Tuesday, August 19, 2014

England and Wale's Popular Names

The most popular names in England list came out a few days ago and I couldn't help take a look. I do have to say I much prefer the top 100 names in England than I do the American list. I'm going to do a little analysis of the names.

The top names in England and Wales are Oliver and Amelia. In America, Oliver was ranked at #52 and Amelia was ranked at #17. Both of these names are really fun names and I liked them a lot. Oliver has the fun nickname Ollie and Amelia has the popular nicknames Mia and Milly. I feel like Milly is a really popular and English name.

In America the top names are Noah and Sophia. Noah was ranked at #13 and Sophia was ranked at #15. Sophie is more popular in England and Wales than Sophia but than again I feel like Sophie is more English feeling. Noah and Sophia are names I can see being popular in both countries where as Oliver and Amelia I see being more popular in England and Wales. The list just prove that.

I went through the top 100 list and picked my 10 favorite boy ahems and 10 favorite girl names. The list overall surprised me.

England and Wales: #2
America: #40
Jack is such a classic old man name. It is a popular nickname for Jackson a more American name possibly because of President Jackson.

England and Wales: #7
America: #178
Oscar is such a sweet vintage name! I love it and would love it to gain more polarity in America. I do think of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street.

England and Wales: #16
America: N/A
Archie is another vintage, old man name. It makes a nice nickname and not surprisingly ins't even ranked in the US.

England and Wales: #36
America: #161
Harrison is a name that has been gaining popular slowly in America and hasn't move much in England. I think it is a nice name and you can get the vintage, classic nickname Harry.

England and Wales: 38
America: 45
Sebastian is a grand name that I love. It does remind me of the crab from Little Mermaid but that could just be because I'm on a Disney kick lately. Bash is a cute nickname too.

England and Wales: #45
America: #550
Toby may make some people think of a dog because its a pretty popular dog name but I think it's cute on a little boy. I like it as a nickname for Tobias.

England and Wales: #58
America: N/A
Jenson is a cool name. I like it a lot and love that it's not popular in the US. I think more people have heard of it because of the actor Jenson Ackles.

England and Wales: #63
America: #380
The first ting I think of when I hear Dexter is the tv show. I still really like the name and I think the x gives it an edge.

England and Wales: #64
America: #199
I love Kai and it just reminds me of Hawaii and the beach and all things summery. I have been loving it even more lately and am thinking of adding it to my list.

England and Wales: #72
America: #162
Jude is a sweet name that reminds me of the Beatles even though I'm not a huge fan of them. I like Jude as a nickname for Judah.

England and Wales: #5
America: #167
Isla is a short and sweet name. That just screams a little girl with pigtails and Mary Janes. It is definitely more English than it is American.

England and Wales: #7
America: N/A
I love Poppy as a nickname and even as a full name. I think its sweet and edgy and even a little modern. The first thing I think of is Poppy Lifton from Gossip Girl.

England and Wales: #14
America: #559
Evie makes the cutest nickname ever! It has some pretty great first name options like Evelyn and Everly.

England and Wales: #20
America: #908
This is the first year that Freya was in the top 1000 names for the US but in England and Wales it has been in the top 100 for a few years. I think Freya is a fun, mythological name.

England and Wales: #23
America: 198
Daisy is so sweet and girly. It has a nice airy feel to it and is a beautiful flower name.

England and Wales: #25
America: #598
I love Millie as a nickname. Millie has a vintage feeling and a little bit of a modern feeling depending on what full name you use with it if you use one at all. For me, Millie is like the ultimate English name.

England and Wales: #29
America: N/A
I'm a nursing student so the first thing I think of when I see Florence is the Florence Nightingale, the first nurse. Call me crazy but I would love to use Florence or another form of it as a middle name because of her.

England and Wales: #41
America: N/A
Maisie is a fun, quirky name. It surprises me how popular it is in England and Wales and how unpopular it is in America. I feel like it is more of an American name.

England and Wales: #47
America: #395
I love Elsie! I know an old lady with this name and she was so sweet. I think it ages well and has a very old lady chic feel. It'd make a great nickname for Elizabeth/Elisabeth.

England and Wales: #58
America: #929
Esme is such a princess-y name. I know a lot of people think of Twilight but I feel like Twilight is losing popularity and people won't think of that when they hear Elsie.

I had fun looking at this list and seeing how nice England names are. Look for more post on the blog in the near future!




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