Friday, May 6, 2016

New Names to the 2015 Top 100 List!

Today, May 6, 2016, the new top baby name list came out! Who else feels like a kid on Christmas morning?! Just me, ok. I have been combing through the top 1000 all morning long and will have some post out soon. Until than I wanted to talk about the names that are new to the top 100 names.


Elias, Theodore, Sawyer, Ezra, and Mateo

I'm not really surprised to see Theodore and Ezra in the top 100. There are so many little baby boys being born with these names it was almost a given for those two to jump. For some reason I always thought Sawyer was in the top 100 before 2015 but I guess I was wrong. 


Reagan, Clara, Quinn, Cora, Aurora, and Hazel 

I do have to say that if I hadn't looked at the top 100 list I would have just assumed that Clara, Cora, and Hazel were all in the top 100. Reagan was a surprise to me and I would have never predicated that one moving up. I am happy to see all of these names moving up in popularity. 

I'll be spending the next few days looking over the list and hopefully coming to you with new post about it. Until then be sure to check out the list for yourself here


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