Tuesday, July 31, 2012

French Baby Names

Hey guys. I have another blog post for you guys. This time the post was inspired by Kara (DearMissKara). She had asked what our favorite names from some of the origins were and I thought that would be perfect for a post. The origin I have today is French names. I never know I liked so many French names until this post. I have 15 girl names and 15 boy name and their meaning. So let’s get started.

  1. Arlette- Lion of God
  2. Adelie- Noble
  3. Arline- Eagle
  4. Aveline- it is a form of Evelyn and Evelyn means Beautiful bird
  5. Delphine- Woman from Delphi
  6. Elodie- wealthy, riches
  7. Emerence- Worthy of Merit
  8. Leonie- Lioness
  9. Maelie- Chief, Princes
  10. Magalie- Pearl
  11. Marcheline- War like
  12. Silvine- Forest
  13. Solange- Solemn
  14. Vivienne- Alive
  15. Villette- Small Village

  1. Bastien- Venerable, revered
  2. Blaise- Limping
  3. Burke- From the Fortress
  4. Dashiell- Page boy
  5. Elroy- The king
  6. Dax- Leader
  7. Fleming- From Flanders
  8. Gilles- Is a form of Giles, which means pledge or young goat
  9. Gaston- From Gascony, France
  10. Leverett- Young hare
  11. Moises- Born of
  12. Olivier- Olive tree
  13. Saber- Sword
  14. Razo- Royal
  15. Rigny- From Rigny, France

So that is my list. I hope you like it and don’t forget to comment. Also the feature Friday will be out in 3 days!!!! I hope everyone is as excited as I am.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

MLB Series: San Diego Padres

Hey guys! So I am back with the next installment of the MLB series. This time I will be doing the San Diego Padres. Let’s get started.

  1. Everth- This name is for Everth Cabera. He is number 2, an infielder, and 26 years old. I couldn’t find information on this name. I like Everth because it is cool and different. I kind of like it more than Everett.
  2. Huston- This name is for Huston Street. He is number 16, a pitcher, and 29 years old. Huston means Hugh’s town, settlement on the hill in Irish. I like Huston because of the ston part. I like it better than Hudson.
  3. Edinson- This name is for Edinson Volques. He is number 37, a pitcher, and 29 years old. I couldn’t find the meaning of Edinson. I think Edinson could go with the other popular names.
  4. Yonder- This name is for Yonder Alonso. He is number 23, an infielder, and 25 years old. I couldn’t find the meaning of Yonder. I like Yonder but I think it could be confused for younger.
  5. Kip- This name is for Kip Wells. He is number 60, a pitcher, and 35 years old. Kip means pointed hill in English. I really like Kip. It is kind of old fashioned and could come back.
  6. Dale- This name is for Dale Thayer. He is number 55, a pitcher, and 32 years old. DFale means valley in English. I’m okay with Dale. It isn’t my favorite though.

  1. Headley- This name is for Chase Headley. He is number 7, an infielder, and 28 years old. Headley means heathered meadow in English. I was watching sportscenter the over day and they were talking about this guy. I though “Hey Headley could be a cute girl name!”.
  2. Maybin- This name is for Cameron Maybin. He is number 24, an outfielder, and 25 years old. I couldn’t find the meaning of this name. I have a girl in my class with the last name Mabin and think it is a really cute name.

So that is my list. I hope you like it and don’t forget to comment. Also if you were wondering about the feature Friday, the person is picked (at random) and has been contacted. All I need to do is interview her. If we don’t start the interview by Wednesday than the second pick, who doesn’t know yet, we take her place. Bye for now :).

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Feature Friday Update

Hey guys! So I am picking the person to be featured this week in 1-2 hours. So if you would like a chance comment below and let me know. I will add your name to the list. If your name is on the list than you may get an email tonight. I can't wait to have someone picked out. It is all random so I have no clue who it is going to be! I am so excited!!!!!! Bye for now :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Names

So I got the idea for this blog post from Stephanie over at anastasiaruby. Go Check out her video here. First I will tell you the names from her video I liked. For girls I liked Sultana, Delphine, Sonata, Eilidh, Elodie, Coralie, and Rushlee. For the boys I liked Keston, Storm, Kaio with the nickname Kai, Collis, Soren, Tarlan, and Lincoln. So now let’s go onto my names.

  1. Holder- This name is for Holder da Silva. He is playing for Guinea Bissau, and is doing the Men’s 100m. Holder means one who has a beautiful voice in English. I like Holder because it ends in –er and is  a great alternative to Holden.
  2. Kerson- This name is for Kerson Hadley. He is playing for the Federated states of Micronesia and doing the 50m freestyle. Kerson is a variant of Kerson in Indonesian. I love K names and this one is so cool. I can it going with the other son names like Carson, and Mason.
  3. Tanel- This name is for Tanel Laanmae. He is playing for Estonia and doing the javelin Throw. Tanel means God is my judge in German. I really like Tanel. It sounds so much like Tanner to me.
  4. Andrey- This name is for Andrey Quintero. He is playing for Colombia and is sailing. Andrey means masculine, brave in Russian. I like Andrey because it is not like the popular name Andrew but still has the same feel.
  5. Artem- This name is for Artem Udachyn. He is playing for Ukraine and dog the +150kg. Artem means healthy, vigorous in Russian. I’m not really sure why but I like this name.
  6. Rustam- This name is for Rustam Ukumanov. He is playing for Kazakhstan and doing water polo. Rustam means tall; strong in Persian. I really like Rustam because you can use the nickname Rush with it.
  7. Aleksey- This anme is for Aleksey Zagorny, he is playing for Russian Fedeation and doing the hammer throw. Aleksey means protector of men in Greek. I think this is a cool masculine name.
  8. Ludwig- This name is for Ludwig Paischer. He is playing for Austria and doing the Judo. Ludwig means famous warrior in German. I really like this name. I am not sure why though.
  9. Darvin- This name is for Darvin Edwards. He is playing for Saint Lucia and doing the high jump. Darvin is an English name that is either a blend of Daryl and Marvin or a variant of Darwin. I like the sound of this name.
  10. Abdihakem- This name is for Abdirahman Abdirahman. He is playing for the USA and doing marathon. Abdirahman means servant of the merciful in Arabic. I put this name on the list because I though it was a very unusual name.

  1. Jolien- This name is for Jolien D’hoore. She is playing for Belgium and doing the cycling-track. Joilen is Hebrew meaning God is Gracious. I love this name. it sounds so pretty.
  2. Silvina- This name is for Silvina D’Elia. She is playing for Argentina and doing hockey. Silvina means woodland, forest in Italian. I love this name. one of my guilty pleasure names for girls is Silver and this would be a great name to use it as a nickname.
  3. Rubie Joy- This name is for Rubie Joy Gabriel. She is playing for Palau and doing women’s 100. Rubie means red gemstone in English and Jpy means happiness in Latin. I love the combo together. It sounds so cute and girly.
  4. Florencia- This name is for Florencia Habif. She is playing for Argentina and doing hockey. Florencia means flowering, in bloom in Latin. I like this name because it sounds pretty and is similar to Florence.
  5. Moe- This name is for Moe Kaifuchi. She is playing for Japan and is doing Kayak. Moe means dark skinned in American. I love this as a nickname for a girl with or without the e.
  6. Lyndal- This name is for Lyndal Oatley. She is playing for Australia and is doing equestrian individual dressage and equestrian group dressage. Lyndal means a waterfall in American. I like Lyndal because it is a great way to honor a Lindsey but with a spunky name.
  7. Lecabela- This name is for Lecabela Quaresma. She is playing for Sao Tome and Principe and is going the 100m hurdles. I couldn’t find a meaning of Lecabela. I like Lecabela because it sounds so beautiful and the bela part is my favorite.
  8. Jovanka- This name is for Jovanka Radicevic. She is playing for Montenegro and is doing handball. Jovanka means God’s grace in Hebrew. I love the way this sounds. It has such a sharp sound to it.
  9. Kissya- This anme is for Kissya da Costa. She is playing for Brazil and is doing single sculla. I couldn’t find the meaning of Kissya. I like this name because it sounds so lovely and cute.
  10. Vasileia- This name is for Vasileia Zachou. She is playing for Greece and doing gymnastics group all-around. Vasileia is an Australian name.  I like this name because of the Leia part. It is so pretty.

So that is my list. Have you heard any cool names in the Olympics lately? Let me know in the comments. I hope you liked it and don’t forget about feature Friday. I would love if everyone joined. Bye for now :).

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby Namer Interview/Feature Friday

Hey, guys. I’m back again. This time with the details and small rules for the baby namer interview/feature Friday. I thought I would start off with the details. If you don’t already know, every Friday I will be interviewing a baby namer and putting their interview up on my blog. A baby namer is someone who blogs, makes videos or is on formspring that loves names. 

Here is some information:
  • The people will be picked at random using
  • You will get a number every week. It will change every week because there will be one less person.
  • I will let everyone know their number before I pick, that way there are no problems. I will make a page on my blog were every week I will update the numbers.
  • To make it fair and free of doubt I will send out a formspring question saying I am picking and then I will video tape the number being picked with the time and date.
  • If you are picked, you will be contacted by email, formspring, your blog, or youtube.
  • You will be keep in the drawing every week unless you tell me you do not want to be in it that week.
  • I will add anyone at any point if they were not there the previous weeks. 
  • I would like your blogs, youtubes or tumblrs to be about baby names. 

Here are a few rules:
  • You can only be picked once.
  • I need to know the best way to contact you before your name is put into the drawing.
  • When you are picked, I ask that you keep it a secret until my blog post is out.

When you are picked:
  • The winner will be picked on Sunday and contacted as soon as they are picked.
  • I will contact you in the way that you stated is best for you.
  • I will ask that you contact me as some as you get the confirmation that you were picked but no later than the Wednesday.
  • If you do not contact me by Wednesday, than I will pick someone else.
  • After you contact me back, I will ask which of the following ways is best to conduct the interview and when. The chooses are email (which I prefer), Tinychat, or other.

I hope I covered all of the details and everything is understandable. If you have any questions you can leave a comment, ask me a question on formspring (, or send me an email at  The first person will be next Friday, August 3 and they will be picked on Sunday, July 29. I hope everyone wants to be a part of this. Bye for now :).

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MLB Series: Pittsburgh Pirates And A Update and A Contest

Hey Guys! I’m back with another baby name blog. But before we get to that let’s talk about my new blog! I have just spent the last 3 days making, designing and researching all to come up with this new look. I am so in love with it (I better be! It did take me 3 days!). If you are wondering what those two names are up in my header, they are my favorite names for boy and girl. I have also added and taken away a few things. I have added a new about me, that I will be adding to later and now you can follow me by email. I have also made me blog buttons scroll in the bottom of the page, so now I can add all the buttons I want. Another thing that is new is my blog button. If you have a blog and would like to add it to your stash (or you want to start one) I would love that. Some things that are missing are my name typography, and two of my little blinkies. They are not that big but if you would like them just ask. I also have a new idea that I will leave details below for. Now let’s get onto the blog post. I have the next installment of the MLB series. This time it is the Pittsburg Pirates. Let’s get started.

  1. Rod- This name is for Rod Barajas. He is number 26, a catcher, and 37 years old. Rod is an English name that means famous ruler. Rod is a great nickname for Roderick.
  2. Joel- This name is for Joel Hanrahan. He is number 52, a pitcher, and 31 years old. Joel means God will be willing in Hebrew. I have really been liking this name lately. It makes me think of Joel from Jon and Kate Plus 8 but that may have to do with the fact that I am reading their book right now.
  3. Clint- This name is for Clint Barmes. He is number 12, an infielder, and 33 years old. Clint means town on a hill in English. I really like Clint, although it sounds like an old man.
  4. Neil- This name is for Neil Walkers. He is number 18, an infielder, and 30 years old. Neil is a Scandinavian name that means champion. When I was growing up I know a guy named Neil and really liked it.
  5. Casey- This name is for Casey McGehee. He is number 14, an infielder, and 30 years old. Casey means vigilant in war in Irish. Had I made this blog two months ago I would have never put Casey into the boys section but 2 months ago my really close neighbors named their son Casey and I love it.
  6. Garrett- This name is for Garrett Jones. He is number 46, an outfielder, and 31 years old. Garrett means spear ruler in English. This name has been growing on me lately. I love the nickname Rhett too.

  1. Presley- This name is for Alex Presley. He is number 7, an outfielder, and 27 years old. Presley means from the priest’s field in English. I really love this name for a girl and think it is so cute.
  2. Sutton- This name is for Drew Sutton. He is number 17, an outfielder, and 29 years old. Sutton means from the South town in English. I LOVE, LOVE this name! It is like a guilty pleasure name for me.
  3. McKenry- This name is for Michael McKenry. He is number 55, a catcher, and 27 years old. I couldn’t find out any information on this name. For me Mckenry is a huge guilty pleasure name. I really like Mc names so I feel like it goes with the other names.

So that is my post. I hope you liked it. Now on to my idea. I have had this idea to interview a baby namer and feature them on my blog. The original plan was to have one once a month but then I realized that I have too many baby namer friends to do it just once a month! So now I will do feature Friday. Every Friday I will randomly pick a baby namer (someone who does videos, blogs, or a baby name lover) and ask them a series of questions and tell people to go to their blog/videos/etc. They will also get a button to leave on their blog/youtube channel/etc. that says they were featured. If you would like to be a part of that leave me a comment below and I will make that happen. I hope you will all join and tell your friends. Also let me know what you thought about this blog post. Now I am going to go watch Big Brother so bye for now :). 

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MLB Series: Philadelphia Phillies

So I know I promised you a blog post a couple of days ago but I was really busy. On Saturday it was my cousin Ella’s 4th birthday party so I was there all day. Anyway I have the next installment in the MLB series. This time it is the Phillies!!!!! The Phillies are my favorite team. I have been waiting since I started this series to do the Phillies. Picking name for this one was hard because I wanted to use every name. I did pick some great names though so let’s get started.

  1. Hunter- This name is for Hunter Pence. He is number 3, an outfielder and 29 years old. Hunter means one who hunts in English. Hunter is my all-time favorite player on the Phillies. I know I was going to use this name. I have really been liking Hunter lately. I think of a little blonde haired boy named Hunter.
  2. Placido- This name is for Placido Polanco. He is number 27, an infielder, and 37 years old. Placido means calm, quiet in Spanish. I think Placido is such a cool name. The only problem I hate with this name is I automatically think of Polanco.
  3. Roy- This name is for Roy Halladay. He is number 34, a pitcher, and 35 years old. Roy means red in Scottish. I love, love, love this name! I prefer it as a nickname for Royce, which I love, or another name. Roy Halladay is my second favorite Phillies Player. He was my first but on Hunter is. Actually Roy Halladay’s full name is Harry Leroy "Roy" Halladay III.
  4. Laynce- This name is for Laynce Nix. He is number 19, an outfielder, and 32 years old. Laynce means land in English. I prefer the spelling Lance but Laynce is also nice. I also love Nix but on a girl and it would make a great nickname for Nixon.
  5. Domonic- This name is for Donomic Brown. He is number 9, an outfielder, and 25 years old. Donomic means Belonging to God in Latin. I am almost positive that Domonic is an alternate spelling of Dominic. I do like both names and live the nicknames Dom or Nick for them.
  6. Raul- This name is for Raul Valdes. He is number 46, a pitcher, and 35 years old. Raul means wolf counsel in Spanish. I am really liking Raul. I think it is such a strong name. You could use this name as maybe a middle name to honor a Paul even though they don’t sound the same.

  1. Mayberry- This name is for John Mayberry, Jr. He is number 15, an outfielder, and 29 years old. Mayberry means month of May in English. I think Mayberry could go with all of the other May names. I could never use it because I think of John Mayberry every time I heard it.
  2. Luna- This name is for Hector Luna. He is number 29, an infielder, and 32 years old. Luna means the moon in Italian. I like the name Luna. There have been some people on formspring who have been liking the name Luna lately. I think it is such a cute name. 

So that is my list of names. I know I rambled a lot, Lol :). I hope you like it and don’t forget to comment. I also have to say there are only 9 teams left to go! I think now is a good time to say that as soon as this series is over I have another series to start. I’m not going to tell you what the series is about but I have been waiting to start this series for almost 2 months. So that is all for now and I will be updating you guys soon. Bye :). 

P.S. I had trouble picking just one picture.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

MLB Series: Oakland A's

Hey Guys. I’m back! I have finished all of the tabs so they are now up to date. So I have the next team in the MLB Series. This time it is the Oakland A’s.  Let’s get started.

  1. Bartolo- This name is for Bartolo Colon. He is number 21, a pitcher, and 39 years old. Bartolo means son of Talmai in Greek. I thought this name was so cute! I really don’t like the nickname Bart though.
  2. Jemile- This name is for Jemile Weeks. He is number 19, and infielder, and 25 years old. Jemile means handsome in Arabic. This is a cool name. You could call him Miles for short.
  3. Pedro- This name is for Pedro Figueroa. He is number 65, a pitcher, and 27 years old. Pedro means rock in Spanish. I like Pedro. It is such a cute name.
  4. Cliff- This name is for Cliff Pennington. He is number 2, an infielder, and 28 years old. Cliff means from the cliff ford in English. I have really been liking Cliff lately.
  5. Seth- This name is for Seth Smith. He is number 5, an outfielder, and 30 years old. Seth means appointed in Hebrew. I like Seth but as a middle name.
  6. Norris- This name is for Derek Norris. He is number 36, a catcher, and 23 years old. Norris means from the north in English. Norris is such a cool name but I don’t think it would be good on a little boy.

  1. Coco- This name is for Coco Crisp. He is number 4, an outfielder, and 36 years old. Coco means chocolate bean in American. I think Coco is such a cute nickname for a little girl.

So that is my list. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. Also I will be putting up another blog post either today or tomorrow.  Bye for now :).

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Sunday, July 8, 2012


So I just wanted to make a blog post about why I haven’t post anything in over a week. I have a ton of blog post ideas it is just that I am waiting until I finish up putting all of the names in tabs at the top. All of the girl names are done but the boy names are not even close. I still have to record around 35 blog post worth of boy names. I am hoping to get done by the end of the week but there are no guarantees. Once I am done recording the names I will start to put up more blog post. Thanks for being patient while I finish up recording the names.  


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