Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Unique 4 Letter Girl Names

About a year ago I wrote a blog post on 4 letter names. I went and did another search of some unique 4 letter names. Most of the names on this list I haven't heard of and the ones I have aren't one the top 1000 SSA list.


  1. Coya: Unknown Meaning and Origin 
  2. Avra: Form of Aura (Breeze); Greek 
  3. Dree: Diminutive of Andrea (Strong and Manly); Greek
  4. Sola: She Who is Alone; Spanish 
  5. Gala: Short form of Galina (Calm); Russian
  6. Haia: Nimble, Quick; Japanese 
  7. Joah: Brother of God; Hebrew 
  8. Ziva: Feminine form of Ziv (Bright, Radiant); Hebrew 
  9. Navy: Word Name
  10. Ezri: Helper; Hebrew 
  11. Esha: Desire, Wish; Sanskrit 
  12. Reed: Red, Clearing; English 
  13. Isra: Nocturnal Journey; Arabic 
  14. Onyx: Gemstone Name
  15. Posy: A Bunch of Flowers; English 

Let me know what your favorite names are from this list! Is there any other 4 letter girl names that you love that aren't on this list?


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  1. I looked some cool baby name on your blog. I liked some baby names for our child. Esha is my favourite name for a girl. It is short and very much sounding.



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