Thursday, August 29, 2019

Philadelphia Inspired Names

I have been born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love. No matter where I go in life I will always be a Philly girl at heart. The city is big and historical with both good and bad reputations. As I get older I often think of where my life lead me and one of the thoughts is that I move from my home state. With that comes the thoughts of how to honor my beloved city with a name. Hence this list! 

Philip, Philipa, Pippa
We'll start with the obvious. The easiest way to honor Philadelphia is with the name Philip of a variant. Pippa works great for girls because it can be a nickname for Philip. 

Della, Delia, Fia/Phia
The tailed of Philadelphia offers some gorgeous girl names such as Della and her sisters. Mia is popular so Fia/Phia fits in perfectly, is a subtle Philadelphia name, and is sweet to the ears. 

Philadelphia is in Pennsylvania and was founded by William Penn. Penn couldn't be more perfect for a sophisticated Philly baby name. 

Eagle, Ari, Arnold
The Philadelphia Eagles are our football team. If you have ever been to Philadelphia or even stepped on social media you may have seen how much this city loves their football team. Eagle would make a great middle name and both Ari and Arnold mean Eagle. 

Belle, Liberty
The Liberty Bell is housed in the middle of the city. For a very patriotic fell go with Liberty (possibly the nickname Libby!). For a more subtle and common name go with Bell and add the extra E. 

If you ever come to Philly you need to go to the art museum and do the Rocky run up the steps. It is a right of passage even. Rocky Balboa is a main character in the movie Rocky about a boxer from Philadelphia. He is an icon for sure. 

Ben, Benjamin, Franklin
Without Ben Franklin a lot of Philadelphia would not have happened. He was a part of the newspaper and founded the first fire department and University of Pennsylvania. Now a days there is a bridge named after him. 

Speaking of bridges we have the Walt Whitman bridge that goes over the Delaware bridge. If Whitman is too out there Walt is another option. 

Ross, Elizabeth, Betsy
Betsy Ross was born and died in Philadelphia. Her house is a tourist attraction now in the city. She is credited for making the first American flag. If you travel to and from Pennsylvania and New Jersey you know one of the options is the Betsy Ross Bridge. 

Would you like other city inspired name posts? If so comment below and give your suggestions!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

2018 Most Popular Names A-Z

I went through the top 1000 list and came up with a list of the most popular name for each letter of the alphabet. Maybe in the future I'll do a list of the top 5 for each gender. For now here is the most popular names A-Z.

Alexander (#11) and Ava (#3) 
Benjamin (#6) and Brooklyn (#47)
Carter (#24) and Charlotte (#6)
Daniel (#15) and Delilah (#94)
Elijah (#7) and Emma (#1)
Finn (#166) and Faith (#122)
Grayson (#32) and Grace (#24)
Henry (#16) and Harper (#9)
Isaac (#34) and Isabella (#4)
James (#4) and Josephine (#91)
Kayden (#97) and Kennedy (#59)
Liam (#1) and Luna (#23)
Mason (#9) and Mia (#7)
Noah (#2) and Nova (#30)
Oliver (#5) and Olivia (#2)
Parker (#96) and Penelope (#26)
Quinn (#384) and Quinn (#84)
Ryan (#46) and Riley (#28)
Sebastian (#18) and Sophia (#5)
Theodore (#44) and Taylor (#121)
Uriel (#492) and Unique (Unranked)
Vincent (#107) and Victoria (#21)
William (#3) and Willow (#62)
Xavier (#88) and Ximena (#118)
Yuseuf (#567) and Yaretzi (#434)
Zachary (#109) and Zoey (#29)

Did any names surprise you? Would you like to see a top 5 for each letter? 

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