Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Name of the Week: Mary

Mary By the Numbers 
Mary is a classical name that has graced the top 1000 charts since the charts were started in 1880. From 1880 to 1946 she was ranked #1 before she fell down to #2 for 6 years. In 1953 she was back up to #1 for another 9 years. Mary stayed in the top 10 until 1971. Today (2015) she is ranked at #124 and has been slowly moving down the charts. Just by looking at the numbers I know that you guys know at least one if not two Mary's.

Mary in the Biblical 
The most well known Mary from he bible is Jesus' mother, the Virgin Mary. She wasn't the only Mary in the bible. There are 5 other Mary's.

Mary Magdalene is another popular Mary from the bible. She is mentioned nearly a dozen times in the bible. When Jesus resurrected, Mary Magdalene was the one to tell the apostles about it.

There were two Mary's who were mothers. One was mother to James and John and she witnessed the crucifixion and empty tomb of Jesus. The other was mother to Martha and Lazarus and she would sit at Jesus feet and listen to him teach.

Mary The Queen
Its no surprise that Mary is worn by many Queens throughout history. Mary I was Queen of English and also known as the Bloody Mary. Queens by the name of Mary also ruled in France, Denmark, and Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth of England is named Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. I am guessing carrying on the name some. Two of the queens granddaughters have the name Mary in their names, Beatrice Elizabeth Mary and Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary

Mary in Pop Culture 
Many women in pop culture have the name Mary. Did you know that Meryl Streep's birth name is Mary Louise? I bet you also didn't know that she named her daughter Mary Willa and she goes by Mamie. A singer you may know with he name Mary is Mary J Blige or Mary Chapin Carpenter. There are also authors baring the name, such as Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Westmacott, the alias of Agatha Christie. I could go on and on about all of the famous Mary's in the world.

Mary and Her Friend 

The whole inspiration behind this post is because I was looking into what Mary names were used in 2015. I'm talking about names like Mary Kate and Mary Frances. Below I have a list of names that start with Mary. The social security doesn't use spaces so on the charts it is all one name. I added the spaces after looking at the list.

Mary Jane (195 babies)
Mary Ann (115 babies)
Mary Anne (42 babies)
Mary Anna (31 babies)
Mary Grace (29 babies)
Mary Lin (26 babies)
Mary Lou (25 babies)
Mary Ana (24 babies)
Mary Ella (24 babies)
Mary Alice (23 babies)
Mary Ellen (23 babies)
Mary Elizabeth (21 babies)
Mary Margaret (20 babies)
Mary Kate (19 babies)
Mary Claire (17 babies)
Mary Beth (15 babies)
Mary Lee (13 babies)
Mary Jo (11 babies)
Mary Rose (11 babies)
Mary Catherine (10 babies)
Mary Katherine (10 babies)
Mary Kathryn (10 babies)
Mary Belle (8 babies)
Mary Carmen (8 babies)
Mary Helen (8 babies)
Mary Lyn (8 babies)
Mary Lynn (8 babies)
Mary Bella (7 babies)
Mary Jayne (7 babies)
Mary Clare (6 babies)
Mary Luz (6 babies)
Mary Frances (5 babies)
Mary Jean (5 babies)
Mary Jose (5 babies)
Mary Louise (5 babies)


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