Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bring It On Names

I love hearing new names or even names I have forgotten about. It's even better when they come from pop culture. While I was on spring break I watched a lot of movies and some of them were the Bring It On movies. Who doesn't love a little cheerleading and girl drama?!

Anyway while watching the movies I heard some interesting names and decided to do a little digging. There's actually a lot more interesting names than I had originally thought. So here are some of the character and actor names. Plus the answers to my instagram game.


Torrance (Bring It On)
Torrance is an Irish unisex name meaning little hills that is used on a girl in the movie. I think Torrance is a nice spunky name that would be a great alternative to Victoria while still keeping the nickname Tori.

Darcy (Bring It On)
Another unisex Irish name used on a girl in the movie, Darcy means dark one. I think Darcy is a perfect fit for the time period of the name. I definitely would love to hear it a lot more.

Winnie (Bring It On: All or Nothing)
Winnie is a diminutive of the name Winifred and means holy peacemaker, gentle friend in English. I just love the nickname Winnie for names like Winslet, Bronwyn, and Rowan. I prefer the spelling Wynn/Wynnie though.

Carson (Bring It On: In It to Win It)
Carson is yet another unisex name meaning son of the marsh-dwellers in Scottish. Although the name is unisex and it was used on a girl in the movie, it is much more popular on a boy. I think this is a sweet name on either gender.

Penn (Bring It On: In It to Win It)
Penn means enclosure in English. I am in love with the name Penn for a little boy! It's so short and sweet. It also makes a perfect middle name. Although you don't hear it very often it is still a nice name.

Huntley (Bring It On)
Huntley Ritter is the actor who plays Les in the first Bring It On movie. I was surprised to see this name but thought it would fit with some of the popular names like Brantley and Bradley for boys and Tenley and Brailey for girls. Huntley means meow of the hunter in English. I think I would much prefer Huntley on a girl.

Francia (Bring It On: All or Nothing)
Francia Raisa Plays Leti in the movie. She is also in the tv show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Francia means French in Latin. This would be a perfect name to honor a Francis or Francesca. The nickname Frankie would also be really cute and vintage.

Names also from the movies that were on the instagram are Camille, Sierra, Vance, Jesse, and Ruben.


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