Thursday, December 14, 2017


If the sweet name Clementine can be used and loved why not the shorter, just as adorable Plum be used just as much? Personally, I adore the name so, so much.

Before you think of Christmas you probably think of the juicy fruit when you hear the name and word Plum. There are many variants of plums out there but two of the types have normal and useable names for girls, Victoria and Mirabelle. Now this many be a long shot but a little Victoria could very well go by Plum! The French word for plum is Prune, another great name, but in English the word prune is recognized as dried plums. 

Famous Name Bearers
To my surprise there is at least one person out there that goes by the name Plum and that is Plum Sykes, a British novelist. She was born Victoria and her nickname comes from, get this, the variety of plum. Other famous wearers of the name are children of celebrities with the sweet moniker in the middle spot. Moon Unit Zappa has a daughter Matilda Plum as well as blogger Miss James of Bluebird Vintage with Milla Plum.

In 1948, Crayola introduced the color plum to its crayons and you can still find the purple color in your crayon box today. I personally see the deep color hue as a fall and winter color, perfect for the colder months. The first time the word plum was used as a color was in 1805 

My favorite board game growing up was Clue. I am a huge fan of mysteries and crime and it still carries into today. Professor Plum is a character of the game introduced back in 1949 in the UK. He is depicted as an intelligent man, a characteristic that carries throughout all the different variations of the game since the beginning. 

By now you are probably all wondering how in God's name the name Plum is associated with Christmas. The Sugar Plum Fairy is a character in The Nutcracker, who is seen for a short amount of time when she welcomes the Nutcracker Prince and his love Clara to her lands. I have never seen The Nutcracker so for me the name Plum and Christmas time bring to mind the poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas
"The children were nestled all snug in their beds, 
While visions of sugar plums danced in their beads"

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Happy first day of Namemas! Last year I started out with the girls so this year I am starting out with he boys. Like I promised in my welcome blog post I am going t be bringing you unique and unexpected Christmas names. 

Occupational Name
In German the surname Decker means roofer, carpenter, or builder. The reason for Christmas is the birth of Jesus. Joseph, Jesus' earthly father, was a carpenter! What a discrete way to honor the religious side of the holiday. With occupation names being a trend for boys, Hunter, Sawyer, and Cooper are all in the top 100, I can see Decker catching on with time.

Name Wearers 
Rocekr Nikki Sixx named his son Decker Nilsson in 1995. When it comes to Decker as a surname you can find it on NFL Titans wide receiver Eric Decker and his country singing wife, Jessie James. They also have two children, Vivianne and Eric II, with another on the way. Because of the Decker family, when I hear the name I think of southern, preppy boy. 

If you are looking for a modern and discrete name for your Christmas baby, Decker is the way to go. I chose to include Decker in Namemas because it reminds me of decking the halls and the christmas song. After doing my research I realized the name also had a religious connection like I mentioned above. Not many people are going to get the associations right away, if at all. 

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Namemas {Vol 2}

How is it December already?! Better yet, how is Christmas right around the corner?! This year has really flown by faster than I could have ever imagined and I'm hoping I'm not the only one feeling this way. Before the year is over we have to celebrate Christmas (or Hanukkah, Kwazaa, or any other holiday you celebrate). If you were around this time last year, whether it was as a blog reader or an instagram follower/instanamer, than you may remember Namemas, a 12 day Christmas name countdown. A bunch of namers participated in this fun challenge last year and since I loved it so much I wanted to bring it back this year! Starting December 13th I will be posting a Christmas inspired name for you over here on the blog as well as featuring it on my instagram.

This year I gave myself a little challenge. First, I would not be featuring any names I talked about last year and second I am going to use names that are unique or don't necessarily scream Christmas. You don't have to follow these rules are all! I just want to challenge myself.

If anyone would like to play along feel free to! I would love to read or hear or see what names you like for Christmas. All social media platforms are welcomed and don't forget to tag your pictures, tweets, blog posts or videos #namemas2017.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

13 Names for Friday the 13th 

Happy Friday! And happy Friday the 13th. Are any of you out there suspicious of today? I know I'm not but my dad is a huge believe in the date just like so many people out there. 

If you follow me on my name Instagram (which you all should!) then you know I have been participating in a name challenge I helped create with the dear Alexia Mae (@namesdaily). It has been such a fun and, at times, challenging month and it's not even half way over! Today's prompt was Friday the 13th. On my Instagram I have you two list, a boys and a girls, of 13 names given to 13 babies in 2016. 

I got to thinking more about today and names and I thought what names are out there that are associated with the number 13. So while I was sitting at work I was brainstorming ideas and researching during all my 5 minute breaks. 

1. Epiphany- In the Christian religion the three wise men came to visit Jesus on the 13th day of his life. It's called the Epiphany. 

2. Apollo- Apollo 13 is a NASA space mission that was an unfortunate failure. It goes perfectly with the unluckiness of the day yet has so many great connections. 

3. Ophiuchus- There are 12 known zodiac signs but here is also a 13th and that is Ophiuchus. It gained some attention in the early 2010s when they tried to change the zodiac dates. 

4. Jodie- I'm not a Doctor Who fan but I know there are a lot of doctors. The 13th doctor is Jodie Whittaker. 

5. Rhodes and Isla- Rhode Island was the 13th state of the United States and part of the original 13 colonies. 

6. Lace- The tradition wedding anniversary gift for the 13th year is lace. I love word names and this Lace is just sweet. 

7. Millard- Millard Fillmore was the 13th president of the United States. You could even use Fillmore as a name. 

8. Baker- Baker's Dozen has 13 eggs or rolls. I follow a mom on Instagram with a little girl named Baker and I just adore it. 

9. Fox- Salt Lake City has a news channel called Fox13. There was even a baby born a few years ago on Friday the 13th with he name Fox. 

10. Knight- The Knights Templar was arrested on October 13, 1307 by King Philip IV of France. They were later tortured making this a nice connection to the bad luck of Friday the 13th.

11. Judas- Jesus had 13 apostles and the 13th was Judas. He was later replaced my Matthias so there's 2 names for you! 

12. Trece- The Spanish word for 13 is Trece. It'd make a nice middle name. 

13. Coven- In Wicca, covens usually have 13 members. 

I'm getting this post out to you just a little past midnight so technically October 14th. I was just so excited about this post I had to share.  

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Birth Announcements {September 2017}

The month of September was a little crazy if you couldn't tell from the lack of blog posts this month. Even though I haven't gotten many or really any posts up in the last few weeks I still wanted to do one of my favorite monthly featured, birth announcements from my instagram!

Hugo Wolf
Hugo: Heart, Mind, Spirit; Latin
Wolf:Wolf; English 

Aidan Luca
Aidan: Fire; Irish 
Luca: From Lucania; Italian and Romanian 

Roman Allen
Roman: A Roman; Latin 
Allen: Little Rock, Handsome; English 

Siennah Glory 
Siennah: Orange-Red; English
Glory: Glory; English 

Samira Croix
Samira: Companion in Evening Walk; Arabic and Wind, Air; Sanskrit 
Croix: Cross; French 

Ashlynn Rose
Ashlynn: Ash Tree Clearing Lake; English 
Rose: Fame, Kind, Sort, Type; German 

Charlea Lyn 
Charlea: Free Man; German 
Lyn: Lake; English

Callahan Grant and Georgia Margot
Callahan: Descendent of Ceallachan; Irish 
Grant: Great, Large; English and Scottish
Georgia: Farmer, Earthworker; Latin
Margot: Short Form of Margaret (Pearl); French 

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Wells: The Nickname

W, a letter I never thought I would be obsessed with for names. Then again names that start with W or contain a W have a certain feel to them. Exotic, different, fun while still being familiar (at least most of the time). Since I try my very best to keep a variety of names on the blog a lot of the W names I adore have not been featured. Let's face it if I talked about all the names I love over here you'd be reading all about A and W names. One of the names I have not talked about much here is Wells, more specifically as a nickname. I took the time to compile a list of possible full names for Wells. 

Wellington- People Living in the Hamlet in the Cleared Area Near the Temple; English
Wellington is probably the first name that pops into your little head when some ask for a full name for Wells. I know it does for me! It's an English, posh sounding name.

Maxwell- Mack's Stream; English
The real inspiration behind this post is the name Maxwell. Well, nicknames for Maxwell. I had a follower on Instagram ask for nickname options that weren't Max. I think Wells is just a perfect option.

Rockwell- Rock Spring; English
Rockwell is perfect for the mountain, nature loving parent or the Norman Rockwell inspired illustrator.

Orwell- The Branch of the River; English
George Orwell is a famous author that many of you might think of. I am familiar with he name Orwell because one of my best friends, who is an english major, spent a lot of time reading his work.

Bramwell- Well Where the Grose Grows; English
Fun fact: Patrick Bramwell Bronte was the only brother in the Bronte family.

Hartwell- Well of Stags; English
Are there any Breaking Bad fans out there? I have not watched the show but heard it is really good. The main character is named Walter Hartwell White. How cool of a middle name?!

Howell- Eminent; Welsh
I have a little connection to this name. My freshman door was named Howell and its where I met my best friends and started my college journey.

Powell- Son of Howell; Welsh
I've really been mulling over Powell for some time now. From first grade until eight grade, I had a classmate with the last name. But I feel like there is more to the name. Once thought I came to was Powell could be a nice alternative or honoring name for a Paul.

Cromwell- Winding Stream; English
Its officially October, which means it is basically Halloween. Cromwell fits in with Halloween because it is the surname of Aggie Cromwell from Halloweentown.

Llewellyn- Lion, Welsh
There were two princes in medical Wales and is a patriotic name fro them. An animal lover could use this name without giving away their love.

Boswell- Well Near the Woods; English
There is a Saint Boswell but there is very little information on him it seems. This is one of those religious names that is not overly religious.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Birth Announcements {August 2017}

Happy September! I hope August treated you all well. Personally I am so ready for a new month and a new start with Fall just around the corner. With the beginning of a new month comes the end of another month and a post for birth announcements! Here are the sweet babies born in August of 2017.

Ethan Edward 
Finn William 
Locke Adam Munro
Chevy Jack 
Beauden Graham
Reed Alan
Copeland Grant

Rose-Alice Clemency 
Harvest Raine
Allira Joan

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Monday, September 4, 2017


In recent weeks I have slowly been working on redoing my top 5 names. One of the names that is making a debut on that list of Jameson, a sweet southern name. 

Jameson is an English surname meaning son of James. Not only is this a great way to honor a James but is a nice alternative to James if you don't want to use the more popular name. 

In 2016, Jameson was ranked at #128 and that is up from the previous years. The first time it appeared on the top 1000 charts was back in 1969 at #952. Since its debut it has been climbing put he charts. I wouldn't be surprised if it jumps into the top 100 very soon. 

Some people may shy away from the name because of the Irish whiskey brand. I feel as if that shouldn't be the stopping factor of this amazing name. The company was started in 1810 by John Jameson and his son bearing the same name. 

Pop Culture 
If you are a fan of the Netflix original, The Ranch, you may know that one of the main character's name is Jameson Bennett. Well maybe you don't because he goes by Rooster. There is also a song by Zella Day called "Jameson" that I heard a little bit of and was kind of cool!

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Name Game Quiz

I am in a name group on Facebook and recently these types of name games have been going around. Now, I know I wasn't suppose to post anything for 2 weeks but since I already made this for the group I figured I would post it here as well. Who doesn't love a name game anyway?! This type of game is past and easy. You'll also see them on my instagram as well. 

DD1 First Name:
Favorite Nicholas Sparks Movie 
-- The Notebook: Cordelia, Violet, Wilhelmina 
-- The Last Song: Ruby, Thea, Madeline 
-- Dear John: Chloe, Gracyn, Penelope
-- The Longest Ride: Florence, Lila, Ellie 

DD1 Middle Name: 
Favorite Sport to Watch 
-- Baseball: Georgia, Ada, Gray
-- Hockey: Willa, Frances, Harriet 
-- Football: Ivy, Eva, Sloane 
-- Soccer: Adelaide, Quinn, Laura 

DS1 First Name:
Your Birthday Month
-- January-March: Rhett, Arlo, Jameson
-- April-June: Leo, Ransom, Knox
-- July-September: Carson, Evander, Garrison
-- October-December: Ryan, Patrick, Bentley 

DS1 Middle Name:
Which 90s Nick show do you like most?
-- Rugrats: Judah, George, Nathan 
-- All That: Oliver, Hanson, Samuel 
-- Cat Dog: Ansel, Eugene, Flynn 
-- Doug: Sterling, Harvey, Matthew 

DD2 First Name:
What's on your feet right now?
-- Socks: Luna, Hollis, Rosalind 
-- Shoes: Arabella, Stella, Zada
-- Barefoot: Ashley, Poppy, Ramona 
-- Socks and Shoes: Mila, Salem, Daphne 

DD2 Middle Name:
Favorite Netflix Original
-- Orange is the New Black: Gemma, Pearl, Beatrice 
-- 13 Reasons Why: Piper, Faye, Natalia
-- Stranger Things: Eleanor, Summer, Briar
-- Between: Avalon, Isla, Amity 

DS2 First Name:
Relationship Status:
-- Single: Jack, Abram, Theo
-- Married: Drew, Eli, William
-- Dating: Atlas, Dean, Matteo
-- Complicated: Benjamin, Miles, Uriah 

DS2 Middle Name: 
Pick a Dessert:
-- Cake: Orion, Rowan, Isaac 
-- Ice Cream: Linus, Willoughby, Kane
-- Brownie: York, Zachary, Titus
-- Pie: Jones, Holden, Peregrine 

My Answers:
DD1: Florence Gray
DS1: Ransom Judah
DD2: Poppy Avalon
DS1: Jack Willoughby 

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse Babies

I hope everyone is having a great week! You may have noticed that there were no posts Friday or Monday like usual. I got called into work Wednesday-Saturday last week unexpectly so I had no time to write any posts. And on Monday I came down to the beach and will be here until Thursday and then work Friday. Needless to say posts won't resume to their normal Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule until most likely the week of September 4th.

I wanted to jump on while I wait in line for the shower to wash all the sand off in time for dinner. This post is coming to you from the lovely iPhone. While I sat on the beach today I browsed google reading articles about babies born during yesterday's solar eclipse. There were some great names in the list with the most popular and talked about baby Eclipse Alizabeth. Her mom (also named something cool: Freedom!) told reports the baby was due to be named Violet but when she was born early during the Eclipse they changed it.

Just like baby Eclipse, the parents of Isabella Soleil took the opportunity to name their daughter after the world event. Isabella Soleil was originally meant to be named Isabella Sophia but her parents picked Soleil, the French word for Sun, because of her birth.

In Florida, Charlotte Roel was born at the exact peak of the eclipse. Sweet little Lena Ray was born in Kansas City yesterday and I'm wondering if Ray was always going to be her middle name or if her parents picked it because of the day.

While most of the babies I read about were little girls there were two boys named David born yesterday. David Obidiah Clark from Oregon and David John from South Carolina.

I am sure there are other babies and their names I missed while browsing. I'll keep looking for more names in the news and may update here. I hope there are little to no spelling mistakes. Blogging on an iPhone is pretty difficult to say the less.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Penny: The Nickname

The name Penny brings about a few images when you hear it from the cooper coin to the Big Bang Theory. With Penelope being on the rise and at #34 in 2015 you can expect to see more Penny's running around. If you adore the nickname Penny but find Penelope too common there are plenty of names on this list for you.

Penelope- Weaver; Greek
When you hear the name Penny I am sure you think of Penelope. This beautiful name is one of my favorites. I often suggest Penelope as a middle name.

Aspen- Aspen Tree; English
Aspen covers a few naming themes. Its a nature name, place name, and unisex name. The leaves of the Aspen tree are heart shaped and so pretty.

Penrose- Top of the Heath; Cornish, Welsh
Penrose is an unisex name but with the rose ending I lean more towards the name on a girl. Its an ancient place name from Cornwall, Wales, and the Welsh border of England. Penny and rosie would make great nicknames.

Penna- Feather; Latin
If you are looking for a unique yet familiar sounding name than Penna is the way to go. It sounds very just like Jenna or any of the other Enna names out there. The name hasn't caught on int he United States yet.

Pennington- Pening Enclosure or Settlement Associated with a Man named Pinna; English
Remington, Arlington, and Kensington are all great and unusual names for both girls and boys. Pennington goes so nicely with the name. They are grand names but can be made more familiar with nicknames like Penny.

Persephone- To Destroy; Greek
Persephone would make a great alternative or honor name to Stephanie. They bout have similar sounds yet one is well used and the other is unique among unique. Penny may be a long shot of a nickname but I think it gives it a more common feel.

Spencer- Dispenser of Provisions; English
You will notice that there are a feel unisex names on this list. Spencer is currently not ranked not he top 1000 for girls making it an unique yet familiar name. Penny gives the name a little bit of spunk.

Independence- Freedom
You are probably thinking why would anyone name their daughter Independence?! Well I think the name is so unique that it is cool. There are also many nickname options like Penny, Indie, and India. Its a great name to use to show your American pride.

Penka- Stone; Bulgarian
Penka is a feminine form of Peter making this a great honor name. Its unique but easy to say. I really enjoy the look of this name and how it seems to be made up but in reality it isn't.

Penina- Pearl; Hebrew
There are so many names out there that mean pearl and I always get excite to find new ones. Pearls are beautiful gemstones and are the birthstone of June. Penina is pronounced pen-EE-nah making me think of Nina.

Peninnah- Precious Stone; Hebrew
Peninnah is a biblical name from the Old Testament. I know that a lot of people don't think that there are a lot of girl names in the bible but I am always surprised to find more and more. I think Peninnah is a nice unique name that reminds me a lot of names like Hannah and Savannah.

Millicent- Strong, Work; German
Now I am sure you are wondering why Millicent and the next 3 names are on the list of nicknames for Penny. The penny is worth one cent and Millicent has the cent ending hence the nickname Penny. Whenever I hear about the name Millicent I hear a lot of talk about it being an old lady name but I feel like with Penny as a nickname more people could see the appeal in the name.

Vincentia- Feminine Form of Vincent (To Conquer)
If you are looking to honor a Vincent in your life I think Vincentia is a way to go. You have so many nickname options as well besides Penny, like Vinny, Tia, and Via.

Vincentine- Variant of Vincentia; French
Like Vincentia, Vincentine makes a great Vincent honoring name. It a great French name and French names always sound like Princess names.

Jacenta- Variant of Jacinta (Hyacinth)
Jacenta is a variant spelling of Jacinta, a beautiful name that is a variant of Hyacinthus. Hyacinthus comes from the name of the hyacinth flower. There's a lot of beautiful history behind this name.

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Monday, August 14, 2017


Over the last 2 weeks I have been brainstorming girl names that I am interested in to write about for this week's name of the week. None of the other names seemed to work and they also started with either an A or a W, which are what the last 3 names of the week started with. I try to be as diverse as I can not he blog so I started to shy away from A and W names which lead us to Odette! After that long, drown out explantation lets get to the name.

Currently, as of the 2016, Odette is not ranked in the top 1000 for girls and was given to just 78 babies. There are only two years that the name is actually ranked and that is 1899 at #967 and 1905 at #843. Because Odette is a French name I went and looked at the name data for France and found that Odette is also not ranked over there and hasn't been since 1977. 

Following World War II, people started to hear and see the name because of a brave French heroine named Odette Brailly. She gave information to the Allies risking her life and was captivated by the Germans. After it was all over she wrote a book that was later turned into a film, bearing the same name Odette in 1950. Before helping the Allies she was a nurse. 

Swan Name 
In 1877, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote the play Swan Lake and named the princess ballerina Odette. The play was turned into an animated movie in 1994 called The Swan Princess, a perfect depiction for children. And the most recent remake of the popular play was the film Black Swan in 2010 staring Natalie Portman.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Name the Class! {Monthly Name Game}

Its a new month which means a new baby name game! Since school is start for a lot of students this month I have a little school inspired name game for you. You are in charge of naming a whole class room of second graders! I will give you the surname of each student and you pick the first and middle names out of the 5 names listed. 

Teacher- Smith: Vera, Luna, Amity, Marigold, Trudy 

  1. Lopez: Rosamund, Maeve, Julie, Naomi, Robin 
  2. Jones: Erica, Ophelia, Audrey, Mae, Catherine 
  3. Wilcox: Harrison, Maxwell, Oliver, Dean, Eli
  4. Brown: Asher, Jack, Tobias, Adam, Harry 
  5. Robinson: Eloise, Adelaide, Stella, Zoe, Alice
  6. Hofman: George, Jacob, Isaac, Ryker, Callahan 
  7. Garcia: Emma, Phoebe, Iris, Evangeline, Jane 
  8. Pratt: Ezra, Francis, Arlo, Theodore, Archie
  9. Ramsey: Annabelle, Delilah, Charlotte, Faith, Sophia
  10. Downs: Nathaniel, Roman, Seth, Grayson, Peter
  11. Newton: Chloe, Rita, Juliet, Sienna, Poppy
  12. McDermott: Leo, Bennett, Gabriel, Jordan, Fletcher 
  13. Cummings: Celeste, Elizabeth, Ashley, Francesca, Plum
  14. Nazario: Jackson, Blake, West, August, Knox
  15. Hall: Willa, Aurora, Mia, Sadie, Lydia 
  16. O'Donnell: Julian, Atticus, Cove, Gregory, William
  17. Fitzgerald: Aria, Maren, Jolie, Veda, Isabelle 
  18. Rowe: Wyatt, Samuel, John, Cooper, Graham
  19. Porter: Brielle, Nova, Isla, Kinsley, Sage
  20. Brady: Marshall, Otto, Liam, Aiden, Nolan 

And here are my answers! 
Teacher: Vera Marigold Smith 
  1. Rosamund Julie Lopez
  2. Audrey Mae Jones
  3. Harrison Dean Wilcox
  4. Tobias Harry Brown 
  5. Adelaide Zoe Robinson 
  6. Callahan George Hofman 
  7. Evangeline Iris Garcia 
  8. Arlo Theodroe Pratt
  9. Delilah Faith Ramsey  
  10. Grayson Peter Downs 
  11. Poppy Juliet Newton 
  12. Bennett Fletcher McDermott
  13. Francesca Plum Cummings 
  14. Knox August Nazario 
  15. Sadie Willa Hall
  16. Atticus Cove O'Donnell
  17. Maren Jolie Fitzgerald 
  18. Wyatt Graham Rowe
  19. Isla Brielle Porter 
  20. Marshall Liam Brady 

Don't forget to play along in the comments! I would love to hear what combos you come up with! 

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider's Children

Who loves Disney raise their hand?! I know my hand is raised that's for sure! So many bloggers feature Disney names on their blogs. There is even a name blog dedicated to just Disney names. I can't say I haven't shared my own Disney inspired names on the blog before (links at the end of these post). I'm always looking for ways to write about topics people like but with a twist. Hence, this blog series was born.

For a few years now I have had this idea floating around in my head. Part of the inspiration came from multiple artist and their depictions of Disney couples as parents. Imagine, the famous Disney couples all grown up and starting their own families. What would they name their little ones? So here I am to bring some inspiration to these dotting parents.

First up is Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (or Eugene Fitzherbert), my favorite Disney princess. She is the lost princess and every year on her birthday they release lanterns for her. Her syllable (I believe you can call it that) is a golden sun. I tell you all of that because that is how I am pulling inspiration for the names.

Flora- Flower; Latin
There is a scene where Rapunzel is seen getting her hair braided and flowers placed in it. Throughout the movie you will find flowers. It seems as if the princess loves nature. No better name than a flower one.

Lux- Light; Latin
Like I mentioned above lanterns are a huge part of the movie. There is also a song called I See The Light.

Aisling- Dream, Vision; Irish
By far my favorite song from the movie is I've Got A Dream. At the beginning of the movie Rapunzel is wondering when she will be able to live her dreams and visions that she has.

Orli- Light for Me; Hebrew
Not only is the meaning of Orli have the word light in it but the full meaning is light for me. After everything the princess has been through I think its such  fitting meaning to a child.

Aurelia- Golden; Latin
The gold sun was a huge, huge role in the movie. I don't want to give any spoilers but if you watch the movie pay attention for the suns. 

Lucius- Light; Latin 
Prince Lucius sounds good right?! I can picture him in a disney movie. 

Arman- Dream; Kazah 
Arman kind of sounds like an old man name just like Eugene. Between the meaning and that I think it makes a nice name for a son of Rapunzel and Flynn. 

Paz- Gold; Hebrew 
Something about the sound of the name Paz sounds Disney like to me. I'm also digging the hidden gold meaning. 

Orion- Bounty, Limit; Greek 
Orion is a constellation in the sky. The lanterns in the movie can be mistaken for stars. Stars are also lights in the sky. 

Chrysanthos- Golden Flower; Greek 
Flowers and the color gold are important symbols throughout the movie so I had to put Chryanthos on the list! 

My Past Disney Posts:

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Monday, August 7, 2017


To my surprise I have never done a name of the week on Atlas! This name has been my top boys name for close to 3 years and before that it was in my top 3. Had I been a braver namer some years ago I believe Atlas wound have been my top name for close to 5 years now.

In 2013, the name jumped onto the top 1000 charts at #778. Since than the name has shot up to #403. More and more parents are seeing the appeal of the name. I wold not be surprised if the name shot up even more in the coming years.

Greek Mythology
From Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan told to hold the sky on his shoulders after being on the losing side of a war between the Titans and the Olympian gods. During the battle Atlas was the leader. Zeus was the reason for this and sent Atlas to the west edge of the earth. People often misunderstand Atlas holding the sky as him holding the Earth.

He is the Titan god of astronomy and navigation and is associated with the Atlas mountains in northwest Africa. Legend has it that a giant named Atlas tried to drive Perseus away from the mountains and in turn Perseus showed Medusa's head turing the mountains into stone.

Moon of Saturn 
One of the interesting things I found out about the name Atlas while doing this research was that there is a moon named Atlas. The moon surrounds Saturn. It was discovered in 1980 by Richard Terrile. It was named Atlas after the god because it "holds the rings on its shoulders."

Book of Maps
Probably one of the most common associations to Atlas is a book of maps. The first book published was in 1570 by Abraham Ortelius, a Flemish cartography. Atlas used as a word for the maps dates back to 1595.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

1916 Top 100 100 Years Later

Looking at how names age has always interest me. What names from 100 years ago are not popular today? What names have fallen from the charts but could be making a comeback? Can past popularity list hep predicted naming trends? A few months ago I was introduced to the 100 year rule. That is a 100 years after a name was popular it starts to become popular again. All of the names on the following list are not in the top 1000 list for 2016 but were in the top 100 in 2016. Could some of these names pop into the the top 1000 in the next few years?

Florence- #14 in 1916 I am always shocked to find out that Florence isn't in the top 1000. Its such a gorgeous, sweet name with so much to love about it. Not only is it a place name it is also a vintage beauty, famous nurse, and a band.

Viola- #59 in 1916 Its the perfect alternative to the more popular Violet. I picture a princess wearing the name.

Nellie- #61 in 1916 I love the nickname type names and they were all the rage many years ago. Nellie could fit in with Lily and Emmie.

Opal- #91 in 1916 Ruby is a popular 2 syllable gemstone name so why has Opal not caught on? Its a perfect vintage name.

Ida- #54 in 1916 Ava and Ada are popular names and Ida fits perfectly with the pair. This is definitely a name I could see rising into the top 1000 soon.

Chester- #54 in 1916 I added Chester to the list because I feel like after the sudden and sad death of Chester Bennington from Linking Park the name could gain popularity. Bowie is a name that gained more popularity after the death of David Bowie.

Sidney- #95 in 1916 Sidney is a name now popular on girls that was once more popular on boys. I feel like the boys could take over these names and Sidney is one of them.

Willard- #69 in 1916 Willard would make a great alternative to William and would fit the vintage feel that parents may want to go with.

Clarence- #24 in 1916 A 100 years ago Clarence was in the top 30 yet now a days the name is almost none existent. Its soft and sweet and I would love to meet a little Clarence.

Fred- #29 Names like Sam and Ben are in the top 1000 and Frederick is at #519 in 2016. Just Fred would fit right in.

Including the 10 names above here are the rest of the names that were in the 1916 top 100 but are not in the 2016 top 1000


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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Birth Announcements {July 2017}

I have been playing around with this idea for some time now, featuring birth announcements of my instagram followers. Birth announcements and fresh, new babies are some of my favorite things ever. Many times I come across adorable names on instagram and have even featured a few of them on here from time to time. Because this is the first post I am making I will be including some little ones who are celebrating a first birthday along with some May birthdays.

One Years Old 
Caedmon Stanley (Prn: Kade-Men)
Hallowell Alexander

Soven Noelle (Girl)
Rowan Pride (Girl)

Liad (Prn: Lee-Ahd); Boy
Carlisle Brain
Olive Louise

Adelaide Elizabeth 
Arlo Ray

July Girls
Reagan Wilson
Aoife Katherine Rowan 
Cordelia Maeve
Anarika Sofia
Alice Louise
Kree Giselle Everly
Lucy Beatrice 

July Boys 
Dean Joseph Leigh 
Forrest Madeo
Cooper John
Breckon Wimberly
Finley Jones
Caston Drew

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Monday, July 31, 2017


I am at a complete lose when it comes to girl names. As of right now I have no top names or any names I love. Every name that was in my top 10 are names that I just like. A long time ago I had the opposite problem where I had no top boy names. In my quest for find names I love  I came across Waverly a name that has been on my mind lately. Like last week's name of the week, Arlo, I just had to research the name! 

Place Name and Pop Culture Influence 
Waverly can be found as a place name most famous for the Waverly Place in Greenwich Village in New York. The place was named after the 1814 novel, Waverley by Sir Walter Scott where the main Character was named Edmund Waverly. Many people believe Scott named the character after the brand of pen he was using to write it. 

Waverly isn't just a place name in New York. It is also the name of a historical tuberculous hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The hospital cared for tuberculous patients in the early 1900s when there was an outbreak of the disease. It functioned until 1961 when it was no longer needed and closed. 

Disney aired a show from 2007-2012 called The Wizards of Waverly Place about a family of wizards who had 3 kids all competing for sole custody of the family's magical powers. The show takes place in the Waverly Place in New York. Don Daper's bachelor in Mad Men also originates from the same place. 

If you are in The Princess Bride fan club then you probably already know that Buttercup and Wesley have a daughter named Waverly. I'd say thats a great name to feature in a fairy tale. Another character bearing the name is Waverly Jong from The Joy Club who was named by her Chinese mother after the street they lived on. Last but not least is Waverly Grady from Friday Night Lights, Smash's girlfriend. 

Summer, Beach, and Mermaid 
Waverley can be shortened to Wave. Waves are in the ocean and oceans have beaches and mermaids in them. Beaches remind people of summer and lets be honest who doesn't love a beautiful mermaid. My name friend Meagan made a great list of mermaid names and Waverly was one of them! Not only does Waverly have the wave part in it but its also whimsical and airy perfect for a summer baby. 

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Unisex Surnames

Unisex names and surnames are both trends that parents seem to be interested in lately. Quirky, cool, and laid back are just some adjectives that come to mind when I hear the names. They are perfect if you are looking for a name that doesn't scream girl or boy. A few of the names on this list are surnames of famous people who come to mind when heard. The people are often of importance.

Boys- 133 Babies 
Girls- 241 Babies 
The pilgrims to the Holy Land bring back palm leaves as proof of there journey thus making Palmer meaning palm trees. Its the surname of famous golfer Arnold Palmer and the fictional character Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks.

Boys- #882
Girls- #677
Sutton seems to fit perfectly with boy names simply because it is 2 syllables and ends in the -on sound. ABC Family had actress Sutton Foster in two of their shows, The Lying Game and Bunheads making the name suddenly appear usable for a girl.

Boys- 176 Babies 
Girls- 224 Babies 
An interesting fact about Campbell: it is the 7th most popular surname in Scotland. Maybe it isn't as usable over there but here in the United States I would stay it is. There was a time the name was greatly associated with the soup brand but now i think that is being pushed back farther and farther from people's minds.

Boys- #444
Girls- #716
Lennox is a lot more popular on boys than it is girls but I see the appeal for both. It has the X factor that gives it an edgy cool guy/girl feel. I was going to suggest Lennox as a variant to Lennon but Lennox is actually more popular.

Boys- #296 
Girls- #161 
Emerson appeals to parents for girls because of her Emm- beginning like Emily and Emma while not being too feminine. For boys it has a masculine feel with the -son ending and its not far behind the girls in popularity. Only 731 less boys were given the name in 2016

Boys- 128 Babies
Girls- #692 (416 Babies)
Monroe often times reminds people of Marilyn Monroe and could be why some parents pick the name for their daughters. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon chose the name for their daughter for just that reason. For boys the name may bring to mind the President and a patriotic feel.

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