Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Rare" G Girl Names

Hey guys! So I am getting back on track with the “Rare” series! I know I am not posting as much as I usually do but school has been really busy for me. My goal for 2013 is to post more on here and have more diverse post. Speaking of 2013, how was everyone’s New Years? I hope good :). So let’s get started.

  1. Gaia- Gaia’s sister would be Juno and her brother would be Orion. Gaia means the earth in Greek. I personally love Gaia. I hear it a couple of years ago and feel in love with it. At this time I don’t love it enough to put it on my list but I do still love it.
  2. Gail- Gail would have a sister named Kaye and a brother names Bruce. Gail is a Hebrew name that means gather if exaltation. Gail is a sweet name that would make a perfect middle name for a baby of this time. I can’t really see it as a first name though.
  3. Gemma- Gemma has a sister named Camilla and together they have a brother named Blaine. Gemma is a Latin name that means gem, jewel. I really like this name. I know a lot of people like it on formspring and I think that is why I like it. It’s very cute.
  4. Geneva- Geneva’s sister would be Willa and her brother would be Emmett. In French Geneva means Juniper tree. Geneva is a grand name that has a lot of power behind it to me. I love the sound of it. If I were to use it I would use the nickname Neve.
  5. Gertrude- Gertrude would have a sister named Bertha and a brother names Herman. Gertrude means strong spear in German. Gertrude is a nice name and I like it in a guilty pleasure kind of way. I can’t see it on a baby or child.
  6. Ginger- Melody would be Ginger’s sister and Rusty would be her brother. Ginger is an English name the means pep, liveliness; ginger. When I see this name I automatically think of Jinger Duggar. It’s a nice name but I have trouble taking it seriously on a person.
  7. Gladys- Gladys would have a sister named Edna and a brother names Lester. In Welsh Gladys means lame. I love this name as a guilty pleasure! Now I can’t see it on a baby but I can picture the cutest little grandma with the name Gladys.
  8. Glenda- Colleen would be Glenda’s sister and Roger would be her brother. Glenda means fair; good in Welsh. When I hear the name Glenda I think of the witch. It’s a cute name and one of the few I can see on a baby and an adult.
  9. Glynis- Glynis would have a sister named Imogen and a brother named Steffan. Glynis is related to Glenn in Welsh. I don’t like Glynis because it sounds really strange to me.
  10. Golda- Golda’s sister would be Dovie and her brother would be Otto. Golda means gold in English and Yiddish. I personally love Golda because it sounds so cute and girly. I would love if my name had the meaning of Gold!
  11. Greer- Harper would be Greer’s sister and Flynn would be her brother. Greer is a Scottish name that means watchful, vigilant. I love the name Greer! It sounds so upbeat and modern. You can also spell Greer Grier but I like the Greer spelling more.
  12. Gwen- Gwen’s sister would be Margo and her brother would be Rex. Gwen means fair, white, blessed, holy in Welsh. I love Gwen as a nickname to names more than a full name. It’s cute too.

So there you have it! The “Rare” G girl names. I really like most of the names and I’m surprised because G is usually not my favorite letter. I’ll have the boy G names up in a couple of days. I also wanted to tell you I won’t be putting a Feature Friday up tomorrow because this week was so busy. I will hopefully have one up next week and it is looking like it will be the last one! I do have an idea for after the Feature Fridays but I’m not sure when I will put it into action. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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