Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MLB Series: Philadelphia Phillies

So I know I promised you a blog post a couple of days ago but I was really busy. On Saturday it was my cousin Ella’s 4th birthday party so I was there all day. Anyway I have the next installment in the MLB series. This time it is the Phillies!!!!! The Phillies are my favorite team. I have been waiting since I started this series to do the Phillies. Picking name for this one was hard because I wanted to use every name. I did pick some great names though so let’s get started.

  1. Hunter- This name is for Hunter Pence. He is number 3, an outfielder and 29 years old. Hunter means one who hunts in English. Hunter is my all-time favorite player on the Phillies. I know I was going to use this name. I have really been liking Hunter lately. I think of a little blonde haired boy named Hunter.
  2. Placido- This name is for Placido Polanco. He is number 27, an infielder, and 37 years old. Placido means calm, quiet in Spanish. I think Placido is such a cool name. The only problem I hate with this name is I automatically think of Polanco.
  3. Roy- This name is for Roy Halladay. He is number 34, a pitcher, and 35 years old. Roy means red in Scottish. I love, love, love this name! I prefer it as a nickname for Royce, which I love, or another name. Roy Halladay is my second favorite Phillies Player. He was my first but on Hunter is. Actually Roy Halladay’s full name is Harry Leroy "Roy" Halladay III.
  4. Laynce- This name is for Laynce Nix. He is number 19, an outfielder, and 32 years old. Laynce means land in English. I prefer the spelling Lance but Laynce is also nice. I also love Nix but on a girl and it would make a great nickname for Nixon.
  5. Domonic- This name is for Donomic Brown. He is number 9, an outfielder, and 25 years old. Donomic means Belonging to God in Latin. I am almost positive that Domonic is an alternate spelling of Dominic. I do like both names and live the nicknames Dom or Nick for them.
  6. Raul- This name is for Raul Valdes. He is number 46, a pitcher, and 35 years old. Raul means wolf counsel in Spanish. I am really liking Raul. I think it is such a strong name. You could use this name as maybe a middle name to honor a Paul even though they don’t sound the same.

  1. Mayberry- This name is for John Mayberry, Jr. He is number 15, an outfielder, and 29 years old. Mayberry means month of May in English. I think Mayberry could go with all of the other May names. I could never use it because I think of John Mayberry every time I heard it.
  2. Luna- This name is for Hector Luna. He is number 29, an infielder, and 32 years old. Luna means the moon in Italian. I like the name Luna. There have been some people on formspring who have been liking the name Luna lately. I think it is such a cute name. 

So that is my list of names. I know I rambled a lot, Lol :). I hope you like it and don’t forget to comment. I also have to say there are only 9 teams left to go! I think now is a good time to say that as soon as this series is over I have another series to start. I’m not going to tell you what the series is about but I have been waiting to start this series for almost 2 months. So that is all for now and I will be updating you guys soon. Bye :). 

P.S. I had trouble picking just one picture.

Photo Credit: http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/photo-galleries/2010/10/22/playoff-phever-photos/#photo-27227


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