Monday, December 24, 2018

Nature Namemas: Berry

Yummy Fruit 
There are many berries out there, most of which are very yummy. The winter berries include cranberries and holly. Then you have strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and more. If you are ever in the wild be cautious about what berries you pick and eat because some can be poisonous! 

Baby Name 
Fruit names seem to be an up and coming trend every once in a while. We already know of an Apple and I can see Plum being a great name so why not Berry? Berry is an unisex name. The spelling Barry is more boy but I feel as if Berry is a girly version of Barry. In 2017, only 6 baby girls were given the name and no boys. I personally enjoy Berry as a nickname for other longer names like Berenice, Beretta, Berker, Berkley, and many others. The most famous Berry out there is the Motown founder Berry Gordy.

Christmas Association 
Berries add such elegance and color to garland and wreaths and other Christmas decor. They are used in baking pies and treats. There are many names that I used I figured here on my nature namemas that berries add to the character. 

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Nature Namemas: Garland

Baby Name
The name is used on both girls and boys. In 2017, the name was more popular for boys than girls with 16 boys receiving the name and only 9 girls. The most famous bearer of the name is Judy Garland, actress in the Wizard of Oz. As for the boys there was Garland Erastus Bayliss, an American historian and academic and Garland Gregory, an American NFL player.

Christmas Association 
Garland is put up everywhere in my house; the railings and fireplace and tv stand. The adore the outside of our house. Most often garland is the greenery that can have berries or other nature things. At Christmas time garland can also be the garland beads or garland tinsel. 

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Nature Namemas: Evergreen

Forest of Trees and Greens
Evergreen is a word that refers to foliage that reminds green and functional through multiple seasons. They are trees that do not shed their leaves seasonally. Evergreen symbolized strength, determination, and immortality among over things. Forest are also great symbolisms as well. They are mysterious places that can be calming and make you one with the earth.

Baby Name
Evergreen is an extremely unique name. In 2017 the name was used on less than 5 baby boy and baby girls. In 2016, 13 little girls were given the name. Personally I think the name works great on either gender. It's a nice alternative to Everly, a name for girls that is getting more and more popular. Ever is a great name for either a boy or a girl. Evergreen reminds me of the name Everdeen from The Hunger Games. The surname of Katniss. 

Christmas Association 
Evergreen covers every Christmas tree out there. So if none of the Christmas tree names suit you maybe Evergreen will! And it's one of the few Christmas tree names that works really well on girls. Other Christmas plants and shrubbery could also be categorized under the name Evergreen as well. 

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Nature Namemas: Dove

The Bird
Doves are associated with peace. They are also associated with love. I have seen them released at weddings. During February you can find doves on different Valentine's Day decorations and cards and artwork. The most common image of the dove you see is the white dove but there are actually other colorings that are more common.

The Name
Bird names are all the rage and Dove is one of the new bird names out there. Although you really can't say it is a new bird name because it was used in the 17th century and in the top 1000 throughout the 1890s. Personally I love the name Dove as a middle name. It is unexpected but soft and short. In 2017, 26 sweet little baby girls were given the name. 

The Christmas Association 
During Christmas time doves can be found on cards or in trees as ornaments. They are in the lyrics of 12 days of Christmas on the second day. Jesus was born on Christmas and the was born to bring peace into the world. Everything doves symbolize are what is wanted to be felt during Christmas, peace, love, and purity. 

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Nature Namemas: Celyn

Holly is the evergreen scrub or small tree with red berries on it. The are found in the subtropical regions of the world. There are over 200 species of holly that date back hundred and hundreds of years. In my house we have fake holly sitting on our coffee table and dining room table. They make beautiful centerpieces. In some cultures holly leaves are used to make daily teas. 

Baby Name 
At first glance I am sure many people will think the name is for girls but actually Celyn is a boy name. It is pronounced KELL-in. In Welsh the -lyn ending is used on boys. In the little country of Wales Celyn is ranked in the top 100 but is very unpopular elsewhere around the world. In 2017 no little boys in the US were given the name and just 5 girls bare it. 

Christmas Association 
In Welsh, Celyn means holly. Holly is a universal symbol for Christmas. With Holly being used as a girls name most of the time I think Celyn is a nice way to honor a Holly or Christmas while using a subtle name.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Nature Namemas: Ember

Fire-y Flames
Embers are the glowing hot coal after a fire is put out or one that rekindle a fire. You can look at embers are positive or negative. Wild fires are often caused by embers left over. They can be devastating for anyone involved as I am sure many of you have seen on the news these last few months. But embers can also be looked at as positive. I see embers as possible to restart something, whether it is a fire or not. Someone can have an ember inside them that can restart a love for something or someone. 

Baby Name

The name seems to be gaining in popularity in recent times. In 2017 the name was ranked at #289 and that's up from #320 in 2016. If you take a look back at years before that you can see the steady climb in popularity. It's a nice fresh take on the almost dated Amber while at the same time can be confused with each other. Em- trends are popular and have been for many years. Ember fits in while also standing out. 

Christmas Association 
Fires in the fireplace are a common image of Christmas time for families everywhere. Many songs mention fires. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire is one of the most famous ones. It is also said that Santa goes down the chimney into the fireplace. All and all I'd say fireplaces and fires are a staple to Christmas in the wintertime.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Nature Namemas: Basil

Christmas Basil 
This year I gave my boyfriend a Christmas advent calendar. Every day he has been opening a gift from December 1 to December 24. One of his gifts was a little Christmas Basil kit. I had never heard of Christmas basil before but thought it was cool. Christmas basil is not much different from regular basil. It is a new basil from he British breeding of Thai and Genovese crosses. The plant has large glossy leaves with a fruity, mulled-wine smell that reminds people of Christmas. Purple flowers make the plant perfect for decorations while you are still able to eat the plant. 

Baby Name
The name has been around since the 4th century when St. Basil the Great was bishop of Caesarea. Basil was in the top 1000 list in the US until the 1970s. At one point was eve in the top 300s in the early 1900s. In 2017, only 58 baby boys were given the name. It has a nice modern ring to it while still having some hidden history.

Christmas Association 
Basil is a bit of a stretch when it comes to Christmas names but I think it works perfectly. Basil plants are dark green like many other foliage of Christmas and if a Christmas tree name isn't for you than Basil is perfect while still looking like a Christmas plant. The Christian side of Christmas is also covered with the name Basil since Basil is a saint name. During Christmas I think just about any saint name works.

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Nature Namemas: Clementine

The Fruit 
Clementines are hybrids between willow leaf mandarin oranges and sweet oranges. It was named after the orphanage of Brother Marie-Clement in 1902 where it was founded. You can find the fruit in many different areas of the world but the tastiest clementines come from the hottest regions in the world like North Africa, Mediterranean basin, and California. 

The Baby Name 
The name Clementine has been around for many many years. In 2014, after 61 years off the charts, Clementine made her way back onto the charts. Since then the name has been climbing up the charts and sits at #744. The name has a vintage feel for many parents and if you can get over the song "Oh, My Darlin Clementine" I thin kits just perfect. The name is coming back into the limelight with celebrity babies bearing the name as well as characters in tv shows. We'd be here for a very long time if i list all the name bearers!

Christmas Association 
Does your family put clementines in your stocking? My family does not but my mom said she got them growing up. It is a tradition that many families do and has been around for decades. There are many reasons why the tradition started. The most popular being that it was a treat during the Great Depression. Another reason I found was that they look at oranges as the gold St. Nicholas put in stockings. Either way Clementine is a great Christmas name that is subtle and sweet.

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Nature Namemas: Fraser

Fraser Fir
Fraser firs are named after the John Fraser a scottish botanist who explorer the Appalachian Mountains in the 18th century. The leaves of the tree are well-formed, soft, and face upward. The most widely used as Christmas trees. Fraser firs are the most popular Christmas tree for the White House than any other tree. The tree is actually an endangered species in part because of climate changes.

The Name
The tv show Frasier made the name popular but the original spelling is Fraser from Scotland. The meaning is unknown in Scottish but could possible mean strawberry in French. In 2017 the name was given to just 11 baby boys. The name falls into multiple name trends included nature names and surname names.

The most famous Fraser out there is the Canadian explorer Simon Fraser. He is known to have charted much of British Columbia in Canada. Another interesting fact about the famous explorer is he was also a fur trader.

The Christmas Association 
There are many different types of Christmas trees out there but the Fraser fir is said to be the most popular. It has soft needles that don't prick you when you are hanging ornaments and they have just enough space between the branches to decorate. Many fake trees can be found as Fraser firs as well.

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Nature Namemas: Lumi

Today's Namemas name is not completely a Christmas name. It can be used for a winter baby as well. And I know that it is summertime for some people during Christmas so this may not help very much. But for me a snow filled Christmas is what its all about! 

The Name
Lumi means snow in Finnish. It is virtually unheard of in America or England but is in the top 50 in Finland. The loo sound at the beginning of Lumi makes it fit in with names like Lucy and Lulu. It is also two syllables and ends in the -ee sound. Overall a great name that would fit in but stand out all at the same time. In 2017, Lumi was given to 18 baby girls in the US. 

The Christmas Association 
I'm from the east coast of America so snow is a normal symbol of Christmas. I now that isn't the same everywhere. For instance I would some Australian mommas on instagram who are having trouble making their elf on the shelf summarized. This name is perfect for any winter Christmas baby especially if you have always dreamed of a white Christmas.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Nature Namemas: Douglas

Happy Namemas day 2! Today I have a boys name for you since I started out the week with a girls name. Usually I do alternating genders but this year I have an unisex name and a little more girl names that boys. But non the less there will be some great names in this lineup! 

Douglas Fir
Douglas Firs are named after David Douglas, a Scottish botanist who studied the tree in the 1800s. The name Douglas fir is a false idea. The tree is not a true fir tree. Now I don't know a whole lot of trees but from what I understand the reason it is not a true fir has to do with the way the cones face. Douglas firs are not just used as Christmas trees. The buds have been used to flavor a clear, colorless fruit brandy. Native Hawaiians used the trunks to make canoes.

Baby Name
You could find the name Douglas everywhere int eh 1950s and 1960s but since then the name has declined in popularity. Personally I think Douglas is the perfect old man chic name. The name originated as a Celtic river name and down the line gained the association to a Scottish clan known for their strength and courage. There have been many famous Douglas' out there from war generals to actors to athletes. Everyone can find a Douglas to associate with. 

Christmas Association 
The Christmas association here is one of the main symbols of Christmas: the tree. There are many types of trees out there that are used to decorate and place presents under and Douglas fir is one of them. It ranks in the top 10 most popular Christmas Trees. The tree has been used around Christmas time since the 1920s. In 2016 the White House used a Douglas Fir as the Obama's last Christmas tree while on office. 

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Nature Namemas: Anise

Welcome to the first day of my third annual Namemas! My personal countdown to Christmas with names for 12 straight days. I asked my followers on instagram (if you aren't following me there you need to!) what theme I should use and Christmas nature names was the winner. My other themes were pretty cool too. Maybe I'll save them for next year.

First up is the girl's name Anise! One of my favorites for this year.

Plant Name
Anise is the name of the licorice plant and is considered a spice. The plant comes in the shape of a star. It's used to flavor food and alcoholic drinks. When used in the herbal medical world it is given to prevent gas. 

Baby Name
Anise is an extremely rare name. In 2017, the name was given to just 6 babies and in 2016 it was given to 13 babies. The name has been around for years and years but never popular. If you take a look at the 1893 SSA names you will see 5 baby girls with the name. Personally the name is a great alternative to Ann- names since there are so many out there. The most favorite Anise is Anise Koltz a Luxembourgian poet and children's author. 

Christmas Association 
Anise is used in baking throughout Christmas time. I personally grew up using anise in pizzelles but the spice is also used in Italian, German, and Polish cookies. The spice is also a great Christmas name for its star shape. 

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Hello December: 12 Names Given to 12 Babies in 2017

Happy December! It's hard to believe this year is almost over. Every year I make goals for my blog and name instagram and this year I did so poorly on them. But then I remind myself its ok when you are forcing yourself to write or post it isn't enjoyable anymore. So for the upcoming year I am just going to write and post as I please with no goals in mind.

In honor of the month of December I have 12 names given to just 12 babies in 2017 since this is the 12th months of the year. I love looking for names this way because you find so many unique names without having to go through a million different names.

  1. Netta: English short form of names ending in Netta; Plant, Scrub in Hebrew 
  2. Luisana: Spanish, German Feminine form of Louis (Famous in War) 
  3. Kitty: English Diminutive of Katherine (Each of the Two)
  4. Hava: Hebrew form of Eve (To Breathe, To Live)
  5. Arista: Latin; Ear of Corn 
  6. Oksana: Ukraina form of Xenia (Hospitality) 
  7. Urvi: Sanskrit; Wide
  8. Viva: Latin; Alive, Living 
  9. Lilinoe: Hawaiian; Fine Mist 
  10. Humaira: Arabic; Red, Red Color
  11. Dione: Greek; Of Zeus, Goddess
  12. Arna: Hebrew; Mountain of Strength 

  1. Dudley: English; Dudda's Clearing 
  2. Revel: English; A Merry Celebration 
  3. Taliesin: Welsh; Shining Brow
  4. Virgilio: Spanish and Italian form of Virgil (Staff Bearer)
  5. Haidar: Arabic; Lion
  6. Irwin: English; Boar Friend 
  7. Narciso: Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese form of Narcissus (Sleep, Numbness)
  8. Edgard: French Variant of Edgar (Wealth, Fortune, Spear)
  9. Keir: Scottish; Rough Wet Ground
  10. Calixto: Spanish and Portuguese; Wine Cup
  11. Horatio: English Variant of Horatius (Hour, Time, Season)
  12. Ollin: Aztec-Nahualt; Movement 

Do you have a favorite name from the list? Anything that surprises you? 

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