Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Names

There are people out there who focus on the meaning of names and prefer names that have good meanings. I personally don't put much thought into the actual meaning. For me, it is more important to have a personal meaning to a name, such as my grandmother's name, than something that means beautiful or noble. With that being said, I still enjoy finding names with good meanings. One of the wonderful meanings a name can have is happy. 

Alaia (Joyful, Happy) 
Alaia is such a beautiful name that is on the rise in the United States. In 2015 is was ranked at #664 and I wouldn't be surprised if in 2016 it was int he top 500. 

Blythe (Cheerful) 
Blythe is a surname turned first name. Drew Barrymore has this as a middle name. I know there a few namers out there that like the Anne of Green Gables series so they will know right away that Blythe is a surname in the series. 

Chara (Happiness, Joy) 
Chara is a Greek name and is a star in a constellation that represents hunting dogs. It is a variant of Sarah and Charlotte. My grandmother's name was Sarah so I think Chara would make a nice way to honor her. 

Felicity (Happiness, Good Luck)
This is a virtue name that was used during the Puritan times. I am in love with he nickname Flick for Felicity. 

Gioconda (Pleasant, Joyful, Happy)
Pronounced Jo-KON-dah. Leonardo da Vinci's painting "Mona Lisa" is often referred to as La Gioconda because its subject was Lisa del Gioconda.

Joy (Joy)
I had to but joy on the list because even though it doesn't mean happy joy and happiness go hand in hand. Because the name is so short it makes a great middle name for just about any name. 

Kalea (Joy, Happiness)
Kalea is a beautiful Hawaiian name and I read that is is a variant of Claire. It sounds a lot like more popular names like Aaliyah and Callie. 

Letitia (Joy, Happiness)
I have noticed that I am always drawn to nicknames and go looking for full names for them. One of the nicknames I really love is Letty because of her vintage, frilly feel. I think Letitia os a nice full name for it. 

Makena (Happy One)
In Kikuyu Makena is an unisex name with the meaning happy one. I placed it on the girls list because the more common spelling Makenna is a used mostly on girls. 

Mehetabel (God Makes Happy)
I have to say this is probably my favorite girl name on the list. I adore this name greatly for her sound and uniqueness. You can find the name briefly in the Old Testament. 

Radana (Happy, Willing) 
Radana is a Slavic name. Although the name is very unique I think it fits with other girl names that end in ana/anna. The nickname Rade would be so cool. 

Asher (Happy, Blessed) 
In the bible, Asher was the son of Jacob and one of the ancestors of the 12 tribes of Israel. There is a great explanation in the bible about his name. Genesis 30:13 says "And Leah said, Happy am I, for the daughters will call me blessed: and she called his name Asher."

Gil (Joy, Happiness) 
Gil is a Hebrew name and is pronounced zheel. People will often mistake it for Gil, such as a nickname for Gilbert or Gilmore. I think you can still use the more English pronunciation for the name as well as a nickname. 

Hani (Happy)
Although this is an Arabic name I think it works nicely in the English language. I would use caution because it may be mistaken for a girls name. 

Macario (Blessed, Happy) 
Pronounced mah-KAH-ryo. A spanish name that is the name of several early saints and I think would work nicely with the nickname Mac. 

Obrad (To Make Happy) 
Obrad is a Serbian name and I hardly ever see Serbian names. I like the sound of it and when I first saw the name it made me think of Conrad. 

Radovan (Happy, Willing) 
You'll see I she the girls ahem Radana on this list so its only fitting if I put Radovan on the list for boys. I think to me it sounds so cool. The nickname Rade is great for a boy and you could even use Donny or Dovan. 

Seeley (Blessed, Happy) 
I think Seeley is so cool on a boy. It is an unisex name that I see working for girls but for me Its a boy name. The only down fall to it is the mattress brand, which isn't that big of a down fall at all. 

Wynnstan (Joy Stone) 
I am all about the W names for boys lately. I just adore them and their uniqueness. I just found this name while looking up names that mean Happy and I am going to add it to my list of favorites. It's an Anglo-Saxon name. 

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