Sunday, May 14, 2017

Disney Moms {Mother's Day 2017}

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, step-moms, grandmothers, and anyone who asks like a mom or has a motherly role! Today is a day to celebrate you! I am so lucky to have so many motherly people in my live, especially my mom. Moms are superheroes. In honor of Mother's Day I have a nice little posts about Disney moms. I love Disney and I love my mom so this post covers both.

Perdita- Lost in Latin 
101 Dalmatians 
Predita took in all the puppies that weren't hers and loved them. Growing up I always adored this movie and her relationship with the puppies. 

Coral- Coral in English 
Finding Nemo
Coral is only seen in the very beginning of the movie but it was such a touching scene. She tried to saved all her babies and sacrificed for them. 

Elinor- Bright, Shining One in English 
Elinor and her daughter do not have a great relationship mainly because her daughter is a teenager wanting to do her own thing. That causes tension and you see them fixed their relationship fixed and become stronger throughout the movie. 

Eudora- Good Gift in English
Princess and the Frog
Eudora is Tianna's biggest fan and supports her daughter's dreams even when it seems they won't work out. There is no better support than your mother's support. 

Mary- Sea of Bitterness, Rebelliousness, or Wished for Child in English 
Peter Pan 
Wendy and her brother are only seen with their mother at the beginning and end of the movie but you can see her personality in that little bit. She is loving and caring and everything you look for in a mom. 

Hera- Hero, Warrior, Period of Time, or To Be Chosen in Greek 
Hera is shown as a very loving and overprotective of Hercules. It seems that she only wants what's best for him. 

Nani- Beauty, Glory in Hawaiian 
Lilo and Stitch 
Nani is not your typical mom. She was Lilo's older sister who took on the role when their parents died. I loved watching their relationship grow and change throughout the movie. 

Kala- Art Form, Virtue in Sanskrit; Hawaiian Form of Sarah 
Kala was Tarzan's adopted mother after his biological mother was killed. There aren't many adoption stories in Disney and there needs to be. 

Helen- Bright Shining Light  in Greek 
The Incredibles
Throughout the movie, you can see the motherly love that Helen has for her children. Everything she does id for them. 

These is just 9 Disney moms but there are so many more. What are your favorite Disney moms?

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May Baby Name Game

I love baby name games and would play them all the time. When I was little I would google name games and then write my answers out in a copybook, which I still have today. One of my goals starting this month is to make some type of name game post every month. Some months it will be themed around the month while others it will just be name games I thought were fun. This month's name game is May/Spring themed! 

Name a girl with a first or middle name with a May name. Need inspiration? Check out this post! 
My Name: Maylea Plum

Name twin boys with nature themed first names and color middle names.
My Names: Ridge Sterling and Forest Grey

Pick one of the top 10 names from 2015 and pick an alternative as a first name. You pick gender and middle names. Example: Olivia --> Olive Beatrice 
My Name: Noah --> Noam Atlas 

Name 3 kids (you pick gender) with first names in the US top 100 and middle names not in the top 1000. 
My Names: Clara Ellowyn, Theodore Ansel, and Ezra Charleston 

Rename yourself using these rules:
First Name: Based on your birth month 
January: Violet
February: Marigold
March: Oona
April: Aviva
May: Flora
June: Primrose
July: Shoshana
August: Meadow
September: Waverley
October: Iris
November: Birdie
December: Poppy

Middle Name: Based on your birth date
1-5: Wren
6-10: Jade
11-15: Fern
16-20: May
21-25: Bloom
26-31: Rain 

My Name: Flora Fern 

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Names of the Week: Seth and Ivy

My original plan for today's post was to post names that were associated with nurses. After doing some research and coming up with a list I realized most of the names on the list did not have good associations. They were names of diseases or health issues. Since I try to only focus on positive aspects of names I started that idea but still said I wouldn't be able to share with you guys two names that I thought were a cool association to nurses. At least I am writing this wonderful posts. The two names are Seth and Ivy.

Seth has two meanings. The first is placed or appointed in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve following the more well known Cain and Abel. A traditional spelling of Seth in Hebrew is Shet. The second one is pillar or dazzle in Ancient Greek. In Egyptian mythology, Seth was the god of chaos and the desert, where he was banished to after begin defeated by Horus. There are two variant spellings connected to the Egyptian origin, Set and Sutekh.

In 2015, Seth was ranked at #278, which is a decline from previous years. It was most popular in the late 1990s to the early 2000s when it was ranked in the top 100. I personally associate the name with the early 2000s but at the sam time don't think it is dated. For one it has always been in the top 1000, although so years it was at the very bottom of the charts.

Now a days the name can be associated with a few celebrities, including Seth Myers, Seth Rogen, and Seth MacFarlane, all of which are comedic actors or hosts. With the comedy connection there is a light, airy feel to it. Seth can be your friend and make you feel included.

As for the nursing connection, I thought Seth would be a perfect association to stethoscopes. Every medical professional has one and needs one to do their job. I know personally remember the day I bought my stethoscope and how excited I was.

Ivy is a plant and flower name meaning climbing plant that has yellow flowers in English. In Ancient Greece newlyweds were presented wreaths of the plant to symbolize fidelity. The Greek god, Dionysus, is often pictured wearing an ivy crown. He was the god of wine and people believed he taught the humans how to make wine. How is it connects to ivy? Ivy grow abundantly in the childhood home of Dionysus. Ivy branches were used to let people know that a tavern sold wine during the Middle Ages. There are many different species of ivy plants with many different meanings. The celtic meaning is connection and friendships because of its interweave in growth.

Ivy is one of the British beauties meaning that it is more popular in Britain than it is in the United States. Some of the British beauties, as I like to call them, have been popular in for a while in Britain. Right now in the United States Ivy is ranked at #129 and in Britain and Wales its ranked at #42. Australia loves the name even more seeing as its ranked at #15 over there!

There are many celebrity connects to Ivy. Beyonce and Jay-Z named their daughter Blue Ivy in 2012 causing a huge stir up. People loved or hated the name. There are also actresses, novelist, poets, and singers with the name. In pop culture, characters on many tv shows and in movies have the name including Gossip Girl, Downtown Abbey, and Batman.

As for the nursing association, I thought Ivy would be a nice association to iv solutions. Almost all patients have them and its a nice play on words.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Names of Nurses {National Nurses Day}

National Nurses Day is tomorrow and this whole week is a week to celebrate nurses. I am a part of this club and I am so proud to say I am. A few days ago I finished my last semester of nursing school and at the end of the month I will graduate. It hard to believe. In honor of this week I am talking about 5 inspirational nurses in history.

Florence- Prosperous, Flourishing; English, Latin
Florence Nightingale is considered the founder of modern nursing and is probably one of the most known nurses of all times. During the Crimean War, she became known as " The Lady with he Lamp" because she made rounds to wounded soldiers at night. One of the contributions of Florence Nightingale to nursing was to sanitation and preventing the spread of disease.

Because of my future career in nursing I have always wanted to use Florence as a first or middle name. I could go on and on about the name but I will keep it short for you. It is a place name for the romantic Italy (and the place Florence Nightingale was born). It has a nice vintage feel to it but it is coming back into style. There is a nice list of possible nicknames including, Flora, Flo, Flossie, Florrie, and Ren/Wren.

Clara- Clear, Bright, Famous; Latin
Clara Barton was the founder of the American Red Cross. During the American Civil War she worked as a hospital nurse. It was most noted that she was doing work during a time when women rarely worked outside of the home.

The name Clara is calm, vintage name that has a sweet sound to it. I adore the name as an alternative or an honor name for a Claire. In 2015 in the United States the name was ranked int he top 100 at #98. A fun fact about Clara Barton's name is she was actually born Clarissa.

Dorothea- Gift of God; Greek
Dorothea Dix was a support and activist for mental health in the 1840s. Because of her fight for the mentally ill the first generation of American mental asylums were built. During the Civil War she served as a Superintendent of Army Nurses. There is a long list of honors giving to Dorothea including, the Bangor Mental Health Institute being renamed Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center.

Dorothea is such an underused, under appreciated vintage name. I think makes a great spin on Dorothy. If you have been around for a while them you know I love nicknames so its no surprise my favorite part of the name is the nicknames. You can use Dottie, Dora, Dory, Thea, Dot, and Dodie.

Mary (Sea of Bitterness; English) Eliza (Diminutive of Elizabeth (My God is an Oath; Greek))
Mary Eliza Mahoney was the first black professional nurse in America. In 1879 she graduated from the New England Hospital for Women and Children Training School for Nurses and was one of only 3 people in her class to complete the 16 month program. In 1979 she was inducted into he American Nurses Association Hall of Fame. To help the African American nurses during her time she co-founded the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses.

Mary is such a classical name. It has ties to so many different people and events. Along with the name Elizabeth I would say Mary is one of the most known biblical names. I meant here are 6 Mary's in the bible! Double barrel names that start with Mary, such as Mary Kate or Mary Frances, are some of my favorite names out there. I really like Mary Eliza together because of the uniqueness of Eliza. Eliza is a nice alternative or honor name for Elizabeth.

Ruby- Red; Latin 
Ruby Bradley was one of the most decorated women in United States military history. She had 34 decorations, medals, and other awards. When she was captured by the Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor she was held as prisoner. Along with several other nurses, Ruby was known as the "Angels in Fatigues" because she gave medical help to prisoners and helped feed starving children. In her time as prisoner she assisted in 230 operations and helped delivery over 13 children. One of the sad parts about her story is she is not talked about enough! I had no idea who she was until I did the research.

Ruby as a name is a color name as well as a gem stone name. A lot of English speaking countries have the name in their top name lists like England and Ireland. If you are looking for a name that travels well than Ruby is the name for you.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Names Meaning Five or Fifth {Cinco de Mayo}

Cinco de Mayo is coming up in a few days. It will also be my dad's birthday. In honor the this special holiday I have names that mean five or fifth. This would be perfect for someone who is having their fifth baby and want to honor that or if they are honoring the holiday.

Boy Names 
Gorou- Five, Son; Japanese 
Traditionally used for the fifth son and is a word name in Japanese. 

Pompey- Five; Roman 
It is the modern form of the Roman family name Pompeius which comes from the Sabellic word that means five. The sad part about this name was it was originally used for slaves. I really enjoy this name and the sound of it. I might actually added it to my guilty pleasure lists because I wouldn't be brave enough to use it. 

Pompeius- Latin form of Pompey 
Pompeo- Italian form of Pompeius 

Quintus- Fifth; Roman
It is traditionally given to the fifth child or a child born in the fifth month. Quintus is more popular than the other Roman numbers. A poet named Horace was born Quintus Horatius Flaccus. I was surprised to learnt hat Quintus was one of only about 20 male first names in ancient Rome. Now I would love to know what the other 19 were. 

Quintin, Quentin- Fifth; French 
I'd say that Quentin is the most used name on this list. It is a name that everyone has at least heard of once. In 1823, Sir Walter Scott wrote a novel by the name of Quentin Durward so the name has been around a really long time. 

Pontius- Fifth; Roman 
This name had Samnite roots. This is not a great biblical name from he New Testament; Pontius Pilate. 

Ponce- Fifth; Spanish 
There was a Spanish explorer named Ponce de Leon was the first governor of Puerto Rico. To our knowledge he lead the first known European expedition to Florida. 

Girl Names 
Quintia and Quintina- The Fifith; Latin 
Quintia was once used for the fifth child in a family. I like that both names can use the nickname Quinn. Quinta can also use Ti as a nickname just like Quintina can use Tina. 

Quintana- The Fifith Girl; Spanish
This is a Mexican place name that was named by Andres Eligio Quintana Roo, a Mexican political. Joan Didion for her daughter Quintana Roo and now she was not the fifth child. There is a fictional princess named Princess Quintana of Charyn int he Lumatere Chronicles bu Melina Marchetta. 

Quintella- Diminutive of Quintus (Fifith); English 
I actually featured this name on my instagram when I would it back in 2015 and forgot about it until I started to write this post. I really like to option of having the nickname Quinn or Ella. 

Unisex Names 
Enu- Fifth Born Child; Akan 
Enu is an unisex name. Although I was not able to find much information on the name I did find that there is a brand of nutrition shakes with the same name. 

Quincy- Fifith; English 
Quincy is a unisex name that is more popular for boys than girls. In 2015 the name was ranked at #599 for boys and not ranked for girls.

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Monday, May 1, 2017

May Names

Happy first day of May! May is one of my favorite months because it is my birthday month. And in recent years it has been the month I am done school for the summer. This year I am graduating in May so thats extra exciting. In honor of the month I have May inspired names for you.

May: For the Month; English
Mae: Diminutive of Margaret (Pearl); English or Variant of May
Mei: Beautiful, Plum; Chinese
Mayla: Religious Gathering; Sanskrit
Maybelle/Maybella: Variant of Mabel 
Mabel: Lovable; English
Maeby: Diminutive of Mae; English 
Maeve: Intoxicating; Irish 
Maeva: Welcome; Tahitian
Maevy: Variant of Maeve; English
Maelle: Chief, Prince, Princess; French
Maelie: Princess; Breton
Maebyn/Mabyn: Youth; Welsh
Maisie: Diminutive of Maraud (Pearl); Scottish
Macy: Place in France; English 
Maize: Color Name, Connected to Corn 
Mamie: Diminutive of Margaret (Pearl); English 
Mavis: Songbird; French
Maven: One Who Understands; Hebrew
Maple: Tree Name; English
Maida: Maiden; English 
Maia/Maya: Water; Hebrew, Illusion; Sanskrit
Maite/Mayte: Lovable; Basque
Malin/Maylin: High Tower, Woman of Magdela; Scandinavian 
Mayra: Variant of Myra (Myrrh); Spanish 
Maewyn: Devoted Friend; Welsh
Maylea: Wild Flower: Hawaiian
Maegan: Pearl; English 
Esme/Esmae/Esmay: Esteemed, Loved; French
Ismay/Ismae: Esteemed; Beloved; English 
Wilmayra: Variant of Wilma (Resolute Protection); English 
Umay: Hope; Turkish
Salomae: Welcome Peace; Hebrew

Mason: Stoneworker; English
Maynard: Hardy, Brave, Strong; German 
Macon: Form of Mason; French
Mayer: Enlightened; Hebrew, High, Superior; German
Mayo: Yew Tree Plain; English (Irish place name)
Mayfield: From the Warrior's Field: English
Mayhew: Gift of Jehovah; Hebrew, Variant of Matthew
Maitland: Dweller at the Meadow; English
Abimael: My Father is God; Hebrew
Alimayu: In Honor of God; Ethiopian
Ishmael: God Will Hear; Hebrew
Timaeus: To Honor; Latin

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