Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Name of the Week: Mortimer


  • Dead Sea


  • French


  • N/A

Middle Names:

  • Mortimer Gray
  • Mortimer Charles
  • Mortimer Josiah
  • Mortimer Ryan
  • Mortimer Blake
  • Mortimer Ross
  • Mortimer James 
  • Mortimer Seth 
  • Mortimer Chase 
  • Mortimer Everett 

First Names:

  • Gabriel Mortimer 
  • Logan Mortimer
  • Owen Mortimer
  • Hayden Mortimer
  • Henry Mortimer
  • Leo Mortimer
  • Jack Mortimer 
  • Perry Mortimer
  • Rowan Mortimer
  • Noah Mortimer 


  • Morty
  • Mort
  • Tim
  • Timmy
  • Moe

Famous People Named Mortimer:

  • Mortimer Adler
  • Mortimer Wheeler 
  • Mortimer Mouse (Cartoon Character) 

My Thoughts:

  • I have heard of the name Mortimer before but didn't pay it any mind until now. My eyes were opened to it while I was searching for more names on Nymbler. As soon as I said it I was in love. I think it sounds so different. This name could be really dark and mysterious. Using the nickname Morty is so cute too. 


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