Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Rare" H Girl Names

Hey guys! How is everyone? I hope everyone is doing great! I am about to start midterms for school so I thought I would get on and before my life got really crazy. For today I have the next installment in the “rare” names series. I have the letter H for you. I’ll be doing the girl names. So let’s get started.

  1. Hadassah- Elisheva would be Hadassah’s sister and Mordecai would be her brother. Hadassah means myrtle tree in Hebrew. I don’t really like the name Hadassah.
  2. Harlow- Harper would be Harlow’s sister and Flynn would be her brother. Harlow means army in English. I love Harlow! At one point it was on my list.
  3. Harriet- Harriet’s sister would be Frances and her brother would be Arthur. Harriet is a German name that means home ruler. I really like the name Harriet. It does sound too old for a baby though.
  4. Henrietta- Wilhelmina would be Henrietta’s sister and Cornelius would be her brother. Henrietta is a German name that means home ruler. I think Henrietta is a gorgeous name! It’s very cute.
  5. Hermione- Beatrix would be Hermione’s sister and Aldric would be her brother. Hermione means messenger; earthly in Greek. I love the name Hermione but it reminds me of Harry Potter too much.
  6. Hilda- Hilda’s sister would be Inga and her brother would be Herman. Hilda means battle woman in German. Hilda is a nice name but it sounds too adult for a baby.
  7. Hollis- Hollis would have a sister names Ellery and a brother named Dexter. Hollis means near the holly bushes in English. I think Hollis is such a sweet name. I also like it on a boy.
  8. Honor- Honor’s sister would be Verity and her brother would be August. Honor means woman of honor in Latin. I think Honor is a sweet name. It’s the name of Jessica Alba’s daughter so it does make it a little unusable.

So that is all of the names. It’s short! I liked almost all of those names. Which did you like? Let me know below in the comments. I am trying my best to keep blogging more but it is so hard! I’ll be started on the boy H names as soon as I post this. I hope you liked it and bye for now :)

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  1. It's really amusing to me that Hadassah and Mordecai are paired together-- in the Bible, they were cousins. :) Great names!

    1. I didn't know that! It's weird how I picked that boy name out of all the others! Thanks :)

  2. Out of these I like:
    ~ Hadassah
    ~ (I like Harper and I love Flynn)
    ~ Hermione <3 (I also like Aldric)
    ~ Hollis (I also like Ellery)
    ~ (I love August)

    My favorite girls "H" names are: Hermione, Howella, Haloa, Haulani, Hero, and Halcyone [hal-SEE-uh-nee] =D



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