Monday, September 24, 2012

"Rare" D Boy Names

Hey guys! I have the “Rare” D boy names for you today. This is a small list compared to all of the other “rare” series post so far. The next couple of post are going to be the “rare” series and than I will go from there. So let’s get started.

  1. Dana- Dana’s sister would be Lynne and his brother would be Robin. Dana means from Denmark. I don’t like Dana on a boy. It sounds too girly for me.
  2. Dashiell- Dashiell’s sister would be Beatrix and his brother would be Finnegan. Dashiell means page boy in French. I love the name Dashiell with the nickname Dash. It is probably my favorite D boy name.
  3. Denver- Denver’s sister would be Aspen and his brother would be Dallas. Denver means green valley in English. I like Denver. It makes a nice name.
  4. Denzel- Denzel’s sister would be Kenia and his brother would be Nico. Denzel means from Denzell in Cornwall in English. I like the name Denzel. It is cute.
  5. Dermot- Dermot’s sister would be Ciara and his brother would be Niall. Dermot means free man in Irish. I don’t really like Dermot. It is okay thought.
  6. Dion- Dion’s sister would be Simone and his brother would be Orlando. Dion means God of wine and revelry in Greek. I don’t like Dion.
  7. Dirk- Dirk’s sister would be Deena and his brother would be Dino. Dirk means the people’s ruler in Danish. I don’t really like Dirk. It has a weird sound to me.
  8. Duane- Duane’s sister would be Darlene and his brother would be Glenn. Duane means dark, swarthy in Irish. Duane is a nice name but it makes me think of Dog the Bounty Hunter too much.
  9. Dudley- Dudley’s sister would be Dolly and his brother would be Waldo. Dudley means people’s field in English. I love the name Dudley! I do think this would have to be a guilty pleasure name for me.
  10. Duke- Duke’s sister would be Kitty and her brother would be Mack. Duke means leader in Latin. I love Duke as a nickname. It makes me think of popular people.
  11. Dunstan- Dunstan’s sister would be Gemma and his brother would be Crispin. Dunstan means brown stone; brown hill with stones in English. I love Dunstan. It is such a great name but this may also have to be a guilty pleasure for me.
  12. Dwight- Dwight’s sister would be Lynne and his brother would be Neal. Dwight means white or blond in Flemish. I don’t like Dwight.

So that is all of the “rare” boy names. I know some of them aren’t really rare. I have a ton of idea for this blog and my other blogs so be on the lookout for them. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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  1. I remember a couple years ago everyone was SO in love with Dashiell, and now I barely hear it on the forums.

    1. I know! Everyone loved it and now it is hardly brough up. I think it may have just been a trend.

  2. I never thought of Denver before. My mom was born in Denver. If I had a boy, I could use that to honor her. Thanks, I will add it to my list.

    1. You're welcome! Denver would be an amazing way to honor your mom.

  3. ~ Dana << This one's too girly for me too.
    ~ Dashiell << I've never been fond of the name Dashiell, though just Dash is starting to grow on me.
    ~ Denver << I like this one better than Denzel, but I still don't like it much.
    ~ Denzel << I'm not a fan of this one at all, and I associate it with Denzel Crocker from the Fairly Odd Parents XD which doesn't help it's case.
    ~ Dermot << This one's alright. Not my FAVORITE Irish name ever, but not bad =)
    ~ Dion << I'm not super fond of this one. It seems incomplete to me (I'm more familiar with Dionysus than I am with Dion) and I don't love the sound of it (or the association to wine).
    ~ Dirk << I've never liked this name.
    ~ Duane << I'm not fond of this one.
    ~ Dudley << I'm not super fond of it, and I think it's too heavily association with Dudley Dursley.
    ~ Duke << I recently started loving this name ^.^ It has such a fun sound to it and it's very unique =) Also I associate it with Duke Devlin from Yu-Gi-Oh, which definitely makes me like it more ^.^
    ~ Dunstan << I kinda like this one =)
    ~ Dwight << I don't like Dwight at all.


    1. I didn't think of Denzel Crocker!

      I didn't know there was a wine named Dion. That may cause so problems ;P.

      Another person I didn't know about was Dudley Dursley.

      Duke is a great name! I could see a baby Duke and a adult Duke.

      I feel the same about Dwight too.

    2. Oh I don't know that there is a wine named Dion (though it's a definite possibility) but it reminds me of Dionysus who is the Greek god of wine (and grapes and stuff). Dudley Dursley is from Harry Potter =)

    3. ohhhh! There probably is a wine named Dion!

      After I looked up who Dudley Dursley is it made sense lol:)



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