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"Rare" Names: J Boy Names

I have some "rare" names for you today. It's the J names for boys. I'm beginning to wonder how "rare" these names are. After the last post a lot of them aren't "rare" but instead aren't in the the top 1000 any more.
Handsome Judd

Jabez (JAY-behz, JAH-behz)
  • Meaning- borne in pain
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Keziah and Azriel
At first I didn't like this name but after seeing it I think I kind of like it. I don't like it enough to put it on my long list but I like it enough that I don't hate it. It's cute but also uncommon so I can see it being mispronounced and maybe misspelled all the time. You could use it as a middle name though. 

Japheth (JAY-feth, JA- feth)
  • Meaning- May he expand
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Dinah and Boaz
I don't like this name. It is hard to pronounce and too out there for me. I know you are probably surprised :).  I think it's because it is a Hebrew name and I usually don't like Hebrew names.

  • Meaning- Friend of God
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Nell and Kip
I love this as a nickname for Jedidiah. It also reminds me of Star Wars. I think this is a really cute name for is very edgy, if that makes any sense. As for the name as a full name, I don't like it. It's too short for me to see it as a good first name. 

  • Meaning- beloved by the lord
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Susannah and Zachariah
This is probably my favorite J boy name. I first heard it on 19 Kids and Counting and was like "That's a really cool name!" Since them It has always been on my long list. Jed is a cute nickname name. Although I am usually not a huge fan of both Hebrew names and names that end in the a sound for boys, Jedidiah Is an exception.

  • Meaning- city of the moon
  • Origin- Arabic
  • Siblings- Acadia and Samson
I love the name Jericho! I do know it's a city in the bible. I have seen the name Jericho used once on a little boy. Rico is so cute as nickname too.

  • Meaning-eminent
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Zilla and Amos 
I'm surprised but I really like this name. I found have to put it on my guilty pleasure list though. It's said exactly how its spelled so I don't see problems with the pronunciation. 

Joss (JAHS)
  • Meaning- a member of the Germanic tribe
  • Origin- German
  • Siblings- Britt and Rafe
I don't like the name Joss. It looks strange to me and I just can't get the pronunciation down right.It still makes a great name if you can pronounce it right.

  • Meaning- down-flowing
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Reba and Gabe
I love the name Judd! It sounds so country and cute. The Bates family from United Bates of America have a son named Judd and that was the first time I heard it. They are very country and I think that's why I picture Judd on a country boy.He was also a cute baby.

  • Meaning- variant of Julius
  • Origin. French
  • Siblings- Alma and Giles
I'm not a fan of Jules at all. It sounds too girly and incomplete to me. I think I may like it if it was a nickname that was used only sometimes. 

  • Meaning- the supreme god
  • Origin- Latin
  • Siblings- Tempest and Orion
I really can't see this name as a real name. All I can think about is the planet and space. It would make a nice middle name if you loved space.

These J names are really all over the place in popularity. So I haven't heard of but others I have. You may know more or less than me; it really all depends on how many names you hear and things like that. I hope you liked that and I am going to leave you with some questions. Just Answer them i

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Mom Interview: Stephanie and Juliette

Hey all! I didn’t have a Mom Interview last week because time got the best of me but I do have one this week! This week is a fellow baby namer, Stephanie! Her youtube is AnastasiaRuby. She was the very first baby namer I watched on youtube and she showed me that there were other namers out there. Now she has a beautiful daughter named Juliette. To see how she chose Juliette’s name keep reading!
Sweet Little Juliette
What is your baby's name (Include middle if you like)?
Juliette Elena

 Do you have any nicknames you use?

What names did you have picked out for the other gender?
We were deciding between Holden and Lucian.

Was the baby named after anyone? If so, who?
Elena is a combination of the sounds in Elizabeth (my mother-in-law's middle name) and Dana (my mom's first name).

Did you know the meaning before you choose the name?
Yes, but it wasn't important to me.

Who helped in picking the name?
Just my husband and I.

Did you use a book or website to help pick the names?

Is there anything you would like to add about how you named your baby?
We wanted a name that was recognizable but not popular. We chose the French spelling because of my French-Canadian background. 

How did you loving baby names affect the way you choose Juliette's name and were you ever afraid you wouldn't love her name anymore? 
It was difficult to put all the other names I love aside and just choose one! Once in a while, I imagine what it would be like if we had given her one of my other favourite names, but I've never worried that I picked the wrong one, or that I'd stop liking the name Juliette. I like it so much more now that I associate it with my beautiful baby girl :)

I added in the last question because I felt like it fit and was a great question to ask. I really enjoyed getting to interview someone I look up to. I hope you all enjoyed this interview and be sure to check out her channels. Bye for now :)

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Rare" Names: J Girl Names

Hey all! We are back with the J girl names. I am just a posting machine lately! I found out how easy it is to post via the app. I have had the app but never know how to use it. Now I use it and get more post out! I'm loving it and I hope you are too. Anyway back to the post. I have a love hate relationship with J names. So names I love and others I can't stand. Their are times when don't like any J names. So let's get started.

Sweet pea Juniper Arwen

Jamila (jah-MIL-uh, jah-MEE-luh)
  • Meaning- lovely
  • Origin- Arabic
  • Siblings- Ayanna and Stefan
I had never heard of Jamila better doing this post. It's really sweet and exotic. I have heard of and like the name Mila. Mila would make a perfect nickname for Jamila. Out of the 2 pronunciations I like jah-MEE-uh. It makes more sense to me because of the Mila part.

  • Meaning. Simplified form of Jeannine
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Rhonda and Darren
Janine sounds very grandma to me. I can't image it on a little baby or little girl but it would make a great middle name. I'm not really liking the spelling either. 

  • Meaning- diminutive of Jean
  • Origin- French
  • Siblings- Marianne and Lawrence 
Jeanette is very dated to me. If I meet a baby named Jeanette today I would be pleasantly surprised. This would make a really good middle name and seems to go with most names. 

  • Meaning- dove
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Philippa and Homer
The first thing I think of when I hear Jemima is the syrup. Growing up I loved the name Jemima. I always thought it was so cool. Now I would consider it a guilty pleasure name for me. 

  • Meaning- Son of Johannes
  • Origin- Finnish, Danish, and Norwegian
  • Siblings- Arden and Paxton 
At first I didn't like the name Jensen on a girl but since doing this post it has really grown on me. You can use the nicknames Jen and Jenny, whereas for a boy they wouldn't be possible. This is another name I would consider adding to my guilty pleasure list. It's just very spunky and upbeat to me.

  • Meaning- feminine form of Jerry
  • Origin- American
  • Siblings- Vicki and Curt
I don't like Jeri at all! It's too nickname for me and it sounds like it should be on a old man. I would be able to tolerate it as a nickname but it would still bother me. 

  • Meaning- jasmine
  • Origin- French and Persian
  • Siblings- Felicity and Prescott 
This is such a pretty name. It's so refreshing to hear Jessamine instead of Jessica. It's nice and long and the nickname Jessi is really cute. 

  • Meaning- not exalted
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Salome and Jericho
I have heard some bad things about this name. I do know some people on formspring like this name and I personally don't think it is a bad name. It's cute and it also looks cool. 

  • Meaning- youthful
  • Origin- Latin
  • Siblings- Tina and Scott
I don't like the name Jill but that is really only because I have had a bad association with a Jill. It's cute as a nickname for Jillian and Jillian as a whole is a nice name. 

  • Meaning- Short form of Jo- names
  • Origin- English, German, and Dutch
  • Siblings- Gail and Ted
Jo is such a cute nickname but I don't like it as a full name. It looks incomplete on its own. If it was spelled Joe I would think it was a boy so the spelling Jo, although it looks incomplete, is what I would use for a girl. 

  • Meaning- God is gracious
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Carol and Gene 
Joan is a name I have heard only on people in their 30's or older. It's a great middle name but I don't like it on a baby. 

  • Meaning- Variant of Joan
  • Origin-English
  • Siblings- Peggy and Dale
I have a really good family friend named Joanne. I think her name is really sweet and personally Joanne would make a great middle name. If I was going to use a Jo- name it would be either Johannah or Joanna. They both look more girl in comparison to Joanne. 

  • Meaning- Variant of Jody
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Lori and Bart
I love the name Jodi! It's short and sweet. I also like the author Jodi Picoult and using Jodi as a middle name would be a nice way to honor my love for reading. 

  • Meaning- Feminine form of Joseph
  • Origin- Spanish, Portuguese, and Czech
  • Siblings- Rafaela and Bertram 
I'm not a fan of Josefa. For me to say Josefa it's awkward. It also sounds and looks very boyish.  

  • Meaning- Diminutive of Judith
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Lynda and Dennis
For some reason, unknown to me, I really love the name Judy. It's sweet. Now I don't like Judith with the nickname Judy and that happens a lot to me. I like a nickname but no full name. Some people may say Judy is dated and it is but I still think it can be usable. 

  • Meaning- From the month name
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Marjorie and Clark
June can go either way in the dated department. Some people consider it dated, while overs don't. It is making its comback and I have been hearing a lot about this name over the last few months. I personally like it as both a nickname and a middle name. This is a name I can see becoming a fuller middle name because it goes with almost every name! 

  • Meaning-Queen of heaven
  • Origin- Latin
  • Siblings- Magdalene and Matthias
I love the names Juniper, and June so I'm not surprised that I love Junia. It sounds so different and with the names June and Juniper becoming more popular its nice to hear Junia.It also looks pretty and is easy to spell. I may add this name to my long list.

  • Meaning- From the English word for the type of tree
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Clementine and Barnaby 
I love the name Juniper! Right now Juniper is in my top 10 list. I have it paired with Tess. It is also the name of a tree and a much lesser known nature name. I like the nickname Junie and it may sound familiar to you if you read the Junie B. Jones books growing up. 

  • Meaning- Queen of heaven
  • Origin- Latin
  • Siblings- Isis and Thor
The very first time I heard the name Juno was when the movie came out, making that the first thing I think of when I hear the name. The second thing I think of is the phrases "You Know". I know it doesn't make much sense but it's because of the Alaska capital joke.

So there you have it! The long list of "rare" J names for girls. I'm actually surprised that I would names that I liked and hadn't heard of before! I am thinking there won't be a post up tomorrow because I am very busy but there will hopefully be on up Friday. Be sure to check back soon.

 What is your favorite J girl name of all time?
What is one nickname you like but don't like any full names for?
What is one name people find dated but you love? 

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Rare" Names: I Boy Names

Hey all! How is everyone doing this fine day? The work week has just started but hopefully this interesting list of I names will make it better. I'm not really a fan of I names for boys so it was interesting to see which names I liked and which names I didn't.
Sweet Baby Boy Ike

  • Meaning- laughter
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Mazie and Abe
Ike is a really cute name. I much prefer it as a nickname as opposed to a full first name. The first name that comes to mind as a full name is Iskander. Its a name I heard on formspring and I really like it. I may add it to my longer list with the nickname Ike. As for Ike on its own, it's very spunky and different. It sounds like it belongs on the cool kid.

Irving (ER-ving)
  • Meaning- Green or fresh water
  • Origin- Gaelic
  • Siblings- Ethel and Harvey
I don't really like Irving all to much. It reminds me of a word to much. I do think it could grow on me but I can't see it on a baby.

Ivor (IY-vohr)
  • Meaning- yew, bow army
  • Origin- Scandinavian and Norse
  • Siblings- Sidony and Piers
Ivor sounds very Russian to me. I picture a muscular man when I hear the name Ivor. Again, as with Irving, I can't see this on a baby or child. It just sounds too strong and grown for a little boy.

So the only name I liked was Ike and I am really considering adding this to my long list with Iskander. I was actually surprised as how much I liked Ike but at the same time I wasn't surprised at how much I didn't like Irving and Ivor. I'll leave you with some questions as I did last time. Did you like them last time?

What is your favorite I boy name of all time?
Are there names that you like but don't think age well?
What is one name that you were surprised you liked? 

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Monday, April 22, 2013

"Rare" Baby Names: I Girl Names

Hello all! It’s been about 2 months since I made a post in the “Rare” baby name series. I haven’t forgotten about it! We are to letter I for those who have forgotten (I know I did!) and it’s girl name time! So let’s get started.

Little Isla
  • Meaning- hardworking
  • Origin- German and Greek
  • Siblings- Elsa and August
I love the name Ida. It can be seen as an old-fashioned name but I can see it making a comeback. It’s very similar to the name Ada and names like Adalyn, and Addison are pretty popular.  I do like Ida as a nickname for names like Idabelle, Idella, and Idelle. Although not very popular in the US, it is ranked at #2 in Denmark, #8 in Norway, and #24 in Sweden.

Ileana (i-lee-AHN-uh)
  • Meaning- God has answered; sun ray, shining light; tree; Trojan
  • Origin- Greek, Norman, and Hebrew
  • Siblings- Sabrina and Tobin
Ileana is an okay name. The thing I don’t like about this name is the spelling. It is the origin spelling and I don’t know of any other way to spell it but to me names the start with Il look funny. The sound of it is beautiful. Iley (i-lee)would make a cute nickname.

  • Meaning- English
  • Origin- maiden
  • Siblings- Eloise and Hugo
Imogen is probably one of my favorite I names for girls. It sounds so pretty and sophisticated. You can find it in the top 100 in English, Australia, and Scotland. Immy (said like Emmy but with an im sound) would make a really cute and different nickname.

Ione (iy-OH-nee)
  • Meaning- violet
  • Origin- Greek
  • Siblings- Clio and Ivor
This name is not something I am a huge fan of. It looks so much like a word and even looks like it beings in a science book. Now with that being said I still think it is a pretty name. I do think it would be mispronounced in the US.

  • Meaning- gift of Isis
  • Origin- Latin and Greek
  • Siblings- Phyllida and Horatio
I don’t like the name Isadora. I have never been a fan of Dora or any names with Dora in them. If it was Isadore I would like that so much more and would use that instead of Isabelle/Isabella.

Isannah (i-SAHN-uh)
  • Meaning- unknown
  • Origin- unkown
  • Siblings- Arabella and Josiah
When I went to look up the meaning of Isannah I couldn’t find anything. I did find out that Isannah was the name of one of Paul Revere’s daughters. He had 16 children and she was the only one with a nontraditional name. I think Isannah is very beautiful to look at and spelled. In a way it reminds me of the name Shannon and I think it would be either a great alternative or a way to honor a Shannon/Shanna.

Isla (Eye-la)
  • Meaning- variant and Islay  
  • Origin- Scottish
  • Siblings- Esme and Nico
For me, I ALWAYS pronounce this name wrong. I say ice-la and I KNOW how to pronounce it. That is the only problem I can think of with this name. With its growing popularity I think that problem is becoming less and less of a problem. I do love the look of the name and I think it is adorable on a little girl.

Those are all of the “rare” names. I did try a new way of writing up these posts. What do you think? I like them better than before because they seem easier to read. Let me know which way you like better. That’s really all for now.  I’m going to end the post with a few questions everyone can answer in the comments. 

What are your favorite names from this list? Least favorite?

What are your favorite I names of all time?

Do you prefer short names (like Ida and Isla) or long names (like Isannah and Isadora)?

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Unique Flower Names

Hey guys! I am back again! I’m going to talk all about flower names. I got this idea from reading a book. The book follows the story of a family over a few generations. Lilibeth is the oldest generation and she has a daughter, Violet. Violet had a daughter Iris. Iris broke the pattern and named her daughter Samantha.  Do you see the pattern? They are all flower names in some way. It sparked a blog idea and I am going with it! The names are all uncommon flowers. So let’s get started.

  1. Ambrosia- The flower means reciprocated love.
  2. Betony- The flower meaning is surprise.
  3. Camellia- This flower comes in different colors and each of the colors has a different meaning. The white flowers mean adorable and lovable. The pink means strong desire, and the red means excellence, perfection.
  4. Celandine- The flower meaning is forthcoming joy.
  5. Gerbera- The flower meaning is happiness and cheerful.
  6. Lobelia- The flower means malevolence, arrogance.
  7. Salvia- The flower means wisdom and I always think of you.
  8. Zinnia- This is another flower with different colors and different meanings. The magenta means long-lasting affection. The mixed means thoughts of an absent friend. The pink means lasting affection. The scarlet means constancy. The white means goodness, and the yellow means remembrance.

  1. Aster- The flower means love, contentment, and patience.
  2. Hawthorn- The flower meaning is hope.
  3. Oleander- The flower means beauty and grace.

All of the meanings are for the flowers NOT the name. I used this website to look up the flowers and it also had their meanings. I probably wouldn’t use most of these names as first names but they make great middle names. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I hope you liked this and bye for now :). 

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Link Up Number 2: Guilty Pleasure Names

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! How was everyone’s week?  I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying their day! So I’m here to do the link up with Jamie from The Baby Name Nook. I am late again but I still want to do it so I am. This was a little bit hard to come up with names then the last link up. I think it is because I am an adventurous namer as it is. The question for this week is:

What are names you love, but will never use?  Why?!

So I did come up with some names. Here they are:

  • Reece- This is my cousin’s name.  
  • Silver/Sylver- It’s too guilty pleasure for me.
  • Seal/Ceal- Again too guilty pleasure
  • Haetley- This name was an accident. I meant to spell Hartley and instead I spelled that. I say it like Hate-lee but fast. It’s just too Guilty Pleasure
  • Ryan- This is my brother’s name and also a name I know a lot of people with.
  • Sprayer- This is my biggest guilty pleasure for boys! I love it but it’s not even a name!

So as you can see most the names are out there and ones I wouldn’t use. What are your Guilty Pleasures? Let me know in the comments below. That’s all for now. Bye :)

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