Friday, July 13, 2012

MLB Series: Oakland A's

Hey Guys. I’m back! I have finished all of the tabs so they are now up to date. So I have the next team in the MLB Series. This time it is the Oakland A’s.  Let’s get started.

  1. Bartolo- This name is for Bartolo Colon. He is number 21, a pitcher, and 39 years old. Bartolo means son of Talmai in Greek. I thought this name was so cute! I really don’t like the nickname Bart though.
  2. Jemile- This name is for Jemile Weeks. He is number 19, and infielder, and 25 years old. Jemile means handsome in Arabic. This is a cool name. You could call him Miles for short.
  3. Pedro- This name is for Pedro Figueroa. He is number 65, a pitcher, and 27 years old. Pedro means rock in Spanish. I like Pedro. It is such a cute name.
  4. Cliff- This name is for Cliff Pennington. He is number 2, an infielder, and 28 years old. Cliff means from the cliff ford in English. I have really been liking Cliff lately.
  5. Seth- This name is for Seth Smith. He is number 5, an outfielder, and 30 years old. Seth means appointed in Hebrew. I like Seth but as a middle name.
  6. Norris- This name is for Derek Norris. He is number 36, a catcher, and 23 years old. Norris means from the north in English. Norris is such a cool name but I don’t think it would be good on a little boy.

  1. Coco- This name is for Coco Crisp. He is number 4, an outfielder, and 36 years old. Coco means chocolate bean in American. I think Coco is such a cute nickname for a little girl.

So that is my list. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. Also I will be putting up another blog post either today or tomorrow.  Bye for now :).

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  1. I was watching one of those Pregnant and Heels episodes, and one of families was expecting a sister for Coco - whom they named Kiki. A little OTT for me, but cute in theory.

    1. I agree. Coco and Kiki just shouldn't be a sibset.



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