Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sibling Names: Jack and Ashley

Jack and Ashley are both family names for me. I have a cousin named Jack and he is one of 7: Erin, Caitlin, Megan, Michael, Cullen, Jack, and Cecelia! Ashley is my middle name and I knew so many Ashley's growing up. I guess that's what happens when you are born in the 90s.

Jack and Leo
Jack and Henry
Jack and Harry
Jack and Benjamin 
Jack and Lucas
Jack and Tyson 
Jack and Oscar 
Jack and George 
Jack and Max
Jack and Bobby 

Jack and Beatrice
Jack and Aria 
Jack and Abigail "Abby"
Jack and Ava 
Jack and Josslyn
Jack and Sophia 
Jack and Audrey
Jack and Jill 
Jack and Genevieve "Evie"
Jack and Carter (g)
Jack and Zoe

Jack, Grace, and Harry
Jack, Molly, and Caroline
Jack, Claire, and Joey
Jack, Ethan, and Grace 
Jack, Olivia, and Angela
Jack, Reese, and Darren 
Jack, Issy, and Jonah 
Jack, Ruby, and Frankie (g)
Jack, Lennox, and River (b)
Jack, Byron, and Georgie 
Jack, Evelynn, and Tristan 
Jack, Samantha, and Gianna
Jack, Henry, and William 

Jack, Luke, Annie, and Lexie
Jack, Harry, Thomas, and Ruby
Jack, Emma, Ava, and Elena 
Jack and Nate (twins), Elijah, and Oliver 
Jack, Jayden (g), Bradley, Blaze, and Gunnar 
Jack, Zeon, Kaire, Taliah, Alizah, and Jasmine 
Jack, Izrael (g), Sequani (b), Henri, and Francis (b)
Jack, Darlene, Barbara, Nancy, Richard, and Susan 
Jack, Madalyn, Ann, Evelyn, Amelia, and Brantley 
Jesse "Jack", Michael, John, Davis, Hazel, Florence, Julia, and Benjamin 

I am always interested when I see half overlapping siblings like Jack, Grace, and Henry with Jack, Grace, and Ethan. Another interesting comment from this gathering was Jack and Jill. I should have known at least one set of Jack and Jill would pop up! By far the most interesting comment on this post was a Jesse nicknamed Jack. I wonder where that could have come from. 

Ashley Michelle and Tyler Patrick 
Ashley and Tyler 
Ashley and Jeremy (x2)
Ashley and Philip
Ashley and Andrew 
Ashley Morgan and Matthew Kaleb 
Ashley and Jonathon

Ashley and Jessica (x2)
Ashley and Kayla (x2)
Ashley and Courtney 
Ashley and Lindsey
Ashley and Heather 
Ashley and Adrianna 
Ashley Elizabeth and Danielle Jeanine 
Ashley and Cara 
Ashley and Megan 
Ashley and Katarina 
Ashley and Dana
Ashley and Stephanie 
Ashley and Melissa 

Ashley, Chris, and Brittany
Ashley Elizabeth, Emily Lauren, and Laura Katherine 
Ashley Brooke, Joshua, and Matthew 
Ashley, Erin, and Alexa
Ashley, Ryan, and Brooke 
Ashley, Austin, and Amanda 
Ashley, Cody, and Ryan 
Ashley Danielle, Annie Marie, and Adam Gabriel 
Ashley, Haley, and Emily 

Ashley, Brittani, Hannah, and Cassi 
Ashley Suzanne, Christina Joy, Nickolas Austin, and Tyler Daniel 
Ashley, Evan, Lindsay, and Austin 
Ashley, Heather, Aaron, and Braden 
Ashley, Melissa, Derek, and Tyler 
Ashley, Michael, Aidan, and Matthew 
Ashley, Trent, Jill, Sawyer, Sandi
Ashley, Jessica, Karl, Audrey, and Terrell
Ashley, Sabrina, Tequila, Caya, and Sean 
Ashley, Cara, Courtney, Josiah, Elias, and Gracie 

There were a lot of of double sibsets. Ok maybe only 4 but since I don't often multiple comments with the same exact siblings. This name also had a lot of middle names commented along with siblings, adds to the interesting information. 

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

2017 List Predictions {New to Top 100}

On Sunday I talked about names that I think/am predicting will make it onto the top 1000 list for the 2016 statistics. Today I am talking about names I predict will make it into the top 100. Last year when I did this list I did a very bad job. None of the boy names I listed made it into the top 100 and only 2 of the 4 of my girl names did. I am hoping this year I will do better but there is very little room for guessing wrong. Most years less than 10 names make it into the top 100 that were not in there the year before. Some of the names that I predicted would make it into the top 100 and didn't will be on this list again. 

Miles- Miles has always been in the top 1000 list since the very first year it came out in 1880 but it has never ranked in the top 100. In 2016 Miles was ranked at #105 making it the highest it has every ranked. Although the name only moved 3 spots from 2015 to 2016 I can still see the name moving t least 5 spots within the year. 

Harrison- Like Miles, Harrison is another name that has been in the top 1000 since 1880 and has never been in the top 100. Unlike Miles though, Harrison jumped 13 spots from 2015 to 2016 and currently ranks at #107. I can see the appeal in the name Harrison because it is similar to Harry and Henry while offering a longer name option. 

Declan- I had Declan on my list before the 2016 ranks came out. The name missed the top 100 by 9 spots ranking at #109. In 1998, Declan ranked for the first time in the top 1000 at #712. In just 10 years the name made itself into the top 500 at #346 and has grown since then. Declan has a lot of appeal to families that want a unique name without going so far off the charts. 

Everett- Everett jumped 22 spots from 2015 to 2016 and is now ranked at #114. Thats the biggest jump out of the boy names on my list. One thing I have noticed is that boy names move a little slower than girl names. At one point in time Everett was ranked in the top 100 from the 1900s to the early 1920s. With that time frame coming back around I wouldn't be surprised to see Everett in the top 100 in 2017. 

Jameson- Jameson, like Declan, is another name I had on my list from last year. In 2016 the name ranked at #128, so a little farther down on the list. It did jump 16 spots in on year. Jameson would make a great alternative to James making me thinking it may make it into the top 100. 

Emilia- Emilia missed the top 100 by just 2 spots but from 2015 to 2016 it jumped 43 spots. I am adding this name to the list not only because of the decent sized jump in numbers but because Emilia is very similar to Amelia as well as Elena and Eliana. Elena and Eliana both made it into the top 100 last year.

Everly- I had Everly on my list last year but it didn't make it into the top 100. Like Emilia it had another nice sized jump of 31 spots to #107. E names seem to be a favorite for girls. And if the amount of times I have heard the name Everly in the last year means anything than the name will rank in the top #100. 

Valentina- In 2016, Valentina ranked at #106 just below Everly. The appeal I see in Valentina is the romantic, grand vibe. You can't see the name Valentina without thinking of a beautiful tough girl. The name only jumped 8 spots from 2015 to 2016, the smallest jump on my girl list. 

Josephine- I am surprised Josephine is not on the top 100 list! It is so close to being a classic and was once ranked in the top 50 int he early 1900s. From 2015 to 2016 Josephine jumped 17 to #114. Will Josephine jump at least 14 spots this year?

Ivy- Ivy is another name I had on my list last year that didn't make it into the top 100. Although the name has been on the list since the 1900s it has never ranked in the top 100. It has a vintage feel to it but isn't overly old lady chic. 

I am really interesting to see how all these names do when the new list comes out. I hope this year I am better than last year! 

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sibling Names: George and Violet

Sundays use to be one of my least favorite days. Everyone knows that Sunday night feeling of the impending Monday and week ahead. Now that I am doing the Real Life Sibling Sets every Sunday is just so much better. I really enjoyed the comments from the weeks of George and Violet. One person wrote the longest, sweetest comment about her family history of the George's in her life. You will also notice that one of the siblings in the Violet category overlaps with the George category (would you call them categories?) and now I didn't plan to have these two names in the same blog posts!

In case you missed it, every Sunday I post a name on my instagram asking my followers to comment names of the siblings they know for the posted name. I ask for only real life siblings so none from movies and no suggestions for future siblings.

George Walter and Elizabeth Hanna
George and Lucille
George and Marina 
George and Isabell
George and Charlotte 
George Janet

George and Charles 
George and Jack 
George and Jackson
George and Paul 
George and Oscar
George and Deane (b)
George and Harold "Harry"

George, Shannon, and Lynne
George, Rachel, and Matthew 
George, Oscar, and Eartha
George, Ava, and Petra 
George, Amelia, and Harry 
George, Alice, and Charlee (g)
George, Tom, and Scott 

George, Makenna, Bryant, and Kelly (b)
George, Evelyn, Violet, and Helen 
George, Evelyn, Robert "Bob", Nancy "Nan", and Charles "Chuck"
George, Eleanor, Charlotte, Josephine, Simon, Henry, and Madison 
George, Archie, Elwood, Joann, Peggy, Gertrude, and General Kimp 
George, Lorenzo "Locks", Maddalena "Maddie", Ann "Annie)" Frances (g)
George, Lorenzo, Anthony "Tony", Ann, Michael, Vincent "Vinny", Frances "Franny" (g), Terrence "Tex", Kevin, Bernard, and Michelle 

The last two sibling sets are father and son! Their family also had a lot of George variants like Georgia, Georgiana, and Jorge. 

Violet and Mabel 
Violet and Vivian 
Violet and Layla
Violet and Hazel
Violet, and Scarlett 
Violet and Ember 
Violet and Lily 
Violet and Emily 
Violet and Willow 
Violet May and Elliana Rose 
Violet and Emilia 
Violet and Petra

Violet, Penelope, and Tallulah 
Violet, India, and Atlas 
Violet, Elijah, and Charlotte 
Violet, Micah, and Hudson 
Violet, Madison, and Amber 
Violet, Margo, and Lucy 
Violet, Amelia, and Lydia
Violet, Amber, and Ruby 

Violet, Evelyn, Helen, Estelle, and George 
Violet, Edith, Ethel, Virgil, and Victor 
Violet, Ethel, George, and Oscar 
Violet, Tristan, Leland, and Milo 
Violet, Bryant, Shawnie, Keith, and Crissy
Violet, Rose, Benjamin, Samuel, Adam, Jonathan, Gershom, Gabriel, and Isaiah

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

2017 List Predictions {New to Top 1000}

Every May the Social Security Administration post the most popular baby names for the previous year. In the name community it is seen as our own personal Christmas. The excitement us name lovers feel is the same excitement you had as a child on Christmas Eve.

It's only March but I have already been thinking about the new list. I can't wait to get my hands on the new names and to spend hours looking over the names and their popularity. I am so fill of excitement that I have already made a list of posts I want to make (if my life allows it) when the new list comes out. Until then I decided to make some predictions about what I think may happen when he list comes out. There will be two posts, one for the new to the top 1000 and one for the new to the top 100. 

Last year I did the same kind of posts. When I made my 2016 predictions for new names to the top 1000 I picked 4 girl names and 4 boy names. Only 2 for each gender made it onto the top 1000. I've included all 4 of those names on this years list. 

Kaiser- Kaiser was on my list last year but did not make it onto the top 1000. In fact it was ranked at #1001 and short by just 1 spot! The only reason the name wasn't on the top 1000 was because of alphabetical order. The #1000 boy name for 2016 was Jonathon and was given to 202 babies. The same number of babies also received the name Kaiser. The reason I still have Kaiser on this years list is because there was a continued increase in the number of babies given the name Kaiser. In 2015 only 140 babies received that name. I think the name fits with the -er boy names as well as sounding similar to names like Tyler and Kai. 

Simeon- Simeon is the other name on this years list that was also on my list last year. I included the name again because it was so close to being in the top 1000. It ranked at #1012 and given to 199 babies just 3 less babies than the top 1000 name. Simeon is a biblical name and sounds like a fresh take on Simon. Biblical boy names are what many of the top 100 names are. You can see the appeal in an unique biblical name. 

Briar- Briar ranked at #1004 in 2016 and was actually in the top 1000 in 2015. I am not sure why it fell off the charts but I can see it making a come back. The more time that passes the older all the Brian's in the world get and I can see more parents wanting to honor them. Briar is also a lesser known nature name that means thorny plant. 

Bear- Fox is a name that moved into the top 1000 name in 2016 so why not Bear? It is both a nature name and word name. People love their nature names thats for sure. Its also a celebrity name. Past One Direction band member, Liam Payne named his son Bear Grey in March of 2017. Celebrities have had influences on names plenty of times in the past. 

Archie- America has a way of picking up names that are more popular over in Britain many years later. Archie is one of those names that I have been hoping will gain popularity. I'm adding the name to this list now because of the popular show Riverdale. If you haven't seen the show the main charter is named Archie and it is based off of the comic character. If there is one name on this list that I am iffy about making it on to the top 1000 it is Archie. 

Etta- Etta was a name that I was rooting for right before the 2016 list came out but sadly she did not make it. I am adding the name back to the list for multiple reasons. To start it had an increase in 53 from 2015 to 2016. If it makes another big leap like that this year it will definitely be in the top 1000. Etta is similar to the popular names Ella and Emma. If you have also heard of the 100 year rule than you can agree that Etta is ready for a comeback. The 100 year rule is when a name makes a comeback a 100 years after it was popular. 

India-  India was just one spot shy of the top 1000 spot in 2016 and one baby short! The funny part of this name was that in 2015 262 babies were given the name and the same amount were give the name in 2016. I am interested to see if the name increases or stays stable in this coming year. Place names are all the range so I can see the appeal in India. Plus the nickname Indie is super cute. 

Opal- Opal is similar to other much more popular gem names out there like Ruby and Pearl. Besides being a gem name it is also a vintage name. I am seeing more and more vintage names coming back. A 100 years ago the name was in the top 100, making it a perfect candidate for the 100 year rule. Numbers wise the name has had an increase of babies born with the name over the last 3 years. from 183 in 2014 to 256 in 2016. 

Elodie- With how many times I've heard the name Elodie in the last few months you would think it was already in the top 1000. The name appeals to parents because of her El- beginning. It also sounds like a princess name and that is a factor some parents like. Like I mentioned with the name Archie, Elodie is more popular in England and Wales ranking at #166. 

Florence- Some of the trends I am hoping to see in the next 5 years gaining popularity are more names from the top 100 from 100 years ago and names that the British love. Florence is one of them. In England and Wales, the name ranks at #23 and 100 years ago in 1918 the name was #14. If we take a look the numbers, Florence has had an increase in babies born: 183 in 2014 to 215 in 2015 to 247 in 2016. 

I am really excited to see how all of my names do this year. I love just about every name on this list so I wouldn't be upset if they hopped onto the top 1000 list. What are some names you are hoping make it onto the list in May? 

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Names

The other day I saw a meme about girl scout cookie season. It went a little something like this: There are 5 seasons summer, fall, winter, girls out cookies, spring. I have sadly not gotten my hands on a box of cookies and I know I need to fix that really fast! Until then I have some names for you. I was inspired to come up with baby names inspired by the different types of girl scout cookies. It is a fun and different list!

Thin Mints: Araminta, Winter, Minta

Carmel DeLites/Samoas: Cara, Carmen, Carmelita, Carmelo, Samantha, Samira, Samo, Samuel

Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs: Patty, Patsy, Thiago, Taggart

Shortbread/Trefoils: Trey, Trefor, Trenton, Trena

Do-Si-Dos/ Peanut Butter Sandwich: Dodie, Dossie, Dosia, Sia

Lemonades: Lennon, Lemont, Lemya 

Savannah Smiles: Vanna, Erendira, Susmita, Savon, Savita, Sylvester 

Thanks-a-lots: Thane, Thana, Thanos, Zendaya 

Toffee-tastic: Topher, Christof

Trios: Trey, Trinity, Trindad, Tristano, Tristan 

Smores: Herschel, Graham, Marshall

What is your favorite girl scout cookie? I personally love the Samoas. Also what names would you add to this list?

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