Tuesday, April 30, 2019

2018 List Predictions {Top 100}

My favorite time of years is just around the corner. Top baby name release! I swear I spend 6+ months counting down the days until the Friday before Mother's Day. Data and charts and list just make my heart so happy but add in the fact that it al pertains to names and main to I die of happiness. For the last few years I have been making predictions. Two sets of predictions; one for names new to the top 100 and one of names new to the top 1000. 

With the release just around the corner I am getting these predictions in just in time! Like last year I have 5 boy and 5 girl names I think will enter the top 100 when he list comes out in just a few weeks. 

Everett #104
Last year I had Everett on my list and it did not make it into the top 100. It did move up 10 spots and now sits just shy of the 100 spot. From the 1900s to the early 1920s, Everett sat in the top 100. We are back in the time frame for the 100 year rule to work for this name. -Ett names seem to be a popular style for boys lately. 

Micah #107 
Like Everett, Micah had a small jump from 2016 to 2017 with a 8 spot move. With Noah in the #2 spot and having been #1 for some time it would be no shock to see Micah in the top 100. Both names are biblical, end in -ah, and two syllables. Micah also works as a nice alternative to the classic Michael. 

Kai #127
Kai has been climbing the charts at a steady rate since his debut in 1979, especially in recent years. Kyle and Tyler are all names parents of this time are familiar with making Kai sound just as familiar. Almost as a fresh take on such names. There are many things to love about this name, including the laidback style and short to the point, that make it a perfect top 100 name. 

Luca #130
Luca is the fresh take on Lucas and Luke just lie Micah is to Michael. A ending boy names seem to be a favorite this past year. When looking for a name that travels well Luca fits the bill. Working in multiple languages. I think with America becoming more and more diverse this name will move up the charts more. 

Beau #156
I debuted adding Beau to the list because it would need to jump 56 spots to make the top 100 but it's not unthinkable. From 2016 to 2017 the name jumped 32 spots. Like Kai it is short and right to the point. There are no possibilities of a nickname. The perfect name for a southern babe  might just amen it into the top 100 this year (although this is my long shot name!). 

Honorable Mentions: Axel (#105), Rowan (#140), and Emmett (#125)

Josephine #107 
Last year 3 out of 5 of my girls names made it onto the top 100 list and the 2 that didn't are on this years predication list. Josephine is one of them. This classic name ranked in the top 50 at one point and could use a comeback. Soft and sweet sounding the name appeals to many ears. 

Ivy #108
V heavy names are popular for girls with Ava and Eva in the top 100 already why not add Ivy to the mix? It's a fresh nature name unlike Rose or Lily. From 2016 to 2017 the name jumped just 4 spots but has been climbing up the charts. Only 8 spots stand between Ivy and the top 100. 

Isla #103
I would be very shocked to not see Isla in the top 100 spot. This old fashion name is already popular over in England and Wales. And if you are familiar with any of the trends overseas you know that a lot of America's popular names always spend a few years ranking high on the charts across the pond before we catch on. 

Raelynn #124
When making this list I was shocked to learn Raelynn jumped 34 spots from 2016 to 2017. I did not expect that at all!The southern charm of the name most grab some attention. Girl names ending in lynn were a trend a few years ago and I think they are still a thing now. 

Arya #135
Arya moved 34 spots from 2016 to 2017 and can surely make the move again into the top 100. The spelling made popular by Game of Thrones has a ton of potential. A strong female character as well as being a slightly less popular spelling of a popular name. My only doubt to this names journey to the top 100 is did the new season of GOT come too late?

Honorable mentions: Lyla (#131), Eden (#139) and Iris (#149)

I am really excited for this list! Much more than past years. I might actually have a chance of making some good predictions this year where as in years past I failed horrible. Leave your comments below on what names you think will make it into the top 100! 

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