Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Baby Names

Because today is Leap Year and it only happens every 4 years I thought that I would do a leap year baby names. These names are names of famous leap year babies.
  1. Simon- Simon Gagne, Canadian Hockey player, NHL player (Philly Flyers) who has been an all-star. Simon means to be heard in Hebrew.
  2. Antonio- Antonio Sabato, Jr. - Italian-born actor. Antonio means of unknown meaning in Spanish.
  3. Henrik- Henrik Sundstrom, Sweden, tennis star. Henrik means ruler of the home in Scandinavian.
  4. Nikolai- Nikolai Pimenov, USSR, coxless pair rowers (Olympic-silver-1976). Nikolai means victory of the people in Russian.
  5. Masten- Masten Gregory, American F1 Driver. The meaning of Masten is unknown to me.  
  6. Cam- Cam Ward, Canadian hockey player. Cam means short form of names in Cam- in Scottish.
  7. Saul- Saul Williams -  Rap Poet, Actor, USA - Member, Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies. Saul means borrowed in Hebrew.
  8. Cyrus- Cyrus Beasley, Rowe NY, rower (Olympics-1996). Cyrus means of the sun in Persian.
  9. Fabien- Fabien Bownes, NFL wide receiver (Chic Bears). Fabien means one who grows beans in Latin.
  10. Gareth- Gareth Farr - Composer and Percussionist, born in Wellington, New Zealand. Gareth means spear rule in Welsh.

  1. Suanne- Suanne Braun, South African-born actress. Suanne means lily in Hebrew.
  2. Caitlin- Caitlin E.J. Meyer – Actress. Caitlin means pure in Irish.
  3. Antonella- Antonella Ponziani - Actress, Director, Italy. Antonella means daughter of Anthony in Italian.
  4. Heidi- Heidi Henriksen - The 1st of 3 siblings born on consecutive Leap Days. Heidi means of noble kin in German.
  5. Sharon- Sharon Dahlonega Raiford Bush - Born in Greensboro, North Carolina. She became America's first
    African-American weather anchor when Detroit, Michigan's WGPR-TV hit the airwaves in 1975;
    WGPR-TV was the nation's first black-owned and operated television station. Sharon means flat clearing in Hebrew.
  6. Patricia- Patricia [Anne] McKillip, US, sci-fi author (Fool's Run). Patricia means noble in English.
  7. Sanda- Sanda Aronson - New York, USA - started the Disabled Artists' Network in April, 1985 - Sanda Aronson is sui generis as an artist in that she is both a romantic (she generates the astonishment evoked by the great collagists who marry the disparate to create a new language) and a fiercely political artist/activist.  She is fluent in many mediums but her underlying message is love of beauty and love of humanity. Sanda means man’s defender.
  8. Gretchen- Gretchen Christopher - Multi-Million-Seller Gold Record Artist, BMI "Million Airs" Songwriter (nearly 3 million US Radio broadcasts of "Come Softly To Me"), Female Lead Vocalist/Arranger, Dancer/Choreographer and Founder of "The Fleetwoods", first group in the history of Rock & Roll to have multiple #1 Records top Billboard's Hot 100 in a single year (1959). Inducted into (4) Halls of Fame (1988-2008).  Leap Year Autobiographical Solo CD, Gretchen's SWEET SIXTEEN (Suite 16) among Billboard Critics' Picks for 10 Best Albums of 2007, including "Sweet Sixteen" (Leap Year Love Song) at Gretchen Christopher is Member #1004 in the Honor Society of Leap Day Babies. Gretchen means a pearl in German.
  9. Taylor- Taylor Twellman, American soccer player. Taylor means Tailor in English.
  10. Sinclair- Adam Sinclair, Indian Hockey player. Sinclair- means form From St. Clair, France in English.

So that is my list. I hope you like it. I got all of the names from

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  1. I kind of like Simon - he has a old-school charm to him in my eyes.

    1. He does. I have recently started to like this name again and can see it on a little boy.



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