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My Top 10 Names: Boys {January 2016}

I was asked by the wonderful Alexia Mae if I would like to be featured on her instagram with my op names. My answer was yes, of course! At the time I had a rough top 10 and had plans on finalizing the list but just kept pushing it off. This became the perfect opportunity to finish my list and show all  of you. You can see the beautiful graphic she made over on her instagram Names Daily. I will also have all of her links down below.

Atlas has been my top name for 2 1/2 years now and I don't see it moving anytime soon. I really like the thought of an Atlas being a book of maps and maps being able to take you anywhere you want. In Greek Atlas means not enduring.

You will notice that at least half of my top boy names are word names. Arrow is no exception to that. I fell in love with the name after watching the tv show, Arrow. Like many other boy names, this name ends in the O sound making it familiar yet unique.

Shepherd is another name on my list that has been on there for about 2 years now. It has moved down but I still really love it. I get this very calming feel when I hear the name because I associate it with sheep. Shep is such a sweet and simple nickname to me.

Wilder is a name new to my top 10 as well as new to the top 1000 list in 2015. I like the hipster feel to it. It is very unique but I can definitely see it raising in the years to come. Wiley would make a cute nickname and is a name/nickname that has been growing on me.

I have always found surnames to be cool but have never found any that I love enough to put on my top 10 list. Thatcher gives me a southern vibe and something that belongs on a sweet little boy. Although Thatcher isn't very popular it still has a familiar and common feel to it. I think in part because it is so similar to Sawyer and Hunter.

I love word names and I am starting to really love nature names. Basil has a lot of history to it. It was in the top 1000 charts until the 1970s and was all the way up in the 300s in the early 1900s. There are so many famous Basil's, both fictional and nonfictional. I adore this name for the simple sound and the fresh feel I get when I think of the plant.

My parents are huge Ford fans. They have only and will only drive Ford cars so I will always associate this name with them. I think as a first name Ford is cool and southern feeling. If I do not use this as a first name I would definitely use it as a middle name. Since it is one syllable it will go well with many names.

As you move down my top 10 boy names you will notice that the names will get longer. Rafferty is a name that I liked in 2016. For me, I get a very English feel to the name but that could be because I only one of one Rafferty and he is a little boy living in England. Rafe is a favorite nickname of mine.

When I was making my final list I was stuck between having Forest or Forrester as my #9 name. Forrester won because it was longer and had the opportunity to have Forest as a nickname. It also felt more complete to me.

Kavanaugh is a brand new name that I am loving and just added to my list. I wasn't sure which spelling I liked the best; Kavanaugh or Cavanaugh, but went with the K because that is the one I saw around more. As one of the few traditional Irish surnames that does not begin with Mc or O' I really enjoy the uniqueness of it.

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