Monday, January 25, 2016

Opposite Day

Happy National Opposite Day! I bet you had no idea that it was opposite day. I didn't either until I was doing a little research into funny and ridiculous holidays and national days in January. As soon as I found out it was opposite day I knew I had to write up a blog post with opposite names. I debuted which way I wanted to take this post and ultimately decided to do names that are used majority of the time on one gender but can be seen on the opposite gender. I am going to not include unisex names.

I had some criteria when making this list.

  1. When you search the name it has to say either male or female not both. I used for this. 
  2. The name had to be within the top 500 of the 2014 SSA names list for the original gender. Example: The names on the boys list have to be in the top 500 for boys. 
  3. The name can not be ranked in the top 1000 for the opposite gender. Example: The names on the girls list can not be in the top 1000 for girls in 2014. 

Alan sounds so much like Allison. You can use Allie as a nickname. It's two syllables and sweet sounding.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds named their daughter James earlier in the year. I have heard of little girls being given the name James as a middle name before. Personally I really like James on a girl.


We use Billie and Bobby on girls why can't we use Beau? It would fit perfectly on a little southern girl who lives on a farm.

I have always secretly thought Jude would work for a girl and look cute on one. If you want to give her a more proper girl name than Jude works as a nickname for Judith.

I have heard of a few namers experiencing their love for Kyle on a girl. I think it works because it is short and sweet. It begins with Ky- and there is already the girls name Kylie.

There are many girl names out there that end in -ett/-ette and I can see Rhett fitting in nicely. I picture it on a little country girl like I do Beau because there is a country singer named Thomas Rhett.

Noah is kind of a cheat because if you spell Noah without the H it is a girl name. I am letting myself get away with this one because most people don't know that, even though it is ranked at #941. Years and years ago I always thought Noah was super feminine because it ended in an A.

Jessica Simpson has a daughter named Maxwell and the world freaked out a little when she was born. I thought it was different but worked because there are Max names for girls like Maxine and Maxima. You can use Max as a nickname for both of them as well as for Maxwell.

Aidan and all of his different spelling can definitely work on a girl because it fits with the other boy names on girls. I can see some who used River on a girl picking Aidan as well. People also already use Hayden on a girl so why not use the rhyming name Aidan?

Daniel sounds so extremely close to Danielle that I can't see why it wouldn't work for a girl. You can call her Dani for both names. Danielle is the feminine form of Daniel.

When I was looking for names for this list I was came across Zoey andthought it would work on a boy. I'm not exactly sure why but it just seemed to fit.

On the girls list I had Alan so it was only fitting that I put Allison on the boy list.  Because Allison ends in -son I think that it works for a boy because a ton of boy names end in son.

Caroline is such a classic name for a girl. I can see it on a boy because of the beginning sound, Car-. Use the nickname Cary and you have a nice name for a boy.

Alexis is an unisex name so I thought that Alexa would be unisex as well but it isn't surprisingly. Alex can be a nickname for Alexa making it more than usable on boys. 

I picked Nicole out for this list because of the Cole part of the name and because it is the feminine form of Nicholas. You can use the nicknames Nico and Cole as well. 

Rachel has been around and used for years. It is really common for a girl in the 80s to be named Rachel. The nickname Ray makes this work for a boy. It also doesn't sound very feminine. 

I read a book with the main character named Harmony for a girl. Because of the book I started liking the name. I think Harmony works for a boy it isn't a very feminine name. It sounds very unisex. 

Jack is a boys name already and a great nickname for Jacqueline. There are a lot of girl names that were originally used on boys and I thought Jacqueline was going to be one of those names. To my surprised it was never used on boys.

Just like Jacqueline I thought Kendra was going to be one of those girls names originally used for boys. Ken is a boy name and that's why I can see Kendra on a boy.

I was really surprised that Juniper was not a unisex name. It ends in -er, which is a naming trend among boys. It's a tree name and tree names are general unisex.

I hope this wasn't confusing to everyone. I tried to explain myself as best I could but I'm not always the best at it. If you can any questions comment below! What did you think of this list?


Monday, January 18, 2016

Winnie the Nickname

Today is Winnie the Pooh's author's birthday. Alan Alexander Milne was born 134 years ago today and it is National Winnie the Pooh day in his honor. I never got into Winnie the Pooh as a child but I know that a ton of people love the little bear. In honor of today, I have a list of names that can you use Winnie as a nickname. I adore Winnie so much and there are so many great options out there for first names.

Maybe its the time of the year or maybe I am just finally noticing the name but I have really been liking Winter. I actually came across a set of twin girls named Winter "Winnie" and Lennon not too long ago.

This adorable old lady chic name is really winning me over. I think it would be so cute with the nickname Winnie. Winnie could even make it a little more modern.

Winona makes me think of the south and country. Winnie as a nickname gives it a whimsical feel.

Gwen names are so gorgeous and I think Gwendolyn is my favorite out of all of them. You can always use the nickname Gwen or go a more less common route and use Winnie.

Wilhelmina is yet another old lady chic name that I adore. Willa is a common nickname for it but Winnie works as well.

The next few names are all going to be names that end in -wen. Arwen is the first. It's extremely unique and people are probably not going to have heard it before.

I love Bronwen! You can also spell it Bronwyn and spell the nickname Wynnie. Bronwen is a Welsh name and a lot of Welsh names end in Wen/Wyn.

A fellow namer and friend of mine, Rebe, has a daughter named Rowen, spelled Rowan, who she calls Wynn or Wynnie at times. I think the nickname gives such a girly feel to a unisex names.

I have talked about Arianwen before and I really wish more people would notice it. It's such a great alternative to the ever popular Aria.

Olwen is another Welsh name and in Welsh legend there was a beautiful maiden with this name. Her father told her lover he needed to complete a list of task to marry her and he succeeded.

My first thought when I hear Edwina is a Victorian woman from Britain. I think this name isn't quite ready to catch on but maybe with the nickname Winnie more people will see the appeal.

Whitney is really pretty and a short name to begin with but I do find Winnie to be a really cute nickname.

I was just introduced to Winsome not that long ago and really loved it immediately. It's extremely unique and feels modern.

I think names ending in the -low sound are quirky and modern. Why not add a new name to the list with Winslow. The only time I have heard Winslow is as a surname but people use surnames as first names all the time.

If I left out any names that you like as a form name for Winnie comment below and let me know! What were your favorite names from the list?



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