Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Surprising Name Loves

Sometimes I start loving names that simply surprise me. Names that have nothing to do with my usual loves or style. Many times they are names that are pretty popular and popular names are something I usually hate. The following  names are names I am loving lately and am actually surprised I love them.

James is such a classic and pretty popular name. Within the last few months I have met two James's that are college students and I would say they have helped me love the name but it should really be the opposite. I do not like the nicknames Jim or Jimmy so I would either call him James or even Jam or Jem. Jamie is a nice nickname too. Because I have an older cousin named James I don't think it would be usable. Although he only goes by Jimmy and I have never heard him called James. If I wasn't going to call my baby Jimmy than it could work.

Pip is such a cool nickname for a little boy. It's actually kind of vintage because it's usually used as a nickname for Phillip. I always find nicknames that I love but never full names to go with them. I don't like Phillip so I'm still on the look out for full names.

The very first time I heard the name Nigella I hated it. It was too masculine sounding to me. After doing a name post on Ella names I am now in love with it. It sounds so pretty and even more unique. This name isn't exactly a surprise to me because I like unique names and I also love girl names that end in an A. The surprising part is how I went from hating the name to loving it.

I recently did a post on my name instagram about this name because to was a request from a follower. When I first saw the name I didn't like it at all. Since doing the post I have really started to love the name. Saying it out loud seemed to help a lot. When it comes to names I really like sharp sounds and letters like v, z, x, and k. I also like that it's short and ends with an A. Really it reminds me of the name Ava a lot because they both end in the -av sound and are two syllables.



  1. Hey Ren! I just clicked on the link you posted on the facebook group Baby Name Discussions to check out your blog and I really like it! The name I like most from this list is Teva. If you wanted to stop by my blog sometime it's . I blog about different things but I blog about names pretty often. I'm looking forward to reading more from your blog!

    1. Hey Alyssa! I saw your blog and have been reading through it all day and night! I love it so much and will be checking up on it frequently.

      Thanks so much! I cab't wait to read more and what you post both names and non name posts.



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