Wednesday, June 22, 2016

No Nicknames, No Problem! [Girls]

If you've been around the blog a while than you know I love nicknames. It all stems from not having a nickname growing up so I always say I'm going to name my children with names that have a nickname option. Not everyone wants to give their children nicknames. A lot of parents are on the lookout for names that don't have nicknames or are going with just the nickname (ex: Jenny instead of Jennifer). I thought I would put together a list of names that don't have nicknames.

Blair- Ever since watching and falling in love with the tv show Gossip Girl I have adored the name Blair. She has a more prestigious and girly feel to her. Because it is only one syllable it goes well with a lot of names as a middle name.

Ivy- This is botanical name is great if you want a flower or nature name but don't want something that is too popular. Just be warned that it seems he is slowing moving up the charts and is currently ranked the highest ever.

Pearl- The gemstone of June and a name very popular (top 25) in 1900 needs a comeback. I love the old lady chic feel to it. In the last few years the name has been quickly climbing up the charts.

Summer- There aren't too many two syllable names that don't have any nicknames. Most of the names that have no nicknames are one syllable. Summer has a very airy and light feel to it.

Eve- Eve was the first woman in the Bible and seems to be coming back to style. She fits in with the ever popular Ava and other names like Eva, Evelyn, and Evie.

Ruby- I mentioned Pearl a few names ago and now I have the name Ruby for you. The vibrant gemstone brings about a sassy, yet sweet feel to her. She is all the range in countries like Australia, England, and Ireland. I can see it jumping into the U.S. top 50 very soon.

Sylvie- I have to say this is probably my favorite name on this list. I have Sylvie in my top 3 at the moment. She is a name that is familiar yet different. Her sister name, Sylvia, is in the top 500 yet she isn't even ranked yet.

Haven- Haven is a safe pick for many parents with her simple sound and no nickname option. The name was extremely unheard of until 1996 when it first entered the charts. Because of Jessica Alba naming her daughter Haven in 2011 the name has shot up the charts.

Daisy- Daisy was once used as a nickname for Margaret but since she was used so often its a name that stands one its own most of the time. Daisy is less popular than Lily but not too much that people don't know the name.

Molly- Molly is a classical name is a name that seems to be given to a lot of Irish babies, although it is not of Irish descent. She once started out as a nickname for Molly and now stands perfectly on its own.

These are just 10 of my favorite girls names that have no nickname options. There are so many more out there. I will bring the boy name version to you very shortly.


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  1. margaret.ek@mail.comSeptember 3, 2016 at 6:30 AM

    I like the name Ruby and Molly for girls. Though all names are good. Out of which Molly is very close to me since it is my sisters name. I like these names because of their meanings



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