Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scottish Names

Hey guys! So I have been really busy today and have had hardly any time to blog. I am in the middle of making a new blog and I had to go to the doctors today. If you can, can you please vote on the poll in the sidebar of my blog? Here is the link: http://justagirllivinginabigworld.blogspot.com/. Anyway let’s get on with the names. I am going to do Scottish names today. Let’s get started.

  1. Eilidh- Variation of Alice or Elizabeth
  2. Elspeth- God is my oath
  3. Avalbane- White orchard
  4. Blair- Field or Plain
  5. Fiona- White, fair
  6. Iona- From the island of Iona, Scotland
  7. Isla- Island
  8. Keltie- Place name
  9. Lorna- Fox
  10. Mairi- Of the sea or bitter
  11. Macrae- Son of grace
  12. Maclean- Son of the servant of John
  13. Paisley- Church
  14. Skye- From the Isle of Skye
  15. Moira- Of the sea or bitter

  1. Duncan- Dark skinned warrior
  2. Calder- From the wild water
  3. Callum- Dove
  4. Alistair- Defender of the people
  5. Lachlan- From the land of lakes
  6. Lennox- From Levenach, Scotland
  7. Mac- Son
  8. Macaulay- Son of the battle chief
  9. Hamish- Supplanter
  10. Frazer- Unknown
  11. Kelvin- A river of Scotland
  12. Ross- Headland
  13. Roy- Red
  14. Ramsey- Island of Garlic
  15. Beagan- Small

So that is my list. I hope you like it and don’t forget to comment. I have a special blog post planned for tomorrow and Thursday so look out for them. Also if you would like to read more about my life go to my other blog http://justagirllivinginabigworld.blogspot.com/ and go to http://myblogreadinglist.blogspot.com/ to find a looooong list of blogs that I like. Bye for now :). 

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