Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Names 2013

Hey everyone! Happy Easter! I know this is late but I spent the day with my grandparents. I have found that coming up for names for Easter is kind of hard. There are only so many names you can use and I used a lot of them last year. I try not to use the same names each year. This time I have a few names but if you found like to check out last year’s names go here. So let’s get started.

Names that mean lamb
  • Agnes- The Latin name for lamb is agnus and St. Agnes was often seen with a lamb.
  • Cordero- A Spanish name that means Lamb
  • Hamal- An Arabic name that means Lamb

Candy Names
  • Ruth- The candy bar Baby Ruth; Ruth means friend, companion in Hebrew.
  • Kit- For the Kit Kat bars; Kit is a nickname for Katherine or Christopher.  
  • Milton- Milton Hershey made Hershey bars; Milton means mill town in English.
  • Cadbury- The very famous Cadbury eggs.I couldn't find a meaning.

Names that mean life (because Jesus gave us life)
  • Viva- It means alive in Latin.
  • Enid- A Welsh name that means life, spirit
  • Haya- It means life in Hebrew.
  • Vitus- It means life in Italian
  • Athanasios- A Greek name that means life
  • Haim- It means life in Hebrew

So those are all of the names. I really had fun coming up with these names. Every year I have to come up with more creative ideas for the holidays. I really enjoy it. I hope you enjoyed your day if you celebrate Easter. Bye for now :)

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Link Up!

Hey everyone! I have a cool new post for you! If you didn’t know, a few of my formspring friends created a name blog together a couple of months back. One of the posters, Jamie, came up with the idea to do link ups. I love the idea and I am going to participate in them. They will be every other Tuesday for those who want to join. Their first one was March 19 but I am just getting round to it now. I know, I know I’m late. Haha I still wanted to do it before their next one comes out on Tuesday so I am going to do it today. 

The question for this week is:
What are some names you love?!

Since I love so many names I am going to tell you about some of the names I am loving at this very moment. Most of them will be girls because I always love more girl names then boys.

  1. Leola- I first saw this name on an app called Stork Drop. I recommend everyone goes and gets that app. It is the only baby name app I love.  Leola means faithful, loyal, and lion in French.
  2. Viva- I also saw this on Stork Drop. A lot of the names will be from Stork Drop. Viva means life in Italian.
  3. Novella- Also from Stork Drop. Novella means new, the newcomer. I love the names Nova and Novalee so Novella goes right with them and is a fresh new name.

  1. Reyes- Yes, this one is from Stork Drop. Reyes means kings in Spanish. I love the sound of it. It’s also one I haven’t heard of before.
  2. Wells- Yep it’s from stork Drop. Wells means from the springs in English. I would probably use this as a nickname or middle name.
  3. Elsworth- And the last name is also from Stork Drop. See a great app! Elsworth means noble estate in English.
It was so much fun doing this. I think everyone should do it! It’s a great way to get to know other people. I can’t wait to do the nest one. Great Idea Jamie! Bye for now :)


Friday, March 29, 2013

Mom Interview: Audrey, Théoden, Daniel, and Lucy

Hey Everyone! It’s Friday again and I have another Mom Interview.  I was going to put this up last week but I was so busy with school I didn’t have time. I am sorry we went a week without an interview. This mom is one who has comment on my blog before and I just love seeing her comment. Audrey has 3 wonderful kids. Go Check out Audrey's blog! Let’s see how she named them!

What is your baby(ies) name(s) (Include middle if you like)?

I have three kids: twin two-year-old boys and an infant girl. The boys' names are Théoden Titus Alexander and Daniel Samuel Jerry, and the girl's name is Lucy Leah Charlotte.

Do you have any nicknames you use?

Théoden sometimes goes by Theo, but not often. His brother is always called Sam-- we used Daniel first because it's a family name (he's the fourth generation to have Daniel as his first name!) but we'd always planned on calling him Sam. And Lucy is sometimes called Lu or LuLu, and sometimes Baby Dinosaur because of the noises she makes. 

What names did you have picked out for the other gender?

When I was pregnant with the twins, we were pretty sure at least one was a boy so we only picked out one girl's name-- Lucy Leah Charlotte. We liked it so much that we saved it and used it! When I was pregnant with Lucy, we talked about lots of other girl names (Susannah, Felicity, Edith) and boy names (Colin was one) but ended up settling on Edmund John Orson, which we're planning on still using if we have another boy.

Was the baby named after anyone? If so, who?

Each of our kids has a family name, a Bible name, and a name we liked. Daniel, Alexander, and Charlotte are family names of our grandfathers and Adam's grandmother. Alexander is actually a grandfather on my side AND my husband's side!

Did you know the meaning before you choose the name?

Yes. Meanings are very important to us. Théoden is a name from Lord of the Rings (which I like) but it's actually from Old English and means "leader." You can see it in the poem Beowulf if you read it in Old English (you can see the line on this page: ). Sam comes up on most baby name websites as "God has heard," but actually has an even older meaning from the Hebrew, roughly translated as a word of praise meaning "His name is God!" (talking about God, not the baby). Lucy means light, which we loved.

Who helped in picking the name?

Just me and my husband. I did a lot of research and we talked a lot. I guess we did ask our parents about family names to get ideas, just about middle names we might not know about and family that they loved that had passed away before we were alive. But the final decision was ours and we didn't ask anybody to help us decide. We were really fortunate that nobody tried to talk us out of names, but even if they had, I think we would have just told them it was our choice.

Did you use a book or website to help pick the names?

I did! I used wikipedia some, but I really like the website 

Is there anything you would like to add about how you named your baby?

We had to learn to be flexible! I loved Theodore, but my husband didn't. He suggested Théoden and I fell in love with it. I don't like Theodore as much now. Even so, we had always planned on calling him Theo all the time (Sam and Theo as a twin sibset) but when he started talking, he expressed a very clear preference for Théoden and now we call him that almost all the time. We liked Lucy's name but had a few days of panic near the end of my pregnancy and went to the hospital with a list of six or so names to consider and didn't name her for about thirty minutes after she was born. But Lucy did seem to fit the best.

So that is Audrey’s Interview. I had so much fun doing this interview and reading her answers. It never gets old. If you would like to be interviewed email me. I would love to have you. Thanks Audrey for doing this. It was so good to hear all of your answers. Bye fore now :)

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Update :)

Hey guys! I know I haven’t post in a while but we haven’t had good internet for almost a week. I have had to use my phone and now we have used up almost all of my data. As of right now my internet is back but I don’t know for how long. I’ll try to get post out and ready. I do have a five day weekend for Easter. I don’t really get a Spring Break because I go to a Catholic school. I do have plans to have blogs ready. 

I did want to get on here and just update you all. Some of you may know that Formspirng is shutting down :(. After being on there for more than a year and meeting some amazing people, I am sad to see it go. In an attempt to keep the community together, we have moved to a few places. We have a group on Facebook and we have all become friends on Facebook. We have also followed each other on Twitter, Pinterest, Listography, and any other place we could think of. We also have a forum board and we found a website that is JUST like formspring. I’ll link all of my stuff below if you want to keep in touch or be a part of any of those things. 

Some big news! I wrote an article for the baby name Magazine Matilda Mag! If you would be so kind as to check it out that would be great! I am so excited that it is in the magazine! It's on pages 32 and 33.

I will be starting the “Rare” Name series up again and I have some ideas for other blog post. I’ll probably be typing as much up as I can while the internet is down and when it gets back up I’ll post them. I’ll try my best to blog more. 
I hope to talk to you soon. Bye for now :).  


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Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day: Irish Girl Names

Hey guys! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I figure in honor of St. Patrick ’s Day I would do post about Irish baby names. I’m going to do the girls name first and then I’ll do the boy names. I actually like quite a few Irish baby names. I’ll put the Irish names in parenthesis and if they don’t have English names I’ll just put the Irish names. So let’s get started.

  1. Alby (Ailbe)- Pronounced all-bay. It means white.
  2. Aileen- It’s Pronounced ay-leen and can also be spelled Ailene. The meaning is noble.
  3. Aoife- pronounced ee-fa. It means beautiful radiant and joyful.
  4. Branna- It can also be spelled Brannagh and is pronounced bran-na. Branna means raven.
  5. Brona (Bronagh)- It’s pronounced Bro-nah and means sad, sorrowful .
  6. Keeva (Caoimhe)- It means gentle, beautiful and precious.
  7. Cleona- It can also be spelled Cliona and is pronounced klee-ona. It means shapely.
  8. Enya (Eithe/Eitna)- Its pronounced en-ya and means kernel of a nut or seed or little fire.
  9. Enda- It means bird.
  10. Finola (Fionnoula)- It’s pronounced finn-ula and means fair, white, beautiful.
  11. Ida- It means thirst.
  12. Iona- It’s pronounced I-o-na and means blessed.
  13. Keela- It’s pronounced Kee-la and means beautiful.
  14. Kyla- It’s pronounced kie-la and means beautiful.
  15. Kyna- It’s pronounced key-na and means love, affection, and esteem.
  16. Maire- It’s pronounced my-ra and the English name is Mary.
  17. Nola- Nola is used as a nickname for Finola.
  18. Orla (Orlaith)- It’s pronounced or-la and means golden princess.

So those are all of the girl names. Look for the boy names either later tonight or tomorrow. I hope you had a happy St. Patty’s Day! Let me know what you thought of this post and don’t forget to comment, Bye for now :). 

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