Thursday, November 14, 2019

Boy Virtue Names

Virtue names are a trend popular among baby girls. You have Faith, Hope, and Grace all in the top 300 in the SSA name charts. But when it comes to boy names it is hard find some good names or really any at all. Since we are in November and the season of virtue names I thought this list would only be fitting. I complied a list of some great virtue names for boys below. Tell me which ones I missed!

Prosper- In France, Prosper is fairly popular and was once used often in Puritan times. A little boy Prosper is destined to succeed.

Able- Swap around the spieling of the biblical name Abel and you have a virtue name. It enplanes a little boy who is able to do anything.

Earnest- To be earnest is to be serious and sincere about something. Ernest is the alternative spelling to Earnest and by removing the a you get a virtue name.

Worth- With a name like Worth, a little boy would be able to see his worth in this world. The name brings to mind Wentworth Miller.

Bravery- I have come across a few babies brewing the middle name Bravery and let me just tell you it is the best surprise. The name brings to mind a picture of strength and patriotism.

Clement- If Mercy is too much for you Clement is another option with the same meaning. Clement was bestowed onto 13 popes over time and countless saints. It has history!

Lucky- Luck is amazing to have. Many people may think the name is only useful for a dog but I think having Lucky in the middle name spot is to die for!

Justice- The word spelling of the name is Justice but you may also spell if Justus keeping the same meaning. A nice alternative to Justin. Besides is virtue meaning it also brings to mind a judge (bringing justice).

Concord- Concord is being in harmony with people. There is nothing better than being in agreement with people living in a world were you can love someone no matter what they look like.

Valor- To have great courage is to have Valor. A name that fits perfectly with other boy names ending in the -er sound of modern times.

Wisdom- I firmly believe that you can obtain wisdom in a number of ways. Everyone can have wisdom of some sort. Nickname Wise and man you have a great name!

Wit- I adore Wit, especially as a nickname for Walter, Whittaker, and Wyatt. Wit as a word is to have clever intelligence. As a name it means to be alive.

Soul- I love to say it is well with my soul. One's mind, will, and emotions joined together is someone's soul. Soul is the all encompassing being of a person.

Knightly- If you want a name the encompasses a wide range of virtue names Knightly is the perfect name. To be a knight is to be brave, loyal, noble, equal and so much more.

Trust- Trust is something that is gained and not just given. When you lose trust it can be hard to get back but to have Trust in someone is invaluable. Trust is like the less common True of the naming world.

Pride- I hope everyone experiences Pride at some point in there lives. There is no better feeling than to have Pride in something.

Meek- To be meek is to be gentle and quiet. I read a quote that I had to share "Meakness is not weakness. It is courage under control." It is ok to be Meek. The name is short and has that short sound at the end.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Twin Names: Same Initial {Girls}

Naming twins can be hard and when it comes to twin names there are some strong sides. Some people thinks that twins should have completely different names. While others believe that twins should have similar names in sound, letter, or theme. For those of you who say twins should have matching initials I have a whole list of twin girl names. I tried to pair names that go together but don't have super similar sounds. What are your favorite ones?

Arielle and Addelyn 
Bellamy and Britta
Capri and Calla
Daisy and Dolly
Eleanor and Etta
Felicity and Freya 
Gloria and Georgina 
Hazel and Honora 
Iris and Imogen 
Juliet and Jana 
Kaia and Keturah
Lavender and Lorelei 
Mavis and Myla
Naomi and Neva 
Octavia and Odessa
Pippa and Phoebe 
Quinley and Qiana
Romy and Rosalie 
Scarlett and Sylvia 
Tova and Temperance 
Una and Ursula
Vada and Viola 
Winifred and Willodean
Xena and Xavia
Yasmin and Yelena
Zelie and Zipporah

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Prestigious Names

When you hear the word prestigious what do you think? I think of an upper east side banker or a designer clothes wearing stay at home mom. I was browsing on instagram on day and came across the name Wescott. Then I saw Sinclair and was like wow those names were so prestigious. Thus the list started! I collected a few names I find prestigious and decided to turn them into a blog post.

Wescott- West Cottage; English
If you want a more unique alternative to Wesley and Weston, Wescott is the way to go. You have two spelling to pick from Wescott and Westcott. I personally like the name without the extra T. I find names ending in -ott cool and different. Other options include Abbott, Eliott, and Talbot.

Belmont- Beautiful mountain; French
As if I didn't already adore this name I found out the meaning. There is just something about an unexpected nature meaning like that. I immediately picture snowy covered mountains in Utah, a peaceful scene. A similar name you may like more than Belmont is Beaumont.

Salinger- Saint Leger; French
This literary honor names should be used so much more! J.D. Salinger wrote the classic, The Catcher in the Rye. Salinger is a nice surname fitting in with other -er surname turned first names. I adore Sal as a nickname. If Salinger is too out there why not try Holden or Atticus.

Crosby- Village with Crosses; Irish
I love myself some Irish surnames! Bing Crosby is a vintage actor and musician most famous for his "White Christmas". In modern times you have Sidney Crosby, a Canadian ice hockey player currently playing on Pittsburgh Penguins. I have to point out I am a Philly girl and my city is not a fan of the Penguins. Surnames and -y ending surnames are all the rage and throughout the top 1000 names. Crosby ranks in the 600s for 2018 and may just move up the charts.

Yates- Gatekeeper; English
Yates is a preppy surname you can find on many famous and historical personnel throughout history. With very few Y names in the universe, Yates makes a family pick. You get a unique name that people will have no problem saying or spelling. I will always throw out the name Gates, a similar name to Yates and perfect for a prestigious young boy.

Davy- Diminutive of David(Beloved); English
Davy comes from the name David used throughout time primarily on boys. The most familiar association with dove is Davy Jones' locker, a folktale about dead sailors and shipwrecks. The name works wonders on its own but can also be a nickname for Davina and Davis. Davis is a great prestigious name as well!

Sinclair- Saint Clair; English
Sinclair is an English surname used for both genders. I personally enjoy the name on girls most likely due to the Clair aspect of the name. Claire is much more popular and classic while Sinclair is exotic and unusual. The name makes a nice alternative to the classic name while still seeming like the proper girl.

Bronwyn- White, Fair, Blessed Breast; Welsh
In Wales the feminine spelling of the name is Bronwen, where as the -wyn is the masculine version. In America parents like to use y's to make names more feminine. Bronwyn isn't very common in the U.S. only being given to 63 babies in 2018. It fits with the tons of Br- names in the top 1000 like Brooklyn, Brielle, and Brianna just to name a few.

Cricket started out as a nickname for Chris- names such as Christine and was used all the way back in 2013 by Busy Philipps for her daughter. It is virtually unheard of as a name and often times if you do meet a Cricket is just a nickname. Animal names are gaining popularity and Cricket can fall into the category. It also doubles as a sports name. And I can't talk about Cricket without mentioning Jiminy Cricket from Disney's Pinocchio.

Sterling- Excellent, Little Star; English
To me prestigious names for girls usually include surnames and more masculine names. Sterling is a name used more often on boys, currently ranking at #406 and not at all for girls. In Britain sterling is associated with money and currency. Across the pond, I more times than not associate the name with the metal sterling silver. The name is said to possibly come from the starling bird.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Twin Names: Same Initial {Boys}

I know there are many parents out there who want to know their twins with the same initial and that is ok! Just like its ok to name kids with the same first letter. Below I have boy names that start with the same first initial but I tried to pick names that don't sound too similar together.

Alaric and Asher
Bennet and Bodhi
Callum and Connor
Dalton and Derrick 
Ellis and Ewan
Fisher and Florian 
Grady and Gallagher
Henry and Holden 
Ian and Issac 
Julian and Jacob
Kyson and Keller 
Lawson and Luca
Miles and Matteo
Noam and Nikolai 
Otis and Ozzy
Phillip and Patrick
Quest and Qiumby 
Rocco and Rufus
Shephard and Sullivan
Thatcher and Truman
Ulysses and Umberto
Victor and Vaughn
Winston and Willoughby
Xavier and Xylon
Yates and Yule
Zepplin and Zoro 

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Family Name Game

Happy Halloween! I hope every enjoyed the week long Halloween inspired posts. I had so much fun writing and creating the content for you guys. It was so much fun I am already thinking about next year! There was no post planned for today but I thought it would be fun to do halloween name game. So name a family using the Halloween themed name banks below!

FN (Fictional Witch): Evanora, Prue, Bridget, Winifred, Zelda, Lavender, Joanna, Minnie
MN (Candy Inspired): Ruth, Reese, Coco, Kit, Joy, Dulce, Mary Jane, Patty, Lolly

FN (Horror Movie Villains): Freddy, Michael, Jason, Bates, Chucky, Jack, Norman, Myer
MN (Hocus Pocus): Billy, Binx, Dave, Sanderson, Jay, Ernie, Elijah, Max, Dennison, Thackery

FN (Hotel Transylvania): Johnny, Frank, Wayne, Griffin, Murray, Wilson, Dennis, Mike
MN (Fictional Werewolf): Remus, Derek, Scott, Sirius, Oz, Eddie, Tyler, Jacob, Sam, Seth

FN (HalloweenTown Series): Marnie, Piper, Sophie, Agatha, Gwen, Cassie, Natalie, Jessica
MN (Orange Inspired): Clementine, Ginger, Sienna, Alani, Auburn, Amber, Jacinthe, Cam, Tigerlily, Saffron

FN (Edward Scissorhands): Kim, Peg, Marge, Esmeralda, Joyce, Helen, Tinka, Cissy
MN (Fictional Vampires): Alice, Amelie, Annabelle, Bella, Caroline, Elena, Irina, Natasha, Pandora, Zoey

My Choices:
Mom: Evanora Kit
Dad: Norman Binx 
Son: Murray Oz
Older Daughter: Marnie Clementine 
Younger Daughter: Tinka Amelie 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Halloweek: Quirky Halloween Middle Names

Today we sadly finish up Halloweek. BUT it isn't without an amazing list of quirky Halloween middle names. All the names on this list are unique and different yet fun! Just because I said they make good middle names doesn't mean they aren't great first names. I just see people being braver to use them in the middle name spot. Most of the names (but not all) are unisex.

Moon- English Word Names
Here's a little family history for you: my great grandfather was called Moon because of his bald, shiny head. I have a cousin of some sort bearing the middle name Moon yet he often goes by Moon. The name works wonders on either gender. The name is soft and magical and mysterious.

Binx- Unknown Meaning
I could not make this list without including a Hocus Pocus name! Binx is the surname of Thackery Binx a boy turned cat in the movie. Binx could swing either way and makes a nickname for names like Beatrix, Bianca, Bingham, or Baxter.

Trixie- Voyager, Traveller; English
Halloween is a combination of traditions from many different backgrounds, one of which being trick or treating. What better name after the popular activity than Trixie or just plain Trix. A spunky sassy name on her own or as a nickname for Beatrix.

Pugsley- English Place Name From Warkleigh Devon
Pugsley comes from The Addams Family as the son. According to the character his name means stomach pump, a very Addams family meaning. The name is a surname before it was the character's name although you wont't find many Pugsleys around!

Buffy-  Diminutive of Elizabeth (God is My Oath); English
Buffy is a fearless vampire slayer, a Halloween heroine. The name originated as a nickname for Elizabeth but can also be a nickname for Beverly or just about any B name. I'd say its the female equivalent to Chip and Buddy.

Jax- Short Form of Jackson (Son of Jack); English
Jax is a variant of Jack or a nickname for Jaxon (also a variant of Jackson). The name fits with all pumpkin loving parents. The X ending gives the name an edgy feel. Jax Teller is the main character of Son of Anarchy.

Duff- Dark; Scottish
Duff is a Scottish name meaning dark, perfect for Halloween! You can also go with Duffy. In Scotland the name originated as a nickname for someone with dark hair. Guns 'N' Roses has Duff McKagan born Michael. 

Poe- Peacock; English
Edgar Allan Poe has a dark nature about him. He was the author of the poem The Raven and many will agree that he has a Halloween feel to him. Poe completes a name in the middle name spot. It's short and sweet and works wonders with many other names.

Boo- Word Name
The name was started as a nickname for Arthur Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird. In recent days it has been taken over by Disney. Both pop culture examples show how the name can swing both ways. Jamie Oliver named his daughter Daisy Boo Pamela. A real life Boo middle name!

Rune- Secret; German
Rune is an ancient symbol that is used in magic. The name can swing both ways but it is more popular for boys. It was given to just 36 baby boys in 2018 and even less for girls at only 6. Roo is a great nickname option too.

Marnie- Rejoice; Hebrew or Of the Sea; English
Halloweentown is up there in my top 3 Halloween movies so of course I had to include a name from the movie. Marnie is the main character throughout the series of films. The name fits in with names like Mary, Marie, and Marley.

Prue- Wise, Skilled; English
Charmed had a main character named Prue Halliway, one of a group of sisters who discover they are witches. If you are going with a longer name like Elizabeth or Natalie, Prue flows wonderfully. If you are going with a shorter name like Quinn or Kate, Prudence works much better.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Halloweek: Halloween Place Names

I love a good place name and I love Halloween so why not combined them and make a whole blog post about it! Below I have 8 great mostly fictional place names from halloween movies. I have to say I love just about every name on this list. I think right now its safe to say this is my favorite blog post of Halloweek.

Salem- Peace; Hebrew 
One of the most famous Halloween place names is Salem, a city in Massachusetts where witch trails were held. There are many tourist attractions from the trails. Personally I would love to visit the city in October as the leaves are falling and Halloween is in the air. The name is unisex but in 2018 it was given to 254 baby girls and 155 baby boys. I love the name with the nickname Sally on a girl. Then again I would be just as excited to meet a baby boy with the name. 

Amity- Friendship; Latin
The Amityville Horror movie is based off of a book by Jay Anson who based it off of the Lutz family paranormal experiences. The movies have been made multiple times over multiple generations. As for the name it is a great modern virtue name as well as alternatives or ways to honor an Amy. 

Elm- Red, Brown; English 
A Nightmare on Elm's Street is a 1980s horror movie about teenagers who's dreams are invalid but the evil Freddy Krueger. Elm is a tree name that has been around for 20 million years. Nameberry says Elm is unisex but I think it makes a great boys name. 

Bates- Diminutive of Bartholomew (Son of Talmai); English 
Bates Motel is a horror tv show that aired from 2013-2017. The plot revolves around a mother-son duo who buy a motel following the death of the dad. You follow the family as one turns out to be a serial killer. Bates is a fun S ending surname. It is a diminutive of Bartholomew and makes a great nickname or honor name. For all the patriotic parents out there Bates is the surname of Katherine Lee Bates who wrote America the Beautiful. 

Crystal- Clear, Colorless Glass; English
Crystal Lake is the setting of Friday the 13th, a horror movie about a summer camp stalked by a murderer. In the 1980s the name ranked in the top 10 and slowly went on a downfall from that. The name can sound dated to some but maybe it is coming back into style like other trends of the 80s and 90s. 

Bramford- Broom Ford; English
The Bramford is the building where Rosemary, her husband, and baby live in Rosemary's Baby. The film is about a mother who believes an evil cult wants to take her baby to use in rituals. Besides being the building name, Bramford is also a place in England and a parish. The name was used as a surname for for the people from Bramford. Bram makes a great short name. 

Haddon- Hill of Heather; English 
Haddonfield, Illinois is the setting of the Halloween franchise. Halloween started in 1978 and has 11 films so far. There is said to be 2 more sequels coming out in the coming years. They are one of the biggest horror movie series. Haddon fits right in with the Haydens, Maddens, and Hudsons of the world. It is a surname, place name, and familiar to the ears. As for first name Haddon you have Haddon Sundblom, illustrator for Coca-cola. I just love this name so much more than I thought I could. 

Gatlin- Companion, Kingsman; English 
Children of the Corn is a horror movie about a couple trapped in a ton where the children believe everyone over the age of 18 need to be killed. Gatlin is the name of the town. Like so many names on this list, Gatlin is a surname turned first name. Although the name is unpopular it was given o 260 baby boys in 2018. To me the name is a full country name fit for a little cowboy. 

Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloweek: Mythological Creature Names

Mythological names are cool and a generation of their own. Many times the mythological names you see are the names of god and goddess. I took the trend to a new level and am featuring a list of mythological creatures for this Halloween season. Some pretty cool monster names that work for a child's name, character, or pet name.

Qirin- Unknown Meaning
Qirin is a half dragon, half lion who symoolizes good fortune in Chinese mythology. The name was given to actor Terrence Howard's son and he picked it for the beast. The name is pronounced just like the Irish name Kieran. With very few popular Q names out there I think Qirin could catch on. 

Griffin- Strong Lord; Welish
A Griffin is a creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle from Greek mythology. After 75 years of absences from the top 1000 names in the United States, Griffin reentered the list in 1983. In 2018 the name ranked at #224. The surname name has a strong history behind it. 

Cerberus- Spotted; Greek
In Greek myth a three headed dog who guarded the entrance of Hades was named Cerberus. Since the name is rarely used on babies it can be considered unisex. Personally I think it fits nicely on a boy. I love the nicknames Ceri/Suri or Berry/Barry. In Harry Potter there is a Cerberus named Fluffy, not a very scary name. 

Chimera- A Thing Hoped for That is Impossible to Achieve; English
Greek mythology has a fire breathing part lion, part goat, part snake monster. The dictionary says a chimera is a thing hoped for that is impossible to achieve. That has me thinking. Maybe the name would be perfect for a rainbow baby because it rainbow babies are babies who come after a loss and often times after parents believe they will never have a child. 

Hydra- Evil Not to Be Overcome By Anything
Greek mythology had a 9 headed serpent named Hydra who lived in Lake Lerna. The serpent inspired the largest of 88 constellations. As a name it reminds me of Heidi and Audra. The look of the name is very similar to hydrangea bringing to my mind a flower. 

Phoenix- Dark Red; Greek
The mythological creature is a golden bird that burst into flames at the end of life and is reborn again. It symbolizes immortality. The name is a unisex name but is more popular for boys. In 2018 the name ranked at #252 for boys and #353 for girls. Its not only a bird and mythological name but also a place name, on the is common for most people. 

Typhon- Unknown Meaning 
Typhon is a fire breathing giant and father of most greek monsters. Some accounts say he is has a hundred heads. The picture is overall not a great one but it would make a cool middle name. If you want an alternative to Tyler go with Typhon. It nice if you like dragons and fire as well. 

Orthrus- Twilight, The Straight; Greek
Orthrus is a two headed hound that guarded the cattle of Geryon. He is the brother of Cerberus, the three headed hound. Other variant spellings of the name include Orthus and Orthros. I think the distinct Greek mythology feel you get from this name. Orrie and and Thor would make some pretty cool names.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Halloweek: Spirit and Soul Names

Celt legends started their new year on November 1st and believed the night before, now called Halloween, was the time when the boundary between the living and the dead was blurred. The spirits could go back and forth. Below I have a list of spiritual names in honor of this history side of Halloween. There are many names on this list that are new to me and I am sure are new to you.

Alma- The Soul; Spanish
Alma is the Spanish word for soul. The name became popular in England after the 1854 Battle of Alma. It is familiar with the phase alma mater making it double as a word name. Up until the 1920s the name ranked in the top 100 and started a decline from there. The name fits nicely with more popular names like Emma and Ava and is ready for her comeback.

Anima- Soul, Spirit; Latin
In Jungian psychology the anima is believed to be an individual's true inner self or soul. In the everyday world the name travels easily between countries and cultures with its easy to spell and pronounce elements.

Nurcan- Bright Soul; Turkish
In the United States Nurcan is almost unheard of it but it was once in the top 50 in Turkey. The last time the name ranked in Turkey though was in 2003 at #93. The most famous Nurcan seems to be Nurcan Taylan, a Turkey Olympian weightlifter.

Mahatma- Great Soul; Hindi
Mahatma Gandhi was a lawyer who inspired cicvil rights movements all over the world. He is known for peace and freedom. The name may bee too associated with him to use as a first name but I think it makes a great, strong middle name.

Ercan- Brave Man's Soul; Turkish
Like Nurcan, Ercan was once used in Turkey but has not ranked since 1997 at #97. In Turkey they have an airport bearing the same name. Could that be why it has lost usage?

Enid- Soul; Welsh
Enid is the the lover of an Arthurian legend named Geraint. She was a Celtic goddess and believed to be perfect and courages. The name became popular in England and people believed that it was special to be the "second Enid" because of her bravery.

Hugh- Heart, Mind, Spirit; English
Until the 1903, Hugh was in the top 100. Since 2009 the name has been climbing up the charts at a slow pace. As of 2018 the name was only ranked at #806. In Ireland there are about 20 saints bearing the name and there were 2 Hughes in the first English-speaking colony the New World.

Dusan- Soul, Spirit; Slavic
As of 2010 Dusan was the 29th most popular name for males in Serbia. Stefan Dusan was a 1330s King of Serbia. He helped born the country including founded the Saint Archangels Monastery.

Some of the names on this list are very usable in the English speaking country while others may not be. Overall this list covers many cultures and languages.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Halloweek: Haunted Dolls

There are many movies out there featuring haunted dolls some of which have some great names. I gathered some of the most human like names and listed them below. I left off the haunted dolls like Fats and The Clown. Are any of these names usable? Now that's up to you to decided.

Hugo- Heart, Mind, Spirit; Latin 
Hugo is one of the first evil dolls featured in movies. In the 1945 Dead of Night he came to life and tricked a ventriloquist into being his master ultimately killing him in the end. Hugo ranks in the top 500 and falls into the loved category of O ending boy names. A more recent film bearing the name is the 2011 film Hugo starring a young orphan and magic. I think it is safe to say the creepy, murderous doll is not the first thing people think of. 

Annabelle- Lovable; English
The creepy doll Annabelle originated in The Conjuring and has since starred in her own movie. In the original movie the doll is possessed by an evil spirit and starts torturing the family who live in the house with her. The name is a sweet alternative to Isabelle and fits with other -belle names. Edgar Allen Poe made the name famous with his poem Annabel Lee and the spellings have evolved from there. 

Billy- Diminutive of William (Resolute Protector); English 
The Saw franchise had the most prominent haunted doll named Billy but there is also the horror movie Dead Silent with a doll of the same name. In the first Saw movie serial killer Jigsaw uses the doll to deliver messages to his victims. The name, like many other on this list, is a nickname name coming from William. Tim Burton has a son named just Billy not William while Jimmy Kimmel has a son named William nicknamed Billy. 

Chucky- Diminutive of Charles (Free Man); English 
Child's Play made Chucky famous while he now has movies of his own. The doll is the soul of a serial killer who transferred into the doll to avoid being arrest. While in doll form he continues to kill. The name Chucky comes as one of the many nicknames for Charles. I personally think of the 90s Rugrats cartoon with a main character named Chuckie, a different spelling. 

Brahms- Diminutive of Abraham (Father of Many); German
In the 2016 movie, The Boy, a babysitter arrives at a house expecting to be watching a boy when she finds out it is a porcelain doll. The family gives Greta, the babysitter, a set of rules and when she doesn't follow them Brahms starts haunting her. German composer Johannes Brahms wrote Brahms lullaby in 1868. The name is a nice, short name that's perfect if you want an exotic biblical boys name. 

Suzie- Diminutive of Susan (Lily); English 
In May, the main character bearing the same name has a doll encased in glass made by her mother. The doll is May's only true friend and throughout the movie you see May being controlled by Suzie. The name comes as a nickname for Susan and Susanna. Another alternative spelling to the name that takes it from the edge feel to the soft feel is Susie.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Halloweek: Disney Villains

There are so many villains out there making the topic too broad to write a post on. I decided to focus on one specific topic: Disney. Who doesn't love Disney?! Below I've gathered 10 great Disney villain names for you. Let me know your favorites and if you would use any of them!

Gaston- Stranger, Guest; French
Gaston is the villain from Beauty and the Beast. He was in love with Belle and would not leave her alone. In the end he ended up killing her lover. The name is a classic in France and has been used since the middle ages. In modern times the name fits in with the Mason and Easton. 

Jafar- Stream; Arabic
In Aladdin, Jafar is the most trusted advisor of Princess Jasmine's father. His gain is to rule over the country. In 2018, the name was given to 20 baby boys. I suspect it is not used often because of its association with the movie.

Hades- Unseen; Greek
Hades is the main villain in Hercules but he is also the Greek god of the underworld. In the movie, he tries to overthrow his brother Zeus to rule the world. Hades fits with the S ending boy names. Any brave namer out there would use this name for sure. 

Medusa- To Protect, To Rule Over; Greek
Madame Medusa is a mean, red-headed pawnshop owner who kidnaps the little girl to help her receive a diamond in The Rescuers. In Greek mythology, Medusa was a beautiful woman who was so vain that the gods turned her hair into snakes. Medusa makes a nice exotic middle name in my book. 

Edgar- Wealth, Fortune Spear; English
Butler Edgar tries to kill off the cats in Aristocats so he can gain the fortune. To my surprise the name has not fallen below the top 400 since it's been on the charts. I really did not expect to see the appeal in the name. It was once the name of some English and Scottish kings. 

Percival- To Pierce the Valley; English
In The Rescuers Down Under, an eagle is being hunted by a poacher named Percival. He is as close to a real life villain as you can get on this list. The name can be found throughout the Harry Potter series a series among younger generations. The name is a knightly name found in the Knights of the Round Table. 

Pete- Stone; Greek
In the Mickey world, Pete is a reoccurring villain. He first appeared in 1925 and has been around since. The name Pete is a nickname for Peter. It brings to mind a very 60s style. With names coming back into style and nicknames being used as a formal names, Pete is right up that alley. 

Sid- Short Form of Sidney (Wide Island); English 
The toys in Toy Story are stolen by Sid Phillips, a neighbor of the main character or destroys toys. Thankfully the toys get away. Sid is a diminutive of Sidney, a name once used more for boys than girls. The name not only started out on boys but was also a surname associated with aristocrats. 

Ursula- Little Bear; Latin 
The sea witch from The Little Mermaid bears the name Ursula. She tricks Ariel into trading her voice for a pair of legs. The name was not just used in a Disney film. You can find the name in a Shakespeare play and on a saint. In the 1980s the name was in the top 1000 and I think is ready for a comeback. 

Ratcliffe- Red Cliff; English
Governor Ratcliffe came to Virginia in search of gold willing to do anything to get it in Pocahontas. The name is a prestigious surname. The name was not used in 2018 and neither was its spelling alternative Radcliffe.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Halloweek: Pumpkin Names

One of the most iconic symbols of Halloween is a pumpkin. They are used for carving, decorating, in pies and coffee and just about any food you can think of. Thy adore doorsteps and coffee tables. Everyone flocks to pumpkin patches. While pumpkin makes a cute nickname it isn't the most loved given name. One great alternative is picking one of the pumpkin inspired names below. And hey you can even pick a name and use the nickname Pumpkin! 

Dill- Great Tide; English 
Dill's Atlantic Giant is a variant of pumpkin that can weigh anyway from 200 to 1000 pounds. It was developed by Howard Dill. Dill is a diminutive of Dillon. Dillon is an alternative spelling Dylan. The name reminds me of the 1990s cartoon Rugrats with the character Dill Pickles. It is also associated with dill pickles, the food. 

Max- Greatest; English
Big Max pumpkins are pumpkins that exceed 100 pounds and 20inches in diameter. The name ranks in the top 200 for 2018. It is perfect on its own or as a nickname for the many Max names including; Maxwell, Maximilian, Maxfield, and more. 

Lakota- Friend to Us; Sioux 
Blue Lakotas are blue-gray colored pumpkins popular in Australia. Lakota is an unisex name. It is the  name of one of the branches of the Great Sioux Nation. If Dakota is too known or place like for you than Lakota is a nice alternative.  

Kakai- Unknown Meaning 
Japan produces Kakai pumpkins. Pumpkins that are orange with green stripes down it. As a name Kakai is extremely rare. The meaning is unknown with a possible meaning of Good Luck. In Iran and Iraq there is a religion by the same name. 

Lumina- Bright Light; Latin 
Those white pumpkins you see are not painted. Some are called Lumina pumpkins. When you cut into the pumpkin it has the traditions orange flesh. The name was given to 15 baby girls in 2018. Extremely unique yet fits with other names ending in -ina.  

Casper- Form of Jasper (Treasurer); Dutch and Scandinavian 
If you guessed that Casper pumpkins are white then you are very much right. They are white pumpkins with little to no blue undertones. This name is a double whammy Halloween name for the pumpkin and the ghost. 

Marina- From the Sea; Latin
Marina Di Chioggia are warted pumpkins from the coast of Italy. They are deep green pumpkins. The name is fitting because Marina means from the sea. I find this name perfect if you want to combined you love of summer and fall. 

Tykva- Pumpkin; Russian
This unique name was inspired by Alix at Names Daily. It's pronounced tick-vuh. The name isn't used very much if at all. It looks gorgeous and unique. Anyone want to use it as a middle name? 

Pepon- One Who Petitions; German 
In Greek the word for pumpkin is Pepon. I adore this name because of the Pep beginning. It fits nicely with Pepe and Pepito.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hal Names

I have some excited news for the blog! Starting Thursday October 24 until Wednesday October 30 I will be featuring a Halloween themed blog post. These posts are all unique topics that aren't overused (or at least I think they aren't). Let me just tell you I am so excited to share all the work I did for my favorite holiday.

Originally I wasn't going to post anything today because I will be posting for 7 days straight but this blog post just went fitting and I figured you can never have too many baby name blog posts! Below I have Hal- names for boys, girls and unisex names. They are perfect for a Halloween baby without being over themed. 

Halloway- Holy Way; English
Haldor- Thor's Rock; Norwegian
Halbert- Shining Hero; English
Hale- Nook, Retreat; English
Hal- Diminutive of Harry (Home Ruler); English 
Halfdan- Half Dane; Norse
Halvdan- Half Dane; Norwegian 
Halifax- From the holy Field; English 
Hallam- At the rocks; English
Halil- Friend; Albanian 
Halvard- Rock Guardian; Norwegian
Halston/Halsten- Rock, Stone; Swedish 
Halloran- Stranger from Across the Sea; Irish
Halim- Patient, Tolerant, Mild; Arabic 

Hallie- Diminutive of Harriet (Home Ruler); English 
Hale- Turkish Form of Hala
Hala- Halo Around the Moon; Arabic
Halcyon- Kingfisher; Greek
Halona- Happy Fortune; Native American 
Halia- Remembrance of a Loved One; Hawaiian
Haliaka- Variant of Harriet (Home Ruler); Hawaiian
Halina- Light; Greek
Halo- Salmon; Navajo
Hallary- Cheerful, Happy; Latin
Halda- Purposeful; German
Haldisse- Purposeful; German
Haldis- Rock Goddess; Norse
Haleema/Halima- Patient, Tolerant, Mild; Arabic 
Halimeda- Thinking's of the Sea; Greek

Halo- A Dish or Circle of Light; English
Hallow- Scare, Holy
Hallsey/Halsey- Hallowed Island; English

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Knights of the Round Table

The Knights of the Round Table were King Arthur's best knights. They lived in Camelot where they had a special table that was round instead of rectangular. The table allowed everyone to be equal and trustworthy. All knights had to uphold a Code of Chivalry. I focused on 8 great names from the knights of the round table but there are up to 150 knights depending on what story you read.

Lancelot- Land, Servant; French
In the Arthurian Legend, Lancelot was the most trusted knights. He went on to have an affair with Queen Guinevere. He was the only knights known to defeat King Arthur in a jousting match. To say this isn't a strong name is an understatement. Lance is a great nickname and gives it a more normal feel.

Percival- To Pierce the Valley; English
Percival was a loyal knight to King Arthur. He was said to be have received the sword Excalibur from what is now known as modern day gnomes. Legends also say that he was given a glimpse at the Holy Grail. The name Percival is not ranked in the top 1000 for 2018 and neither is Percy.

Bors- Spice Merchant; German
Bors the Younger, along with Percival, was a witness of the Holy Grail. His early life was not great from rebelling and being caught but he as able to grown into a strong knight. The name is unranked and hardly (if at all) used as a name. It does fit with the S ending boy name trend.

Kay- To Rejoice; Welsh
Kay is believed to be King Arthur's foster brother and one of the earliest people connected to him. When the Knights of the Round Table were formed Kay was one of the first members. The name is a possible Gauis or Cai. We already use names like Jay and Kai so why not Kay?

Gareth- Gentleness; Welsh
Gareth is Sir Gawain's brother and was made a knight by Lancelot. As a gift for King Arthur, Gareth went on a quest. In modern times, the name is most often associated with Gareth Brooks, American country singer. Some nickname options include Gary, Gaz, and Rhett.

Tristan- Sad, Latin
Tristan was sent by his uncle to gather Isolde for him but on the way home they fall in love. As a knight of the round table, Tristan was a well known and talented archer. This is the only name on the list that ranks at all and it ranks at #123 in 2018. A few years ago the name ranked in the top 100 in Canada.

Gawain- May Hawk; Welsh
Gawain is King Arthur's nephew and son of King Lot and Anna. Legends say he is a defender of women among many other things. His strength is said to be controlled by the sun with his most popular time being at noon and decreasing from there. The name can be modernized to Gavin and still have the picture of the strong knight.

Bedivere- Birch Man; Welsh
The famous sword Excalibur, that was retrieved by Percival, was thrown into the lake at the request of King Arthur. He was one of the first knights and helped fight a giant with the king resulting in the lose of Bedivere's hand. The name is pronounced BED-ih-veer and sounds so exotic to the ears.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

100 Years Later and Still Rocking the Top 100 {1918/2018}

A few years ago I did a blog post where I looked at the top 100 names from 100 years ago. I decided to do that post again. What names stuck around or came back to thew top 100 after 100 years? It's an interesting list. Most of the names I expected but there are some names that I was a little surprised about. Read below to find out what names are popular again 100 years later. 

2018: #43
1918: #46

2018: #38
1918: #39

2018: #6
1918: #79

2018: #52
1918: #5

2018: #15
1918: #52

2018: #22
1918: #28

2018: #95
1918: #93

2018: #16
1918: #16

2018: #28
1918: #21

2018: #4
1918: #3

2018: #27
1918: #1

2018: #23
1918:  #7

2018: #50
1918: #48

2018: #14
1918: #45

2018: #71
1918: #4

2018: #21
1918: #43

2018: #44
1918: #64

2018: #3
1918: #2

2018: #71
1918: #13

2018: #54
1918: #10

2018: #6
1918: #78

2018: #32
1918: #26

2018: #13
1918: #9

2018: #15
1918: #84

2018: #1
1918: #46

2018: #75
1918: #55

2018: #10
1918: #11

2018: #24
1918: #31

2018: #42
1918: #33

2018: #91
1918: #24

2018: #93
1918: #48

2018: #34
1918: #15

2018: #51
1918: #90

2018: #74
1918: #27

2018: #67
1918: #52

2018: #38
1918: #67

2018: #43
1918: #83

2018: #96
1918: #72

Thursday, October 10, 2019

10 Names Given to 10 Babies

Happy 10/10/19! I was at a lost as to what to post today and when I saw the date I knew I had to do a play on 10/10. Below I have 10 names (5 girls and 5 boys) given to just 10 babies in 2018. These are all names with background and meaning and history.

Hildegard- Battle Enclosure; German
Saint Hildegard was famous for her writings and poetry. This exotic name is a nice spin on Hillary and Heidi even. In Disney's Sophia the First there is a minor character bearing the same name. I adore the nicknames Hildie, Hilda, Garry, and Dede.

Cressida- Golden; Greek
This name comes from Medieval times as a Trojan woman who leaves her lover for a Greek hero. Shakespeare wrote a play about the lovers called 'Troilus and Cressida'. In modern times the name was used in The Hunger Games and is the author of How to Train Your Dragon.

Aleta- Truth; English
The name first appeared in 1937 in the comic 'Prince Valiant' as the wife of the lead character. She was a queen. A real life Aleta is Aleta St. James, an American healer and new mother at 57. There is so much to love about this name; the sound, the spelling, the pictures it brings to mind.

Ioanna- Form of Joanna (Yahweh is Gracious); Greek
Pronounced ee-oh-ah-nah the may be a little tongue twister with all of the vowels. I think once you hear it a few times the name is beautiful and different. Its a nice way to honor a John or Joan.

Olivette- Feminine Form of Oliver (Olive Tree);French
The name comes from the French opera Les notes d'olivetti" by Emond Audran. The name is a wonderful, beautiful alternative to Olivia. She falls right in line with other -ette names as well. There is a city in Missouri with the same name. 

Basilio- King; Italian and Spanish
Basilio is the Italian and Spanish form of Basil. The name is used as both a given name and a surname along with the name of a few places particularly in Italy. A Famous Basilio is Carmen Basilio, a hall of fame boxer.

Caldwell- Cold Spring, Stream; English
This English surname turn first name is a part of the two great grounds, the Cals and the Wells. I could see Caldwell on the playground with Calvins and Maxwells. There is a university in New Jersey with the name as well as town.

Prometheus- Foresight, Forethought; Greek
In Greek myth Prometheus was the Titian who gave knowledge of fire to mankind. Zeus punished him for doing this by chaining him to a rock but he was eventually freed. This is a cool unexpected fire name. Some nickname options include Theo, Prom, Prommie, Matt, and Rome.

Neville- New Town; English
The name is very British sounding and more often used across the pond. For me the name jars up a picture of Neville Papperman from the Nick tv show called iCarly. Others may think of Charles Dickens unfinished novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

Rutherford- Cattle Ford; Scottish
The first name of the 19th president of the United States as well as a surname. Another famous Rutherford is Ernest Rutherford, a physicist who helped with radioactive substance understanding. Rudy, Ford, and Ruthie are all good nicknames. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Female Version of Male Names

Do you have a dad or brother or grandfather you'd like to honor but are having a girl? There are so many ways to honor a person and one of which is picking a variant of that name. There are many names out there that have feminine versions of boy names and vice versa. Below I have a list of female variants of male names.

Joseph- Josephine, Josepha 
Stephan- Stephanie 
Eric- Erika/Erica 
Andrew- Andrea
Philip- Philipa, Pippa
George- Georgia, Georgine, Georgina 
Christopher- Christine, Christy, Christa 
Justin- Justina, Justice 
Michael- Michelle, Michaela
Nicholas- Nicolette, Nicole, Nicola
Peter- Petra
William- Willa, Wilhelmina

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Sweet Spot Boy Names {2018}

Sweet spot names are names that rank in the middle of the top 1000 names. They are names that are not too popular and not too uncommon. Often times they are names that you have heard before but rarely, if ever, hear the name in person. I did the girls posts a few weeks ago so here is the boys version!

Dexter (#476)- One Who Dyes; English
Dexter has that "X" factor element. It is a name used in pop culture most notorious for the Showtime show by the same name. Some people may say that bad association turns them away from Dexter but there are a number of other better associations such as Dexter from the DC comic or Dexter from the tv show Dexter's Laboratory.

Rocco (#481)- Rest; German
Boy names ending in O are something I think more and more people are loving. Theres a special feel to them. It has the cool nicknames like Rocky and Rock. Give the nickname Rock and you have a nature name on your hand!

Davis (#507)- Beloved; English
This name has 2 factors I see in the name world a lot; ends in -S and is a surname turned first name. It is a nice, modern alternative to David. It was used in the popular tv show One Tree Hill as a first ahem after the character's maiden name.

Apollo (#517)- Strength; Greek
Apollo has a similar feel to Rocco; a 2 syllable name ending in -O. Most famous for the space mission that put the first man on the moon. The name is also the name of Zeus and god of medicine, music, and poetry. The name has a lot of history and depth to it.

Wilder (523)- Untamed; English
The name didn't enter the top 1000 until 2015 and has already made it into the 500s. The name is on the list for fast rising boy names. The name is more familiar as a surname for some famous people such as Laura Ingalls Wilder and Douglas Wilder. I guess you could say this is also a surname name.

Conrad (#543)- Brave Counsel; German
Conrad has been around for many years even appearing on the top 1000 charts for the 1920s and 1930s. The famous Hilton hotel was founded by Conrad Hilton. The name is also geared by saints. German royalty.

Callum (#557)- Dove; Scottish
Scottish names are not overly popular but there are some great ones to like and Callum is one of them. The name is symbolic of peace and comfort. It can double as a christian name for its meaning. What I love about the name is that it doesn't sound like a lot of the other boy names out there.

Forrest (#571)- Forest; English
The increase in popular to the name can be thanks to the movie Forrest Gump in the 1990s. It started out as a surname and has moved to first name status. The name has been on a roller coaster of popularity since 1910s. It seems to be coming back to style because of its nature, word feel.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hello October!

We are already on another month and that is so hard to believe! The year is flying by and 2020 will be here before we know it. Since October 1st falls on a Tuesday I thought today's posts would only be fitting if it was all about names associated with the month.

Marigold- Combination of Mary (Bitter) and Gold; English
The flower for the month of October 

Cosmo- Order, Decency; Italian 
A flower for the month of october 

Opal- Jewel; English
Birthstone of October

Octavia- Eighth; Latin 
Octavio- Eight; Spanish
Octavian- Eight; Romanian
Octavianus- Eight; Roman 

October Name Days
Many different countries have days called Name Days. They are days were you celebrate the day of the year for your name. It is popular in Europe and Latin America. Often time it is associated with the feast day of saints. Below I have some for the month of October. Not all the possible names are listed. I just picked out some of them

October 1- Ragnar, Rain, Rainer, Ariel, Therese, Lara, Igor, Ariadna, Arnold
October 2- Oliver, Leela, Ruth, Petra, Love, Ludvig
October 3- Raimo, Sybille, Dionysis, Helga, Gerard, Osvald
October 4- Franz, Randel, Randolf, Francois, Frank, Organe, Sarah, Francis
October 5- Ingeborg, Ingrid, Inka, Capucine, Daphne, Fleur, Donata, Gilda
October 6- Bruno, Monika. Emil, Jennifer
October 7- Gustave, Serge, Marija, Justina, Britta
October 8- Vera, Hilja, Hugo, Anita, Nils, Brigita
October 9- Sara, Stefan, Denis, Abraham, Arnold, Jan
October 10- Marina, Aleksi, Samuel, Harriet, Harry
October 11- Aldo, Filip, Briditta, Monta, Silva, Emilian, Maria
October 12- Marcel, Maximilian, Edwin, Kira
October 13- Renata, Ebba, Irma, Edward, Gerald
October 14- Agata, Kai, Kaia, Elsa, Celeste, Gwendoline, Boris, Stellan
October 15- Eda, Heidi, Valter
October 16- Havel, Hedwig, Finn
October 17- Vesta, Solene, Karola, Vita, Veronica, Antonia
October 18- Lukas, Zlatan, Zlata, Justus
October 19- Michaela, Stella, Cleo, Rene, Ivan
October 20- Jasper, Adeline, Aline, Adelina, Miroslava, Adele
October 21- Ursula, Celine, Hilary
October 22- Sabina, Anita, Elodie, Salome, Marko, Marita
October 23- Teodor, Daina, Jean, Simon, Marlena
October 24- Nina, Ara, Marcin
October 25- Beata, Daria, Bianka, Blanka
October 26- Dimitar, Erik, Amanda, Dimitri, Ludmila
October 27- Nestor, Zoe, Emeline, Lolita, Vincentas
October 28- Simon, Jude, Juda
October 29- Alfred, Fred, Elva, Violeta, Viola
October 30- Zenovia, Marcel, Venera, Alfons, Angel, Edmund, Isabella
October 31- Wolfgang, Arto, Aurelia, Edgar

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Wine Inspired Names

Do you love wine? Because I just greatly love wine. A good wine tour with your very favorite people is the way to a happy soul. This weekend my friends and I will be going to a few wineries on a little weekend getaway. I have had this blog post idea floating around in my head for some time now and what better time to write it than now! I have a much larger list than I thought I would have. You will find names meaning wine, types of wine, brands of wine, and many other things.

Winslow- Hill Belonging to Wine; English
To me Winslow is both a place name for the simple fact that my boyfriend lived next to the town of Winslow. Surprisingly it did not shy me away from the name. The word around the name community is that Winslow is gender neutral. It's a boy name for me.  The wine association is within the meaning of the name. I like the subtle meaning.

Anjou- Unknown Meaning
If you are looking for a unique wine name Anjou is the name for you. Anjou is a white wine and is the name of a wine growing providence in the Loire valley. It is also the name of a type of pears. The name sounds like a cool alternative to other Ann names and even a little French.

Arbor- Tree Name; English
Another unisex name on the list, Arbor is in honor of the wine brand Arbor Mist. It is a unique nature name specifically a tree name. The name was more popular for girls in 2018 with 26 baby girls given the name compared to the 12 baby boys with the name.

Webster- Weaver; English
Webster is 1.5L of wine. I'm sure the first thing people will think of is the dictionary so you have a very subtle wine name here. W names are fresh to me. They are not as used as other letters and look pretty to the eyes. Nothing says prestigious as a boy named Webster.

Vincent- To Conquer; Latin
St. Vincent is the patron saint of wine. I have a few Vincent's in my family so I am bias to the name. The name is ranked just outside the top 100 at #107. The name was very popular around the Middle Ages and you will find it through history books. You have artist and actors and saints with the name amount many other people.

Sonoma- Valley of the Moon; Native American
The wine growing region in California makes a great wine inspired name. People love place names so why not go for a more unique choice? Sonoma is exotic princess feeling. Her nicknames include Sonny, Noma, Noa, and Nommie.

Demi- Earth Mother; Greek
Demi Moore and Demi Lovato are two famous namesakes for the name. Both popular in the teen world. Demi-sec wine is half dry wine. The name is great on its own or as a nickname for Demetria and Dempsey.

Calix- Wine Cup; Latin
Calix is a funnel like cup. It can also be associated with the shape of a flower. The name has the "X" factor to it meaning it has the nice subtle X. I love that it fits with other Cal- names like Calvin, Callum, and Calloway.

Other Wine Names
Wine Meaning
Brandy- Burnt Wine; Dutch
Vinicio- Wine; Italian and Spanish 
Winton- Enclosure Belonging to Wine; English
Vin- Wine; Latin

Wine Types
Mead- Honey wine
Rosé- Pink Colored Wine
Blanc- White Wine 
Claret- Dry red wine 
Sherry- Descendent of a Foul; English (Fortified Wine)

Wine Brands
Sutter- To Sew; English 
Franzia- Boxed Wine Brand 

Other Wine Associations 
Dionysos- Of Zeus; Greek (Goddess of Wine)
Osiris- With Strong Eyesight; Egyptian (Goddess of Wine) 
Tannin- Ingredient in Red Wine 
Balthazar- Bel Protect the King; Hebrew (12L of Wine)
Melchoir- (18L of Wine)
Pip- Diminutive of Philip; English (Grape Seed)
Ruby- Red; Latin (Sweet Port)
Syrah- (Red Grape)

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Twin Names: Opposite Meanings

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on twin names with similar names. Today I have a list of names with opposite names. For some reason I found this list to be easier to make. I thought for sure it would be a lot harder.

Girl/Boy Twins

Winona (Firstborn Daughter) and Soner (Last Man)
Wayan (Old, Mature) and Nova (New)
Audra (Storm) and Sunny (Sunny)
Sarah (Princess) and Ryan (Little King) 
Azalea (Dry) and Leith (Wet)

Girl Twins
Soleil (Sun) and Luna (Moon)
Dagny (New Day) and Lilith (Of the Night)
Mara (Bitter) and Dulcie (Sweet) 
Oona (Lamb) and Leona (Lion)
Frida (Peace) and Hedwig (War Battle)

Boy Twins 
Blake (Black) and Finnian (White)
Mortimer (Still Water) and Brantley (Fire) 
Rueben (Son) and Abram (Father) 
Grant (Large) and Paul (Small)
Viggo (War) and Pax (Peace) 

What would you add to the list? What other twin posts would you like to see?

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sweet Spot Girl Names {2018}

A sweet spot name is a name ranking right in the middle of the top 1000 names somewhere from the mid-400s to the mid-500s. Names that are not too popular and not too unique. They re perfect for parents wanting a happy medium. I took a look at the sweet spot names for the 2018 SSA name list and picked out my favorites.

Matilda (#489)- Strength in Battle; German
A sweet and vintage name, Matilda has a ton to love about her. To start you have a nice list of nicknames; Tilly, Mattie, Tilda, and Millie. She is the name of a classic children's literary character. The name is popular over in England at #31 and if you know anything about the baby naming world you know that Americans are always "stealing" the names from the British.

Hattie (#495)- Estate Ruler; English
Many years ago, in the 1880s, Hattie was in the top 50 making this a vintage beauty. Now the name sits down low on the charts after reentering the charts in 2011. The name originated as a nickname for Harriet but is perfect on its own. Hattie McDermont is a famous Hattie for her role in Gone With the Wind. 

Maisie (#498)- Pearl; Scottish
A vintage favorite that has been around for at least a 100 years, Maisie is too sweet not to love. She started out as a nickname for Margaret and has evolved into a name on her own. In recent times the name has been greatly associated with Game of Thrones for fellow actress Maisie Williams.

Leona (#511)- Lion; English and German
Leona is like the less popular but still beautiful sister of Leah and Fiona. British singer Leona Lewis is a namesake for her beautiful music. The name is perfect if you want something with a strong meaning or if you are an animal lover.

Collins (#514)- Son of Colin; Irish
In 2009 Collins was made popular from the movie Blind Side based on a true story. It is a surname name and fits with the ongoing trends. Although it is a unisex name the name is more popular for girls than it is for boys. The name can be an alternative or honoring name to Nicolas and Nicole.

Lilith (#521)- Of the Night;  Assyrian
Lilith makes a nice alternative to Lily and Lilian while being less popular. At the same time you can still use the nickname Lily. Adam's first wife was named Lilith and sent from the Garden of Eve because she would not submit to him. Their children are the evil spirits of the world. That may be a turn off for some people but I think the name is still beautiful.

Colette (#533)- Victory of the People; French
Beautiful and French, Colette is being rediscovered by parents everywhere. She fits in with other -ette ending names such as Juliet and Margaret. Since reentering the top 1000 in 2012 the name has been on the climb up. Although I imagine it still being a while before it because super popular.

Sutton (#538)- South Town; English
Sutton is a southern belle as well as a unisex surname and a place name. You can find multiple neighborhoods called Sutton in England. Most of the time the names I associate with England are vintage nicknames but I think Sutton also screams England (whether you take in part the neighborhood names). The most recent name sake of Sutton is from the ABC family show, The Lying Game

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


While researching the names in the top 1000 I came across the girls' name Zhavia. It was entering the top 1000 for the first time but that's not what intrigued me. It was the fact that the name had not been given to more than 5 babies ever. I looked and looked and you can not find the name on any of the beyond the top 1000 lists since 1880. For a name to go from never ranking to in the top 1000 is impressive. So of course I needed to do some research on the name.

It seems the Zhavia's popularity is because of the California singer Zhavia Ward. Zhavia came to stardom from the reality show The Four: Battle for Stardom. From there she went on to sign with Columbia Records and to record a song with Zayn Malik for the new Aladdin soundtrack. Her stardom all started in early 2018. 

The name is so new and unique it's hard to find a concrete meaning or origin. One idea is the name is a variant of Xavia/Zavia, both female variants of the name Xavier meaning the new house. There are some other meanings that don't seem to have a source behind them. Some meanings include Perspective in Persian, God's gold in Hebrew, and Having life, alive in Russian. The word alive in Russian is в живых or v zhivykh. I can see resemblance.

Zhavia entered the top 1000 in 2018 at #877 and was given to 306 babies. To put that into perspective the number 1 girls name, Emma, was given to 18,688 babies in 2018. The name was never ranked even in beyond the top 1000 names. In order to be ranked beyond the top 1000 a name has to be given to 5 or more babies. That means that Zhavia was never given to 5 or more babies. 


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