Sunday, April 30, 2017

5 Girl Names {Roommate Names}

I am graduating college in about 20 days and its hard to believe I am almost done. Four years really flies by when you are having fun, as cliche as that sounds. There are so many mixed emotions that come with this season in my life. Its a relief to know that this long, hard road is almost behind me but at the same time I am sad to be leaving behind all the great memories and time I have had. 

With those great memories comes a group of friends I will have for a lifetime. Five of them are my roommates for the past year. Yes, 6 girls lived in a 3 bedroom apartment and we actually survived. Some of us have liked together for more than one year while others it is my first time living with them. We have become a family over these past 9 months. In honor of our time of living coming to an end I wanted to feature their names. 

*1995 ranks are included because that is the year we were born*

Jillian- Youthful; English 
  • 1995 Rank: #197
  • 2015 Rank: #435
Jillian went by Jill and I have known her for 4 years now. She lived across the hall from me freshman year and we have been friends ever since. The spelling Jillian is a variant of Gillian and is so much more popular than the G spelling. If you like the name Lillian but don't like her popularity than Jillian is perfect for you.  

Erika- Feminine form of Eric (Eternal Ruler); Norse
  • 1995 Rank: #102
  • 2015 Rank: #728
Erika and I have roomed together for 2 years now and we have shared a room both times. She was also one of my floor mates my freshman year. In some languages the name Erika can mean heather. The Erica spelling is just a little more popular at #681. When spelled with a C the name is a flower name. It is a genus of about 860 flowering plants. The English common names are heath or Heather. 

Jeannette- Diminutive of Jeanne (Yahweh is Gracious); French 
  • 1995 Rank: Not Ranked 
  • 2015 Rank: Not Ranked 
I became friends with Jeannie, as we know her by, freshman year because of Jill. We formed our group and it was great. Jeannette is such a beautiful name and I especially love the -ette ending. Its so unique yet extremely girly. The name hasn't even been ranked since 1993! I would have to say her name is the most unique on this list. 

Madison- Son of Maud; English 
  • 1995 Rank: #29
  • 2015 Rank: #11
Madi, as we call her, just became my friend a year ago and I am so glad I was able to meet her. She's the mom of our group and always keeping us organized and on track. Madison is the most popular name on this list. Its trendy and goes with all of the Mad- name out there for girls. You can even use this on a boy id you liked, which I adore. In the 80s there was a movie called Splash that helped the name rise in popularity when the mermaid character was named Madison. 

Christine- A Christian, Anointed; French 
  • 1995 Rank: #114
  • 2015 Rank: #793
Christine just became my friend this year but I wish I had known her earlier! She's so chill and laid back. She has a knack for adventure and gets us all out there to do things. The more popular Christina wasn't always the top ruler for a feminine form of Christopher. From 1966 to 1974, the name was in the top 20. The heroine in Phantom of the Opera was named Christine. When I was reading about this name I saw that there is a character from The Young and The Restless who goes by Cricket! I just love it! 

Everyone in this group adds something to our friend circle. We all have roles that aren't even spoken we just know. The past year living together has had its ups and downs but I wouldn't have my college career end with anyone else. 

What are your favorite names from the list? What middle names would you use? 

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Insta Name Spottings {Vol. 3}

I haven't done a post like this in a really long time and while going through the drafts on my blogger I found this sitting there waiting to be finished. I really liked the names so I wanted to share them with you. Is there anyone else out there that likes to make list of cool names they find?

Rosalie Mae- I love Rosalie and plan to use it as a middle name. Mae adds a little more sweetness to it.
Reverie Hope- Adore Reverie!
Elodie Cove- The beautiful Elodie paired with Cove is just perfect
Hallow- Was really surprised with this. Maybe a nice alternative to Harlow?
Robyn Edea- Robyn is unexpected find in today's times but I adore it. Edea is just precious.
Cherith Rose-
Ayla June- Ayla looks and sounds so cool and beautiful
Airlie- I talked about the name Air as a middle name and one of my instagram followers reminded me that I really enjoyed Airlie.
Reagan Phair- This combo caught my eye because of the middle name.

Rocco Samuel- Rocco is one of those names I love seeing but rarely see
Brett Ryder- Something about the flow of this name I just love
Wallace Aaron Theordore Barrett- Although this is such a long name a love every bite of it
Paxton Bayne- Bayne reminds me so much of Batman
Rye Lynford- I find the names ending in Ford are so cool so Lynford is on the cool list for me.
Van Keyser- Van is so short and sweet and Keyser is new to me. Maybe a unique spelling of Kaiser?

Caroline Eleanor and Charlotte Katherine (Twins)- I am usually not a fan of same letter twin names but I love these together
Augustine Michael and Bear Ellery (Twins)- Apart, these names are great!
Savy Jane, Boston Dee, Kai Creighton and Cooper J Smith (twins)- There is a nice mix of short and longer names in this sibling set
Tevin, Lincoln, and Salem Jo (girl)- Salem (All the heart eyes!)
Cash Thomas and Dean Frederick- Cash and Dean both short and sweet with classical middle names
Olivia Mackenzie, Xavier Josiah, Bentley Izayah, and Donovan Malakai (twins)- This sibling names go together nicely
Kollyns Drew (girl) and Boston Billy (Siblings)- This new Collins spelling is quite different.
MaryFrances "Francie", MaryMarjorie "Maisie", MaryJane "JJ", and MaryTeresa "Tess" (Siblings)- I am so in love with this sibling set. Mary + name are my favorite

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Women of Space

You know what I love celebrating? Strong, inspiring women, especially those that go against the stereotypes and do what no women has done before. Today I want to celebrate the women of space. Those women who were and still are a part of a male dominated field. Because this post would be so long if I included all of the women of space I decided to just include the women who have been the first of something (first women in space, first woman space shuttle commender, etc.). I hope to do another post like this in the future.

Valentina Tereshkova was the first women in space. She flew Vostok 6 on June 16, 1963 with the Russians. Her orbit around earth was 48 times! Valentina means strong, vigorous, healthy in Latin. The name is ranked at #114 in the United States. In France the name is ranked at #76.

Sally Ride was the first U.S. woman in space. She flew up on June 18, 1983 and stayed until June 24. During the trip her job was to control the robotic arm and used that arm to put satellites into space. Sally is the English diminutive of Sarah which means princess. I hold a special place in my heart for this name because it was my grandmother's name.

Eileen Collins was the first woman space shuttle commander. She commended STS-93 from July 23 to July 27, 1999. In 2005 she had her second space shuttle commend. Not only was she the first woman space shuttle commander but she was also the first woman space shuttle pilot in 1995. I'd say that she was pretty important to women's take in space! The name Eileen means desired in Irish and is the anglicized form of Eibhlin.

Peggy Whitson was the first woman to command the International Space Station (ISS). In April 2008, Peggy completed a 6 month tour on the ISS. In 2016 she became the oldest female astronaut. The name Peggy a diminutive of Margaret, which means pearl. In medieval times it became a variant of Meggy but the reason for the change is unknown.

Svetlana Savitskaya was the first woman to participate in an Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA). She completed this task on July 25, 1984 on the Soyuz T-12. She was also the second women in space. Svetlana is a Russian name meaning light, world. A Russian poet named Vasily Zhukovsky made the name popular in 1813 with his poem bearing the same name.

Kathryn Sullivan was the first U.S. woman to participate in an Extra-Vehicular Activity on October 11, 1984 meaning she was the first American woman to walk in space. She was a crew member on 3 Space Shuttle missions. Kathryn means each of two in English. It is an alternative spelling of Katherine.

Susan Helms was the first woman space station expedition crew member on Expedition 2 from March 2001 to August 2001. To my surprise she had spent a total of 5,064 hours in space! She even has a world record for the longest EVA of 8 hours and 56 minutes. I guess you could say she loved space. Susan is an English variant of Susanna meaning lily. This spelling of the name has been the most common spelling since the 18th century because of Susan B. Anthony.

I had so much fun learning about the different women of space! I am sure there are some women on this list you have heard of before but I know that some of these amazing, inspiring I had never heard of before. Let me know what you thought of this post. Would you like more inspiring women in the future?

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lettie: The Nickname

Lettie is one of the nicknames that I have fallen in love with over the past year. Somewhere down the line on my ad's side I have a few aunts with the name. Since I try to stay away from nicknames as full name names I have been on the look out for a full name I love for Lettie. Since I have already done some research I figured why not just bring them to you. Lettie is an English diminutive of Lettice which meaning Joy, Happiness.

Arlette- Form of Herleva (Amry, Honour, Noble); French
I love Ar- names as well as Lett names so this is a prefect mix. 

Alouette- Lark; French
If you don't feel French saying this name than I'm not sure what will make you. This is such a beautiful twist not he common bird names. 

Aletta and Alette- Variant of Alethea (Truth); English 
Two beautiful A names that sound elegant and unique. 

Charlotte- Diminutive of Charles (Freeman); German
Charlotte is fast rising and made her way into he top 10 in 2014. ITs the name of a Princess and has so many great associations. 

Colette- Short form of Nicolette (Victory of the People); French
For 30 years, Colette had not been on the top 1000 charts but in 2012 she jumped back on and has been moving up since. 

Cosette- Little Thing; French
I am rarely impressed with the meaning of names but Cosette is one of those exceptions. Many people will think of the Les Miserables and I think the 2012 film brought light tot he name. 

Evolet- The Love spelled backwards
Evolet was invented by the movie 10,000 BC. IN the movie they claim the names means Promise of Life

Elettra- Form of Electra (Amber); Italian
I thought for sure I was going to do research on this name and it was going to be made up. Its nice to see that tit is an Italian name. Elettra looks so pretty and unique. 

Juliet/Juliette- Diminutive of Julie (Downy-Bearded); French
For years I had Juliette as my number 1 girls name. I am now seeing the name more and more. It gives a nice romantic vibe to parents and I can see the appeal.

Lettice- Form of Letitia; English 
Although Lettice is so close to the word lettuce I still think its usable. The nickname Lettie it makes all the difference. 

Letitia- Joy, Happiness; English 
Letitia is a name that sound very proper and British. First Lady of John Tyler was a bearer of this name. 

Nicolette- Diminutive of Nicole (Victory of the People); French
Growing up I always thought Nicolette was one of the most beautiful girl names out there. I loved it as an alternative to Nicole. It is the name of a princess in the French romance, Aucassin et Nicolette. 

Odelette and Odeletta- Variant of Odele (Song)
Both these names are new to me but it was love at first sight. They remind me of a beautiful, young princess from a children's book or movie. 

Paulette- Diminutive of Paul (Small, Humble); French
If you are looking to honor a Paul and you are having a girl, than Paulette is one of the best options out there. Lettie as a nickname gives the name a more girly feel. 

Scarlett- Red; English
In 1940, Scarlett entered the top 1000 for the first time. It was a year after the movie Gone with the Wind came out. I'd say the movie had a great influence on the name. 

Saletta- Variant of Sally (Princess) 
Saletta is new to me but I really enjoy this name for its nickname options, Lettie and Saly. 

Violet (English) and Violette (French)- Violet, Purple
Violet is one of the more popular names on this list and Violette is a nice alternative if you want something a little less popular. Both names give off a peaceful vibe and are girly with out overdoing it. 

Winslet- Wynn's Channel or Stream; English 
There are so many reasons to die for Winslet. I have learned that there is a small club of Winslet loving people out there. Are you a part of it?

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

62 Easter Inspired Names

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates! I am spending the day with my family enjoying their company. Below I have a list of Easter inspired names. I went back and forth about making a post about Easter names. In past years I have written a few posts on the subject but I ultimately decided to do a quick list. If you are taking a little time to relax today and want some quick name reading this is just for you!

Easter Specific Names

  1. Pascale- Feminien Form of Pascal; French
  2. Pascaline- Feminine Form of Pascal; French
  3. Nedelya- Sunday; Bulgarian 
  4. Esi- Born on Sunday; Akan 
  5. Pascal- Relating to Easter; French
  6. Pasco- Form of Pascal; Cornish
  7. Pasqualino- Form of Pascal; Italian 
  8. Sunday- Sunday; English

Religious Names

  1. Mary- Sea or Bitter; Hebrew 
  2. Veronica- Bringing Victory; Greek 
  3. Anastasia- Resurrection; Greek 
  4. Faith- Faith; English
  5. Salome- Peace; Hebrew (Went to Jesus Tomb)
  6. Joanna- Yahweh is Gracious; English 
  7. James- Supplanter; Hebrew 
  8. John- Yahweh is Gracious; Hebrew 
  9. Peter- Stone; Greek
  10. Simon- He Has Heard; Hebrew 

Meaning Beginning, New Life

  1. Viva- Alive; Latin 
  2. Enid- Life, Spirit; Welsh
  3. Zoe- Life; Greek
  4. Asha- Life; Swahili 
  5. Aisha- Alive; Arabic
  6. Vivian- Alive; Latin
  7. Genesis- Beginning, Birth in Greek 
  8. Vitus- Life; Italian
  9. Anthanasios- Life; Greek
  10. Haim- Life; Hebrew 

Lamb, Bunny

  1. Agnes- Lamb; Latin 
  2. Janja- Croatian and Serbian form of Agnes
  3. Oanez- Breton form of Agnes
  4. Una- Lamb; Irish
  5. Bunny- Diminutive of Berenice (Bringing Victory); English
  6. Cecily- Blind; English (Beatrix Potter Character) 
  7. Cordero- Lamb; Spanish
  8. Hamal- Lamb; Arabic 
  9. Oan- Lamb; Breton
  10. Kreios- Ram; Male Sheep, Greek 
  11. Shepherd- Sheep Herder; English 
  12. Arledge- Dweller at the Rabbit Lake; English 
  13. Benjamin- Son of the South or Son of the Right Hand; Hebrew (Character from Beatrix Potter) 

Candy, Eggs

  1. Milton- Mill Town in English. For Milton Hershey who founded the candy company
  2. Cadbury- Cadbury eggs
  3. Bezai- Egg; Hebrew 
  4. Ruth- Friend, Companion in Hebrew. Baby Ruth candy bars
  5. Ova- Egg; Latin 
  6. Candy- Diminutive to Candace (Queen Mother); English 
  7. Kit- Nickname for Katherine or Christopher. For the Kit Kat bar
  8. Hunter- Hunter; English 
  9. Hunt- Variant of Hunter; English 

Miscellaneous Names

  1. Evangeline- Good News; Greek 
  2. Lina- Palm Tree, Tender; Arabic
  3. Tamar- Palm Tree; Hebrew 
  4. Lily- Lily; English 
  5. Susanna- Lily; Greek
  6. Cruz- Cross; Spanish 
  7. Stavros- Cross; Greek 
  8. Derel- Palm Tree; Hebrew 
  9. Palmiro- Pilgrim, Palm Tree; Italian 
  10. Tomer- Plam Tree; Hebrew 
  11. Palmer- Pilgrim, Palm Tree; English, Latin 
  12. Ash- Short Form of Asher or Ashley; English (For Ash Wednesday) 

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

2016 Name Predictions {New to Top 100]

If you caught the first installment in this mini series I am doing than you have an idea of what this post is all about. For those of you who are just coming along now I'll give you a little update. Since the new most popular name list is coming out in the beginning of May, I am taking a look trends and names to see which names I think will move up or down the list. Today I am talking about names that I think will jump into the top 100 for 2016.

Declan- Declan is a name that didn't appear onto the charts until 1998 and since than has been making a steady rise. In 2010, the name was only at #274 and 5 years later it was at #112. I know of many Declans, some of which were born in the last year. 

Jameson- In 2015, Jameson was ranked at #144. It has been climbing up the charts, at times at a slow pace, since about the early 2000s. Son names are a trend people like for their boys as well as the surname trend. The classic name James could be an inspiration to parents when they pick he name Jameson. 

Kai- Like Jameson, Kai has been climbing up the charts since the early 2000s. It has not been a huge climb and this name could go either up or down. I think the simple sound and nice ocean/beach feel of the name is what appeals to parents. Since the name has been more popular in recent years than say 15 years ago more people know how to pronounce it. 

Maverick- Maverick has been making a steady climb up the charts and more and more people are talking bout it. Teen Mom star, Maci Bookout had a son named Maverick in 2016 and it could influence the population, although we may not see it until the 2017 list comes out in a year.  

Luna- Luna is so close to being in the top 100. She is just 10 away! I would bet my life that when the list comes out in a month Luna will be up there in the top 100. She has been climbing at a nice, fast, rate up the charts since the early 2000s. In 2003 the name made its way back onto the charts from eh first time since 1921. 

Hadley- Now, Hadley has been in the top 100. In 2014, she was at #99 and than in 2015 she dropped down to 102. I am putting this name on the list even though it dropped for a few reasons. First, she is just 2 spots outside of the top 100 and only drop 3 spots. Second, there is still an appeal for the name. Its a surname, short and sweet, and has no middle names. It can also be associated with literature because it is the ahem of Ernest Hemingway's wife. 

Ivy- With vintage feeling names coming back to style, I wouldn't be surprised to see Ivy in the top 100. Not only that but she has been rising in popularity for the last few years. She has been on the charts since the 1900s but has never topped the top 100. Maybe 2016 will be her year? 

Everly- In 2012, Everly popped onto the top 1000 chart for the first time at #905. She leaped up the charts and in 2015 was already at #138. Thats just 4 years! With that being said I foresee the name being in the top 100 in 2016. 

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

2016 List Predictions {New to Top 1000}

The 2016 top names should be coming out in about a month and I am just so excited for it! Who else is excited?! The new list is like the christmas for namers. We wait months for it to come out and than spend months looking over the list and analyzing it. To keep myself busy while I wait I have been trying to predict some of the changes in the list. Now I am not the best at predicting things and looking at trends I was a little hesitant to do this. I figured I would take the leap and go for it because whats the worst that could happen.The first set of names I am looking at are names that I think will enter the top 1000. I stuck to names that I seemed to be hearing a lot as well as names right on the verge of the top 1000 in 2015.

Fox- Animal names seem to be all the rage lately and Fox is one of them that I notice people talking about. Now the name was given to 193 babies in 2015, which is up from 164 from 2014 and 150 from 2013. I am seeing a climb in the name but a slow one. The animal name trend might be too late into 2016. I still think Fox could still in the 900s in 2016. 

Harris- Harris sounds so similar to Harry and Harrison and follows the trend of S endings. It also has a old man which feel to it and I am seeing old man chic names coming back into style. In 2015 The name was given to 202 babies and was just outside of the top 1000 by 2 names! The #1000 boy name, Antoine, was given to 202 babies as well and the only reason it made the list was because it began with an A. 

Simeon- In 2015, Simeon was given to 201 babies, so not far off from the top 1000 either. The name is biblical and a lot of the top names are biblical. It could be a nice alternative to Simon or Gideon making me see the appeal in the name. 

Kaiser- Now this name is a long shot but I have some theories here. To start it ends in -er and I know people like -er boy names. There is the also added bonus of Kai, which I know people love and have for a while. It also sounds like Tyler or Kyle. One of the reasons I put this name on the list is because Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans named her son this in 2014 and after that the name jump in popularity. It went form being given to 69 babies in 2014 to 140 in 2015. I am wondering if the name will keep climbing. 

Mavis- Mavis is one of the names on the list can go either way. I am hoping it moves into the top 1000 because its a great name but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. Like Harris, Mavis ends in the S ending the people seem to like. Besides the ending I think people who like Mae like Mavis and it could draw people to use the name. It was just shy of the top 1000 and was #1012. 

India- I am extremely surprised India is not in the top 1000 and that is the main reason the name is on the list. There has been talk about this name for what seems like forever and I can name babies that were born wearing the name in the past year. The name was given to 258 babies in 2013 but than dropped to 226 babies in 2014. In 2015 it was back up at 261 babies making me wonder if it will keep climbing. 

Ramona- Most of the girls names on the list are names I am surprised are not in the top 1000. They are all great names that need to be used more! They are even names that are common on the ear but not used. Out of the names on this list, Ramona has had one of the slowest rises; 199 babies in 2013, 236 in 2014, and 242 in 2015. I'm hoping that Ramona is makes a big leap in 2016. 

Etta- Sweet, sweet Etta is not ranked and hasn't been since 1966! With vintage names coming back into style, I am seeing Etta getting more and more attention. In the early 1900s the name was in the top 200. Like Ramona, the name has made a slow rise but I am holding out hope she will jump to the top 1000. 

What do you think of my list? Any names you would add? Stay tune for more predictions!

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Name of the Week: Philanthia and Philantha

I am loving the warm weather that is coming my way. It has been some time since spring officially started but the weather is just starting to warm up. Since I haven't been able to actually experience spring I've been looking for spring inspired names. One of the names I came across was Philanthia and the very similar name Philantha.

Philanthia is a girl's name of Greek origin. You might be wondering why I pick this name as a spring name and thats because it means lover of flowers in Greek.  Pronounced Fil-ANN-thee-uh it reminds me of a few other names like Philomena, Athena, and Thea. It is believed to be a version of Philantha, a name with the same meaning and origin. If you want to the spell the name a little bite more how it sounds than Filanthia is the spelling for you.

There are many nickname options for Philanthia and one of the reasons I am drawn to the name. Phil, Philly, Thea, Anne, Anna, Annie, and Laney/Lanie just to name a few.

In Budapest, Hungary there is a flower shop bearing the name. I am wondering if they picked the name on purpose. From what I have read they like Christmas in the store as well as fairies and other whimsical things. It can be hard to find the flowers among all of the decorations. The store dates back to 1905 and many people travel just to shop there.

On my search I came across a novel with the name Philantha in it! I was so shocked that someone had noticed the name and used it. The novel is called The False Princess by Eilis O'Neal. Now I am not sure who the character is in the book. What I do know is she is not the main character. From what I read Philantha is a wizard who teaches the main character. When I have the time I would love to read the book.

I wish there was more information on Philanthia. After weeks of search I was only able to find what I wrote about today. If you have any more information let me know below.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Charlie: The Nickname

I am a lover of nicknames that I chalk up to not having one growing up. When I am making my top 10 list I am always looking to see what nicknames can be used for my favorite names. Other times I find a nickname I like but can't find a full name that I like just as much causing me to go on a search.

Today's nickname is Charlie, a unisex nickname. In 2015 it was ranked at #229 for boys and #207 for girls. There isn't a very big gap there! My dad's name is Charles so I think it would be fun to honor him using one of these full names for Charlie. 

Charles- The obvious choice for a full name for Charlie would be Charles. It's a classic that is ranked in the top 50 for 2015. 

Charleston- Charleston is my favorite from the list and is a middle name in my top 10. If you want a place name Charleston is the way to go. 

Carlisle- If there are any Twilight fans out there you will recognize this name from the series. Its also a surname and has a very British feel to it. 

Charlot- This french nickname for Charles is pronounced Shar-low. I think it looks so cool and different. 

Charlton- Pronounced karl-tin this name is a great surname and place name with he nickname Charlie. 

Carmichael- Now Carmichael is not a name you would think of right away as a dull name for Charlie but I really like it. It can honor a Michael as well as use a nickname you like. 

Carl- If Carl feels too old for you why not try using the nickname Charlie for it. If you are a Shameless fan than this name might remind you of the character. 

Carlson- Like Carl, Carlson can rock the nickname Charlie with no problems!

Charlotte- I would like to believe that many of the girl Charlie's out there who don't have the nickname on their birth certificate have the full name Charlotte. The name just jumped into he top 10 in 2014 and moved up to #9 in 2015. Will the name keep rising?

Charlize- Charlize is a feminine form of Charles and can be associated with the actress Charlize Theron. The Z towards the end gives it a little pizazz. 

Charla- Charla is pronounced Shar-luh and was ranked really low on the top 1000 charts from he 1940s up until the 1950s.

Charlene- Another Charlie full name that was popular in the 40s and 50s was Charlene. It goes along with the name trends like Marlene and Darlene. 

Charlotta- This Swedish variant of Charlotte is great if you want something less popular than Charlotte. 

Caroline/Carolina- One is a sweet vintage name and one is a place name but both names can use the nickname Charlie. 

Charmaine- I just love saying Charmaine over and over again. It sounds so exotic to my ears. I think Charlie gives it a home-y vibe. 

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

6 Great Children's Book Characters

I love reading and have since I was a child. Thinking back to years ago certain literary characters and books pop into my head when I think about reading. Often they are books that many other people have read and know. Heck they are books that parents read as children and are now reading to their children!

Because it is national Children's Book day and because I love names I am coming to you with a list of character names that will bring back childhood memories. 

The first book, well more like series, I thought about when coming up with this blog post was Junie B. Jones by Barbara Parks. I grew up reading these books and collecting them. A little naming trivia for you: the first line of the very first book in the series is "My name is Junie B. Jones. The B stands for Beatrice. Except I don’t like Beatrice. I just like B and that’s all." All of the heart eyes!!! June can be a nickname for a long list of Jun- names like Juniper, Junia, June, and Juno. 

Amelia Bedelia was always a long time favorite of mine. Her name is so fun to say and her books were and are always entertaining. Throughout the series Amelia has multiple jobs and always misunderstands the commands her employers give her causing her to mess up the tasks. As a name Amelia has been fast rising. Its #12 in the US and is even more popular in Britain at #1. 

Charlotte's Web is one of the classics that I still see kids reading today. The heartfelt story about an adorable big being saved from the slender house by a spider is just to love. Much to my surprise the book was written in the 1950s! Charlotte made its way into the top 10 in 2014 and moved up to #9 the following. It is the name of British royalty and I think the birth of the princess had something to do with the bump up. 

The first chapter book I every read and finished myself was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and will always hold a special place in my heart. The book is still in my room with pages marked and very loved. The story is about a group of children who get the opportunity to tour a chocolate factory if they found a golden ticket. Charlie is a nickname for Charles and even Charleston. It is a name slowly making its way over to the girls list.

There are so many memories in this blog post! Stuart Little is a book I read as a class when I was in third grade. I even had a little paper mouse that looked like Stuart that I used while we read the book. Stuart is definitely an old man chic name. I really don't hear about it very often so I don't think it has caught on. I would love to know if you know a little Stuart. 

Harold and the Purple Crayon is a book I see on just about every classroom bookshelf. I never grew up reading this book but I know it is something children read now. A little boy has a purple crayon that lets him create a world of his own. Like Stuart, Harold is an old man chic name. The adorable nickname and more popular name Harry works great with this name. To my surprise the name is ranked at #810 in 2015. Maybe it will rise in popularity. 

There are so many characters I could list and talk about here with you guys! Because I didn't want to bore you I stopped at just 6 characters.  What are your favorite names from children's books?

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