Monday, July 6, 2015

Family Tree Names

About 6 months ago I went onto and started to research my family tree. In my research I came across some names that I didn't know were in my family. Most of these people I never met or knew about. I was only able to find information for my mom's family so that is what all the name are from. Let's see what cool names I have in my tree!


  • Great Grandfather
  • Meaning: Derived from Horatius; Hour, Time, Period 
  • Origin: English and French 

I'm going to be honest here and say that I did know about this name but I never met him. My uncle wanted to name my cousin this but my aunt said no. I think it's cool and old fashioned. Its unique and I will always think of my great grandfather.


  • Great Grand Uncle
  • Meaning: King
  • Origin: French  

I adore the name Roy and think Leroy is even cooler. Its very much a throwback but I think could work nicely in today's time. It means king and my brother's name also means king. I could use this as a way to honor him.


  • 4th Great Grandfather 
  • Meaning: Unknown 
  • Origin: Unknown 

This is probably the coolest name on my list. I was really surprised to see this name because most of the names in my family are boring and plain. I didn't have many unique names. When I was doing my research I couldn't find much information on him except that he was from Ireland.


  • Great Grand Aunt 
  • Meaning: Prosperous, Flourishing 
  • Origin: Latin

I was happy to find this name in my family tree because I already loved the name. Part of the reason why I love the name is because it is the name of the first nurse, Florence Nightingale. My dream is to become a nurse and I would love to name one of my daughters after Florence.


  • Wide of my Great Grand Uncle 
  • Meaning: Clear, Bright, Famous 
  • Origin: Latin

Clara is such a sweet old lady chic name. This may be kind of weird but I'm proud to see this name on my family tree. I would use this name in a heartbeat if I didn't hear it a lot.


  • 5th Great Grand Aunt 
  • Meaning: Feminine Form of Christian 
  • Origin: Latin

This is such a pretty name. At first glance it looks like Christina and I can see that being a problem. I'm a fan of longer names and of names that end in -ana. Christie would be a cute nickname.


  • Wife of 6th Great Grandfather
  • Meaning: Form of Elizabeth; My God is an Oath
  • Origin: Scottish 

I was so, so happy to find this name in my family tree! It was the name of a few women in my family but I choose the one closest to me. I did have an Elspeth Eliza in my family. Its a nice alternative to Elizabeth.



  1. Hi Lauren, I came across your blog when looking for information on baby names. How did you go about find the meaning of these names? Some of them are pretty uncommon and finding their meanings would have been quite difficult.

    1. I start out on and see if the name comes up there. If it doesn't I go about googling the name. Some times the name is so unique that it takes a lot of research. I will often times look at names as surnames because they are unique.

    2. If you ever need help finding information on a name you can always ask me and I can help you.



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