Friday, February 3, 2017

Robin and Gull: Bird Names

When I am having problems with my naming creativity I turn to the cool and unique holidays that people most likely don't know about. I have been in such a blogging rut lately not knowing what to blog about as well as just not having the time. At the end of January I sat down to brain storm ideas and remembered the unique holidays out there.

So why am I talking about holidays right now when this blog is titled Bird Names? Today is National Feed the Birds Day. I was inspired to take a look at bird names because of this said unique holiday. In the past few months animal names have been on my mind so this post is right up that alley.

The Well Heard Ones 
Robin is an unisex name that has been around for many, many years. In 2015, the name was not ranked for girls and was only at #973 for boys. The girls took the stage with he name Robin in the 1960s and it seems that girls wore the name more often than boys.

I may be partial to the name because I go by Ren but what isn't to love about Wren? She is short and sweet, easy to spell and say, and not popular. The name was virtually unheard of until 2012 and has been on the rise since. In Ireland, the bird was known as the "magician of the birds."

Raven is a name you see floating around a lot during Halloween. The bird has a very dark and magical feel to it. The name has so many representations and connections. Edgar Allan Poe has a poem bearing the name. The X-Men heroine Mystique has the real name Raven. So whether you like the name because of the holiday, the poem, or the heroine it's an overall great name.

Birdie is like the ultimate bird name. It's a vintage nickname like Hattie, Millie, and Mamie that seem to be all the buzz lately. Busy Philipps named her daughter Birdie and was inspired but the first lady Birdie Johnson.

Jay is an unisex name but I always lean towards seeing it as a boys name. It works on its own but is also a great nickname for any name that begins with J, giving you many options. Because the name is only one syllable it would make a perfect middle name spot for almost all names as well. You have many options with the name Jay.

I am noticing there are a lot of unisex names on this list and no surprise here Phoenix is one of them. It is not only a bird name but a place name as well. With the X ending, you get a cool guy, cool girl vibe.

The Unique Gems 
I wasn't sure if Lark should be in the well heard names category or the unique gems category. For myself I have regular contact with a girl named Lark so it is well heard to me. I ended up putting the name in the unique gems because it is not ranked in the top 1000. It has also never appeared on the SSA list. The name is very similar to Lauren with a unique feel to it. If you want a short name with personality this is the name for you.

I am have been dying over the name Hawk lately. Because the name is short it can work really well with a  lot of names as a middle name. This name may very well be an up and coming name, just not for a while.

My first thought when I see the name Falcon is a little boy but it is actually an unisex name. Which gender do you like it on? I feel like it is too rugged and manly to fit a girl but than I remember the name Fallon, which I picture on a girl, because it is so similar to Falcon. Marvel has a superhero who goes by the name Falcon. Comic books really like to use bird names!

Dove is such a sweet, peaceful name. It's prefect around this time of year because the bird is associated with love and Valentine's Day. People have even released doves at their weddings. The name was used in the 17th century as a name.

Finch is very often associated with the classical book, To Kill A Mocking Bird and I would say that people probably think of the book before they think of the bird. The bird itself is a cute little bird that just looks so innocent.

The Mostly Unheard 
Most of the bird names are unisex names I have found but a lot of the time I personality associated the name with a certain gender. For instance, Eagle to me is a boys name because it reminds me of soldiers and being patriotic. Now, that does not mean I don't think that women can't be soldiers, especially since I know girls who are on their way to the army right now. I am all for standing up to break stereotypes. Eagle would be a great middle name and so cool to hear.

If you love the beach or ocean Gull would be a prefect middle name for your little girl or boy. Its short and sweet and gives off a calming vibe. When I think of the beach I think of relaxing and sun. And you can't go to the beach without having to deal with those pesky little birds.

I am really close to Baltimore so the Orioles are one of the baseball teams that I know off the top of my head. I think that Oriole works if you love the team or want to honor your city in some way. Oriole is a name I would picture on a girl, especially with the nickname Ori. It you used it on a boy you could use the nickname Ollie!

Talon is currently ranked at #612, so I guess you could say that this name belongs in the unique gems category and not the mostly unheard category. When I was making this blog post I would look at the names and think if I had ever heard it on a baby and if so if it was often. Talon is one of those names I knew existed but its not a name I hear often. This isn't a bird name but more so the claw of the bird. To my surprise this is yet again a superhero name!

Swan is the last name for this list. The bird and the name give off this graceful picture. Like Dove, I associated the name Swan with love and calmness. When I was doing research for this post I read that swans mate for life and when their partner dies they will die of a broken heart. If that's not love than I don't know what is!

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