Friday, June 24, 2016

No Nickname, No Problem! [Boys]

A few days ago I shared with you 10 of my favorite girl names that have no nicknames. Today I am here to share 10 of my favorite boy names that have no nicknames. While making this list I felt like it was easier to make the boy list than the girls. Boys seem to have less nickname options than girls.

Rhett- My first thought when I hear the name Rhett is a little southern boy. It is a name found in the classical book Gone With The Wind. Watch out because the name is showing up in popularity!

Brooks- I am such a sucker for names that end in S. I also love names that seemed to belong in the south. Like Rhett, I always picture a sweet boy dressed in seersucker running around on a farm.

Otto- Otto is a German name that was popular up until the two World Wars. Otto is a palindrome name meaning it can be spelled the same backwards.

Kai- Kai is one of the most popular Hawaiian names out there. This one syllable name was once unheard of but has been climbing the charts since the late 1990s. Its so popular now that most people will know how to pronounce it.

Knox- Knox is a surname turned first name. He ends in the exotic X and sounds like it ends in an S. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie named their son Knox in 2008 causing many people to take notice to it.

Wyatt- I'm a fan of Raising Hope, the tv show, and one it they have a character named Wyatt. Before the show I wasn't too keen on the name but it has really grown on me. It has been a favorite of many people causing it to be all the way up at #34 on the charts.

Sawyer- Sawyer is an occupation name that feels friendly and fresh. Two famous bearers of the name are Tom Sawyer, a classical character, and Diane Sawyer.

Killian- The beings sound (kill) seems to be one of the only reasons people shy away from the name. If the beginning is too harsh for you I suggest the spelling Cillian.

Dean- My cousins named her son Dean about 6 years ago and it was the first time I really noticed the name. Now I love it and would use it as a middle name. I'm also a huge fan of Supernatural so I associate the name with the show.

Forrest- Forrest was on the top 1000 charts from 1900 to 2003. Than it took a 10 year break and came back in 2013. Since them he has been moving up the charts. I adore the name Forrest and love the nature yet unique feel it has.

These are just 10 of my favorite no nickname names. If I wanted to I could go on and on making a list so long you wouldn't want to read it! If you enjoyed this post or the girl's post let me know and I can do more like it!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

No Nicknames, No Problem! [Girls]

If you've been around the blog a while than you know I love nicknames. It all stems from not having a nickname growing up so I always say I'm going to name my children with names that have a nickname option. Not everyone wants to give their children nicknames. A lot of parents are on the lookout for names that don't have nicknames or are going with just the nickname (ex: Jenny instead of Jennifer). I thought I would put together a list of names that don't have nicknames.

Blair- Ever since watching and falling in love with the tv show Gossip Girl I have adored the name Blair. She has a more prestigious and girly feel to her. Because it is only one syllable it goes well with a lot of names as a middle name.

Ivy- This is botanical name is great if you want a flower or nature name but don't want something that is too popular. Just be warned that it seems he is slowing moving up the charts and is currently ranked the highest ever.

Pearl- The gemstone of June and a name very popular (top 25) in 1900 needs a comeback. I love the old lady chic feel to it. In the last few years the name has been quickly climbing up the charts.

Summer- There aren't too many two syllable names that don't have any nicknames. Most of the names that have no nicknames are one syllable. Summer has a very airy and light feel to it.

Eve- Eve was the first woman in the Bible and seems to be coming back to style. She fits in with the ever popular Ava and other names like Eva, Evelyn, and Evie.

Ruby- I mentioned Pearl a few names ago and now I have the name Ruby for you. The vibrant gemstone brings about a sassy, yet sweet feel to her. She is all the range in countries like Australia, England, and Ireland. I can see it jumping into the U.S. top 50 very soon.

Sylvie- I have to say this is probably my favorite name on this list. I have Sylvie in my top 3 at the moment. She is a name that is familiar yet different. Her sister name, Sylvia, is in the top 500 yet she isn't even ranked yet.

Haven- Haven is a safe pick for many parents with her simple sound and no nickname option. The name was extremely unheard of until 1996 when it first entered the charts. Because of Jessica Alba naming her daughter Haven in 2011 the name has shot up the charts.

Daisy- Daisy was once used as a nickname for Margaret but since she was used so often its a name that stands one its own most of the time. Daisy is less popular than Lily but not too much that people don't know the name.

Molly- Molly is a classical name is a name that seems to be given to a lot of Irish babies, although it is not of Irish descent. She once started out as a nickname for Molly and now stands perfectly on its own.

These are just 10 of my favorite girls names that have no nickname options. There are so many more out there. I will bring the boy name version to you very shortly.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Big Brother 18

I'm a huge Big Brother fan and the new season will be out this coming week. A few days ago the names of the houseguest were released. There are some pretty cool names so I thought I would share the whole group with you. And if you are a fan tell me! I want to meet all of the Big Brother fans out there.

Bronte is a literary name being worn by the Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. The name gives off a very English, posh sound to it. It has never been ranked in the United States and was ranked all the way back in 1998 at #408. Bronte is an English name meaning descendent of Proinnteach (bestower).

Paulie is a diminutive of Paul meaning small or humble. In the Bible Paul can be found in the New Testament as an apostate of Jesus. Currently (2015) the name is ranked at #200 and was most popular in 1930 (#12). The name gives off a very simple and put together picture.

Zakiyah is an alternative spelling to the Arabic name Zakiya meaning pure. During my research I can across the name Zaccai, a boy name meaning pure, that was the name of a minor character in the Bible. I have to believe that Zakiyah can be an alternative to Zaccai. The name found be adorable with the nicknames Kai, Zak, or Kiki.

Glenn from Big Brother is one of the older house guest and explains he name a little. I feel like Glenn suits him really well just by looking at his picture. He looks like a Glenn. In Scottish the name means valley. When you look at the charts you have to go all the way back to 2008 to find Glenn.

The Natalie I picture in my head has long brown hair that's curly. She is Italian. Natalie is a French nam meaning Christmas Day. In 2015 she was ranked at #27 and was most popular in 2008 at #18. I wonder how many of those Natalie's were born on or around Christmas.

Victor makes me think of macho guys who still have a soft side. The men who will play dress up with kids. In Roman the name means victor, conqueror. In 2015 it was ranked at #160 on its way down the charts from previous years.

I went to school with two Bridgettes one of which wore this spelling of the name. There are many spellings of the name such as Bridget, Brighid, Brigid, and Brigit. The name gives off a Irish Catholic girl feel to it. In Irish it means exalted one. You won't find the spelling Bridgette on the charts unless you go back to 2003 but you will find Bridget at #537.

Jozea is probably the most unique name out of all of the house guest. There is little to no information on the list. When you look up the name I only get information on Jozea in Big Brother. If you know anything about this name let me know!

Tiffany is a perfect name from he 80s that is still ebbing used today. For me the first thing that comes to mind is Tiffany and Co the jewelry company. I think of class and someone who dresses in fancy dresses and pearls. In English the name means manifestation of God.

The name Corey makes me think of a polite country boy wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. I enjoy the simplicity of the name. My personal preference is the spelling Cory. In Irish the name means from he hollow.

Michelle is the feminine form of Michael meaning who is like God. One of the most recent famous name bearer is Michelle Obama who seems to help keep the name alive. To my surprise the name didn't make it onto the charts until 1938.

There is a Paul and a Paulie on this season of Big Brother. I am wondering if you guys get two different feels to the two names. To me Paul is a more profession name where Paulie is someone who would party and play games. Do you feel like the names are opposite to each other.

If you are a long time Big Brother fan than you know there are always more than just 12 house guest. There is for sure a twist in the making. Who could the other house guest be? I guess only time will tell!


Friday, June 17, 2016

Finding Dory

Raise your hand if you've waited for the past 13 years for the Finding Nemo sequel! Don't lie because we all know the movie theater is going to be filled with people in 20s reliving their childhood. Finding Dory has been long anticipated by people of all ages. I know I've been waiting for it! 

If you've been around the blog long enough than you know I like to celebrate fun and important events by writing blog posts. I'd say the Finding Dory premier counts as important in my books. I took at a look of some of the newest Disney names from the movie below. 

Dory isn't a new Disney name but she is the star of the show so I had to feature her. Dory is a diminutive of Dorothy (Gift of God)  or Doris (Dorian woman). Besides being a nickname for Dorothy and Doris, Dory can be a nickname for Dora, Theodora, Teadora, Isadora, and Dorcas. 

Destiny is a new character to the Nemo franchise. She is a whale shark and one of Dory's friends. Destiny simply means destiny, fate in English. It wasn't until the mid 1970s that Destiny made her way onto the SSA popularity charts. She was pretty popular in the late 1990s/early 2000s but has been moving down the charts since. 

Jenny is Dory's mom. We finally get to met Dory's parents!  How exciting is that? Jenny is a diminutive of Jennifer, meaning fair, white. If you were born in the 1970s you know at least one person with the name Jennifer. That's if you aren't already baring the name. 

Bailey is a beluga whale. Did I mention that Bailey is a boy? He is! How cool is it to hear about a boy character with he name Bailey. I rarely every hear the name on a boy. Bailey is currently ranked at #108 for girls and hasn't been in the charts since 2010 for boys. In English the name means bailiff. 

Charlie is Dory's father. Compared to Jenny, Charlie sounds very modern. Parents are using it a lot more on baby boys and baby girls as just a nickname. The nickname is a diminutive of Charles meaning man. 

Hank is a seven-armed octopus. Throughout the movie he is portrayed as being grumpy and just wanting a life all by himself. As a name, it is a diminutive of John (Yahweh is gracious) or Henry (home ruler). Most of the celebrities named Hank are given the birth name Henry. 

Will you be going to see Finding Dory? I'm thinking about going to see it with my little sister if I get the chance. I'd love to go since I've been waiting since the rumors came out about their being a Finding Nemo 2. 

****DISCLOSER: I did not watch the movie yet. The information I wrote about the characters I got while doing my research online. I also only included names of characters that were not in Finding Nemo with the except of Dory.***



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