Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Names

Hey guys! Happy Halloween!! I can’t believe Halloween is already here! It feels like just yesterday I was starting school. This year I’m not dressing up but I am the one who is giving the candy out so I will get to see all of the cute costumes. What are you dressing up as? Or if you have kids what are they dressing up as? I would love to see all of the cute costumes and kids. Anyway, in the spirit of Halloween I have a blog post for you. So let’s get started.

  1. Sabrina- Sabrina is on this list because of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sabrina means a Welsh river name in Gaelic.
  2. Blair- Blair is on the list because of the Blair witch project. Blair means plain, field in Scottish and Gaelic.
  3. October- Well, I wonder why October is on the list ^_^? October means born in October in American.
  4. Regan- The little girl from the Exorcist was named Regan. Regan means royal, pegal in Celthic.
  5. Esther- In the movie, The Orphan, the little girl’s name is Esther. Esther means myrtle leaf in Persian.
  6. Carol- One of my favorite Halloween movies is Poltergeist. The little girl in the movie’s name is Carol Anne. Carol means free man in German.
  7. Eve- Halloween means all hallows eve. Eve means life, animal in Latin and Hebrew.
  8. Morticia- Morticia is the mom in The Addams Family, another of my favorite movies. I can’t find the information on Morticia.
  9. Raven- Raven is a bird associated with Halloween. Raven means blackbird in English.
  10. Wendy- In the movie Casper, Wendy is the little girl. Wendy means friend in English.

  1. Talon- Talons are the claws of a bird and birds around Halloween have talons. Talon means a claw in English.
  2. Michael- Michael Meyers is an infamous Halloween character. Michael means who resembles God in Hebrew.
  3. Chucky- Chucky is another infamous Halloween character. Chucky means free in English.
  4. Dexter- Dexter is after the show Dexter. Dexter means right-handed, fortunate; one who dyes.
  5. Salem- Salem would be for the Salem Witch Project. Salem means peace in Hebrew.
  6. Gomez- Gomez is the dad of the Addams family. Gomez means man in Spanish and Portuguese.
  7. Jack- Jack is for the wonderful pumpkins. Jack means God is gracious in English.
  8. Casper- Of course Casper is for the friendly ghost! Casper means treasurer in Persian.
  9. Fester- Fester is yet another name from the Addams family. Fester means a forest in Latin.
  10. Jason- Jason is the name of a horror character. Jason means healer; the lord is salvation in Greek and Hebrew.

So they are all of my wonderful Halloween names. I have really been loving the holiday over the years whereas before I didn’t like it. I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween. Also what are your favorite Halloween names? Tell me below and I hope you liked this. Bye for now :). 

 P.S. I have had my eye in the picture for a while now. I was patiently waiting to use it for Halloween. Isn't she so cute!!!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Update On Baby #5 For Sammi

Hey guys! So I had off again today because of Hurricane Sandy but I am back in school tomorrow. For today’s post I have an update on Baby #5 for Sammi and Brandon. You may remember back in the beginning of the month I made this post about Sammi and what names they had liked. Well they have picked a girl name and a boy name! It took a lot of emailing back and forth but it was all worth it in the end. So what are they names you ask? Drumroll please……..

Jillian Abigail!

Jonah Samuel!

I think they are both wonderful names. In about 2 hours they are finding out the gender. If I had to make a guess as to what it will be I will say a girl. I’ll link you to her blog if you want to read it. She will make a post on there as to what the baby is. I am so excited!!!! Jillian or Jonah will join big siblings
  • Levi Ryan
  • Caroline Paige “Carly”
  • Brooklyn Avery “Brooke”
  • Eliana Meredith “Ellie”

Brooke and Ellie are twins. That’s really all for now. I may come back and tell you the gender tonight or I may wait and put it in tomorrow’s post. I’m not sure yet.

Also if you need help naming your baby or anything for that matter send me an email and I would be more than glad to help you. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Modern Name Generator

Hey guys! So I have no school today or tomorrow so in the next 2 days I am trying to get caught up on blogging and blog maintenance. I am so far behind that I think it is going to take me the whole two days just to catch up. Anyway I had this blog post idea for a little while now so I thought I would do it today. I stumble across the blog,, and fell in love with it. It’s a baby name blog and at the top of her blog there is a tab for a baby name generator she made. So I thought I would randomly generate 5 girl, 5 boy, and 5 unisex names. Now this names are very strange so be prepared. So let’s get started.

Kysie- I like this one. Maybe it’s because I love K names but I think it sounds cute and girly. I went on to and looked up how many people have this one. Only 1 person does and they live in Indiana.
Ainzlee- This looks like a unique spelling of Ainsley. One person is named Ainzlee and they live in Idaho.
Kairey- I like this one too. It sounds really cute and I like the nickname Kai for it on a girl. 33 people have this name and the most of them live in New Jersey and New York.
Daybrey- I’m not sure where I stand with this name. I like the name Day as a middle name for a girl and I like Bree but Daybrey sounds weird. Maybe if it was spelled Daybree I would like it better. No one has this name.
Camdree- This is a nice name but it makes me feel like I am saying Cambree weird. I still do like it thought. No one has this name either.

Bristox- I like this name because of the x and the sound of it. It is defiantly a name I have never heard before but I think it is cool. It does remind me of Bristol though. No one was given this name.
Kantan- I like this one because it begins with a K. it could probably be spelled Cantan too. One person has this name and they live in New Jersey.
Raden- I don’t like this because it looks like a misspelling of Raiden. It could possibly be a different spelling of Raiden. I was quite surprised when I looked this name up because 47 people have this name!
Dayzer- This could be a cool name for a pet or a rapper. I can’t picture it on a baby. And it looks like no one else can see this on a human too because no one has this name.
Baertin- I kind of like this and I kind of don’t. it looks weird but maybe it would be cool for a pet. No one has this name.

Kendyr- This name looks really girl too me. maybe it’s because of the y or because it looks so much like the name Kendra. If I had to say what gender I like this on it would be a girl. One person has this name and they are in South Carolina.
Raeristley- This name is a real mouth full. I say it like ray-wrist-lee. If I had to say what gender I prefer it on I would say a girl. Only because of the ley part. No one has this name either.
Lartyn- I like this name but on a boy. If I were to use it I would spell it Larton or Lartin. No one has this name.
Braxyn- This looks so similar to Braxton so I would say it is better as a boy name. Brax is such a cute nickname too. No one has this name.
Aristyn- I like this name a lot. I like it on a girl and with the nickname Ari. I really like saying it too. No one has this name.

So they are all of the crazy names. She refers to them as modern names and I agree with her. I had fun doing this post and seeing all of the names. These names are defiantly my kind of names. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Native American Names

Hey guys! So it’s almost 10:30 where I am and I just realized I never did a post for today! I had a few ideas in mind so I just picked the easiest. Today (or tonight if you really think about it) I have Native American names for you. I am quite surprised that I liked a lot of the names! There are 10 girl and 10 boy names. Also the writing in parentheses is the tribe language that it is in I believe. So let’s get started.

  1. Aiyana- Eternal Blossom
  2. Magena- Moon
  3. Leotie- Flower of the Prairie
  4. Miakoda- Flower of the Moon
  5. Zaltana- High Mountain
  6. Halona- Of Happy Fortune
  7. Adoette- Large Tree
  8. Rozene- Rose
  9. Cocheta- Stranger
  10. Mansi- Plucked Flower (Hopi)

  1. Chayton- Falcon (Sioux)
  2. Desin- He is so
  3. Chogan- Blackbird (Algonquin)
  4. Nosh- Father (Algonquin)
  5. Pay- He is coming
  6. Hinto- Blue (Dakota)
  7. Knoton- Wind
  8. Lenno- Man
  9. Mingan- Gray wolf
  10. Hakan- Fire

So that is the list. I am off from school tomorrow because of Hurricane Sandy. As of right now nothing bad has happened to where I live. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a lot of blog work done because I didn’t do anything today. I hope that whoever is being hit by the hurricane is safe. I will keep you guys in my prayers. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Gift" Names

Hey guys! So today I went to visit a college that is 2 hours from my house. I won’t tell you the name because of privacy reasons. It has been a long day and I am just now getting around to putting a post up (it’s now 8:30). Anyway I am going to do it on baby names that mean gift. I only have 7 girl names and 5 boy names. So let’s get started.

  1. Donatella- Italian; Beautiful gift
  2. Keona- Hawaiian; God’s gracious gift
  3. Eydie- English; Rich gift
  4. Matana- Hebrew; Gift
  5. Makana- Hawaiian; Gift
  6. Shiloh- Hebrew; His gift
  7. Dot- Greek; Gift of God

  1. Jesse- Hebrew; Gift
  2. Donato- Italian; A gift
  3. Mace- English; Gift of God
  4. Matteo- Italian; Gift of God
  5. Theodore- Greek; Divine Gift

So that is the list. I’m sorry my blog posts have been short and not very organized. I have been so busy and barely get time to just sit. I am hoping to catch up tomorrow but I can’t promise anything. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

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