About Me

Hey all! My name's Lauren Ashley or Ren for the namer community. My love for names started as a young child and has evolved into the obsession it is today. I took that love and started this blog in 2011. Prior to writing for the blog I was on an ancient chat room called Formspring where I met most of my name friends!

Writing for the blog became too much while I was in college so I made an instagram titled Abundance of Names. I have ran the account since July 2014 and have gained even more name friends than I could ever imagine! AoN is my main name outsource as of now and where I channel most of my energy. Over there you can find name games, features, name list, and more. If you hop onto instagram stories you can find life updates, books I'm reading, Q&A's just to name a few.

When I am not writing, researching, and talking names you can find me with a book in my hand or a pen or any craft supply. I enjoy reading anything from cheesy unrealistic romance novels to true crime. My recent obsession is vintage postcard books of the places I love or visit. Just like baby names, my love for crafts has been around my whole life. In recent times I have been waiting with acrylic paints, burning wood, and finding ways to do Dollar Store diys.

My full time job is as a registered nurse in a geriatric rehab that I have been doing for almost a year and a half now. Being a nurse was the biggest dream I had and I wouldn't change it for anything. Thankfully I only work 3 days a week (but they are 12+ hour days #nurselife) leaving me plenty of time to do the hobbies I love!

I'll leave you with some fun facts about me and the person I am:

  • I own a 2018 Jeep Wrangler named Bodhi Gray
  • Halloween in my favorite holiday but my soul bleeds sand and beaches
  • Nothing is better than a glass of wine from a local winery
  • Country music is life 


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