Thursday, March 9, 2017

Unique One Syllable Middle Names {Girls}

The middle name is the place to put your unique names that you aren't brave enough to use as a first name. I think having a cool middle name is the best and its always nice to stand out int he crowd a little. My middle name is Ashley, not unique but when I tell people they are always surprised and are expecting it to be Anne or Marie. A lot of middle names are one syllable and the one syllable names are the names that go with just about any first name. I have 10 unique one syllable names for you for girls.

Rue- Rue has many forms to her: Golden Girls Actress, Hunger Games character, surname, and herbal plant

Air- Dare I saw a nature name? Air is natural so I'd say it works.

Snow- I have raved about his name in the past few months. It's short, sweet and a nature name.

Teal- Color names make great middle names. It's also a bird name believe it or not.

Maeve- Maeve makes a great May or Marie alternative, both of which are common middle names for girls.

Dove- This is the second bird name on the list but its a little more noticeable as a bird name than Teal. I love the romantic, peaceful feeling of the name.

Sloane- Sloane is an 80s move name from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. In 2015 she ranked at #327

Blair- I am a huge Gossip Girls fan and Blair was one of my favorite characters. I like how the name just flows off the tongue.

Noor- Noor is so much like Nora. Since Nora is two syllables and ends with an A it might not go well with a lot of first names. Noor is the perfect fix.

Maude- Maude is a vintage name that can remind people of Queens and the British.

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