Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Baby Names

Today I am going to do a belated Valentine’s Day baby name list. So let’s get started.
  1. Valentina- Latin for Strength, This name sounds so grand and feminine.
  2. Rose- English for Rose, I like that you can use this name as a nickname for so many names and that it is classic.
  3. Love-English for full of love, I love this as a middle name for girls.
  4. Juliet- English for Youthful, I have been seeing this name a lot and I kind of prefer the spelling Juliette
  5. Carys- Welsh for love, This is my favorite name for love
  6. Cora- Greek for Heart, I love this name. It is so cute.

  1. Valentino- Italian for Strength, Sounds very grand and manly
  2. Romeo- Italian for from Rome, Italy, I like this name pronounced the Spanish way.
  3. Jaxith- Hungarian for kind-hearted. I like this name and it could be an alternative to Jaxon
  4. Caleb- Hebrew for whole hearted, A nice common tradition name
  5. Amadeus- Latin for love of God, I love this name. It is different and strong sounding.
  6. Kaipo- Polynesian/Hawaiian for sweetheart. I like the Kai at the beginning and you could use Kai as a nickname.
So that is my list. Sorry it was late but I hope you still like it. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day. Bye. :)

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