Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ollie: The Nickname

I've been binge watching season 3 of Arrow and the main characters name is Oliver "Ollie". Hearing Ollie over and over again makes me love it so much. The only thing is I'm not a huge fan of how popular Oliver is and is like a different full name for Ollie. I came up with a list of unique names for the nickname Ollie. 

Orville: Such a classical name that reminds me of popcorn and airplanes. You can definitely get Ollie from Orville. 

Oleander: This is not only an alternative to Oliver but to Alexander as well. I think this is my favorite name for the nickname Ollie. 

Orlando: I've features this name on my Instagram before and I really have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it but I also can't see myself using it. 

Olympio: This is one of the most unique full name for Ollie I have for you. This Greek name can because more common with the nickname Ollie. 

Olson: The Olson twins anyone? I definitely think Olson fits with some more popular names like Mason and Jason. 

Olivander: This is another Oliver/Alexander alternative. Olivander is a little more close to Oliver than Oleander if you like the V and the nickname Ollie. 

Olivier: The French variant of Ollie. My only fear with this name is its only one letter different than Oliver and I'm afraid people will miss it. 

Apollo: I adore Apollo and probably wouldn't have thought of the nickname Ollie but it works nicely, especially since there are many nicknames for it. 

Colin: Although this name is so common using Ollie as a nickname is so uncommon. 

There are so many other names that have the letter combination Ol that you could use. If I featured all of them we'd be here for days! I told you some of my favorite full names for Ollie now tell me yours! 


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