Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Names

So I got the idea for this blog post from Stephanie over at anastasiaruby. Go Check out her video here. First I will tell you the names from her video I liked. For girls I liked Sultana, Delphine, Sonata, Eilidh, Elodie, Coralie, and Rushlee. For the boys I liked Keston, Storm, Kaio with the nickname Kai, Collis, Soren, Tarlan, and Lincoln. So now let’s go onto my names.

  1. Holder- This name is for Holder da Silva. He is playing for Guinea Bissau, and is doing the Men’s 100m. Holder means one who has a beautiful voice in English. I like Holder because it ends in –er and is  a great alternative to Holden.
  2. Kerson- This name is for Kerson Hadley. He is playing for the Federated states of Micronesia and doing the 50m freestyle. Kerson is a variant of Kerson in Indonesian. I love K names and this one is so cool. I can it going with the other son names like Carson, and Mason.
  3. Tanel- This name is for Tanel Laanmae. He is playing for Estonia and doing the javelin Throw. Tanel means God is my judge in German. I really like Tanel. It sounds so much like Tanner to me.
  4. Andrey- This name is for Andrey Quintero. He is playing for Colombia and is sailing. Andrey means masculine, brave in Russian. I like Andrey because it is not like the popular name Andrew but still has the same feel.
  5. Artem- This name is for Artem Udachyn. He is playing for Ukraine and dog the +150kg. Artem means healthy, vigorous in Russian. I’m not really sure why but I like this name.
  6. Rustam- This name is for Rustam Ukumanov. He is playing for Kazakhstan and doing water polo. Rustam means tall; strong in Persian. I really like Rustam because you can use the nickname Rush with it.
  7. Aleksey- This anme is for Aleksey Zagorny, he is playing for Russian Fedeation and doing the hammer throw. Aleksey means protector of men in Greek. I think this is a cool masculine name.
  8. Ludwig- This name is for Ludwig Paischer. He is playing for Austria and doing the Judo. Ludwig means famous warrior in German. I really like this name. I am not sure why though.
  9. Darvin- This name is for Darvin Edwards. He is playing for Saint Lucia and doing the high jump. Darvin is an English name that is either a blend of Daryl and Marvin or a variant of Darwin. I like the sound of this name.
  10. Abdihakem- This name is for Abdirahman Abdirahman. He is playing for the USA and doing marathon. Abdirahman means servant of the merciful in Arabic. I put this name on the list because I though it was a very unusual name.

  1. Jolien- This name is for Jolien D’hoore. She is playing for Belgium and doing the cycling-track. Joilen is Hebrew meaning God is Gracious. I love this name. it sounds so pretty.
  2. Silvina- This name is for Silvina D’Elia. She is playing for Argentina and doing hockey. Silvina means woodland, forest in Italian. I love this name. one of my guilty pleasure names for girls is Silver and this would be a great name to use it as a nickname.
  3. Rubie Joy- This name is for Rubie Joy Gabriel. She is playing for Palau and doing women’s 100. Rubie means red gemstone in English and Jpy means happiness in Latin. I love the combo together. It sounds so cute and girly.
  4. Florencia- This name is for Florencia Habif. She is playing for Argentina and doing hockey. Florencia means flowering, in bloom in Latin. I like this name because it sounds pretty and is similar to Florence.
  5. Moe- This name is for Moe Kaifuchi. She is playing for Japan and is doing Kayak. Moe means dark skinned in American. I love this as a nickname for a girl with or without the e.
  6. Lyndal- This name is for Lyndal Oatley. She is playing for Australia and is doing equestrian individual dressage and equestrian group dressage. Lyndal means a waterfall in American. I like Lyndal because it is a great way to honor a Lindsey but with a spunky name.
  7. Lecabela- This name is for Lecabela Quaresma. She is playing for Sao Tome and Principe and is going the 100m hurdles. I couldn’t find a meaning of Lecabela. I like Lecabela because it sounds so beautiful and the bela part is my favorite.
  8. Jovanka- This name is for Jovanka Radicevic. She is playing for Montenegro and is doing handball. Jovanka means God’s grace in Hebrew. I love the way this sounds. It has such a sharp sound to it.
  9. Kissya- This anme is for Kissya da Costa. She is playing for Brazil and is doing single sculla. I couldn’t find the meaning of Kissya. I like this name because it sounds so lovely and cute.
  10. Vasileia- This name is for Vasileia Zachou. She is playing for Greece and doing gymnastics group all-around. Vasileia is an Australian name.  I like this name because of the Leia part. It is so pretty.

So that is my list. Have you heard any cool names in the Olympics lately? Let me know in the comments. I hope you liked it and don’t forget about feature Friday. I would love if everyone joined. Bye for now :).

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