Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Favorite Boy Names From The Name Sisters

Yesterday I featured my favorite girl names from all of the Name Sister's episodes. Today I have a list of boy names. It was so fun to go back and watch all of our episodes over again. You could see the way we have grown over the episodes the more we did. Be sure you check out yesterday's post and our videos after you are done reading this.


  • Mentioned by: Amelia 
  • Episode: #4; Yes Your Honor

I have adored the name Theodore for many years. Its been on and off my top 10 name list over those years. There's something about the prestigious sound of the name. It could have something to do with Theodore being the name of a president, a novelist, and a painter. This name is a classic throwback to the early 1900s when it was in the top 50. Any boy with the name Theodore can conquer the world.

  • Mentioned by: Kristen 
  • Episode: #4; Yes Your Honor
Blaine is a cool, bad boy name to me. It's an Irish name meaning yellow. The meaning is a little confusing to me because I can't seem to see the name paired with that meaning. This is a name that isn't very popular. It has stayed below #350 since 1900 and in recent years has been on the decline. I think Blaine is short and sweet.  

  • Mentioned by: Alena
  • Episode: #4, Yes Your Honor

I have seen the name Remington used on both boys and girls but in my eyes it is a boy name. In 2014, Remington was #313 and it just ranked for the first time at #685 for girls. It was used back in the 80s on a detective show called Remington Steele, mostly likely a surprise name to the public. Remi is an adorable nickname.

  • Mentioned by: Alena 
  • Episode: #5; Alternatives That Rock 

Alena mentioned this name in our Alternatives episode and she told us of two ways to pronounce it. I say it like lie-ull. If you use the pronunciation you can also spell it Lyle. This name looks like it could be made up but it has old history behind it. We a little help it could come back to modern times. I do enjoy the spelling of it and the meaning as well.

  • Mentioned by: Amelia 
  • Episode: #5; Alternatives That Rock

A few years back I had the name Evander on my top 10 list. I had a lot of longer, Greek names ending in er on my list at that time. In Roman mythology, Evander fought in the Trojan war and founded the city of Pallantium. The city of Rome was later built never that city. If you like Evan you can use it as a nickname for Evander.

  • Mentioned by: Ren (Me) 
  • Episode: #6; Novel Names 
Atlas is my number one boys name right now and I don't see that changing any time soon. I love everything about this name from the history to the uniqueness to the feel I get. Atlases are books filled with maps. I think that giving a child the name Atlas is like giving them the world at their finger tips. There is just so much to love about this name. 

  • Mentioned by: Alexia Mae
  • Episode: #5; Alternatives The Rock 

Alexia Mae used Mattson as an alternative to Mason and I dig it! Mattson can also be an alternative to Matthew or a way to honor one. I have been watching the tv show Revolution on Netflix for the past few weeks and one of the main characters is called Matheson. Matron and Matheson sound extremely similar so I'm really keen to Mattson. It has never ranked in the top 1000.

  • Mentioned by: Meagan 
  • Episode: #5; Alternatives That Rock 

I've always liked the name Ebenezer but am not a huge fan of the Christmas association. I think Eben would be a great alternative to that. It is a short form of the name to begin with. Meagan told us about this name as an alternative to Ethan in our Alternatives That Rock video and it could also be an alternative to Evan. I first heard Eben on a tv show and I can't remember where.

  • Mentioned by: Amelia 
  • Episode: #9; Hello Again, New Again

Moses is a great biblical name. He is one of the more known men of the bible. We have the Ten Commandments because he went up on Mount Sinai and got them. I have really been loving boy names that end in S. I even did a blog post on them! Surprisingly Moses hasn't been very popular over the years. It has stayed in the 400-500's for the past 60-70 years. You would think with its great association people would use it more.

  • Mentioned by: Alexia Mae
  • Episode: #8; Kiss Me, Irish Names

When we did the St. Paddy's Day episode we all picked an Irish person to talk about. I loved Conan O'Brien because I think the name Conan is so cool. It sounds like Ronan and Roman and is also a great alternative to Connor and Collin. I was surprised when I would out Sherlock Holmes created is named Arthur Conan Doyle. Its a stunning combo.


Monday, June 29, 2015

My Favorite Girl Names From The Name Sisters

Today is the one year anniversary of the very first Name Sister's show! I really can't believe its been a whole year! The first time I was even contacted to be a part of the show is etched into my mind like it was yesterday. We were all brought together by Alexia Mae in a post on Facebook when most of us didn't really know each other. Today we can say we have all grown to know each other. 

I am so proud of how far we have come and how far we still have to go. Every day we are working to improve ourselves and our show. Because I was so proud of our accomplishment I decide to go back and watch all our episodes to see what names we had mentioned. Than because we mentioned so many names I decide to pick out my ten favorite girl names and my ten favorite boy names. I was going to make one post but than I realized it was going to be extremely long so today you will see the girl names and tomorrow you will see the boy names. 

  • Mentioned by: Amelia
  • Episode: #1; Namer's Round Table 

When I first heard Cressida I thought it was a nice name but I didn't fall in love immediately. After hearing it over and over again through Amelia I fell in love. It's a strong name. It's Greek origins give it an exotic feel and the meaning golden adds to the high end feel. Believe it or not but you can find Cressida in one of Shakespeare's plays. He is actually the one who created the name from the Greek name Chryseis. Cress is an adorable nickname. 

  • Mentioned by: Alexia Mae (Both Episodes
  • Episode: #1; Namer's Round Table and ##3; Bravery in Namery 
Cassia is one of Alexia Mae's favorite names. She introduced me to it in one of the many videos she has done on both her channel and twice on The Name Sisters. I think Cassia is just stunningly beautiful. It's a biblical name. The spice cassia was used by Moses, and Keziah, the Hebrew variant of Cassia is Job's daughter. It's a great alternative to the semi dated Cassandra. Cassia, trees or bushes produce yellow flowers with a substance to cinnamon. Whether you're pronouncing it KAH-shah, KAH-see-uh, or kah-SEE-uh, Cassia is a great name. 

  • Mentioned by: Rebe
  • Episode: #3; Bravery in Namery
Waverly is whimsical, boho name. It often reminds me of Wizards of Waverly Place, the old Disney TV show. I don't think the shows a bad association and by the time your child's old enough to understand it will be extinct. I find the nickname Wave to be cool, nature-y, and summer-y. Spelled Waverley, the name dates back to 1814. It was used by Sir Walter Scott in his novel, bearing the same name, about a soldier named Edward Waverley. 

  • Mentioned by: Meagan
  • Episode: #4; Yes Your Honor 
Magnolia is in my top 3 favorite flower/tree names. The trees are some of the prettiest trees out there with unique leaves. It's a fresh take on the classical name Margaret but it still holds the classic feel. It's also a wonderful Southern name. I'm a huge fan of this name. It has been on my list for a few years now paired with the middle name Beatrice, Magnolia Beatrice. Maggie and Nola/Nolie are both adorable nicknames for it. 

  • Mentioned by: Alena
  • Episode: #5; Alternatives The Rock
Alena featured the name Maeva as an alternative to Ava. Maeve has been growing increasingly popular and Maeva is a nice twist on it. It looks and sounds gorgeous. Although Maeve is an Irish name, Maeva is a French and Tahitian name. It means welcome. You can call her Mae if you wanted to. 

  • Mentioned by: Ren (Me) 
  • Episode: #5; Alternatives The Rock 
I featured the name Romilly in our alternative episode as an alternative to Emily. It was originally a male name, which I can see because it ends in -ly and doesn't scream feminine. A Painter named Augustus John used this name for his son. You can find it one a girl as a middle name for Emma Thompson's daughter Gaia Romilly. The combination is stunning in my eyes. I also adore the nickname Romy. 

  • Mentioned by: Ren (Me) 
  • Episode: #4; Yes Your Honor 
Annora is a name I mentioned during our honoring episode. I love it as a way to honor my grandmother, Anastasia. Annora is one of the unique Ann names out there. I also really adore the name Honora. Annora and Honora both end in the -Ora sound. I find those names to sound very princess-y. If you love Nora but want a longer name for it Annora is perfect. 

  • Mentioned by: Kristen
  • Episode: #4; Yes Your Honor 
I've always really liked the name Isla but was never a fan of the popularity, although it isn't as popular as I think. When it comes to using it I would rather use it in the middle name spot but a lot of my girl names end in an A. Isle fixes that problem. It was mentioned by Kristen in our honoring episode. It's a place name and could be used to honor any island. People might confuse Isle with the word Aisle and if you wanted to be extremely unique you can spell it that way. I think it's a sweet name with an unique sound. Also very rare with little to no information on it. 

  • Mentioned by: Meagan 
  • Episode: #1; Namer's Round Table 
Estelle is gorgeous! It means star and I can tell you that off the top of my head. This name is a throw back to the early 1900's where it was ranked at its highest in 1911 at #106 just shy of the top 100. It stayed around in the top 1000 thought the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, until it slowly dropped off the charts in the early 1960s. I find this name extremely timeless and perfect for any age. Essie or Este are some of the best nicknames out there and work for Estelle. Recently I've really been loving girl names that do not end in A. I find them to be special. 

  • Mentioned by: Rebe
  • Episode: #4; Yes Your Honor 
Clarity is probably the most unique name on this list. It was mentioned by Rebe during our episode about honoring. As you can see from this list I really loved the names in our honoring episode. I fell in love with this name as soon as it left Rebe's mouth. It's great in a guilty pleasure kind of way. Clarity is a wonderful way to honor a Claire or to use a less popular verse of it. Clarity can be a fresh, new take on many virtue names. It sounds very similar to Charity and Chastity. In 2012 the song Clarity by Zedd graced the charts. 


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Name of the Week: Lennon

Small Cloak 
Descendent of Leannan 



Middle Names
Lennon Elizabeth 
Lennon Josephine 
Lennon Sophia 
Lennon Eliza 
Lennon Rosalie 
Lennon Imogen 
Lennon Eloise
Lennon Poppy
Lennon Isabelle 
Lennon Pearl

First Names
Blair Lennon
Violet Lennon
Thora Lennon 
Waverly Lennon
Magnolia Lennon
Madeline Lennon
Tabitha Lennon
Cassia Lennon
Audra Lennon
Victoria Lennon


Famous People Named Lennon
John Lennon
Lennon Stella (Actress on Nashville) 
Lennon Parham (Actress) 

My Thoughts
I was reintroduced to Lennon while combing through the top 1000 last month. After reading it I was surprised at how much I loved it. I find this name to be spunky and upbeat. It fits a little southern girl nicely and is great for the music lover. 


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Help Me Help You!

I know I said that I wasn't going to post until Sunday at the earliest but I figured now would be a great time to make this post. I want to know from you guys what YOU would like to see out of the blog. This blog may be written by me and I always try to do what I love first but you guys are the readers and I want to make you guys happy. After some brainstorming, I've come up with a quick survey that I hope everyone takes.

Create your own user feedback survey

To make sure everyone understands what I am asking in the questions I'm going to explain them all below.

1. Post Length?
I have been writing much longer and detailed post recently and I'm not sure if that is what you guys want. Would you like me to keep writing paragraphs for each name or would you like me to list the names as well as their meanings and origins? I can do a little of both.

2. What Themed Post Should I Keep?
Right now I post a name of the week post every Sunday. I also post Multiple Mondays every few weeks and I've just started the Name Spottings posts but I already have more planned out. Do you like when I do that? Would you like me to keep them and post more often with those ones? Are they boring? The Feature Friday post are pretty diverse. They are the ones were I tell you about other namers and sometimes do interviews. Do you like them? I try to include my readers by doing them. The alphabet series right now is the "rare" series. I am coming to an end with them and if you would like me to start another alphabet series I will. I am also able to start a new series once the "rare" series is over. I have a few ideas but if you would like a series in general let me know.

3. Should I post more than 4 times a week?
Now I am asking about this one but I'm not sure I would be able to. What I can do is the scheduled 4 times a week and than add days when I have time and ideas if you guys would like.

4. Would You Like More Detailed Name of the Week post?
Right now my Name of the Week post are pretty straight to the point and have a structure. If you would like I am willing to add a ton of detail such as history and pop culture uses.

5. Do You Want More Video and Blog Post Linked Together? 
Since I've started making videos I have linked all but one to a blog post. Do you like that idea? Is it too much? If you do I can keep it up. If not I can just make videos on their own.

6. Any Post Idea Request?
Is there anything you would like me to write? I'm all for your ideas! Sometimes I run out of ideas and am willing to write your wish for you.

I hope everyone answers this survey. I really want to make this blog better and what you guys would like to see!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Name of the Week: Hades





Middle Names
Hades Michael
Hades Rylan
Hades Bartholomew
Hades Petro
Hades Eugene
Hades Vincenzo
Hades Silvester
Hades Bennett
Hades Shae
Hades Milan

First Names
Jacoby Hades
Keaton Hades
Isaiah Hades
Julian Hades
Anderson Hades
Theodore Hades
Francisco Hades
Wilder Hades
Bishop Hades
Harrison Hades


Famous People Named Hades
Greek god of the underworld

My Thoughts 
This name is the name of the mythological god of the underworld, which isn't the best association. I still think it's pretty cool and I think names that end in s for boys are great. Greek names are one of my favorite origins and I really love mythological names. This is also the name of a Disney character.

*I just wanted to let my readers know that due to an extremely busy work schedule and life in general I will be taking the next week off. I hope to be back to my normal blogging schedule next week. Thanks for your patience!*


Friday, June 19, 2015

Non-Disney Fictional Princesses

There are both real life and fiction princesses in this world and they all seem to have such beautiful names. A lot of the fiction princesses are from Disney and that's why I decide to focus this list on fictional princesses not from Disney.

Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo "Mia" (Princess Diaries) 
I loved this name from the moment I heard it. Until I saw this movie I didn't know that Mia could be a nickname for Amelia, mind you I was also a young child. I included her full name because it just sounds so pretty and royal when said together. Amelia is currently rank at number 15 and means work in German. Mignonette is a French variant of Mignon meaning cute.

Miri (Princess Academy)
There is a fellow namer named Raya (her youtube is here) that loves the name Miri. I think it is such a pretty name but I prefer it as a nickname. It could be used as a nickname for Mira. Miracle, or Miranda. Miri can be a variant of Mira meaning wonderful, peace, and prosperous in Latin, Slavic, and Hindi.

Eowyn (Lord of the Rings)
Eowyn is pronounced AY-oh-in. I love the -wyn ending and just think this name looks cool. Eowyn is extremely similar to Elowyn, another pretty name. It means horse joy in English. I can see this being a great name to use by someone who rides horses or who loves horses.

Lauranna (Men in Black)
You can say this name two different ways either Lawr-anna or Lor-anna. It really depends on were you are from. I like the latter pronunciation even though I pronounce Lauren with the other one. Lauranna is a Latin variant of Laura or Laurus meaning Laurel. You can also spell it Laurana.

Rosalinda (The Princess Protection Program)
Rosalinda is a great alternative to Rose and other more popular Rose names like Rosalie. I think Rosalinda has a timeless feel to it and ages well. It is a very often used in the Spanish culture. In Latin Rosalinda is a variant of Rosalind meaning gentle horse.

Leia (Star Wars)
Leia is a name that I featured as name of the week because I loved it so much. I think Leia is just gorgeous. If you like Leah but don't like the popularity Leia is a great alternative because it is the Hebrew variant of the name. It means delicate and weary.

Bala (Antz)
Bala is really unique and I had never heard of it before doing research for this post. I think it sounds cool and kind of familiar almost like Kayla. Bala is a Sanskrit name meaning young. I like that it is also short.

Glory (Gulliver's Travels)
Glory is such a cool word name. Who wouldn't want to have glory? It makes a great nickname for Gloria, a name that has an old-lady chic but adding Glory sounds modern. The meaning is simply the English word glory.

Daria (Princess and the Pea)
Daria is the name of an MTV cartoon character and the first thing I think of. It is a very 90's name to me and feels a little dated. This is the only name on the list that doesn't scream princess but still work in a less obvious was. Daria is the feminine form of Darius, which means to possess good.

Fiona (Shrek)
I think Fiona is really pretty. Names that end in -ona have a elegant feel to them. Shrek really brought light to the name and has been slowly creepy up the popularity charts. Fiona is the feminine form of Fionn meaning fair or white in Irish.

Mindy (Spongebob Squarepants Movie)
Mindy is more of a nickname than a full name to me. You can use Melinda as a nickname which Mindy is actually a diminutive of and Melinda itself is a combination name of Mel and inda. Both Mindy and Melinda seem very dated to me but they fit perfectly with the movie.

Celestia (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Celestia sounds so magical and gorgeous. To me it sounds a little more complete than Celeste. It also goes with names like Seraphina and Philomena, names that are longer and pretty uncommon. In Latin Celestia means heavenly. And what little girls are just heavenly?

Monday, June 15, 2015

S Ending

To my surprise a lot of names end in the letter S, both boys and girls. I always thought they were a rarity. Below they'll find a list of my favorite names that end in S. There are more boy names than girls because S endings are more popular for boys.

  1. Amaryllis- To Sparkle in Greek
  2. Hollis- Holly Trees in English
  3. Mavis- Songbird; French 
  4. Olympias- Feminine form of Olympos
  5. Dallas- Meadow Dwelling; Scottish 
  6. Eris- Strife; Greek 
  7. Iris- Rainbow; Greek
  8. Anges- Chaste; Greek 
  9. Ines- Spanish form of Agnes; Chaste
  10. Collins- Possibly derived from Nicolas or Colin

  1. Amos- Carried By God; Hebrew  
  2. Barnabas- Son of Consolation; Aramaic  
  3. Briggs- Bridge Settlement; English 
  4. Erasmus- Beloved. Desired; Greek 
  5. Harris- Son of Harry; English
  6. Amadeus- Love of God; Latin
  7. Achilles- Pain; Greek
  8. Atticus- From Attica; Latin
  9. Atlas- Not Enduring; Greek
  10. Emrys- Immortal One; Welsh
  11. Ignatius- Fire; Latin
  12. Pius- Pious, Dutiful; Latin
  13. Moses- Drawn out of Water, Son, or Deliver; Hebrew
  14. Otis- Wealth; German 
  15. Elias- Jehovah is God; Greek
  16. Hayes- Hedged Area; English 
  17. Rhodes- Where the Roses Grow; Greek 
Sorry this is such a short post! I had a really busy week last week and didn't have much time to write. Hopefully work will slow down and I'll have time to write a ton. Until next time!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Name of the Week: Capri

Italian place name; Name of the island 



Middle Names
Capri Meadow 
Capri Viviette 
Capri Tabitha 
Capri Alena 
Capri Lucille 
Capri Gaia
Capri Abigail 
Capri Penelope 
Capri Monroe 
Capri Shiloh 

First Names
Adelaide Capri
Eleanor Capri
Louisa Capri
Zara Capri
Athena Capri
Tatiana Capri
Odessa Capri
Edith Capri
Olympia Capri
Ines Capri


Famous People Named Capri
Capri Cafaro (Senator) 

My Thoughts

I love Capri as a nickname. It works great for Caprice and Capria. Capri has a very modern feel to it. It's nice and airy and even makes me think of a tropical island. I wish people noticed this name more. 


Friday, June 12, 2015

Instagram Name Spottings

I always seem to find the coolest and cutest names on instagram. It finally occurred to me that maybe I should share all these great names with you!

Nancy Hope: I seem to be seeing Nancy a lot more and its actually a pleasant surprise.
Wilder Frances (Jessica Simpson's goddaughter): I prefer Wilder on a boy but Frances is a nice middle name. I do think that a more feminine middle name would be great for Wilder.
Jovi Katherine: Jovie is so cool! Katherine helps balance this whole name out.
Selah Joy: Both gorgeous names
Paislynne: It's a cool alternative to Paisley
Ellington Claire: You can use the common nickname Ellie but with a unique name.

Valor Chet: Valor is a great virtue name and I had Chet on my top 20 list a few months back.
Shepherd Zion: Shepherd is in my top 10 list and Zion sounds great with it.
Graydi Cash Kautz: I like Grady but not so much this spelling.
Summit Ander David: Summit it so cool! Reminds me of a mountain.

Lofton and Linden: a set of brothers. I've heard of the name Linden before and I've heard it also used on a girl but I've never heard of Lofton.
Waverly Maye and Avalon Elle: A set of sister. I just love these together!
Holland Ray (b) and Navy Jude (g): I love Holland for a girl and Navy is both a cool name and color.
Meadow Nightingale Shine and Cove Huntington David: A set of boy girl twins. Love love Cove and I think their middle animus are cool.
Kingston John, Raena Marie, and Esme Yvette: Such pretty names and a cute group of siblings.
Scout Rowan (b) and Loie Juliet: Scout is amazing but I think paired with Rowan its a little confusing of the gender. Loie is really different.
Townsend (b) and Hendrix: My first guess is that Townsend is a family name or a surname. I think Hendrix is pretty cool.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More Classical Names

I realized after making my last post about classical names back in January that I really liked more than just 10 classic names for boys and girls. There are so many out there that I am loving and I've decided to do another post on the names.

1. Ida
Meaning: Work, Labor
Origin: German 
Ida is similar to popular names like Ava and Ada. I can see people like it because it also ends in the  -da sound. If Ida is too short for you than you can always use Idabelle, another alternative to a popular name Isabelle. 

2. Itzel 
Meaning: Rainbow Lady
Origin: Native American 
Itzel is just a name I've been in love with for days now. It was brought to my attention when I was searching the SSA Name chart. Itzel just screams little old lady, maybe from Russia or Poland. I think it could be so sweet on a little baby girl. 

3. Dorothy 
Meaning: Gift of God
Origin: English
I loved The Wizard of Oz growing up and always think of Dorothy from there. I've seen vintage nicknames like Hattie and Dottie gaining popularity so why not use Dorothy with eh nickname Dottie. 

4. Marjorie
Meaning: Variant of Margaret; Pearl 
Origin: Greek
If Margaret is too common for you Marjorie is a great alternative. They both have the same meaning and they both have similar nicknames. I really enjoy the nickname Marjie, Marrie, or even Jory. 

5. Alma
Meaning: Nourishing 
Origin: Latin 
Alma was just recently used by Perez Hilton for his daughter as a middle name. When celebrities use names they help bring attention to names. Alma has already been on the rise and I wouldn't be surprised if its in the top 500 in 2015. 

6. Blanche 
Meaning: White, Fair 
Origin: French 
If you've ever seen the tv show, The Golden Girls, than you know that Blanche is the name of one of the main characters. Blanche is such a beautiful French name and works really nicely with a winter baby. 

7. Miriam
Meaning: Variant of Mary; Sea of Bitter 
Origin: Hebrew
Miriam is 100% a classical, vintage name. It's so sweet and I wish I met more little girls named Miriam. What amens Miriam even better is the nickname Miri. I think that is one of the coolest nicknames. 

8. Loretta
Meaning: Variant of Lauretta; Laurel 
Origin: English 
Loretta has always been a favorite name of mine. I love the nickname Etta. My neighbor's mom, who I was close with, was named Loretta so I always think of her. Loretta has the same meaning as Lauren, my name, and I think that's pretty cool. 

9. Louisa 
Meaning: Variant of Louis; Man of War
Origin: Latin 
Louisa was never a name I liked but I've noticed that my style has changed and now I am liking names that have an old time feel to them. Louisa is a name fit for a princess, a southern girl, and a celebrity. 

10. Harriet 
Meaning: Feminine variant of Harry; Home Ruler 
Origin: English 
Harriet is a name I associate with a few people including Harriet the Spy and Harriet Tubman. I can remember doing a project in 4th grade on Harriet Tubman. Who wouldn't want to be named after an amazing and inspirational woman?

1. Silas

Meaning: Forest, Woods
Origin: Latin 
Silas ends with the ever popular letter S. I've found a lot more names that end with S. Justin Timeberlake and Jessica Biel just used Silas for their little boy. I didn't think Silas was a classical, vintage name 

2. Calvin 

Meaning: Bald 
Origin: French 
I have to say, Calvin use to be a name I disliked but now I really love it. I am actually thinking about adding it to my long favorite names list. The youtubers, Jared and Ellie, just had a son named Calvin Scott and if you haven't seen their birth video you have to! I think Cal is a pretty cool nickname too. 

3. Clyde 
Meaning: Scottish River Name 

Origin: Scottish
It wasn't until the 19th century that Clyde was used as a given name. Before that it was just the name of a river. If you can get past the infamous association of Bonnie and Clyde, this is a pretty neat name. It is also a throwback to the 1930's where is was in the top 100. 

4. Harold 
Meaning: Army Ruler 

Origin: Old English
Harold is actually a royal name. It was the name of 5 kings of Norway, 3 kings of Denmark, and 2 kings of England. I didn't know that until I was doing reach on the name. Hal is a possible nickname for a little Harold. Personally I think this is a great name. 

5. Walter 

Meaning: Ruler of the Army 
Origin: German 
Walt is such a cool nickname. I think I would defiantly use Walter just for Walt. It reminds me and probably a ton of people of the famous Walt Disney. This name is a prefect fit for a Sir or a Lord. 

6. Gilbert 

Meaning: Bright Pledge 
Origin: German 
Gilbert has that old-man which feel to it and might scare people away. I think pairing Gilbert with the nickname Gib or Gibby makes it fresh and modern. It seems to be on the decline in the past few years. 

7. Roy

Meaning: King 
Origin: French
Roy has been a favorite name of mine for years now. I know a girl who named her son Roy and I was so happy about it. It's short and sweet. Roy has been stuck in the 500 for a few years and doesn't seem to be raising very much. I think it makes a prefect middle name.  

8. Roger

Meaning: Famous Spear 
Origin: German 
I was surprised that Roger was in the top 100. I always thought that it wasn't use very much. That just goes to show that the rank of a name doesn't necessarily mean it is super popular.  Like many other boy names, Roger ends in -er and I can see the appeal. 

9. Albert 

Meaning: Noble, Bright 
Origin: German
The meaning of Albert is pretty great. I think the nickname Al is pretty cute for a little boy. Names ending in T for a boy are gaining popularity, like Beckett and Wyatt. This could be a great way to honor a grandfather. 

10. George 

Meaning: Framer, Earthworker 
Origin: Greek
George is the name of the little Prince and until he was named I was never a fan of this name. Now it's grown on me and I can finally picture it on a little baby boy. With the birth of the new Princess the family has been in the spotlight a lot more and I am hearing George everywhere. 


Monday, June 8, 2015

"Rare" P Boy Names

I have some "rare" P boy names for you. I was just thinking about it and we only have 10 letters left! That's not a whole lot. I love this series but it has taken such a long time to finish.


  • Meaning: Pilgrim
  • Origin: English
  • Siblings: Avis and Truman

I love the name Palmer for a girl and I'm not opposed to it on a boy. I think it fits in perfectly with the other unisex -er names. Palm is a cool, nature nickname. Palmer reminds me of the name Asher because they are both unisex, -er names an both have nature nickname.


  • Meaning: Peace 
  • Origin: Latin 
  • Siblings: Juno and Zed

I'm such a sucker for names that have an X in them. I think X's are such cool, rare letters. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt used Pax for their little boy and I think that is where most people have heard about the name. I think the meaning is pretty cool too.


  • Meaning: From a surname 
  • Origin: English 
  • Siblings: Winifred and Willis

There really isn't much information on the meaning of the name Percy. I think of Percy Jackson the character from the popular books and movie bearing the same name. Percy would make a great nickname to Percival.


  • Meaning: Pear Tree
  • Origin: English, Welsh 
  • Siblings: Faye and Vance

I was first introduced to the name Perry when he Disney show Phineas and Ferb came out. It is the name of the platypus. I think its a nice name and all I can picture is a man from English. A very posh English man in a business suit.


  • Meaning: Oracle 
  • Origin: Hebrew 
  • Siblings: Beatrix and Gideon

Just like Perry, I first heard of Phineas on the Disney show. I really love the name. It's a great alternative to the ever popular name Finn. You could even use Finn as a nickname. It also ends in S, which I love.



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