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I had a namer moment out in public last weekend, a little freak out of excitement over a name. While visiting my friend for her birthday I ran into another acquaintance who I hadn't seen in a year and we were catching up. One thing lead to another and we got to talking about his new nephew. And his name? Arlo! I could not believe my ears so I made him not only repeat it but spell it as well. Since then I have not been able to get the name off my mind so I took to doing the only thing I know: researching and researching the name turning it into a name post.

There are many debuts over the meaning and origin of the name. Some believe it is a derivation of Carlo, an Italian name meaning man. Others say it means barberry tree in Spanish. 

Some believe it comes from the fictional place, Arlo Hill, from the 1950 poem The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spencer. That leads to the belief the author got Arlo from the real Irish place, Aherlow, meaning between two highlands. 

It would even be safe to say that Arlo could have come from Harlow or Harley possibly even Arlene. 

The first time Arlo appeared on the SSA list was in 1900 at #906 and was given to 8 baby boys. It didn't gain much popularity until 1915 when it went up to #667. Up until this year 1915 was the year it was the most popular. As of 2016, Arlo ranked at #349 and has been climbing the charts since it entered in 2011. 

New Zealand (#57), Australia (#95), and Scotland (#91) all have Arlo in their top 100. England has Arlo ranked just outside of the top 100 at #102. All that being said Arlo travels well and can be understood by many countries. 


Famous Arlo's 
Arlo Guthrie is an American folk singer and songwriter most popular for his song "Alice's Restaurant." Born in 1947 right after the name dropped off the charts in 1944 I would say he didn't have much influence on the name. 

There were a few Arlo's born long before Arlo Guthrie. The American novelist, journalist, and poet Arlo Bates was born in 1850 but it wasn't until the late 1880s when his work became known. He was an editor for the Boston Sunday Courier. Military connections can be found tot he name Arlo for World War II's Arlo Olson. He was award the United States's highest declaration, the Medal of Honor. 

In recent years England born Arlo White has been gracing the tv screens as a sports presenter and commentator. Primer League is his main focus in the United States. Could soccer fan parents be using his name after hearing it while watching he games? 


Pop Culture 
The Good Dinosaur is a Disney Pixar movie featuring a dinosaur named Arlo. I have to admit that I was not able to watch the whole movie because of some sad scenes. 

Justified's Arlo Given and 24's Arlo Glass may be just some of the reasons the name has gained so much popularity in recent years. Tv shows and films making the name more familiar to parents across the country. 

O ending boy names seem to be a growing trend making Arlo a perfect choice for a baby boy in 2017. It feels cool and fresh yet still masculine. After all this research I am wondering more and more what the little Arlo that inspired this post. What is his middle name? Why did his parents choice the name? 

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