Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Black History Month Names

In honor of Black History Month, I am going to do a list of names from African-Americans that have had an impacted on history. I will start with girls.
  1. Rosa- in honor of Rosa Parks, the African-American who wouldn’t give up her seat on the bus. Rosa means Rose in Latin and I have used this name before on my blog.
  2. Harriet- For Harriet Tubman, who was a slave who help free other salves using the underground railroads.  Harriet means home ruler in English.
  3. Oprah- Of course for Oprah Winfrey, the talk show host. Oprah means gazelle in Hebrew.
  4. Mae- For Mae C. Jemison, who was the first African-American woman in space. Mae means month of May in English.
  5. Shirley- For Shirley Chisholm, who was the first African-American woman elected in to the US Congress. Shirley means bright meadow in English.
  6. Sarah- For Sarah E. Goode, who was a businesswoman and inventor. She inventoried the cabinet bed. Sarah means princess in Hebrew.
  7. Jordan- For Barbara Jordan, who was the first African-American Congresswoman from deep South. Jordan means to flow down in Hebrew.
  8. Maggie- For Maggie Lena Walker, who was the first woman in the US to become a local bank president. Maggie means pearl in English.
  9. McCoy- For Elijah McCoy, who a mechanical engineer and inventor. He invented the steam engine lubricator. McCoy’s meaning is unknown to me.
  10. Morgan- For Garrett Morgan, who was an African-American inventor and businessman. He invented the traffic signal. Morgan means great circle in Welsh.

  1. Martin- for Martin Luther King Jr. Martin means Servant Of Mars, God Of War in Latin.
  2. Louis- for Louis Armstrong, who a jazz trumpet player. Louis means famed warrior in English.
  3. Henson- For Matthew A, Henson, who an American explorer. Henson means son of Henry in Scottish.
  4. Scott- For Scott Joplin, who a great composer and pianist. Scott means person form Scotland in English.
  5. Jesse- For Jesse Owens, who was a track and field athlete. Jesse means gift in Hebrew.
  6. Booker- For Booker T. Washington, who an orator, civil rights activist, professor, writer, and poet. Booker means bleacher in English.
  7. Walker- For Madame C. J. Walker, who an inventor, businesswoman and self-made millionaire. Walker means fuller of cloth in English.
  8. Jack- For Jackie Robinson, who was first black man allowed to play major league baseball. Jack means Diminutive Form Of John Or Jackson in English.
  9. Norbert- For Norbert Rillieux, who an inventor and engineer who invented a device that revolutionized sugar processing. Norbert means bright north in German.
  10. Parker- For Gordon Parks, who was a photographer, writer, film director, composer, and musician. Parker means park keeper in English.

So that’s my list. I hope you like it. Stay tune for more lists. Bye :).

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