Thursday, September 26, 2019

Wine Inspired Names

Do you love wine? Because I just greatly love wine. A good wine tour with your very favorite people is the way to a happy soul. This weekend my friends and I will be going to a few wineries on a little weekend getaway. I have had this blog post idea floating around in my head for some time now and what better time to write it than now! I have a much larger list than I thought I would have. You will find names meaning wine, types of wine, brands of wine, and many other things.

Winslow- Hill Belonging to Wine; English
To me Winslow is both a place name for the simple fact that my boyfriend lived next to the town of Winslow. Surprisingly it did not shy me away from the name. The word around the name community is that Winslow is gender neutral. It's a boy name for me.  The wine association is within the meaning of the name. I like the subtle meaning.

Anjou- Unknown Meaning
If you are looking for a unique wine name Anjou is the name for you. Anjou is a white wine and is the name of a wine growing providence in the Loire valley. It is also the name of a type of pears. The name sounds like a cool alternative to other Ann names and even a little French.

Arbor- Tree Name; English
Another unisex name on the list, Arbor is in honor of the wine brand Arbor Mist. It is a unique nature name specifically a tree name. The name was more popular for girls in 2018 with 26 baby girls given the name compared to the 12 baby boys with the name.

Webster- Weaver; English
Webster is 1.5L of wine. I'm sure the first thing people will think of is the dictionary so you have a very subtle wine name here. W names are fresh to me. They are not as used as other letters and look pretty to the eyes. Nothing says prestigious as a boy named Webster.

Vincent- To Conquer; Latin
St. Vincent is the patron saint of wine. I have a few Vincent's in my family so I am bias to the name. The name is ranked just outside the top 100 at #107. The name was very popular around the Middle Ages and you will find it through history books. You have artist and actors and saints with the name amount many other people.

Sonoma- Valley of the Moon; Native American
The wine growing region in California makes a great wine inspired name. People love place names so why not go for a more unique choice? Sonoma is exotic princess feeling. Her nicknames include Sonny, Noma, Noa, and Nommie.

Demi- Earth Mother; Greek
Demi Moore and Demi Lovato are two famous namesakes for the name. Both popular in the teen world. Demi-sec wine is half dry wine. The name is great on its own or as a nickname for Demetria and Dempsey.

Calix- Wine Cup; Latin
Calix is a funnel like cup. It can also be associated with the shape of a flower. The name has the "X" factor to it meaning it has the nice subtle X. I love that it fits with other Cal- names like Calvin, Callum, and Calloway.

Other Wine Names
Wine Meaning
Brandy- Burnt Wine; Dutch
Vinicio- Wine; Italian and Spanish 
Winton- Enclosure Belonging to Wine; English
Vin- Wine; Latin

Wine Types
Mead- Honey wine
Rosé- Pink Colored Wine
Blanc- White Wine 
Claret- Dry red wine 
Sherry- Descendent of a Foul; English (Fortified Wine)

Wine Brands
Sutter- To Sew; English 
Franzia- Boxed Wine Brand 

Other Wine Associations 
Dionysos- Of Zeus; Greek (Goddess of Wine)
Osiris- With Strong Eyesight; Egyptian (Goddess of Wine) 
Tannin- Ingredient in Red Wine 
Balthazar- Bel Protect the King; Hebrew (12L of Wine)
Melchoir- (18L of Wine)
Pip- Diminutive of Philip; English (Grape Seed)
Ruby- Red; Latin (Sweet Port)
Syrah- (Red Grape)

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Twin Names: Opposite Meanings

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on twin names with similar names. Today I have a list of names with opposite names. For some reason I found this list to be easier to make. I thought for sure it would be a lot harder.

Girl/Boy Twins

Winona (Firstborn Daughter) and Soner (Last Man)
Wayan (Old, Mature) and Nova (New)
Audra (Storm) and Sunny (Sunny)
Sarah (Princess) and Ryan (Little King) 
Azalea (Dry) and Leith (Wet)

Girl Twins
Soleil (Sun) and Luna (Moon)
Dagny (New Day) and Lilith (Of the Night)
Mara (Bitter) and Dulcie (Sweet) 
Oona (Lamb) and Leona (Lion)
Frida (Peace) and Hedwig (War Battle)

Boy Twins 
Blake (Black) and Finnian (White)
Mortimer (Still Water) and Brantley (Fire) 
Rueben (Son) and Abram (Father) 
Grant (Large) and Paul (Small)
Viggo (War) and Pax (Peace) 

What would you add to the list? What other twin posts would you like to see?

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sweet Spot Girl Names {2018}

A sweet spot name is a name ranking right in the middle of the top 1000 names somewhere from the mid-400s to the mid-500s. Names that are not too popular and not too unique. They re perfect for parents wanting a happy medium. I took a look at the sweet spot names for the 2018 SSA name list and picked out my favorites.

Matilda (#489)- Strength in Battle; German
A sweet and vintage name, Matilda has a ton to love about her. To start you have a nice list of nicknames; Tilly, Mattie, Tilda, and Millie. She is the name of a classic children's literary character. The name is popular over in England at #31 and if you know anything about the baby naming world you know that Americans are always "stealing" the names from the British.

Hattie (#495)- Estate Ruler; English
Many years ago, in the 1880s, Hattie was in the top 50 making this a vintage beauty. Now the name sits down low on the charts after reentering the charts in 2011. The name originated as a nickname for Harriet but is perfect on its own. Hattie McDermont is a famous Hattie for her role in Gone With the Wind. 

Maisie (#498)- Pearl; Scottish
A vintage favorite that has been around for at least a 100 years, Maisie is too sweet not to love. She started out as a nickname for Margaret and has evolved into a name on her own. In recent times the name has been greatly associated with Game of Thrones for fellow actress Maisie Williams.

Leona (#511)- Lion; English and German
Leona is like the less popular but still beautiful sister of Leah and Fiona. British singer Leona Lewis is a namesake for her beautiful music. The name is perfect if you want something with a strong meaning or if you are an animal lover.

Collins (#514)- Son of Colin; Irish
In 2009 Collins was made popular from the movie Blind Side based on a true story. It is a surname name and fits with the ongoing trends. Although it is a unisex name the name is more popular for girls than it is for boys. The name can be an alternative or honoring name to Nicolas and Nicole.

Lilith (#521)- Of the Night;  Assyrian
Lilith makes a nice alternative to Lily and Lilian while being less popular. At the same time you can still use the nickname Lily. Adam's first wife was named Lilith and sent from the Garden of Eve because she would not submit to him. Their children are the evil spirits of the world. That may be a turn off for some people but I think the name is still beautiful.

Colette (#533)- Victory of the People; French
Beautiful and French, Colette is being rediscovered by parents everywhere. She fits in with other -ette ending names such as Juliet and Margaret. Since reentering the top 1000 in 2012 the name has been on the climb up. Although I imagine it still being a while before it because super popular.

Sutton (#538)- South Town; English
Sutton is a southern belle as well as a unisex surname and a place name. You can find multiple neighborhoods called Sutton in England. Most of the time the names I associate with England are vintage nicknames but I think Sutton also screams England (whether you take in part the neighborhood names). The most recent name sake of Sutton is from the ABC family show, The Lying Game

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


While researching the names in the top 1000 I came across the girls' name Zhavia. It was entering the top 1000 for the first time but that's not what intrigued me. It was the fact that the name had not been given to more than 5 babies ever. I looked and looked and you can not find the name on any of the beyond the top 1000 lists since 1880. For a name to go from never ranking to in the top 1000 is impressive. So of course I needed to do some research on the name.

It seems the Zhavia's popularity is because of the California singer Zhavia Ward. Zhavia came to stardom from the reality show The Four: Battle for Stardom. From there she went on to sign with Columbia Records and to record a song with Zayn Malik for the new Aladdin soundtrack. Her stardom all started in early 2018. 

The name is so new and unique it's hard to find a concrete meaning or origin. One idea is the name is a variant of Xavia/Zavia, both female variants of the name Xavier meaning the new house. There are some other meanings that don't seem to have a source behind them. Some meanings include Perspective in Persian, God's gold in Hebrew, and Having life, alive in Russian. The word alive in Russian is в живых or v zhivykh. I can see resemblance.

Zhavia entered the top 1000 in 2018 at #877 and was given to 306 babies. To put that into perspective the number 1 girls name, Emma, was given to 18,688 babies in 2018. The name was never ranked even in beyond the top 1000 names. In order to be ranked beyond the top 1000 a name has to be given to 5 or more babies. That means that Zhavia was never given to 5 or more babies. 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

8 Great Women in Science

I am a lover of celebrating women and their accomplishments in fields that are "made" for males. Fields such as science, math, leadership, and more. In 2019, women empowerment is becoming more and more prevalent to everyday life. But this isn't the first year women have been fighting for their rights. Below I have a list of names of 8 women who defied odds in science making inventions and discoveries to better our lives today. 

Patricia- Noblemen; English 
Patricia Era Bath was an ophthalmologist. She was the first African American to complete a residency in ophthalmology as well as the first African American woman to receive a medical patent in 1998. Cataracts are being resolved because of her invention of the Laserphaco Probe. Eye health has vastly improved because of her and her determination to go against racism and sexism.

Edith- Wealth, Fortune, War; English 
Edith Clarke was the first female electrical engineer as well as the first female professor of electrical engineer. She helped design the hydroelectric dams. She also invented a graphical calculator to help solve equations involving hyperbolic functions. All of her accomplishments are achieved despite being denied jobs as an electrical engineer but large companies. 

Hertha- Strong, Vigorous; German 
Like Edith Clarke, Phoebe Sarah "Hertha" Ayrton had a hand in the electrical world. She created a better electric arc. It was clean and quiet compared to the lights at the time. Hertha also studied wind motions and water cortices. During World War I she invented the Ayrton fan to blow away mustard gas. With her help she paved the way for females in science. 

Nettie- Diminutive of Names Ending in Nette; English 
The discovery of sex chromosomes can be credited to Nettie Maria Stevens. She discovered that our sex is determined by X and Y chromosomes with the help of insects. All her research was published in a 2-part book that help overturn hundreds of years of misconceptions. 

Gerty- Diminutive of Gertrude (Spear of Strength); English
Without Gerty Theresa Cori people with diabetes would not have the life they have. With her help we are able to understand how diabetes works. Gerty and her husband Cori worked side by side in all of this. Together they created the first synthetic glycogen. She was the first women to win a Nobel prize. She worked in the science world until her death. 

Mamie- Diminutive of Mary (Sea of Bitterness); English 
Mamie Phipps Clark had a huge hand in understand the effects of segregation on children. Her picture test proved that race is an integral part of a child's identity. She was the second African American to receive a Ph.D from Columbia university. with her husband being the first. Her study wasted in the Brown v. Board of Education case. 

Katia- Diminutive of Caterina (Each of the Two); Italian
Catherine Josephine "Katia" Krafft fell in love with volcanos when she was little after seeing a picture of them. She went on the study them fort he rest of her life. Her love for volcanos allowed her to start a foundation for volcanology with her husband. Her study of volcanos helped governments form volcano evacuation procedures. Sadly she died doing what she loved. 

Francoise- Frenchman; French
HIV was identified thanks to the work of Francoise Barre-Sinoussi. For her work she won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. She became the head of the Retrovirus Biology Unit at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. She has since retired from research but her accomplishments are not forgotten. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Twin Names: Similar Meaning

Twins can be tricky to name. Do you name with with the same letter? Do you name them in a theme? Do you just pick two names you like? There are so many things to consider! But then again how is naming twins different from naming siblings?

I think the best route to go down if you want to pick names that have a theme is to do a subtle theme to them. One such way to to look at the meanings of names and find 2 names that have the same or similar meanings. I have helped you out and given you 15 sets of names with similar meanings below.

Girl/Boy Twins
Noor (Light) and Abner (My Father is Light)
Emlyn (Around the Valley) and Holden (Deep Valley)
Maris (Of the Sea) and Kai (Sea)
Nina and Ignatius (Fire)
Adia (Valuable Gift) and Neo (Gift)

Girl Twins 
Amalie (Work) and Millicent (Strong Work)
Luna and Selene (Moon)
Tindra and Amaryllis (To Sparkle)
Felicity and Chara (Happiness)
Lumi and Eira (Snow)

Boy Twins
Jonah and Callum (Dove)
Ari and Leon (Lion)
Beaumont (Beautiful Mountain) and Montague (Pointed Mountain)
Asher and Benedict (Blessed)
Conrad (Brave Counsel) and Basil (Brave)

I have more ideas for twin name posts in the future but if you have any ideas leave them below! I would also love to hear your favorites from this list.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

7 Modern Virtue Names

Modern names are used all the name. Faith, Grace, and Felicity all rank in the top 500 of popular names in 2017. If you are looking for some names not as popular and with more a modern, new world feel this list is perfect for you. Use these names as first names or middle names but either way don't hesitant to give your child a name of great virtue.

Revel- A Merry Celebration 
Revel is the name that started this whole post when I saw it on Names Daily on instagram. I've had the name stuck in my head since! The name dates back to Middle Ages in England and France. It was used to describe someone who liked to have parties. 

Clarity- Clarity, Lucidity; English
Clarity is a fresh take on Claire while still being able to use the name Claire as a nickname. Everyone needs clarity in their lives to solve problems and make decisions.

Merritt- Boundary Gate; English
Merritt is one of the names on this list that can go to either the boys or the girls. I personally love the name on both and have heard it on both. To have merit is to be good and worthy, to possess those qualities.

Jovie- Jovial, Merry, Cheerful
This name many be on many people's minds right now with Christmas just around the corner. Why you might ask? It is the name of one of the characters in Elf, the movie. Its a great modern twist on Judy, Jody, or Julie. Take away the E and you have Jovi after Bon Jovi.

Basil- Brave, Valiant; Arabic
The name Basil can fall under a number of name categories; nature, saint, and even virtue. Basil brings to mind a fresh, airy feel. When brave feels like too much of a bold name Basil is a little more toned down. Besides meaning brave in Arabic the name also means king in English.

Bliss- Joy, Happy; English
Bold, one syllable middle names are perfect additions to any name and Bliss is one of them. Babies and people bring joy, happiness, and even pure bliss to a families life why not honor it with the middle name Bliss?

Amity- Friendship; English
There is nothing better in the world than a lifelong friendship. Although not quite a virtue I count the ability to be a good friend one. To be a friend you need to be honest, loyal, and loving among other things. Amity is the perfect alternative to Amy or to honor one.

What names are your favorite? What names would you add to the list?
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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Feminine First Names, Boyish Nicknames

If you've been around here for some time then you know that I am a huge lover of nicknames. Growing up I didn't have a nickname and always felt like I was missing out. One of my name requirements for future children is a nickname possible first name. So what does that have to do with today's post? Today I am sharing with you 11 feminine girl names with boyish nicknames. Nicknames on their own are becoming more popular and boy nicknames are slowly catching on. This list gives parents the best of both worlds; girly first name with the option of a more tomboy name.

Andrea --> Andie
Wilhelmina --> Billie
Francesca -->  Frankie
Charlotte --> Charlie
Lucinda --> Lou
Antonia --> Toni
Danika --> Dani
Josephine --> Joey
Theodora --> Teddy
Evangeline --> Evan
Roberta --> Bobby

What other names would you add to the list? Do you have favorites? 


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