Friday, September 4, 2020

2019 Comeback Kids

We are coming up on our last post for today but don't worry there will be many more posts about the new SSA list in the weeks to come! I am not done spending all my free time looking at the list and lucky for me I have a 12 day staycation coming up. Below I have a list of all the comeback kid names. What is a comeback kid name? It is a name that has been on the top 1000 before but has been off the list for 1 or more years. Below you will see the name with the spot it is ranked in 2019 and below each name is the last year it was ranked with the spot it was that year. 

Stone #999
Last Ranked: 2009 (#996)

Yadiel #995
Last Ranked: 2017 (#976)

Jair #992
Last Ranked: 2016 (#940)

Wes #982
Last Ranked: 1971 (#899)

Dilan #978
Last Ranked: 2017 (#917)

Ayan #977
Last Ranked: 2017 (#910)

Colter #974
Last Ranked: 1992 (#997)

Simeon #973
Last Ranked: 2017 (#969)

Alistair #967
Last Ranked: 2017 (#929)

Santos #966
Last Ranked: 2017 (#984)

Jovanni #965
Last Ranked: 2017 (#988)

Ambrose #955
Last Ranked: 1954 (#932)

Marquis #953
Last Ranked: 2016 (#942)

Yahya #947
Last Ranked: 2017 (#922)

Foster #945
Last Ranked: 2017 (#936)

Kolten #928
Last Ranked: 2017 (#879)

Blaise #925
Last Ranked: 2017 (#912)

Yisroel #905
Last Ranked: 2017 (#985)

Mac #870
Last Ranked: 1976 (#882)

Robin #865
Last Ranked: 2015 (#972)

Kenny #863
Last Ranked: 2017 (#957)

Dixie #1000
Last Ranked: 2015 (#941)

Zendaya #998
Last Ranked: 2016 (#912)

Luisa #997
Last Ranked: 2006 (#998)

Harriet #983
Last Ranked: 1970 #819

Renee #966
Last Ranked: 2017 (#266)

Paityn #977
Last Ranked: 2017 (#942)

Kaya #972
Last Ranked: 2017 (#936)

Magdalena #960
Last Ranked: 2017 (#953)

Cleo #967
Last ranked 1956 (#830)

Emerald #969
Last Ranked: 2017 (#976)

Fallon #959
Last Ranked: 1995 (#929)

Yasmin #948
Last Ranked: 2016 (#935)

Flora #936
Last Ranked: 1972 (#965)

Chandler #925
Last Ranked: 2016 (#998)

Luz #895
Last Ranked: 2015 (#960)

Kimora #882
Last Ranked: 2017 (#965)

Nellie #868
Last Ranked: 1979 (#954)

Kamari #860
Last Ranked: 2009 (#937)

Theodora #859
Last Ranked: 1954 (#959)

Winnie #812
Last Ranked: 1957 (#968)

Yaritza #810
Last Ranked: 2015 (#939)

Names off the list for the longest time
Theodora and Ambrose were both off the charts for 65 years! 

2019 Newbies

These next 2 blog posts are my favorites of all the new SSA name release blog post series. I love taking a look at the names that are entering the top 1000. I split my list up into 2 groups; names that have never been on the list before and names that are coming back from years past. Below you will find all the names that are entering the list for the first time. Next to the name is the spot they are in right now and in parentheses is the number of spots they jumped to enter the top 1000. 

Rome #1000 (+101)
Seven #998 (+426)
Dhruv #997 (+75)
Aayan #996 (+150)
Zyon #990 (+43)
Niklaus #972 (+108)
Azrael #961(+270)
Mylo #954 (+206)
Aziel #951 (+511)
Kylian #943 (+187)
Tru #926 (+208)
Salem #924 (+285)
Malakhi #923 (+252)
Emir #922 (+107)
Calum #918 (#97)
Banks #917 (+284)
Remi #908 (+23)
Jakari #901 (+188)
Callahan #892 (+133)
Sekani #872 (+6159, name with greatest increase)
Eithan #849 (+177)
Kiaan #847 (+237)
Bellamy #832 (+251)
Legacy #830 (+255)
Amias #819 (+666)
Atreus #788 (+402)
Kyro #719 (+623)
Eliel #664 (+471)
Ermias #540 (+5302)

Freyja #990 (+81)
Beatrix #986 (+163)
Amoura #979 (+1075, name with greatest increase)
Halo #962 (+154)
Aila #968 (+185)
Sevyn #958 (+138)
Emani #955 (+422)
Persephone #924 (+154)
Blessing #917 (+219)
Malayah #913 (+182)
Denver #889 (+148)
Indie #866 (+163)
Elodie #862 (+189)
Oakleigh #854 (+313)
Kaisley #846 (+231)
Navy #811 (+459)
Alaiya #779 (+361)
Ainhoa #757 (+305)
Salem #752 (+260)

2019 SSA Top 100

The top 100 list is always a line for people it is either too popular and just right. Personally I can't decide. Years ago I would have said that the list was too popular and never pick a name in the top 100 but now I say otherwise. Some of my favorite names are in the top 100. Of those names I have never or rarely hear kids with the names. That is something to take into consideration: How many babies do you know with the names in the top 100? 

To my surprise there were only 4 new to the top 100 names for each gender. Last year there were almost double that for girls. I feel like there wasn't as much moving and grooving overall to the list this year. 

All of the boy names that entered the top 100 do not surprise me. I have been waiting for Kai to enter the top 100 for a few years now. Its one of the names I always see around the naming community. Luca is a name that I can see the appeal of. It ends in an A and is very similar to the much more popular name Lucas. 

I am split on the new girl names to the top 100. I wouldn't have expected Peyton to enter the top 100. This name has been in the top 100 before and even ranked in the top 50 in the early 2010s. For that reason I would expect it to go down. Rylee has been hovering just outside the top 100 for a few years now. Parents see the appeal of the name for the unique yet girly spelling. It honestly surprises me that Arya is just now entering the top 100 even after all the years of the super popular Game of Thrones series. 

Because 8 new names entered the top 100 8 names had to leave the top 100. Here are the names that dropped off. The 2018 rank is first and the new 2019 rank is second.

Jason #100 --> #104
Sawyer #99 --> #106
Bryson #93 --> #102
Brayden #84 --> #101

Brielle #99 --> #101
Kaylee #97 --> #114
Arianna #95 --> #116
Alexa #90 --> #139

I am not surprised at the names that dropped off the list especially for Alexa. I think the name is going to keep dropping off the list due to the popular virtual assistant. I think the Brayden names are becoming less and less popular and the numbers show that for sure. When it comes to Sawyer I think the name will jump in and out of the top 100. 

Last year I did something new and I want to do it again this year. I am going to take a look at the names that had the biggest moves within the top 100. These are names that were already there but had a big jump.   

1. Miles (#75) +23
2. Ezekiel (#71) +16
3. Maverick (#58) +15
4. Jameson (#77) +14
5. Santiago (#69) +43

1. Isla (#57) +25
2. Eliana (#62) +21
3. Ivy (#68) +18
4. Valentina (#65), Emilia (#42) +16
5. Willow (#46) +14

2019 SSA Name List (Finally!)

After nearly 4 months of waiting the brand new 2019 SSA most popular list is out!!!! I am screaming and not going to lie I jumped off the couch so fast I made my mom concerned. Thanks to for alerting me to the new list being out. If I'm being honest I did not believe it was really out at all and had to check and double check. A few weeks I ago I checked out of curiosity and had lost hope the list would be making an appearance any time soon. 

So without waiting any longer let's dive in to the much awaited name list starting with he top 19 most popular names. 

1. Liam
2. Noah
3. Oliver +2
4. William -1
5. Elijah +2
6. James -2
7. Benjamin -1
8. Lucas 
9. Mason
10. Ethan +2

1. Olivia +1
2. Emma -1
3. Ava
4. Sophia +1
5. Isabella -1
6. Charlotte
7. Amelia +1
8. Mia -1
9. Harper 
10. Evelyn

Compared to last years list the boy names had move moving and grooving while the girl names only moved a spot if that. Yet when you take a look back at the movements of the top 10 in 2018 you will find that the top 5 girl names did not change at all last year. So in hindsight the girl names did have some big moves. The biggest move is the overtaking of Emma by Olivia for the number 1 spot. 

The only new comer to the top 10 was Ethan. He knocked out Logan. Surprisingly (or maybe not) Ethan last ranked in the top 10 in 2016 at #10 but prior to that Ethan ranked in the top 10 from 2002 to 2016 with his highest ranking being in 2009 and 2010 at #2. 

Let's look at some fun facts for the #1 names for 2019.

  • Has ranked #1 for 3 years now. 
  • The name first entered the top 10 in 2012
  • The name didn't enter the top 1000 until 1967 
  • Has been in the #2 spot for the last 5 years
  • First entered the top 10 back in 2001 at #10 
  • Olivia has ranked in the top 1000 every year since 1880 

So what are your thoughts? Are you shocked the name list is out right now? 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

2020 Celebrity Babies {January, February, March}

I love to look at the celebrity babies born and what they are named. There have already been some great names in 2020 and I am sure even more amazing ones to come. In years past I have made monthly blog posts documenting the celebrity babies being born. I have even made my top 10 celebrity baby names of the year in December. This year I am going to try and make a 3 month list of all my favorites. It would just be too much to do it monthly and to include every baby born.

Raddix Chloe Wildflower 
Parents: Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden
Birthday: December 30, 2020

Dashiell Lev
Parents: Sasha Cohen and Geoffrey Lieberthal 
Birthday: January 2020

Stella Rhea
Parents: Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards
Siblings: Bentley Cadence and Jagger Ryan
Birthday: January 1, 2020

Boston James
Parents:Craig Wayne and Taylor Boyd 
Siblings: Jaxon, Graydon Scott, and Dakota Lynne 
Birthday: January 2, 2020

Story Rose
Parents: Josh and Jenna Densten
Sibling: Freddie (girl)
Birthday: January 4, 2020

Demelza Eira "Demy" 
Parents: Amy Willerton and Daniel Day 
Birthday: January 4, 2020

Colette Kathleen 
Parents: Robin Tunney and Nicky Marmet
Siblings: Oscar Holly 
Birthday: January 8, 2020

Hank Rice
Parents: Josh and Brace Segarra
Gus Maine
Birthday: January 8, 2020

Bode James
Parents: Jeremy and Audrey Roloff
Siblings: Ember Jean
Birthday: January 8, 20202

Luka Roman
Parents: Josh and Katie Gracin 
Birthday: January 13, 2020

Isaac Menelik Giovanni
Parents:Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin
Birthday: January 18, 2020

Dax James
Parents: Andrew Shaw and Chaunette Boulerice 
Siblings: Andy (Girl)
Birthday: January 23, 2020

Jo Jezebel 
Parents: Stella Maeve and Benjamin Wadsworth 
Birthday: January 29, 2020

Mary "Masha"
Parents: Ernie Iglesias and Anna Kournikova
Siblings: Lucy and Nicholas (Twins)
Birthday: January 30, 2020

Osian Lark Elliott (Girl)
Parents:Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson 
Siblings: Ever Gabo (Girl) and Dashiel Edan (Girl)
Birthday: February 2, 2020

Lennon Love
Parents: Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins 
Siblings: Willa Gray and Ada James
Birthday: February 10, 2020

Beau Benedict Enthoven 
Parents: Robbie Williams and Ayda Field
Siblings: Theodora Rose,  Charlton Valentine, and Colette Josephine
Birthday: February 2020

Rosie Robert
Parents: Tyler Joseph and Jenna Jospeh
Birthday: February 9

Axel Fumero
Parents: Melissa and David Fumero
Siblings: Enzo
Birthday: February 14, 2020

Keats Noth
Parents: Chris Noth and Tara Wilson
Siblings: Orion Christopher
Birthday: February 18, 2020

Ames Alexander
Parents: Shay and Hannah Mooney
Sibling: Asher James
Birthday: February 21, 2020

George Paterson VI "Paterson"
Parents: Amanda Schull and George Wilson
Birthday: February 25, 2020

Parents:Teddi Mellencamp and Edwin Arroyave 
Siblings: Isabella, Slate, and Cruz
Birthday: February 25, 2020

Naomi Bettie
Parents: Jimmie Allen and Alexis Gale
Sibling: Aadyn 
Birthday: March 1, 2020

Vittorio Genghis (boy) and Lorzen Orianna Judith (girl)
Parents: Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens 
Birthday: March 4, 2020

Callum Michael Rebel
Parents: Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee
Siblings: Everly
Birthday: March 6, 2020

Milou Alizee
Parents: Barron and Tessa Hilton 
Birthday: March 11. 2020

Magnolia August
Parents: Terra Jole and Joe Gnoffo
Siblings: Penelopre Charlevoix "Penny" and Grayson Vincent
Birthday: March 11, 2020

Mateo Antoni
Parents: Eva Amurri and Kyle Martino
Siblings: Marlowe Mae and Major James
Birthday: March 13, 2020

Bridgemont Bernard "Bridge"
Parents: Adam Rodrigues and Grace Gail
Siblings: Frankie Elle, and Georgia Daye
Birthday: March 16, 2020

Otis Paradis
Parents:Missy Peregrym and Tom Oakley
Birthday: March 21, 2020

Hayes Andrew
Parents:Marren Morris and Ryan Hurd
Birthday: March 23, 2020

Goldie Patricia
Parents: Carson and Siri Daly
Siblings: Jackson James, London Rose, and Etta Jones
Birthday: March 26, 2020

Coco Knox
Parents: Ronan and Storm Keating 
Siblings: Jack, Missy, Ali, and Cooper Archer
Birthday:  March 27, 2020

Ripley Nightingale (girl)
Parents: Matthew Davis and Kiley Casciano
Birthday: March 31, 2020

Ford Bryant
Parents: Maury and Alexis Sterling
Birthday: March 31, 2020

Monday, May 11, 2020

8 Great Spring Colors

It is finally feeling like spring here and we all know that won't last long! So before it starts feeling like summer I thought I would squeeze in a spring inspired name blog post. If you follow me on instagram then you have had a bunch of spring inspired name lists in the month of April. I won't to do something different from what I've done and from what so many others have done so today I have 8 great spring color names!

Slate is not ranked in the top 1000 but is something I could see jumping on in. The name is a modern word name that has an edgy feel. With it being one syllable I could see it pairing so well as a middle name. Slate is a gray-blue color. that works perfectly as a spring neutral.

Lavender falls under the category of vintage beauties ready to come back. Matilda the movie and book has a character named Lavender. It's easy to the ears and pretty on the eyes. Lavender is a light purple color you see a lot around Easter and throughout spring and into summer.

Rose is not only a flower name but it is also a color name. The color rose is a light pink color and not red like most people would think. As a name it is a sure classic in both the first and middle name spot. You can also find a long list of Rose alternative names that have Rose as a nickname.

Like Lavender, Lilac is another light purple color. It also doubles as a wonderful smelling flower. Lilac is in the sound family of Lila and looks like a Lily sister. You could even go on to use Lily as a nickname. It is a much more bold name choice.

Jade is a green shade. Spring is all about the green things and nature and plants growing. Jade ranks just outside the top 100 and is the most popular name on this list. She is short and sweet and to the point.

Saffron is a yellow-orange color. It is a flower that gets turned into a spice used in cooking all over the world. Saffrons are used in the Hindu culture often and during spring they have a spring festival called Holi. Google the festival and you will see the most beautiful colors ever.

Cobalt blue is a bold shade of blue that mixes well with so many of the other color names on this list. As a name Cobalt is just as bold. You can use the nickname Coby or even Bolt. I have to say I am loving this name more and more.

Everyone knows what a denim blue looks like. It is the color and clothing that is for everyone no matter the age, location, or career. Denim jackets were once super popular in the 2000s and then declined but 2020 is bringing back the denim jacket. Denim has been used as a name before. Throw in the nickname Denny and it makes the name much more usable.

Friday, May 8, 2020

What Names Mean to Me

I'm sure by now you are aware of the SSA most popular name list has been postponed. After some time of thinking and digesting my feelings I have an idea on how to portray them to you. 

This list being postponed was a major anxiety trigger for me. It was a major change to plans. I planned this whole week around the name release. Seven months ago I requested off from work so I could spend the day enjoying the list. I have had a wave of emotions over this postpone: sadness, anger, and then understanding to name a few. 

I am sad to not have this big list to look forward to like every year. Sad that there is a chance I will be working when the list is released. I am angry that the virus has taken another thing from me. It has changed yet another aspect of my life. And then when I sat with my feelings and digested them, I understood why it was happening. The world is in a state it has never been in before. People are working harder than ever to keep up. I did not realize that the list people were working on other more important aspects in the social security administration office. I have to admit that I never thought about the things the SSA does besides names. 

Thinking about my feelings about the list had me thinking about names in general. This list is more than a list for me just like names are more than names or letters put together. I am sure there is a blog post way back explaining how names and the naming community have helped me through my hardest times in life. The things I said back then are still relevant today and will most likely be true for years to come. 

I have struggled with anxiety and at a time depression. They are things that I will always struggle with for the rest of my life. When leaving the house or even getting out of bed was too much, names filled the gap. From formspring to youtube videos to making my own lists and then onto this blog I have had names as my main distraction. Nothing makes you forget about life more than naming babies in a made-up game. 

Change is my biggest anxiety trigger hence why I took this postpone harder than most. Throughout every change in my life names are the one thing that has never changed. They have always been there in some form. I am grateful for the community that I have and the support I have received. 

Meeting Alix! and Finally Meeting A Member of the Naming Community! 

So as we wait for this list to come out I will stay an ever-present in the naming community. I want to remind you guys that this is more than names to me. Thank you for all your support on all my naming platforms through the years and for the years to come. 

Now lets make this new release (whenever it is) bigger and better than ever! 

Thursday, May 7, 2020

2019 List Predictions {Top 1000}

Making the top 1000 predictions for the new SSA name lists are one of my favorite posts to make. The lists usually involve the more unique names and a lot of times names that I like. I only do 9-10 name predictions but close to 100 names enter the top 1000 list each year.

Taking a look at last years list I made 9 predictions for each gender and got 3/9 right for boys and 4/9 right for girls. I did not do so well but that is no surprise. 

Alistair- Given to 204 baby boys in 2018
A names are a trend for girls and I can see them being a trend for boys. Alistair has a lot to love. It is a name with history and has a grand feeling. I can see people picking the name for sure. With the #1000 baby boy name (Markus) being given to 206 babies in 2018 there is a high possibility Alistair makes the list this year.

Kolten- Given to 204 baby boys in 2018
Americans enjoy spelling names in unique ways. Kolten is for sure a unique way to spell Colten. I can see this name jumping into the top 1000 because of the spelling and because every year there are a handful of uniquely spelled names that pop into the top 1000. 

Evander- Given to 189 baby boys in 2018
Evander is a name that I have been hoping would make it onto the top 1000 list for some time now. He fits with names like Alexander and Evander. The name is easy to spell and pronounce. It is a Greek mythology name also. Maybe this year the name will finally make it onto the top 1000 list., 

Boaz- Given to 177 baby boys in 2018
Bo- names are a trend that I love and I am seeing more and more. Boaz fits not only into that trend but also into the biblical names trend that is always around. It has a sharp Z ending that attracts parents to names like Ezra. This would make a nice additions to the top 1000. 

Arrow- Given to 172 baby boys in 2018
Word names are all the rage right now. You can skim through the top 1000 and find word names throughout. Arrow is a favorite of mine and I would love to see more people use it. You can see this as a positive word name because although arrows are pulled back they still go on. 

Noble- Given to 161 baby boys in 2018
I see virtue names being used and loved among the naming community. Now I wonder if that has trickled down into everyday parents. I can see Noble being a name gaining a spot on the top 1000 for his simple one syllable sound and the virtue accept. 

Honorable Mentions: Bear, Rio, Bastian, and Kooper

Luz- Given to 257 baby girls in 2018
Luz is a name that was in the top 1000 in the early 2000s until about 2016. Some might find it dated but I think it is fresh to the ears. I think her short and to the point nature. Maybe she will gain some popularity this year. 

Chandler- Given to 256 baby girls in 2018
Chandler has been in the top 1000 a few years in the past. Her boy name turned girl name surname vibe is still around today. She is sitting right outside the top 1000 so I can see her gaining enough spots to sit in the charts. 

Indie- Given to 249 baby girls in 2018
Indie is one of the names that I have been hoping will jump into the top 1000 for years and hasn't. I feel as if I heard love for this name all the time yet she sits out of reach. She has a place name vibe as well has the boho theme going for her. Maybe this year is the year she will finally make it into the charts. 

Jovie- Given to 246 baby girls in 2018
Jovie is a modern virtue name, although I do not think a lot of people realize that. She is 2 syllables and ends int he -ee sound with a sharp V middle sound. It surprises me that the popularity of the movie Elf has not made this name more popular. Maybe the parents who fondly remember watching this movie when they were younger will pick the name. 

Elodie- Given to 243 baby girls in 2018
I am pretty sure I have been rooting for Elodie to jump onto the top 1000 name list for a few years now. She fits in with the other El- names and has a beautiful, lyrical sound to her, I have not been able to pinpoint why the name isn't on the top 1000. Crossing my fingers 2019 is her year. 

Flora- Given to 242 baby girls in 2018
Last year I had Flora on my predictions list and I am doing the same this year, There are a few things that can appeal to families about the name. The -ora ending is beautiful and princess like. Add in the fact that the name is a vintage beauty and there is no other reason why this name won't make the top 1000 list. 

Honorable Mentions: Emerald, Winnie, Marlowe, and Seraphina

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

2019 List Predictions {Top 100}

Predicting the new names to the top 100 is my second favorite prediction list to make during this time. It's easier to make than the top 10 but harder than the top 1000. I have less chances of getting these right than I do of the top 1000. We are just days away from the release so I am getting these in just in time.

Let's start by taking a look at my predictions from last year. I made 5 main predictions and 3 honorable mentions for each gender. I had 2/8 right for the boys and 3/8 right for the girls. I am going to add some of the names to my prediction list this year and do the same number of predictions. 

Declan (#101)
From 2017 to 2018 Declan gained 14 spots and now sits one spot outside the top 100. The name has been hanging out just under the top 100 for a few years now but last year was the closest it came to being in the top 100. The soft sound and Irish vibes of this name make it easy to love. This name could go either way. 

Micah (#103)
Micah was one of my predictions for last year that did not make the top 100 list. It did however rise in popularity just a little. Now it sits right outside the top 100. Micah appeals to the parents who like Noah but want something less popular. Both names are biblical and end in -ah. 

Luca (#106)
Like Micah, Luca was a predictions I made for last years list that did not quite make it. From 2017 to 2018 the name jumped 24 spots. People adore A ending boy names more and more each year making me think Luca will earn his spot in the top 100 this year. 

Silas (#110)
Biblical names are loved and popular and have been for centuries. Silas is one of the more modern sounding biblical names. Add in the fact that it ends in -S and I can see more and more parents using it. From 2017 to 2018 the name moved up 10 spots and if it does the same this year it will be in the top 100. 

Kai (#113)
Kai is the last name prediction that is a leftover from last year. The name jumped 13 spots from 2017 to 2018 and that is all it would need to gain his spot in the top 100. Just taking a look back at Kai's movements on the top 1000 chart you can see the name has done nothing but climb up since the 1970s. 

Honorable Mentions: Kingston (#117), Bennett (#120), and Ryker (#122)

Clara (#103)
Clara was almost an honorable mention for me because she has been slowly going down in popularity for a few years now. I added her to the list because I think parents are looking for vintage names more than a few years ago. With her sitting just outside the top 100 anything can happen. 

Adalynn (#108)
If you take a look at the top 100 or even the top 1000 you will see that Ad- names are popular throughout for girls. Adalynn has many spelling but this is the most popular. If you combine her beginning with her end you get a name that covers multiple trends. 

Raelynn (#115) 
Raelynn is one of the leftover names from last year's predictions. Although she only gained 9 spots last year the previous years she gained 34 spots. With her southern charm and -lynn ending I can see her earning a spot in the top 100 for 2019. 

Athena (#117)
A names have been an ongoing trend for girl names for some time now. I am adding Athena to the list because of her A beginning but also because of her association with Greek mythology. I also can't leave out the fact that she has been gaining popularity since the 2000s. 

Arya (#119)
Because of Game of Thrones the name Arya earn a spot on the list. She is an alternative spelling to the much more popular Aria. I think between the beloved show and desire for a less popular spelling the name Arya could make it to the top 100 this year. The name is a leftover from last year and from 2018 to 2019 she gained 16 spots. 

Honorable Mentions: Hadley (#104), Jade (#111), and Eliza (#131)

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

2019 Predictions {Top 10}

We are quickly coming up on the best time of the year for namers. The new SSA name list comes out on Friday. For those that do not know what the SSA name is it is the social secretary list of names popular for each year. Some namers call this the namer's Christmas and I could not agree more. I am so committed to this list release that I requested off from work 7 months ago and will be up with the sun waiting for it. If that doesn't say name obsession I don't know what does!

I will be spending the week working on making predictions for the new list coming out. This will be my fourth year doing this and although I am not the best I find it super fun. Predicting the top 10 name list is something I didn't start until last year. It seems so hard to pick the names and be on point because they don't change as often as the rest of the list. 

Top 2018 List 
1. Liam
2. Noah
3. William
4. James
5. Oliver
6. Benjamin
7. Elijah
8. Lucas
9. Mason
10. Logan

1. Emma
2. Olivia 
3. Ava
4. Isabella
5. Sophia
6. Charlotte
7. Mia
8. Amelia
9. Harper
10. Evelyn

My Predictions for the 2019 top 10

1. Liam 
2. Noah
3. William
4. Oliver
5. James
6. Benjamin
7. Elijah
8. Lucas 
9. Michael
10. Mason

1. Emma
2. Olivia
3. Ava
4. Sophia
5. Charlotte
6. Isabella
7. Amelia
8. Harper
9. Mia
10. Elizabeth

The top 4 boy names were unchanged from 2017 to 2018 and I think the top 3 will stay the same but Oliver will gain more popularity this year. I see Logan falling off the top 10 list this year and Michael possibly jumping back on. Michael is my wildcard guess. 

On the girls list the top 3 names did not change so I am keeping it the same for this year. I think Harper will rise up the chart and Evelyn will fall off. Elizabeth is my wildcard this year. 

Stay tune for the list to be release Friday May 8, 2020! 

Always in the Top 1000 {Girls}

Back in March I made a post all about the boy names that have always been in the top 1000. If you missed it go back and take a look. For those of you who might be a little confused I went through every name on both the top 1880 list and the top 2018 list and saw what names were on both. Then I took that list and looked to make sure each name was on every list in-between. I had so much fun doing the list and it filled my data loving, list making heart up. Below I have 109 girl names that have always been in the top 1000.






Monday, March 30, 2020

2020 Celebrity Name Predictions

In the last few weeks I have seen a lot of celebrities announcing pregnancies and they have all inspired me to make another predictions post! Although I have done this before and resulted in no wins it was still fun. Below is just a handful of celebrities expecting. I went with ones I am nmost excited for.

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth
Siblings: Gideon Martyn nad Annabell Elise
Gender: Girl
In 2019, Joy and Austin announced they were pregnant and then sadly lost their daughter at 22 weeks. In March of 2020 they announced they were expecting another daughter due in August. We saw a huge baby boom with Duggar grandbabies in 2019 and a lot of girls baring the names Gracie, Bella, and Addison. Some of the names I suggested for Annabell could work for this little girl. 
Girls: Lydia, Caroline, Emmeline, Amelia, Juliet, Phoebe

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner 
Siblings: None
Gender: Unknown
Joe and Sophie are a young, new couple making me think they will pick a fresh name. Add in the fact that Sophie is British I could see them picking names more common across the pond. 
Girls: Billie, Noa, Ember, Margot, Lola, Keeva
Boys: Arthur, Mac, Hugo, Finn, Albie, Arlo, Jax

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
Siblings: Flynn Christopher (previous relationship) 
Gender: Unknown
Katy Perry had an iconic pregnancy announcement in her music video this month. Her and Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child together. Bloom has a son from his relationship with Miranda Kerr named Flynn but I am not going to base my name suggestions off of that. Flynn just doesn't seem very Katy Perry. But these names do!
Girls: Primrose, Edie, Zadie, Ellexi, Olive, Fifi
Boys: Atlas, Fox, Alfie, Bodhi, Rex, Ridge, Slate

Beverley Mitchell and Michael Cameron 
Siblings: Kenzie Lynne and Hutton Michael 
Gender: Unknown
Beverley Mitchell from 7th Heaven is expecting her 3rd child after a miscarriage. With her first she picked a modern nickname and her second is a name new to me. I can see her picking an unique name that surprises us. Maybe even something modern sounding. 
Girls: Lainey, Lyra, Bailey, Zuri, Aspen, Ember
Boys: Colson, Saxon, Spencer, Mckay, Kyler, Renzo

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael
Siblings: None
Gender: Unknown
Amanda Bynes has been quiet in recent years on social media and even in the media in general. She announced her pregnancy and surprised people by doing so. This is one name prediction I have no idea what direction she will take. It could go common, vintage, unique, or edgy. 
Girls: Thea, Zinnia, Everly, Gracie, Quinn, Kaia, Beatrice
Boys: Zeke, Nash, Oliver, Milo, Jett, Samuel, Lucas, Daxton, Felix 

Tyler Hubbard and Hayley Stommel 
Siblings: Oliva "Liv" Rose and Luca Reed
Gender: Boy
Tyler Hubbard from the country duo Florida Georgia Line is expecting his 3rd baby, a boy! Their second was just born in the summer of 2019 making me surprised they are expecting again. The names they have picked are common familiar with a soft feel. I can see them going with a name containing an L. And a bonus name prediction: they stick with the R middle name. My suggestions include Robert, Rhett, River, Rhys, and Ryan. 
Boy: Micah, Kai, Levi, Milo, Henry, Liam

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Classic First with Spring Middles {Name Game}

Since we are all sitting inside because of recent events I have been trying to share some more name games on instagram to keep us going. Since we are officially in spring (even if it doesn't always feel like it) I thought it would be fun to pair classical first names with spring inspired middle names. I told my followers I would be sharing some combos here and that is what I have for you today.

I am going to start with my own name combos. On instagram I only shared 3 combos but I have a whole list today! 

Martha Bunny
Susan Magnolia
Agnes Bloom
Beatrice May
Alice Freya
Louisa Birdie 
Ruth Aviva
Frances Doe

Edmund Wells
Vincent Bud
Benjamin Leif
Walter Pascal
John Caldwell
Daniel Cedar
Henry Talon
George Sunny

My favorites from followers:
Beatrice Bloom
Lydia Sunshine
Anna Magnolia
Eleanor Lilac
Evelyn Amaryllis

Eric Dandelion
Charles rain
Freddie Pascale
Henry Finch
Everett Clover 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Always in the Top 1000 {Boys}

Months ago I had this big idea to present to you a group of names to have always been in the top 1000. It was inspired by my post of names that have always been in the top 100. I started working on the data and then life got busy and I never finished. Since I have all this time to sit at home I finally finished working on this project. How does one look at 138 years worth of name data and pick out the names that have been in every year? 

I went through through both the top 1000 names for 1880 (the first year) and then 2018 (the most recent data) and found the names that were in both. Then I went through that list and say what names had been in every year from 1881 to 2017. From there I was able to come up with a list of 109 girl names and 195 boy names that have always ranked in the top 1000 since the start of the list. Since there are so many names I am breaking the list down into 2 posts by gender. 








Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Nicknames {Reader's Digest}

On Valentine's Day weekend I went on a little getaway with my boyfriend to Honesdale, Pa, a little mountain town. We rented a little cottage filled with treasure that made my heart sing. All things that were just coincidences. One of those was a small stack of Reader's Digest magazines. My soul is old and I love a good Reader's Digest. While sitting and reading an edition from cover to cover I would the most amazing article! It was all about nicknames! Not only was it about names but it was about one of my "specialties".

The article came from the October 2019 editions and was called "What Happened to Great Nicknames?" by Andy Simmons. I found some great quotes and points and it even got me thinking. I loved it so much I had to pour my thoughts out into a blog post.

In the article they talked about how less and less people have nicknames now a days and why. Their thought is there are 20,000+ more names being used now than there had been in the 1950s. When there were less names it is more likely that a name is used in the same family, classroom, or neighbor multiple times forcing a nickname to be bestowed. Their thoughts are so eye opening and numbers don't lie. I have to add that I am noticing more parents looking for names without nicknames or just forgoing the formal name and using the nickname adding to the possible decline in nickname use. 

A nickname can come from love for a person. How many people do you know with funny, odd, unexpected nicknames? My great grandfather was nicknamed Moon because of his shiny, bald head. Ren is a nickname that came out of no where from a middle school friend partly from the show Even Steves. So if you mom or best friend gave you a funny nickname run with it! It all came from love.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

20 Names From the Past 20 Years

Happy New Year! Happy 202. I hope this year is everything you hope it is. I hope you have the best year yet. I had a spark of inspiration to take a look at the #20 names for the past 2 years that are out so far. The results are below and I have to say they are really interesting.

2018- Matthew and Scarlett
2017- Jackson and Aria
2016- Joseph and Chloe
2015- Jayden and Victoria
2014- Joseph and Garce
2013- Joseph and Evelyn
2012- David and Zoey
2011- Christopher and Aubrey
2010- Joseph and Alyssa
2009- Ryan and Ashley
2008- John and Sarah
2007- Nicholas and Grace
2006- Logan and Brianna
2005- Nathan and Brianna
2004- Nathan and Anna
2003- Zachary and Sophia
2002- Brandon and Anna
2001- Alexander and Megan
2000- Alexander and Victoria
1999-Justin and Olivia

What are your favorite sets from the list? Are there any you would use for siblings? I would say my favorite are Ryan and Ashley and Jackson and Aria.  


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