Friday, May 29, 2015

Q&A #1

I asked for questions on Instagram because I want to start doing a question and answer every once in a while, maybe once a month. I got some really fun questions so let's just get started!

1. What are your top 5 favorite names (both genders) right now? asked by erinlovesnkotbsb
Well, I'm currently working on updating my top 20 names right so these are subject to change. I'll include middle names too. As for my list, the boys list is more set in stone where as the girls list will mostly likely change soon.
1. Atlas Conrad 
2. Shepherd Jameson 
3. Bishop Montgomery
4. Theodore Landon 
5. Arrow Dean 

1. Juliette Rosalie 
2. Magnolia Beatrice 
3. Parker Adalee/Adelaide  (I can't decide on which middle name I like)
4. Maven Seraphina 
5. Esme Matilda 

2. Do you like the name Winona? by actualdragontears
I actually really love the name Winona. It's one of my favorite W name for girls. To me Winona is a country name that's pretty timeless. 

3. What would you rename yourself using only Disney names? asked by tulipbyanyname
Ohhhhh this one is so fun! I love Disney and there are so many Disney names out there. The first name that came to mind was Alice (Alice in Wonderland). So I'd go with Alice Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) or Alice Colette (Ratatouille). 

4. What's your top 3 favorite celeb baby names of all time? asked by kaycarv
Just three?! Since I'm doing just three I'll do the first three that come to mind. I'm going to have to do a who post on my favorite celebrity baby names. 
1. Lorenzo Dominic (Snooki's son)
2. Israel David (Jill Duggar's son) 
3. Keeva Jane (Alyson Hannigan's daughter) 

5. Can you see the names Julian, Leif, Canaan, Camden, and/or Lincoln on a girl? I know ladies with the first four names listed. asked by koi_truth
This is fun especially since I am seeing boy names used on girls a lot more. I have seen the names Camden and Lincoln used on little girls before so I can definitely see that. Julian is so close to Julia that it could work on a girl. As for Leif I can't really see that on a girl. I feel like its too masculine for a girl. Canaan has me on the fence. I want to say I can see it on a girl but than I want to say only a boy. 

Thanks for the questions! I had so much fun answering them and I can't wait to do more in the future. 


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