Sunday, March 29, 2015

Name of the Week: Erasmus

Beloved, Desirable 



Middle Names
Erasmus James 
Erasmus Cruz
Erasmus Dean 
Erasmus Adair 
Erasmus Gray 
Erasmus Malachi 
Erasmus Mackenzie 
Erasmus Dash 
Erasmus Beckett 
Erasmus Lee

First Names
Vaughn Erasmus
 Matteo Erasmus
Lincoln Erasmus
Toby Erasmus
Flynn Erasmus
Leo Erasmus
Rhett Erasmus
Riley Erasmus
Lincoln Erasmus
Benjamin Erasmus


Famous People Named Erasmus 
St. Erasmus (The patron saint of sailors) 
Erasmus Darwin (Grandfather of Charles Darwin) 

My Thoughts 
I think Erasmus is pretty cool and extremely different. It sounds so strong to me. I haven't found a nickname that I like for it. Era is cool but I would prefer that on a girl. Elmo is also cool but than again its a little too red fuzzy monster. 

Reason Erasmus Is Name of The Week
I saw the name on a follower namer on Instagram and really liked it. 


Friday, March 27, 2015

A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

I feel like I don't talk about my favorite name blogs enough although I check a handful of them every day. Actually I check them at least twice a day. Its so bad that my phone has them saved into my frequently visited sites. Since I'm always checking these lovely ladies I thought it would be great to tell my readers about them. Show them some love!

*These blogs are in no particular order! I love all of them equally. * 

Meagan is a fellow Name Sister and a long time baby name lover. She is the sweetest thing ever and I am always checking her blog for new updates. Some of the ideas she's comes up with are just pure brilliant! She always has names of the week posted on Mondays. Be sure to check out her blog and youtube!

I met Sophia on formspring and would check up on her blog every so often but in recent months I have gone to it every day. Here posts are always so simply and easy to read. I love that I can hop on there when I have 5 minute breaks and get some quick name news. My favorite part of her blog is the 10 __ Names You Never Thought Of Using series. I have found so many cool and different names from those post and get just a little to excited for them. 

I found Kaitlyn through my name instagram and immediately fell in love with her blog. There is just something about it that draws me in and I can't put my finger on it. I love the little personalized blurbs she gives the names. She just kind of goes for it. 

Based on the title you wouldn't think this was a name blog. Well it is with a little personal life through in. I found Ally on a name group and she introduced me to her blog. I just kept checking it after that. You can tell how much work she puts into it just by reading her post. I'm really loving her uncommon vintage name post! 

You can find me visiting these blogs every day even if the bloggers haven't posted a while. I always have hope that I will post a new blog post. Now I just have to get around to commenting my thoughts. 

If you have any name blogs I should read tell me!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Rare" N Boy Names

Can anyone remember the last "rare" name post I did because I surely can't! I definitely missed making this posts and alway put them off simply because they usually have a ton of names to them. This time wasn't too bad and I was already on a blogging roll so I thought I would just go for it. I was actually reintroduced to some great names.


  • Meaning: Lion of the New City 
  • Origin: Greek
  • Siblings: Zola and Ferdinand

Napoleon is definitely a rare because of the movie Napoleon Dynamite and the political leader Napoleon Bonaparte. They aren't exactly the best people to name a baby after. I also believe this name is extremely big for a little baby. If I was to meet a Napoleon I would be shocked and proud of the parents for being different.


  • Meaning: Pet form of Edward meaning wealthy guardian 
  • Origin: English 
  • Siblings: Rosie and Roy

Ned Declassification School Survival Guide anyone? That was one of my favorite childhood shows. I still think Ned is such a sweet little old man name for a baby. Paired with Edward and you are golden.


  • Meaning: Son of Nicol
  • Origin: English
  • Siblings: Maribel and Broderick

Nicholson is a great alternative to the name Nicholas. I'm all for honoring too so this fits that category. I'm really loving Nicholson for some reason right now. Maybe its the fact that its a long name or maybe its because its a surname. If anyone knows a Nicholson be sure to let me know.


  • Meaning: Son of Neil
  • Origin: English 
  • Siblings: Portia and Clive

Boy names that end with an s seem to be all the rage lately. Niles would be a nice fit with them. Nile without the s is the name of a river and this name could double as a place name. I'm really liking the simplicity of Niles.

Nils (NEELS)

  • Meaning: Variant of Nicholas meaning people of victory 
  • Origin: Norwegian 
  • Siblings: Else and Lars

Nils is another great way to honor a Nicholas. It can even honor a Neil as well. I also believe it fits with the boy names that end with s. I do like Niles better than Nils though.

Noam (NOHM. NOH-em)

  • Meaning: Pleasant 
  • Origin: Hebrew 
  • Siblings: Tova and Elan

Did anyone else think Noah when they heard this name? I did and I thought it was such a cool variant of Noah. I think both pronunciations are pretty great. If I had to pick one it would be NOHM. Something about this name just draws me in and makes me love it.


  • Meaning: Northman, Norseman 
  • Origin: French
  • Siblings: Wilma and Marvin

Norman falls into the old man chic names. I do hear a lot of people talking about old man names but I very rarely hear them talking about Norman. It may be a little unusable because of the Norman Bates association.


Monday, March 23, 2015

The Sophisticated Quadruplets

I'm not sure if my readers noticed but I moved the name of the week from Mondays to Sundays and  this is why. I want to start a new segment on Mondays called Multiple Mondays where I feature names from different sets of multiples.

The first set of multiples is the Weaver quadruplets who were just born on March 14, 2015 and are still in the hospital. I fell in love with their names and fell in love with their momma too. It's a set of 3 boys and a precious little girl. I put them in birth order.


Lincoln Rhett
Lincoln means lake colony in Latin and Rhett is English from the Dutch language meaning advice. It's nice to hear Lincoln and I feel like it has been on people's radars lately. Lincoln Rhett has such a great flow to it.

Yale Pi (girl)
Yale means fertile upland in Welsh and Pi is a letter in the Greek alphabet and also a mathematical number. I was extremely surprised to not only see the name Yale but to also see it on a girl. Pi threw me off even more. The names together seem were sophisticated and very intelligent. I would have personality choose a more feminine middle name but I think they are nice together.

Sebastian Ty
Sebastian means from Sebasta in Greek and Ty is the diminutive of Ty- names. Sebastian is so grand and handsome. It definitely makes me think of The Little Mermaid. I'm a huge fan of Bash and Bastian. Ty is a name that I loved as a child but I was never a fan of the names Tyler and Tyson.

Hamilton Guy
Hamilton is an Old English name meaning treeless hill and Guy means guide, leader in French. Let's start off by saying that Hamilton is the perfect old man name to go with his siblings. A little Ham is really cute. The dad's name is Guy so I am guessing that's where they came up with the middle name Guy.

All of this names have such a sophisticated, high end feel to them. I think they are make a perfect sibset. The only thing I wish is that little Lincoln's middle named rhymed with the rest of his brothers and sister.

Keep this sweet family in your prayers as the babies get bigger and healthier. You stay up to date on their progress like them on Facebook.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Name Of The Week: Levia

To Join
The feminine version of Levi 


7 Babies were giving this name in 2013 

Middle Names
Levia Pearl 
Levia Eleanor 
Levia Genevieve 
Levia Evianna
Levia Ruth 
Levia Mariposa 
Levia Gretchen 
Levia Naomi 
Levia Rosemary 
Levia Isabelle 

First Names
Teagan Levia 
Sophie Levia 
Ingrid Levia 
Charity Levia 
Madison Levia 
Aspen Levia
Jasmine Levia 
Joelle Levia 
Parker Levia 
Maya Levia 

Levy (lev-ee)
Levi (Like the boy name)

Famous People Named Levia
There was only a Yu-Gi-Oh dragon named Levia 

My Thoughts
I was introduced to the name by my Name Sister Alena and fell in love immediately. It sounds so pretty and is so different. The bible and God come to mind when I hear the name because of it's connection to the name Levi. I think the meaning is pretty nice too. While looking for first and middle names for Levia I had a lot of trouble finding ones that fit. I feel like with it being 3 syllables and ending in an A it clashes with a lot of girl names. 

Reason Levia is Name Of The Week
It's been on my mind for a few weeks now and might even go on to my top list. 


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Irish Surnames

Your last name, at times, can be a dead give away of your nationality. With St. Paddy's Day yesterday I thought it would be cool to look at some of my favorite Irish surnames. Growing up with a lot of Irish people has made some of this surnames every day names fro me.


Meaning: From the Fortress
Sex: Boy
I've had the name Burke on my boy list at one point in my life. It's such a cool surname and I love names that have a K in them. In 2013, 78 boys were named Burke and I was pleasantly surprised but how high the number was.

Meaning: Assembly
Sex: Unisex
I love this name on a girl but just like Gallagher, it's a boy name. A lot of boy names are being used for girls right now so this could go along with he trends. In 2013 more girls (14) than boys (5) were named Daly.

Meaning: Black Stranger
Sex: Boy
Doyle would make a great variant to the name Douglas. Although you can use the name Doyle on a girl, it is much more common on a boy. Seventeen boys were named Doyle in 2013. It has a very masculine sound to it.

Meaning: Descendent of Gallchobar
Sex: Unisex
Although when you look up the name Gallagher you will find information containing to the name being a boy name, I can see it on a girl. The nickname Gally is extremely cute but for a girl. The -er ending makes me think of a boy. No babies were named Gallagher in 2013.

Meaning: Son of Hugh
Sex: Unisex
I really enjoy this name on a girl. For some reason it reminds me of the name Mae. Maybe it could just well be an alternative to the name Mae. I pronounce this name Mah-gee. The ending reminds with tree. Magee could also be a nickname for Margaret. No Babies were named Magee in 2013.

Meaning: Son of the Beige One
Sex: Boy
The first thing I think of when I hear the name Maguire is Toby Maguire and Spiderman. It is also the surname of the character Jerry Maguire. Although its a stretch, the nickname Mac would be really cute. Only 12 baby boys were named Maguire in 2013.

Meaning: Descendent of Brian
Sex: Unisex
Most people will probably see this name as a boy name but I know a girl with the surname O'Brien and would love it on a girl. Usually I'm not a fan of punctuation in names but the apostrophe is ok here. The nickname Obee is really cute and one of my favorite, unique nicknames. I say it two ways, one like the letters O and B together and the other like the word odd but with a B instead. The Brien part makes it more masculine. I think this would be a great name to honor a Brian. No babies were named O'Brien in 2013.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Connie The Nickname

For those of you who don't know I am a huge fan of nicknames. Growing up I never had a nickname and always felt left out so I would love my future children to have nickname possibilities. I also fall in love with nicknames before I actually fall in love with a name for it. Earlier in the week I featured the name Constance on my name Instagram and it got me thinking about the nickname Connie. I went on the hunt for full names for the nickname Connie.

Constance: This is a vintage chic name that you really don't hear all that often. I think it's sweet and different. Paired with the nickname Connie I think the name would be fitting for a little girl.

Connor: A name more favored on a boy I feel like Conner could work for a girl. I mean if River and Elliott can be used on girls why can't Conner?

Connolly: If you like Conner but feel like it's too much of a boy name Connolly is perfect for you. It has the same beginning but with a more feminine ending. I love that Connolly is a surname as well.

Concetta: I first saw this name in my sorority house and those it was so different! The con beginning and etta end are a really nice combination.

Consuela: This name reminds me of a sweet little old grandmother. It's very Spanish so I'm not sure if it would work on all nationalities.

Contessa: Now I love this name more than Concetta. Contessa sounds so pretty and grand. I can picture it on a little princess.

Concordia: I like the length of this name so much. Not only does it have the nickname Connie but it also has the nickname Cory and Dia.

Constantina: A similar name to Constance but much longer and I think this name is a little more modern sounding than Constance.

Lacona: I had never heard this name before but I think it's pretty cute. You can get the nickname Connie depending on the way you pronounce the name.

Macon: Like Connor this name is seem a lot more on boy but I can see it on a girl. If you like the nickname Connie but none of the names above this name is for you.

I really loved making this post and might make another one like this again. What are your favorite Connie names? I love them all but I would have to say Constance and Contessa are my favorite.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bring It On Names

I love hearing new names or even names I have forgotten about. It's even better when they come from pop culture. While I was on spring break I watched a lot of movies and some of them were the Bring It On movies. Who doesn't love a little cheerleading and girl drama?!

Anyway while watching the movies I heard some interesting names and decided to do a little digging. There's actually a lot more interesting names than I had originally thought. So here are some of the character and actor names. Plus the answers to my instagram game.


Torrance (Bring It On)
Torrance is an Irish unisex name meaning little hills that is used on a girl in the movie. I think Torrance is a nice spunky name that would be a great alternative to Victoria while still keeping the nickname Tori.

Darcy (Bring It On)
Another unisex Irish name used on a girl in the movie, Darcy means dark one. I think Darcy is a perfect fit for the time period of the name. I definitely would love to hear it a lot more.

Winnie (Bring It On: All or Nothing)
Winnie is a diminutive of the name Winifred and means holy peacemaker, gentle friend in English. I just love the nickname Winnie for names like Winslet, Bronwyn, and Rowan. I prefer the spelling Wynn/Wynnie though.

Carson (Bring It On: In It to Win It)
Carson is yet another unisex name meaning son of the marsh-dwellers in Scottish. Although the name is unisex and it was used on a girl in the movie, it is much more popular on a boy. I think this is a sweet name on either gender.

Penn (Bring It On: In It to Win It)
Penn means enclosure in English. I am in love with the name Penn for a little boy! It's so short and sweet. It also makes a perfect middle name. Although you don't hear it very often it is still a nice name.

Huntley (Bring It On)
Huntley Ritter is the actor who plays Les in the first Bring It On movie. I was surprised to see this name but thought it would fit with some of the popular names like Brantley and Bradley for boys and Tenley and Brailey for girls. Huntley means meow of the hunter in English. I think I would much prefer Huntley on a girl.

Francia (Bring It On: All or Nothing)
Francia Raisa Plays Leti in the movie. She is also in the tv show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Francia means French in Latin. This would be a perfect name to honor a Francis or Francesca. The nickname Frankie would also be really cute and vintage.

Names also from the movies that were on the instagram are Camille, Sierra, Vance, Jesse, and Ruben.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Baby Name of The Week: Hutton

Settlement by the Bluff



Middle Names
Hutton Jude
Hutton Decker 
Hutton Penn
Hutton Nathaniel
Hutton Luca 
Hutton Jameson 
Hutton Charles 
Hutton Sebastian
Hutton Isaac 
Hutton Benjamin 

First Names
Gabriel Hutton
Tate Hutton
Samuel Hutton
Kendrick Hutton
Maxwell Hutton
Julius Hutton
Conrad Hutton
Avery Hutton
Maximilian Hutton
Axel Hutton


Famous People Named Hutton
Hutton Michael (son of Beverly Mitchell) 

My Thoughts 
I love Hutton and after making this post I think I love the combo Hutton Luca. It's definitely different but sounds similar to names like Hudson and Sutton making it usable. The nickname Hutt it cute and different. Hutton is much more popular as a surname than a first name. I love surnames because they feel like hey have a little bit of an edge to them, almost like you're breaking the law. 

Reason Hutton is Name of The Week

I fell in love with the name Hutton when Beverly Mitchell and Michael Cameron named their son Hutton. I was reminded of my love for the name when my friend Meagan (TulipByAnyName) featured it in her most recent video



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