Friday, August 7, 2015


I normally don't take the name request I get on instagram and bring them over to the blog. They are normally just pictures with the meaning and origin and the occasional fun fact. This time it is a little different. I was asked to make a name picture about the name Peirson. It was a name I had no idea about and even went to the asker to verify the spelling. After a little talk with Cassidy (the asker), I got the spelling right and was determined to find out as much information on the name.

I did some research, which was easier the second time around now that I had the correct spelling, and found more information than I could put in a instagram post. That's why I am over here now!

Peirson is most commonly heard as a surname, yet even than it isn't heard very often either. You can find it more in the New York/Pennsylvania/New Jersey area than any where else in the United States. The name dates back to medieval England.

As for where the origin, it is believed to come from either the names Piers or Pierre. With Piers as its origin, Peirson means Pier's son and Piers is a French variant of Peter. Pierre is also a French form of Peter. Peter means stone in Greek. In the end, no matter what name Peirson comes from, it means stone.

There are many variants to the spelling of Peirson. We have Pearson, Peerson, and Pierson.

Given Name
When you look up the name Peirson on baby name websites you are given 3 different origins.

  • English meaning Son of Peter
  • Greek meaning Rock, Stone
  • Form of the name Pearson
With all of those origins, the name leads to the meaning stone just like the name Peter. 

Peirson Name Bearers
I was surprised at how many people I found bearing the name Peirson as either a first name or a surname. The first thing google brings you when you google the name Peirson is Peirson Meyer Wines. The company was named after the 2 founding families. 

Francis Peirson is the second name bearer to pop up on google. He was a British army officer who served during the American War of Independence. He was killed in the Battle of Jersey. Maybe there's a coincidence of his death and the surname Peirson being most popular in New Jersey. 

Peirson Ross is a Canadian alternative folk artist. This is the first and only person I was able to find with the first name Peirson. 

Jimmy Peirson is an Australian cricket player. He is in his early 20's. I wonder if the surname is more popular in other countries besides the United States. 

Pierson Center is a biomedical treatment place for children with down syndrome. I find them at the bottom of the google page. 

I think this is a great name. I really enjoyed doing all the research for the name and am thinking of doing it more often. 



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