Friday, May 16, 2014

The Not So Popular Names of Gossip Girl

I just finished watching Gossip Girl for the second time and started watching it again right away. I guess you can say I'm a little addicted. After seeing it two full times I have come to know the characters. That is why I am writing this post.

Everyone knows the main characters' names like Blair, Serena, Chuck, and Nate but very few people (unless they watch every show) know the less popular characters. Some of them have interesting, different names. Her are some of the interesting names that caught my eye.

Bex: She first shows up in season one. Bex is a Hebrew name that could be nickname for Rebecca. It has a possibly meaning of cattle stall; to tie. I love this nickname but not as a nickname for Rebecca.

Raina: We first meet Raina in Season 4. Raina means queen in German and Slavic. I really like Raina and you really don't hear it very often. It's a nice nature name too.

Eva: Eva is another character we meet in Season 4. Her name means life in Latin. In the show they pronounce it like Eh-vah not EE-vah. I really like that pronunciation and it is what caught my eye (or ear I should say).

Epperly: Epperly is yet another character we meet in Season 4. Her name is definitely different and eye catching. When I tried to find the meaning and origin I cam up with nothing. I think it is a sweet name and very different. I'm not sure how many people would like this name.

Be on the lookout for more name post. I'll be spending a lot of time blogging this summer. Until next time.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

"Rare" M Girl Names Part 1

I'm back to blogging about the "rare" names. We are up to M girl names. Because there are so many M girl names I had to split them into 2 posts. Let's see what "rare" names we have for girls.
Baby Margo Source


  • Meaning: Lovable 
  • Origin: English 
  • Siblings: Elsie and Archie
Mabel is such a sweet name. It's really cute and a little old fashioned. I find this name to be great on all ages. 


  • Meaning: Little Dog
  • Origin: Irish 
  • Siblings: Adair and Finnegan 
I love Madigan because it is a great alternative to all of the popular Maddy names, such as Madison and Madeline. The meaning isn't a nice meaning but I don't see that as a big deal. 


  • Meaning: My lady 
  • Origin. Italian 
  • Siblings: Carmela and Rocco
I don't think Madonna is useable because of how popular Madonna, the singer, is but you could always use it as a middle name. 


  • Meaning: The fifth month 
  • Origin: English 
  • Siblings: Pearl and Gus
Mae is a beautiful name. I know a lot of people us it as a middle name and it's sweet that way. I do like the Mae spelling because it looks girlier 


  • Meaning: Magnol's Flower 
  • Origin: Latin 
  • Siblings: Clementine and Fletcher
I absolutely love Magnolia. It's so pretty and one of the less popular flower names. If you like the nickname Maggie but don't want to use Margaret, this is a great name for you. I love the nicknames Maggie, Nola, and Nolie. 


  • Meaning: Diminutive of Margaret (pearl) 
  • Origin. Scottish 
  • Siblings: Libby and Finlay
Maisie is a great spunky name. It's really cute name. I'm not sure how well this ages because it's a little bit of a childish name. 

Malaika (mah-LIY-kuh)

  • Meaning: Angel 
  • Origin: Arabic and Swahili 
  • Siblings: Kamaria and Tayo
Malaika is such a beautiful name! I love the sound of it and I think the meaning is really nice. Mally would be a great nickname. 


  • Meaning: Dedicated to Mars 
  • Origin. Latin 
  • Siblings: Angeline and Salvatore 
Marcella is another beautiful name. It is very grand but I don't think it is too much for a baby. I love the nickname Marcie an I can see this on all ages. 

Marcia (MAHR-shuh)

  • Meaning: Dedicated to Mars 
  • Origin: Latin 
  • Siblings: Diane and Roger
Marcia is another name I really like. It's unique enough that you don't hear it too much but not too unique that no one will know how to pronounce it. Marcie works as a nickname for this name also. 


  • Meaning: Dedicated to Mars
  • Origin: Latin 
  • Siblings: Jodie and Robbie
I really like this name but only as a nickname. I really prefer it spelled Marcie. 


  • Meaning: Pearl 
  • Origin. Greek 
  • Siblings: Gloria and Lorenzo 
Margarita is another grand name but I love it. The meaning is great and it ages well. I love te name Reed on a girl and you can use it as a nickname for Margarita. 


  • Meaning: Diminutive of Margaret (pearl) 
  • Origin. French 
  • Siblings: Gwen and Eliot 
I think Margo is a great name. It's spunky but vintage at the same time. If you wanted you could use it as a nickname for Margaret. I find that really cute and different. 


  • Meaning: Variation of Margaret (pearl); daisy 
  • Origin: French 
  • Siblings: Antoinette and Domenick 
I'm not a huge fan of Margierite for some reason. I much prefer Margaret and Margarita. 


  • Meaning: Combination of Mary (star of the sea) and Ann (grace)
  • Origin: French 
  • Siblings: Willa and Foster
I think this is an older name and not one I like all that much. I'm really like just plain Mary right now. You could use Mary as a nickname for Marian. 


  • Meaning: Combination of Mary (star of the sea) and Ann (grace)
  • Origin: French 
  • Siblings: Therese and Van
I like Marianne more than Marian but it's still a little dated for me. I do know a few Marianne's but they are all older. 


  • Meaning: Variant of Mary (bitter) 
  • Origin: French 
  • Siblings: Geneva and Benedict
I love Marietta! It's so pretty and different. I could use the nickname Mary, which I am really liking. I like the grand feel Marietta has. 

Marilla (mah-RIL-uh)

  • Meaning: Shining Sea
  • Origin: Latin 
  • Siblings: Amalia and Cyrus
I think this name is pretty but I wouldn't use it. It's a great Spanish name though. 


  • Meaning: Variant of Mary (star of the sea) 
  • Origin: French 
  • Siblings: Harriet and Francis
I don't really like this name. It's kinda of dated and I can not picture it on a baby. 


  • Meaning: Pearl 
  • Origin: Greek and English 
  • Siblings: Dorothy and Warren 
I love Marjorie! It's sweet and pretty. I do have trouble seeing it on a baby but I think it would age well. 


  • Meaning: Invent Name
  • Origin: Unknown 
  • Siblings: Laine and Tobin
I love Marlo, although I would prefer it spelled Marlow. It's spunky and modern. I can see a cute little girl running around names Marlo. 


  • Meaning: Dedicated to Mars 
  • Origin: Latin 
  • Siblings: Daria and Carlo
I went to school with a Martina and loved her name. They nicknamed her Tink. I love both the name an the nickname Tink. Martina is a really different name but it's pretty too. If you want to honor a Christina, Martina really works. 



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