring in the name community with some of the names the families pick. I figured some name predictions would be fun.

Jessa and Ben Seewald
Siblings: Spurugeon Elliot and Henry Wilberforce
Gender: Unknown
Their two older sons are named after religious figures who had huge influence in their lives. I know they will do that for third child but its whole they honor that is the questions. In my predictions I have some possible honor names and some names that seem to be their style.
Boys: Wesley (John Wesley), Calvin (John Calvin), Hudson (Hudson Taylor), Felix, Miles 
Girls: Lottie/Charlotte (Lottie Moon), Elisabeth (Elisabeth Elliot), Josephine, Beatrice, Ruby

Joe and Kendra Duggar 
Sibling: Garrett David
Gender: Unknown
I always wonder if any of the other families will stick to one letter for their children like Josh did. Joe and Kendra could or they can go another route and pick names that are common but not over heard like Garrett. I am predicating a little mix of both.
Boys: Gavin, Connor, Grady, Bradley, Ian
Girls: Julia, Nora, Samantha, Grace, Gabriella 

Josh and Anna Duggar
Siblings: Mackynkie Renee, Michael James, Marcus Anthony, Meredith Grace, and Mason Garett
Gender: Unknown
Josh and Anna followed in the Duggar tradition of using the same letter for all their children. They will for sure use a M name. They do use a mix of modern M names and more classical names.
Boys: Matthew, Maverick, Malcolm, Max, Miles
Girls: Morgan, Mia, Margaret, Molly, Melissa

Joy Anna and Austin Forsyth 
Sibling: Gideon Martyn
Gender: Unknown
Joy and Austin picked a biblical name for their first son and one that is not super popular. I have a feeling they will stick to the biblical theme for baby #2 but not the common ones like James or Mary.
Boys: Malachi, Simon, Judah, Levi, Micah
Girls: Lydia, Edith, Delilah, Leah, Eliza

If you were curious about the other Duggar grandkids here is the full list. 
Mackynzie Renee Duggar
Michael James Duggar 
Marcus Anthony Duggar
Israel David Dillard
Meredith Grace Duggar
Spurgeon Elliot Seewald
Henry Wilberforce Seewald
Samuel Scott Dillard
Mason Garrett Duggar
Gideon Martyn Forsyth
Garrett David Duggar
Felicity Nicole Vuolo

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Vintage Nicknames for Girls

I am loving, loving, loving vintage nicknames for girls. You know those nicknames that are just so sweet and old lady chic? The names you find in the hundreds on the popularity charts from 50-100 years ago. Because there are so many vintage nicknames out there I decided just to focus on 10 today. Two of the nicknames on this list (Minnie and Winnie) I have written more in-depth blog posts about and I plan to do the same for the remaining.

1. Minnie: Minerva, Arminta, Wilhelmina, Amelia, Mink, Philomena, Romina, Margaret, Adamina, Cosmina

2. Lulu: Lucy, Lucille, Tallulah, Elosie, Lauren, Luella, Guadalupe 

3. Hattie: Harriet, Henrietta, Henriette, Hadley

4. Winnie: Winifred, Edwina, Arwen, Winona, Rowena, Bronwen, Wilhelmina, Gwendolyn, Rowen, Winslow 

5. Fanny: Frances, Francine, Francina, Francesca

6. Birdie: Elizabeth, Bridget, Bernadette, Beatrice, Robin, Liberty, Roberta

7. Kit: Katherine, Kathleen, Charlotte, Kristen, Katrina 

8. Lottie: Charlotte, Charlotta, Nicolette, Violet, Scarlett, Loretta

9. Tillie: Matilda, Tilda, Tallulah, Ottilie, Talitha 

10. Nellie: Cornelia, Danielle, Elanor, Chanelle, Ellen, Penelope, Antonella, Eileen, Hanelle, Helen, Helena 

Vintage nicknames have been used by a few celebrities. I listed some great ones below. 

Minnie Theodora and Andy Rose: Jack and Lisa Osbourne
Elsie Otter: Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik
Frankie: Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman
Hattie Margaret: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
Winnie Rose: Jimmy Fallon

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Friday, May 17, 2019

2018 Comeback Kids

We took a look at the names that are brand new to the top 1000 so now let's look at names that are making a comeback to the list. Some of these names have only been off the list for a year while others have been off the charts for up to 70+ years! The list is very interesting to say the least. Read on to see the comeback kids. 

Gus #994
Last Ranked in 1978 (#994)

Archie #992 
Last Ranked in 1988 (#889)

Immanuel #989 
Last Ranked in 2016 (#973)

Deangelo #983
Last Ranked in 2015 (#977)

Benedict #981
Last Ranked in 1968 (#971)

Forest #973
Last Ranked in 1995 (#749)

Justus #972
Last Ranked in 2016 (#918)

Ahmir #965
Last Ranked in 2016 (#946)

Creed #962
Last Ranked in 2016 (#985)

Marcellus #961
Last Ranked in 1987 (#986)

Jericho #959
Last Ranked in 2016 (#925)

Ralph #951
Last Ranked in 2016 (#998)

Boden #949
Last Ranked in 2015 (#980)

Yael #932
Last Ranked in 2014 (#913)

Bode #920
Last Ranked in 2016 (#1000)

Deshawn #919
Last Ranked in 2015 (#999)

Turner #896
Last Ranked in 2016 (#917)

Benicio #880
Last Ranked in 2016 (#977)

Wallace #879
Last Ranked in 1993 (#992)

Kylo #865
Last Ranked in 2016 (#905)

Kamdyn #799
Last Ranked in 2016 (#812)

Mordechai #792
Last Ranked in 2012 (#998)

Watson #711
Last Ranked in 1941 (#959)

Whitley #997
Last Ranked in 1993 (#926)

Azaria #990
Last Ranked in 2016 (#983)

Valery #989
Last Ranked in 2009 (#997)

Giavanna #987
Last Ranked in 2015 (#987)

Ann #983
Last Ranked in 2016 (#993)

Zora #982
Last Ranked in 1939 (#959)

Robin #974
Last Ranked in 2004 (#954)

Margo #972
Last Ranked in 1989 (#992)

Wendy #969
Last Ranked in 2016 (#857)

Arden #967
Last Ranked in 2016 (#973)

Violeta #965
Last Ranked in 1985 (#968)

Queen #959
Last Ranked in 1959 (#877)

Zola #956
Last Ranked in 1941 (#918)

Dani #945
Last Ranked in 1958 (#864)

Marisol #939
Last Ranked in 2016 (#940)

Saniyah #933
Last Ranked in 2015 (#931)

Alisson #909
Last Ranked in 2015 (#914)

Aislinn #886
Last Ranked in 2016 (#967)

Alianna #878
Last Ranked in 2016 (#996)

Della #861
Last Ranked in 1977 (#832)

Anais #848
Last Ranked in 2017 (#905)

Rosalee #842
Last Ranked in 1951 (#815)

Kamilah #810
Last Ranked in 1977 (#856)

Meghan #703
Last Ranked in 2012 (#883)

Names that spent the most time off the list:
  • Zora was off the charts for 79 years!
  • Watson was off the charts for 71 years!
A few of the names were only ranked this year and the last time they were on the list. Those were Ahmir, Benicio, and Kylo for boys. As for girls it was Violeta and Kamilah. 

It's always interesting to see what names have been off the chart and for how long. It makes me think about the reasons the names are back. Do you have any guesses? 

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