Tuesday, January 7, 2020

20 Names From the Past 20 Years

Happy New Year! Happy 202. I hope this year is everything you hope it is. I hope you have the best year yet. I had a spark of inspiration to take a look at the #20 names for the past 2 years that are out so far. The results are below and I have to say they are really interesting.

2018- Matthew and Scarlett
2017- Jackson and Aria
2016- Joseph and Chloe
2015- Jayden and Victoria
2014- Joseph and Garce
2013- Joseph and Evelyn
2012- David and Zoey
2011- Christopher and Aubrey
2010- Joseph and Alyssa
2009- Ryan and Ashley
2008- John and Sarah
2007- Nicholas and Grace
2006- Logan and Brianna
2005- Nathan and Brianna
2004- Nathan and Anna
2003- Zachary and Sophia
2002- Brandon and Anna
2001- Alexander and Megan
2000- Alexander and Victoria
1999-Justin and Olivia

What are your favorite sets from the list? Are there any you would use for siblings? I would say my favorite are Ryan and Ashley and Jackson and Aria.  


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