Friday, January 9, 2015

My Top 10 Classical Names

In the past few weeks I have really taken a liking to classic, vintage names. The complete opposite if my usual unique, trendy style. I thought I would tell my readers my top 10 favorite classic names for both gender. These are all names that age well and can be found on many grandparents.

1. Elizabeth
Meaning: God is my Oath 
Origin: Hebrew 
I did a post on this name earlier in the week. Elizabeth is a name with a ton of nicknames. It is also the name of a saint and a queen. There are just a ton of great associations with Elizabeth. 

2. Nancy
Meaning: Grace
Origin: Hebrew 
The first thing I think about when I hear the name Nancy is Nancy Drew, the kid detective. Nancy is a really sweet name. I can see it rising in popularity because it is short and ends in the ee sound. 

3. Mary
Meaning: Bitter
Origin: Hebrew
The name of the mother of Jesus, Mary is an innocent name. I love the name even more when it is paired with another name such as Mary Catharine, Mary Kate, or Mary Jane as a first name. In the south I have seen the name Mary paired with a surname such as Mary Carter, Mary Marshall, and Mary Wesley, which is just adorable! 

4. Lydia
Meaning: From Lydia
Origin: Hebrew 
Lydia makes me think of Beetlejuice right away but I don't think that is bad because I love the movie. Not only is it a name used in film it is also used in literature by Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice. 

5. Frances
Meaning: French
Origin: Latin 
I use to hate Frances on a girl but it is a new love of mine. My dad's mother was named Anastasia Frances. Not only did my great grandmother use France's but so did celebrities like Amanda Peet and Jimmy Fallon. My favorite part of this name is the spunky Frankie nickname. 

6. Rosemary
Meaning: Dew of the Sea
Origin: Latin 
I'm a huge lover of Rose and every one of her variants. Rosemary is a great combination of classic name and perfect if you can't chose between the two. 

7. Marie 
Meaning: Bitter 
Origin: French 
Marie is a filler middle name but is so refreshing as a first name. You will shock lots of people. It's a great French name without being over the top. 

8. Margaret 
Meaning: Pearl
Origin: Greek
I love Margaret and love all of her nicknames like Maggie, Greta, Marnie, Marey, etc. The meaning is also a huge hit for me because pearls are the jewel for my sorority. Hey you could even call her Pearl as a nickname!

9. Ruth
Meaning: Compassionate Friend
Origin: Hebrew
Ruth is a biblical name and one of the more popular biblical names. I think it is such a short and sweet name with no nicknames. You could use Ruthie. I do love the meaning a ton. 

10. Diana
Meaning: Divine 
Origin: Latin
I can thank a Instagram follower for this. She requested the name and I instantly fell in love with it. Diana is the name of the famous princess as well as Diana Ross. I can;t help but think of an elegant little girl when I see it. 

1. James
Meaning: Supplanter
Origin: Hebrew
I love this name so much that I am talking about it again in less than a month. It has so many different associations from authors to actors to presidents. There also so many nickname options my favorites being Jam and Jem.

2. Edward
Meaning: Wealthy Guardian
Origin: English
Edward is both my dad's middle name and my cousin's first name. I also have some distant uncles named Ed. I'm not a fan of the nicknames Ed and Eddie so I would probably go down the Ward route as a nickname.

3. Charles
Meaning: Free Man
Origin: German
Charles is my dad's, uncle's, and cousin's name. That's a lot of people! I think it is a great name but would use a variant of it because I won't use the actual name of family members. There's a ton of nicknames like Chalie, Charlie, Chal, Chaz, and Chuck.

4. Eugene
Meaning: Well Born
Origin: English
If you know then you know that I love the movie Tangled. In it Flynn Riders real name is Eugene. I have to say that the movie made me love Eugene as much as I do. It really put a handsome face to a often times geeky name.

5. Arthur
Meaning: Unknown; Possibly meaning Bear
Origin: Celtic
Arthur is a name that brings back childhood memories for me. It reminds me of the tv show Arthur with the ant eater. I think the name is do for a comeback and would love to hear it more often. I especially love the nickname Artie for it. 

6. Clarence
Meaning: Bright
Origin: Latin
My love for Clarence comes from a tv show. There is a show on Cartoon Network called Clarence that my little cousins watch all the time. After hearing it so many times I slowly fell in love. Now I wouldn't use it but I am debating putting it on my long list. In my research I found the nickname Clancy and love that so much.

7. Lawrence
Meaning: From Laurentum
Origin: Latin
My full name is Lauren and if I wanted I could use Lawrence as a way to honor myself. I wouldn't though. Lawrence is also a surname and a surname of someone I went to school with. It has some cool nicknames like Law, Ren, and Rencey.

8. Frederick
Meaning: Peaceruler
Origin: German
Frederick is on of those names that just fits perfectly on a cute little old man. It makes me think of Up the movie because the main character is Carl Fredricksen. I'm not a huge fan of Fred as a nickname so I would probably use Red or Rico. 

9. Phillip
Meaning: Lover of Horses
Origin: Greek
I immediately think of Phillip Phillips the singer but it's fine because I love his music. Often times Phillip is used on geeky characters or the smart kid in the class. I can definitely picture this name on a little cowboy. 

10. Rupert
Meaning: Variant of Robert; Bright Fame
Origin: German
Rupert is a grand name perfect for a king. It might be a little too much for a baby but he will surely grow into it and live up to this regal status. You can find this name floating around the Harry Potter world. 


Monday, January 5, 2015

Name of The Week: Elizabeth

Happy New Year! I know I am a little late with this since we are already on day 4 of 2015. I've been trying to spend the last few days of my winter break relaxing and getting things done so I am ready to go back to school in a week. 

As I was looking at my blog I saw that I only posted 33 times in 2014. I'm actually really ashamed that in 365 I was only able to blog 33 times. My goal for 2015 is to definitely fix that. I'm not setting a huge goal. I'm going to start out small with twice a week. Than see if I can work my way up. I'm looking at Mondays and Fridays. 

Now that my little update is over let's get on to the post for today. I am going to start the week off with a name of the week. Now every Monday will not be a name of the week only a few of them.

God is my Oath 



Middle Names
Elizabeth Jane
Elizabeth Sue
Elizabeth Sutton
Elizabeth Juliana 
Elizabeth Wynn 
Elizabeth Georgina 
Elizabeth Josephine 
Elizabeth Aurora 
Elizabeth Freya 
Elizabeth Seraphina 

First Names
Nora Elizabeth 
Mary Elizabeth 
Blair Elizabeth 
Ruby Elizabeth 
Mabel Elizabeth 
Nova Elizabeth 
Matisse Elizabeth 
Margot Elizabeth 
Bailey Elizabeth 
Nancy Elizabeth 


Famous People Named Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Montgomery 
Elizabeth McGovern 

My Thoughts
In recent times I have been loving classic, vintage names. Names that I wouldn't normally love. Elizabeth is no different. She is a classic name that ages amazing. It also has a ton of nicknames, a feature I love so much. Now I am not going to put this name on my top list right away but I will be adding it to my extent favorites. 

Reason Elizabeth is Name of the Week
I was looking at the SSA top names and saw that Elizabeth was #10. Now I have to admit, I never really looked at the top names for 2013. It's hard to believe that a namer hasn't completely analyzed the top names. I've just been super busy. When I saw it was #10 I was pleasantly surprised. 



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